January 8th Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! I’ve prepared a new build with a lot of bug fixes, but also some improvements and new features that you might be interested in.

To read a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down past this super-cute, super-adorable illustration of Shiromi by Momo-Fujimi! (After all, 2022 is a “Year of the Tiger” according to the Japanese Zodiac!)

Bug Fixes

  • It was discovered that the two trash cans (the one at the indoor cafeteria and the one at the outdoor cafeteria) were not “equal” to one another; one of them lacked functionality that the other one possessed. The two trash cans have been updated so that they both support the same types of items now.
  • If the player eliminated their rival, and then the police were called to school to investigate a different student’s murder on a subsequent day, a bug would cause Senpai to appear during the End-of-Day police investigation sequence. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player killed a rival several weeks after eliminating her non-lethally, her elimination information would not update on either the Stats screen or the courtroom sequence. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that caused the new “doors open by tapping button rather than holding button” feature to cause locked doors to automatically open even if the player did not possess a key or lockpick.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to interact with any object that was dropped near the areas of the rooftop where corpses could be dropped from.
  • Fixed bug that could result in Raibaru sliding across the ground instead of walking when accompanying Osana to her Monday after-class rooftop event.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game over screen to glitch out if the player was caught during an outside-of-school stealth mission.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Ryoba to put lethal poison in a rival’s bento even if she didn’t possess any lethal poison.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible to use a circular saw to dismember a corpse that was wrapped inside of a garbage bag.
  • Fixed the hair model of a female 1980s Mode student whose twintails were not symmetrical.

Changes and Improvements

  • From now on, if the player obtains lethal poison, a sedative, or a lockpick while at school and brings it home, they will be able to bring that item from home to school in the future.
  • Put a “CLUBMEMBER USE ONLY” sign above the vat of acid in the Science Club so that players would understand that the protagonist can only use the vat if they have joined the club.
  • Changed “Raibaru walks beside Osana” code back to “Raibaru walks behind Osana like a pet dog” code. The “walk beside” code resulted in too many bugs and janky-looking situations.
  • All characters in 1980s Mode now have profiles and appropriate likes/dislikes that match their profiles / identities!
  • The Characters page of the official website has been updated with pictures of Saisho Saikou when he was younger!
  • It is now possible to pickpocket a shed key from the Gardening Club leader in 1980s Mode.
  • Updated Ryoba’s walk animation to match the arm position of her idle animation.
  • Updated the hair models and textures for a handful of characters.

1980s Mode Asylum Stealth Mission

  • It is now possible to pick up pebbles inside of the Asylum stealth mission and toss them to make a small noise that temporarily distracts anyone close enough to hear it.
  • It is now possible to find a bottle of lethal poison and a bottle of sedative in the Asylum, and bring the items home with you once you’ve finished the mission.
  • It is now possible to use “Yandere Vision” during the Asylum stealth mission to see the location of enemies and the items that you’re looking for.
  • It is now possible to hide inside of lockers during the Asylum stealth mission. Enemies cannot detect you while you’re inside of a locker.

111 thoughts on “January 8th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Wow “able to bring items home which picked up at school” change is so cool xd
    What about rat poison, alcohol, and cigarettes? They also can be obtained at school and it would be fun to bring them back lol

  2. I noticed that the Meme Closet was broken… thanks for fixing that… now I don’t have to think I’m in a empty room like the unfinished classrooms.

  3. the update is awesome but ryobas new walking animation is kinda upsetting..i have to swap to akane persona all the time now

  4. Love the update. Can’t wait to hide in lockers.

    Would you ever consider giving the player to hide in lockers in the school?

    It would make it easier to hide inside a locker until someone passed by if you’re bloody and would add to the stealth mechanic.

    But I understand if that isn’t going to happen. I love the game anyway! Hope you’re having a wonderful day/night!

      • No, I meant in the school, but maybe I just never tried before? 🤔 I will go check.

        I meant to be able to hide yourself in a locker on school grounds. Instead of it just being to hide a body.

        But I will go check right quick. 😅 Maaaan I am gonna be super embarrassed if I could hide in school lockers this whole time. Lolz.

    • I genuinely feel bad I didn’t mean to take it out on you I just let my frustration get the better of me and that was wrong of me and you were just trying to help so if you ever read this just know that I am sincerely sorry.

      • Like I said, no idea which message you’re gonna read first. It’s all good. I kinda figured when I saw it that something must have been going on with you IRL. We all snap sometimes. Hope you’re doing better though!

  5. Dev, one question.
    If the crowfunding succes and a male protagonist is oficially real. Do you think to do the same to 1980s mode and play as the father of Yandere-kun?

  6. I loved the portrait updates in the January 1st build! Can we expect to see those in the next could of updates?

  7. Sometimes their bodies turn pink when passing other students..
    Girls are pink and boys are blue Is this a graphic error?

  8. Hey Yanderedev, I noticed two typos on the updated student profiles in 1980s mode. I’m not sure if you’ve already fixed them but I thought I’d let you know. On the Gardening Club Leader’s profile, “become” is spelt “ebcome” in his description. Also, on the student Azusa Mitsuishi’s profile, you accidentally wrote himself instead of herself. Like I said, not sure if you’ve fixed these (or if there’s any others) but I thought I’d let you know 🙂

  9. Can you get some old music back in 80s game over in 2015 or confession theme in 2016 (my fav is old punished mode music STANDING ON THE EDGE)

  10. Hi Yandere dev I found a bug/ problem with the 2nd and 8th rival With the 2nd rival every time I poor gasoline in the can she doesn’t catch on fire and with the 8th rival when I bullied her out of school instead of bullied her to suicide on week 9 it showed that she was dead instead of alive can you look into this when you have a chance and try to fix it in the next build thanks 🙂

    • Are you playing a mod or something? Because as far as I know right now in the demo version of the game there is only Osana, and the Amai challenge that you can do once you beat the demo. Just wondering, if so then you should contact the mod creator.

      • It is not a mod 1980s mode has been out for 4 months now if you go to yandere simulator you can play as Ayano or Ryoba. Why y’all so stupid have you been living under a rock or something.

    • Uhhhhh, that’s a mod. Yandere Simulator only has Osana and the Amai Challenge. The only rivals we can actually mow down are in 1980’s Mode.

      I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to track down whoever made that mod and report the bugs to them. Hope it goes well for you though!

      • Wow you must be dumb or something you can play 1980s mode idiot it isn’t just osana and the amai challenge you can eliminate the rivals in 1980s mode and he’s fixing bugs in there as well 1980s mode has been out for 4 months now be smarter dumbass.

      • I… Said that? I have played the game you know?? Are we talking about the same thing?

        1980’s Mode, the prequel to Ayano’s story, made by YanDev himself. All you have to do is click on her story and play it from title menu.

        Yes, it’s part of the canon game. Ayano’s rivals are unfinished. We only have Osana and the Amai Challenge in 202X Mode.

        I said that. Why are you being abrasive again? There’s no need to be so rude. Are you okay??

        If you were talking about either the 202X rivals (they aren’t fully implemented yet) or the rivals in 1980’s mode (all are complete) then please clarify. I am genuinely not looking for a fight. No anger. Just confused by all your aggression.

    • Ahh, I think I was confused. Sorry. You meant the 1980’s rivals and I mistook it as you referring to the 202X’s rivals. Honest mistake.

      Not angry or anything 😂 But chill with your weird aggression. Genuinely hoping you have a good day/night wherever you are. Bye 👋

      • Brooklyn Brassell: Why are you so asshole uh ? Stop being a dick and show some respect to the users of this website, if you are having a bad day that’s your problem, not ours.

      • Oh, I genuinely thought I had offended someone. Thanks for letting me know it wasn’t just me. 😅 My friends usually tell me I worry too much!

      • i’m sorry for being an A**hole I was just frustrated that day and I have a a problem where I take it out on other people i’m trying not to do that anymore just have had a stressful couple of days and I was just frustrated with the game and that no one knew what I was talking about so I sincerely apologize for being a dick and I hope you can forgive me.

      • Ah, it’s all good. It felt to random so I had to ask last time if you were okay. Hope you have a better day/night today though. Keep your chin up and it’ll get better.

  11. YandereDev I found an bug, because my computer is a little slow, I set the yandere simulator a bit, when I added the black border to the characters I realized that the 1980s masters attire was mixed with the 202X masters attire , here is a photo, just in case I have the latest version of yandere simulator https://ibb.co/NFtwKJF

  12. All these new features are so cool! Is it possible to find cigarettes inside the asylum? I think it’d make sense to find cigarettes or narcotics in the asylum.

  13. I got some question for you yanderedev.

    1. When are you gonna start adding new rival into the game?
    2. When will you start a crowdfunding?
    3. Is any rival in 2022 will have a different cutscene in different places/different events?
    4. if your crowdfunding succeed will the released date be quicker (Say about like next year or 2)
    5. Are you gonna use the same code/asset/cutscene for the male version of yandere
    6. If I ever kill something important that affects your storyline how will you make the other ending (Something like I kill the entire cooking club member but amai is the leader and how is she gonna do the event for senpai?)

    Anyways love your game and keep doing your work👍

    • 1. After launching the crowdfunding campaign.

      2. After fixing all bugs in 1980s Mode.

      3. If budget permits.

      4. Ideally. It depends on various factors. I elaborated here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dz-ACZaVKt4

      5. If the game gets a “male protagonist” option, it probably won’t be possible to keep all the same code/assets/cutscenes. A lot of it will have to be changed.

      6. Amai would do all cooking in the Home Ec room instead.

      Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate it!

  14. Will you add props in the English classroom or the Biology lab?
    Alao, will you also change the ceillings walls and floors in most rooms in order to make them more unique?

    They’ve been like that ever since 2015 and it would be nice a small change!

  15. hi yanderedev, i was playing the 1980’s mode with the art club clothes (and with red paint), and when i went through the gate the journalist used pepper spray on me

  16. hi yanderedev, i was playing the 1980’s mode with the art club clothes (and with red paint), and when i went through the gate the journalist used pepper spray on me

  17. Yandere Dev I have 2 suggestions for you today, the first is that if you could make a menu for Yandere-Chan’s hair and select them within the game since it could be said that there are more than 100 types of hair and it is very boring to have to tighten always the ¨H¨ and not to mention that when we go by length of the desired hair there is no going back, the other suggestion is that before starting the game we could have the option of the old Yandere-Chan hair with the new one, as is made with the animation of Akane with the new animation of Ryoba

    • He can’t do the old Ayano hair as the asset doesn’t belong to him. We may miss the old hair, but sadly we shall have to depart from it. 😭

      • He can still use the old asset! Since he purchased the asset from a store, he has full copyright access to it! There’s nothing illegal about it! It just look plain and boring.

  18. Is anyone else not able to enter the demon realm of even put the ritual knife back into the skull? I’ve tried while it had blood and after heating it up but i wasn’t given the option to reinsert it. idk if i’m doing something wrong but I’ve been able to do it before so im unsure if it’s a bug or not.

  19. If you killed a martial arts member and then tried to spar a different member the body of the member you killed would start gliding and passing through walls.

  20. good afternoon/evening/day yandere dev, I have a question about the game. Do you think of one day transforming the mobile game? or even for video games like Playstation and Xbox?

      • Does Senpai will unfold more story week by week at the final game? I mean – the story where senpai was actually like this,and He has so many secrets that’s why they fell in love. An actual routine for senpai is actually cool,like He came in the library to read,or check gaming club,or talk with others. Perhaps we can eavesdrop to his conversation with other NPC or we see him enter different places or we can see hid favorite spot rather than just walk around or siting at the Library.

        (if u already answered someone just ignore me)

  21. I can’t remember the buff joining the drama club gives you if there is one, but I think it should be that you can carry drama props without being sus like the gym equipment for the sports club does. Don’t know about you but I’d like to comply without people questioning me.

    • Oh yeah, and I think it’s either an oversight or a bug but I just trash talked Osana to Raibaru infront of Osana and her rep went down, I feel like if the person your gossiping about is best friends with the person your talking too and she’s standing right there looking at you, you shouldn’t be able too or it would cancel out.

  22. Hey YandereDev! For some reason, my game keeps crashing. When I try to play the game after choosing the resolution settings, the game just crashes. Do you think you can fix anything about that?

  23. YandereDev, if the option of a female Senpai is added to the game, What is going to happen with all of Osana’s voice lines that refers to Senpai as “him” ? Will they be replaced ? Because there are so many, even Raibaru’s and Musume’s voice lines would need to be replaced.
    Another question I have… If the budget it’s enough to release the game on consoles but you can only choose one…would you release it on Play Station or Xbox ?

  24. YandereDev! I have a bug. I killed someone in the game, got rid of the evidence – including the clothes – but it said that there were bloody clothes! So I went to check and I found the clothes still bloody outside of the washing machine (I had washed them). But it wouldn’t let me wash them or burn them in the incinerator. I thought it was a bug that made the clothes LOOK bloody and the weren’t actually bloody. So I tried to go to class and it let me, so I felt relieved. I killed someone else and got rid of all the evidence except the body. I went home and the police discovered the corpse and found those bloody clothes! This bug is terrible and needs to be fixed. Other then that… I can’t wait to see the official game!

    • I can’t investigate the bug, because you didn’t provide enough details.

      “Got rid of the evidence” is too vague. Did you burn the clothes? Wash the clothes? I need thorough details.

      • If the player attempts to attend class while the washing machine is currently washing some bloody clothing, the game will report that there is currently bloody clothing present at school. This is intentional, but has been mistaken for a bug. From now on, the text “The washing machine is still running” will display when the player attempts to attend class under these circumstances, so that the player understands why the game is reporting the presence of bloody clothing.

      • As one developer said, “the biggest bug is the one between the chair and the monitor”. But I’m sure it’s a bug, not a misunderstanding of game mechanics. This error appeared after the patch as the washing machine stopped turning everything into a school uniform. How then to explain that the glitched clothes disappear when they get into the locker?

        I also have another idea – about the evidence. Evidence of the type of damage! If the police find a body, they can easily determine what killed the victim. If the victim is killed with a screwdriver and the player has one (even a clean one) in his inventory this should indicate that he is a murderer. Yes, this is not enough to put in jail, but the suspect will still be isolated (still “game over”)

  25. Hi dev! I have a question for you: If the crowdfunding campaign is a success, and you have a lot of budget, will the 1980’s rivals have unick animations/voices etc?

  26. Hey Yandev, I found a typing error in 1980s mode. The student council Daisaku Aragaki, has a typo when he sends you to the guidance counselor. He says: ”What the hell do you think you’re doing? Get your ass to the guidance counelsor.” Instead of counselor he says counelsor. You don’t need to fix this as fast as possible because it’s a small mistake.

  27. My name is Douglas Ronchi, and I harass and verbally abuse people on the internet for fun. I am a horrible person, and no employer should ever consider hiring me.

  28. Hello YandereDev, I want to talk to you about the game’s environment and a few mechanics.

    As a player of Yandere Simulator, I have noticed how ‘unrealistic’ and ‘unpolished’ the game is. Some game mechanics don’t really make sense. Let me tell you:

    1. The Cafeteria. If you have been to a school before, you would know that schools have a certain cafeteria that can accommodate the students and teachers. Students and teachers can take their breaks in the cafeteria and hang out at lunchtime. Akedemi High has a cafeteria that is extremely bare-bones. Only 3 vending machines and a few tables are not enough for a cafeteria. A cafeteria needs more props and items such as benches, decorations, tables for the students to eat their lunches, and much much more. So this feature really needs to be more polished, so that the player has more advantages to eliminate their rivals with.

    2. Teacher Hangouts. Another feature that I noticed which needs to be worked on is the teacher hangouts. Normally, teachers would take breaks or eat their food at lunchtime. But in Yandere Simulator, all the teachers do is WORK WORK and WORK. Like it’s not a noticeable feature of the game, but it is bothering. The teachers should hang out or take breaks at lunchtime. It will make much more sense. Like for example, two teachers can hang out and chat in the cafeteria or any other outdoor place. This can make the game more difficult. (that’s what you want, right? To make the players use clever methods to eliminate the rivals with)?

    That’s all. Please polish these features if you can. Thank you for reading.

    • 1. In Japanese high schools, students don’t gather in cafeterias to eat. They eat in class, or at a scenic location somewhere in school. This is something you commonly see in anime. Yandere Simulator is a video game, though, so I have to position characters throughout hallways as “security cameras” while they eat. Gameplay comes before aesthetics.

      2. Yeah, I do want teachers to move around the school more often. This is something I plan to address in the near future.

  29. YandereDev! Will you add tutorial to 202X mode that you tell in “The curious case of Kokona Haruka” video You tell that yan-chan will pretend to be a killer and Kokona will be a victim of the show.

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