December 12th Bug-Fixing Build

Got a big update for you today! Lots of changes in this build. Everything from bug fixes to quality-of-life improvements to new hair models for the characters – including Senpai himself!

To read a list of everything that was changed in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful illustration of Ryoba by mmoKa_!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • If the player lowered School Atmosphere, every member of the Newspaper Club would become Sleuths, meaning that the Newspaper Club President would never be inside of his clubroom, meaning that the player would never be able to join the Newspaper Club. This oversight has been addressed; the Newsppaer Club President now stays inside of his clubroom when atmosphere is low.
  • Previously, in order to invest study points into a school subject, the player had to tap a button repeatedly. This became very tedious if the player had saved up 50+ study points and wanted to invest them all at once. As of now, the player can simply hold down the left/right button to add/subtract study points, instead of tapping a button repeatedly.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the game from realizing that Ryoba’s rival had been eliminated if the player obtained enough Affection Points, but went home without actually watching the matchmaking cutscene between the rival and the suitor.
  • If the player used the Emergency Shower located in the Science Clubroom to change out of a bloody uniform, the dropped bloody uniform would appear inside of the Science Lab instead of the Science Clubroom. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Counselor to remember the previous occasions that the player had been sent to her office, even if the player reset the day. (I guess the Counselor was immune to time travel, and could see across timelines!)
  • Students no longer react to petty things (like Yandere-chan crouching) if they are currently hiding in their classrooms, cowering in fear because they saw something that caused them to worry about the possibility of a killer at school.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from acknowledging that the player had used up a purchased item and that the item should no longer be available from the “Bring To School” menu until the player bought a new one.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to incorrectly save data on what panties the player had recently purchased, allowing the player to buy panties, reset the week, and keep the panties they had purchased.
  • Fixed bug that caused Ayano to use the wrong school uniform during her Befriend/Betray cutscene with Osana, if the player had picked any uniform other than the default one.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student’s pathfinding to break if they spotted a corpse while running to their classroom because they saw something scary elsewhere in school.
  • Fixed bug that would instantly grant the player access to free rat poison / alcohol / cigarettes / condoms if they had chosen to enter the tutorial instead of skip it.
  • It is no longer possible to strike up a conversation with a student while they are cowering in fear in their classroom, scared because of something they saw in school.
  • Updated Senpai’s default hair model for the first time in 7 years. With this, I believe that the game is no longer using any “Game Asset Studio” hair models anywhere.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to have a negative amount of Study Points in class if they used the “Skip straight to a specific week” debug feature.
  • Fixed bug that caused a corpse inside of a garbage bag to “wear” a labcoat, if the dead student had been wearing a labcoat when they were wrapped up.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to repeatedly pay money for an item in the convenience store, even if the player had already purchased that item.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “Fake ID” icon from appearing in stores if the player obtained a Fake ID from the Yakuza instead of from Info-chan.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to incorrectly track the number of times that the player had been spotted carrying a suspicious weapon.
  • Fixed bug that made Ritsuko’s canon elimination method impossible, but only if the player was trying to trigger it on a Thursday.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Horuda from reacting properly to a locker note about bullying when she was a victim of bullying.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a teacher to get stuck while trying to pathfind to a student’s corpse on top of the gym stage.
  • From now on, being shoved by a student council member while crouching or crawling will cause the player to stand up.
  • Fixed bug that caused a mind-broken slave to act like a normal student if the player aimed a camera at their face.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the radio near the incinerator to sound as though it was playing two songs simultaneously.
  • Fixed the order of two students in the 202X Alphabet Killer Challenge who were not in correct alphabetical order.
  • Fixed bug that caused an option to appear when talking to Riku Sora that would make the game freeze.
  • Fixed bug that caused a black shape to appear in the hair model of the Newspaper Club’s president.
  • Updated the 1980s Mode delinquent boys with higher-quality hair models and textures.
  • Changed the hair model for one of the Light Music Club girls in 1980s Mode.
  • Fixed typo in the Ideas entry for the Electrocution elimination method.

48 thoughts on “December 12th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I’m so excited for this patch! The elimination method with Horuda is the last one I have before completing my checklist. I can’t wait to see Senpai’s new hair.

  2. Yandere dev, I’ve noticed that in Yanvania Senpai of the Night, the purple haired demon is still using store-bought assets. Will you replace them?

  3. I love senpai’s new hair, finally updated after 7 years, also can you change dracula chans hair cause it was in the unity asset store.

  4. Hey Dev, I have one problem with Horuda’s reaction to the notes in mission mode…
    We can’t kill Horuda by pushing her off the roof or Dropping heavy weights (I got this mission by selecting the random option in multi mission), there’s the reason:
    Horuda’s persona is Fragile, that means she only gives positive reaction to the note about bullying
    However, we can’t make the bullies to bully Horuda in mission mode
    So we can’t let her go to the school roof/behind the school/outdoor cafeteria and eliminate her
    I hope you can change her persona to Loner or Coward in mission mode, just like how Raibaru uses the Heroic persona instead of Protective persona in mission mode
    I’d be really happy if you see my comment

  5. Hello, Yandere Dev! I have come up with three little ideas for the game and two bugs I have discovered.

    Ideas :
    – Since Sho Kunin made national news when he defended a woman who was being mugged by a group of three men, carried her to a hospital afterwards and is also Budo’s most promising disciple, I think he should have half Budo’s reputation (+50); probably making him 70% liked, 70% respected and 10% feared.
    – I think it would be nice if Kokona had the same reputation as Saki (+30) since the two of the are the best of friends; maybe making her 50% liked, 50% respected and -10% feared.
    – Because Himari will fiercely support her friends when they’re in trouble, I think she should be 50% respected, instead of being 30% respected only.
    (Of course, if you don’t really like the ideas, I totally understand.)

    Bugs :
    – If you complete Gema’s task, he’ll say “Tomorrow, I’ll be a new man!”. However, after you completed his task, he will immediately go to the boy’s locker room.
    – In older builds, if a student goes missing, “Missing Person” posters will appear on the school’s walls. However, they no longer appear now.

    • I actually watched K Gon’s newest video and it looks like the hair models have backwards capabilities. Like YanDev suggested. Which suggests that it’s highly likely that they’ll be compatible.

  6. Hey Yandere Dev, since 1980’s mode was released, there’s a really annoying bug that doesn’t let me (or other people with not the greatest computers) complete the tutorial. I’ll explain, the tutorial runs smoothly until the Ryoba kills Sumire scene, after she kills her and says “You can’t have him, he belongs to me.”, the game takes some time to come back to gameplay -like 30 seconds or even 2 minutes- and then for some reason, instead of Sumire being dead on the floor, Yui Rio appears out of nowhere and reacts to Ryoba being covered in blood. After this the game just softlocks because there’s no way of getting out of the bathroom before Ryoba cleans all the evidence and Sumire’s dead body is in a garbage bag.

  7. In 1980s mode I kept a mind slave from week one to week ten and it was all fine, I attempted to kill the final rival with the mind slave and it worked until the next day loaded up and the rival was alive but the mind slave remained dead, in the end, it was way easier to just kill the rival when she was alone, is this a bug or?

  8. hey yandere dev sometime in mission mode when i activate a mission have “nemessis disguise someone” she will wear the science club president’s red headband when i enter the mission

  9. is anyone else having an issue with the first 1980s rival with the rejection method? ive redone it 4 times and even though it says all the interactions were sabotaged senpai still accepts her confession. im sooo frustrated lmao

  10. quick question is the loading screen for going to school taking too long an issue with my pc or the game because i have the graphics and resolution on the lowest setting

  11. Hey yandev when can we join the student council i would love to join them even if its going to be hard on ya i would love to be the succubus in yandere to it just something i had in mind love the game though

  12. There was a bug in the current game or one of the past ones where if you went to school on Friday after eliminating the 10th rival in 1980s mode that she would confess her feeling too ayano dad you wouldn’t get to the ending of the game I’m sorry if this bug’s been already reported I just thought I would mention it

  13. yandere dev i have a question about the 202X rivals (Amai-Asu) if you kill them will their clubs shut down since they’re club leaders or not bc they have replacements?

  14. I don’t know if it’s a me problem but when ever I talk to a student while playing on a keyboard if the interaction i want takes more than one key to direction toward the E key stops working and I can’t do the interaction making it so I can’t join clubs and making the student annoyed with me. (I did send in a bug report, I just have no clue what causes it)

  15. hi when I click the right mouse in the yandere simulator the screen is lagging I was trying to be first person in yandere simulator

  16. Why teachers in 1980s can fight with Ryoba ? you said that after incident in 1989 the Headmaster mandated that all faculty members take courses in self-defense.

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