Merry Christmas Eve!

Longtime fans know that I have a lot of annual traditions – and one of them is to upload a yandere-themed parody of a classic Christmas song every year, with vocals provided by the incredible Michaela Laws:

2015: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Murder
2015: Yandere-Chan Is Coming To Town
2016: You’re A Mean One, Yandere-chan
2017: Senpai Love Me
2018: Jingle Bells
2019: It’s The Most Murderous Time Of The Year
2020: Senpai, It’s Cold Outside

This year, she really knocked it out of the park with one of her best performances yet – and the talented Mulberry provided some truly jaw-dropping artwork to accompany the music!

This year’s Christmas tune is a parody of “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole. Give it a listen!

Are you curious to know what’s going on with the game’s development? I’ll probably write a blog post on or around January 1st to let you know what’s up and what my current goals are.

Please enjoy time with your family over the next few days – and, as always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

51 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Eve!

  1. This song is satisfying I actually showed my science teacher one of yanderedev’s holiday songs it’s beginning to look a lot like murder she was like no way it’s not cool it’s not a normal Christmas song I was like yes it is it’s satisfying to my ears to hear everything about murder then I had a redo and put in senpai it’s cold outside I’m enjoying myself of murder songs and plus I have rivals I’m a yandere myself hehehehehe but I already won the heart of my senpai and I’ll make sure he’ll never leave me this Christmas hehehehehehehehe happy holidays to my senpai and oh to everyone else I guess but mostly my senpai hehehehe

  2. Hey yandere dev!, can you tell me please how to access the (camera 📷) in 1980’s mode / ryboa’s time period? I tried doing it when I joined the photographer club but seems not to show. I really want to take photos on the camera for pose mode and etc, And also another thing when ayano or ryboa has to clean up a mess in a specific area let’s say the change rooms when she commits murder , you should allow the player to carry the mop and the bucket at the same time with her hands, this would be very easier since it will take less time to collect stuff at each thing at a time, update the bucket of course lol if you plan by adding that feature cause ayano/ryboa will need to carry a handle for it. Thank you for you’re time!

  3. And you might wanna remove this thing, so when I go to the tutorial in 1989, I was just thinking If I could active the Easter eggs so I did I typed “debug” and it actived, I didn’t think it would allow that in the tutorial cause, the turtorial is pretty important and serious and the debug doesn’t really need to be in there since it’s only sumire but u can only kill her with a knife anyway, just thought I let you know 🙂

  4. Thank you as always Yandere Dev. Now, go and enjoy your Christmas you rapscallion you and we’ll patiently wait for you to return in January.

    Enjoy 🙂

  5. Hey I found a bug
    I wanted to kill raibaru with poison and when she was dead I concealed her and Osana saw me with the garbage bags and said automatically to Taro that I killed someone (she didn’t see the corps)
    It isn’t just only Osana but everyone who does that.
    I just wanted to kill everyone but Osana was so mean and messed it up for me
    (I’m commenting here because I’m playing yandere sim right now and I don’t want to get to the start )

  6. happy holidays dev! there is a bug that wouldn’t allow me to reset the week and I really need to reset it it cause I eliminated the rival the wrong way and I don’t want to reset everything that I did

  7. i got an alienware laptop for Christmas, the first thing i did with it was play yandere sim at full graphics settings because before i had a pc around 10 years old and it could hardly run yan sim. RTX 3070 graphics cards are unbelievable

    thanks for the development of this amazing game, I love it

  8. yandere dev why don’t you include the serial killer in the characters section? and tell us more information about her?

    the character looks a bit interesting, she’s a serial killer and a hairdresser at the same time….

  9. Hey yan dev great song
    I have a question about 1980s mode, will the rivals have different tasks.
    And if so i have a suggestion for kaguya, she wants to be one of the rainbow girls and so the player should have to go to each girl and gossip positive things about kaguya

  10. Hey Yandev! Just wondering if you could add a little touchup towards the game:
    It would be cool if when a student/teacher find a body bag, they react how they would of something lying on the ground, example being there is a concealed corpse lying on the ground, and a student walks by. They notice the bag and say “Huh? What’s that?” Go up to it, and check it out. Following that, they say, “Someone just left this garbage here? I’ll go burn it.” They pick it up and carry it for some distance. Once they realize how heavy and human-shaped it is, they open it and find the body. Reacting how they normally would,(Student:) finding a corpse and telling a teacher, (Phone addicts:) taking a photo and sending it to the police, or (Teacher:) Calling the cops. It would be an addition to trying to attend class without disposing of a concealed body, and a teacher (most likely) opening the bag and looking inside.
    This idea was originally from @KubzScouts, and I think its pretty dope!, so here I am for THAT DUDE!
    Please lemme know your opinion on this and if you’ll try to add it to a future build

  11. Yandere Dev,
    First thing is that i really love the game and i enjoy eliminating the rivals.
    Second thing, i found a video of your blog named “Club Beneffits” so, in Martial Arts club if the player do activities will be able to kill budo masuta, but budo masuta is more strong than Raibaru, because he defeat her. That means that the player can kill Raibaru by attending to martial arts club?

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