Happy New Year!

Happy 2022, everyone!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts over the past two weeks; I’ve been incredibly busy with something IRL, completely unrelated to the Internet or game development. If you’re curious to hear the details, I plan to elaborate about it in a Patreon post in the near future – later today, if possible. Fortunately, I should have much more time to get work done in January as opposed to December, so my productivity should return to normal levels this month.

The first day of a new year seems like a pretty good time to write up a summary of where we’re currently at in the game’s development, what I’m currently working on, and what I plan to focus on next. I’ll make sure to elaborate about that in my upcoming Patreon post.

In other news, I’ve prepared a big update for you today! To see a list of everything that is new, fixed, or different in the latest build, scroll down past this absolutely beautiful artwork by Naho Natsumaki!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • It is now possible to perform certain actions by tapping the relevant button instead of holding it until a circle fills up. Currently, the only two actions that this applies to are throwing stink bombs and opening/closing doors. This will be tested on other interactive objects, as well, to see if it’s feasible to upgrade other objects in this way without interfering with the functionality of the object.
  • Upon picking up a key that was dropped by a dead student, their key ring will now disappear and a message will appear at the top of the screen confirming that the player has obtained a key. This change was made to prevent players from becoming confused and unsure whether or not they picked up the key or not.
  • Typing “d e b u g” during school gameplay will now make it possible for the player to use the skull in the occult room to travel to the demon realm (as long as they have stained the ritual knife with blood, of course).
  • Updated the hair texture for the “Huntress” easter egg. (It is the most outdated easter egg and should probably be removed or re-designed, but it’s too low priority to justify spending much time on it right now.)
  • Changed Ryoba’s line of dialogue for apologizing to students for carrying a weapon while splattered with blood. (The previous line of dialogue was identical to the line Ayano says, which references the Internet.)
  • Once you have put a weapon inside of a bag and are wearing the bag on your back, you can now pull out the weapon and equip it with one button press, instead of having to drop the bag just to pull out the weapon.
  • School atmosphere penalties have been adjusted. If a student disappears, School Atmosphere will drop by 10%. If a student’s corpse is discovered at school, School Atmosphere will drop by a further 10%.
  • Teachers will no longer react to the sight of Yandere-chan throwing a stink bomb when they are guarding a corpse (they are not concerned about petty misbehavior when deaths are occurring at school.)
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from acknowledging that the player possessed lethal poison in their inventory, preventing the player from putting lethal poison into a rival’s bento.
  • Any student guarding a corpse will no longer react to stink bombs (they can put up with a smell for a few moments if they are busy with the important duty of guarding a dead body).
  • Fixed bug that caused “bully graffiti” to appear on Musume’s desk when the player advanced time from classtime to lunchtime, even if Musume had not been targeted for bullying.
  • Adjusted the year that the game takes place; Ayano’s story is now set in 2023. The timeline at the end of the 1980s Mode bonus cutscene has been adjusted accordingly.
  • The light switch in the 3rd-floor east girls restroom is meant to be broken in 202X. Due to a bug, the light switch was actually functional. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to shoot magic energy in the Miyuki AR game even if time was frozen and a text message from Info-chan was onscreen.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Ayano’s new hairstyle from showing up as an option when customizing a female student using Pose Mode.
  • The “HairTemplate.png” texture in the Streaming Assets folder has been replaced with the new hair texture for Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed the “upon completing delinquent’s task, game doesn’t allow you to exit conversation with delinquent” bug.
  • A corpse wrapped in garbage bags will now have an orange outline around it when viewed in Yandere Vision.
  • It is no longer possible to enter SNAP Mode while an easter egg is active, because this would cause bugs.
  • Adjusted the hair models and textures of the 202X Photography Club (except for the club leader Fureddo).
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to summon the 1980s Mode “Stats” screen in the 202X calendar screen.
  • Subtly adjusted / improved the hair models for some of the male and female students in 1980s Mode.
  • Fixed bug that caused the shape of Ryoba’s face to change when wearing a towel in the locker room.
  • Updated the portraits for some of the 202X characters (Raibaru, Osana, faculty members).
  • The act of carrying a candle throughout school is now considered suspicious behavior.
  • Any suitor who sees you attack a rival will now attempt to apprehend you.
  • Fixed incorrect text for Info-chan’s “Decapitate Osana” Scheme.
  • Fixed broken textures on the floor of the school locker room.

98 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy new year, Yandere Dev! I hope you’ll have an amazing year! By the way, I’ve encountered some bugs, so I decided to report them.
    – If Osana is eliminated peacefully, on the Amai Challenge she will use Kokona’s voiced lines when getting splashed, instead of using hers.
    – Some students’ portraits are bugged (Horuda’s portrait, Yaku’s portrait and Miyuji’s portrait). Horuda does not use the correct pose in her portrait. Yaku’s head-mounted device’s screen doesn’t display any emotion and it just looks like glass. Miyuji doesn’t have her tongue out in her portrait. If you look up on their Wiki page (not the Fanon one), scroll down to the “Gallery” section and see their latest portrait that has been added, you’ll understand how the portraits are bugged.
    – Sora Sosuke dodges the bucket with water/blood/gasoline if you set a trap to splash him.
    – Koharu Hinata (the girl with green hair from the Rainbow Girls) has a smiley face on her portrait and she doesn’t look at the “camera”, if you know what I mean.

    • Hello
      This update is kinda annoying
      (Once you have put a weapon inside of a bag and are wearing the bag on your back, you can now pull out the weapon and equip it with one button press, instead of having to drop the bag just to pull out the weapon)
      Because if you killed someone and butted the weapon inside of the bag then wearied the bag and quickly taked the garbage bag you won’t get the garbage bag but the weapon
      So could you please change the button to E or anything else then R
      And if we can take the weapon out then there should be a way to get the weapon inside
      Oh and 🎉Happy new year🎉

  2. Yandere dev i discover a bug: i was using the matchmaking methods in 202X and to Friday when i finish talking to the osana (asisst suitor) i press finish and ent back but suddenly i got stuck and coulnt move

  3. happy new year YandereDev i love your game i wish there was an Yanderesimulator 2 when i was a child i loved the game and yes as a child now i played the game my first time and it felt like magic i really love your game please do more somthing like that

  4. Now it’s become possible to put lethal poison from the science lab into rival’s bento via her bag, but I think this feature makes the game too easy. (Putting it directly into the bento is no problem, just in case.)
    Actually, I’ve thought it was intentional that the science lab’s lethal poison could not be added from the bag though the Yakuza’s one could, taking the game-balancing into consideration.
    (Besides, there seems a bug that once you get the lethal poison you can poison rival’s bento via the bag permanently.)

    Anyway, thank you for this nice update, and Happy New Year, YandereDev! I hope 2022 will be a great year for you…

  5. hi,i ask you to create a doll from other youtubers in yandere simulator but they speak different languages.it is not a requirement but they would happy about it for example in germany, there are many who play yandere. thanks, happy new year

  6. Hi Yanderedev! I was playing 202X mode. So, I reset the day, then reset the day again. The game defaulted the uniform to the 1980’s uniform.

  7. please help,my game used to work perfectly fine befor updating it to this build,after updating it the game crash after the day choosing screen, i tried reinstaling and it keeps getting errors saying that i can’t install it at this point in time

  8. I don’t even have a computer, yet I have been following the development for multiple years!!! This would be my third year here I think!

  9. is anyone else having trouble enabling the debug commands? every time i hit the enter key nothing happens. i don’t know what to do. cn someone help me?

  10. Happy New Year Yandere Dev! I just woke up from my food coma and wanted you to be one of the first people to greet!

    I hope you got to rest, relax, and enjoy the holidays.

  11. can I add something, holding a candle is suspicious, but unless the player in the occult club, it should not be counted as suspicious, similar to weapons when your in a curtain club

    • A while ago, I wrote out some very broad, general advice here: http://imgur.com/ZFbomPM.png

      The one piece of advice that I believe is most important is to start with small, simple projects, and gradually work your way up to more complex projects. Definitely do not begin doing anything complicated or ambitious until after you’ve gained a lot of experience with more simple projects.

  12. Can you make everyone portrait have pose? i think it’s…boring to see most of the students portrait just standing.

  13. Hi ! I would like to know what the realms of demons are for because I went there and I spoke to demons but after that nothing special happened ?

  14. Love the patreon post! I wish I had the money to support you and see the new models, but I can’t really do that with my current financial state. I hope 2022 is really good for you!

  15. Happy New Year! (Sorry I’m late). Can you add a feature where we can leave custom letter on Senpai’s seat so we can feel a actual interactions to him,It workd just like the locker room letter. Also,What if Amai’s member came in four direction and when we killed Amai,She will shout to alert all the other member,and the 4 will tag Ayano on the ground. This will give the sense of killing them first before Amai. Also, that means adjusting their routine. Of course,there wil be witness around,But Clearly adjusting the view of certain NPC can make them more aware of their leader.
    And Raibaru needs to have her own stalker. Perhaps,someone was sneaking to her and we should help her deal with that nasty stalker in exchange of trust. So that she can be befriend. And that includes one condition that we can petition her to leave Osana for 1 day, giving us 1 day of advantage. Of course,to balance it out,when Osana is mysteriously die,Raibaru can be then turned into our stalker and she will be a next bodyguard to the next rival. And She will investigate if we are the one who are killing the girls. Perhaps,A surprise ending where Info Chan and Raibaru stand against us in the court. A added layer to the story,lore and gameplay.

    • The stalker idea is bad. She’s literally a tank. She could just snap their bones and be done with it. Plus it would serve no purpose.

      The Martial Arts Club distraction is usually enough time to do what you need to do. Or poisoning her or putting headache medicine in her food. She is relatively easy to take care of. Plus with the new update making Raiburu weak to physical attacks after being poisoned? Evened the playing field.

      Not to mention Photography Club already handle the area with stalking Ayano for clues. What I would suggest instead is having Raiburu go to them with her info if Osana’s body was found dead. To cast suspicion on you as you were the last person she was seen with. It could also be a case where she would come to them if too many people go missing.

  16. hey yandere dev ! I found a weird bug. When I kill a random student in front of Komako Funakoshi (Ryoba 8th’s rival), in the next day when Ryoba talk to Komako, she will threatening Ryoba but her face still smiling just like this picture (link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/85obC25o36BKnMzf8) instead off the warning face (i don’t know what that name of that face emotion)

  17. Happy (late) New Year!! I have been experiencing a glitch on yandere simulator, sometimes, the icons (“q” to exit, “e” to confirm) will flash to different icons, like “x” to exit, and they look like the old icons. [Picture not mine].

  18. sorry for question anymore VC plan to release yandere simulator in 2023? and i’m sorry for my english i’m brazilian

  19. Hello yanderedev!
    Is it normal that if Osana has a bad reputation, the bullies don’t harass her?
    I specify that she is never harassed, no matter the day of the week.

  20. YandereDev I found a strange bug, in the befriend/betray mission when you get a game over, the red writing does not follow the correct animation

  21. Hey Dev! Is there anyway I could contact you on discord or something? It’s nothing important like a bug or business it’s just a message I wrote for you! 💞💞

  22. I keep waiting for more specific routines for teachers … a gardener who is always present in schools and teachers of science, Spanish, biology etc … there should be a student who sells things, such as sweets or special objects … someone who sell phone cases, supplies, food, gifts

  23. Yandere dev i wanted to ask if you ever thought about the succubus ritual because i’ve been curious for a while now and i was kinda sad when i figured there wasn’t a ritual yet.

  24. I like the stockings you gave to Dafuni. Will u consider giving other characters stockings or colored socks? I think Kokona and Saki should get the colored socks to be like the other rainbow girls in the past.

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