December 5th Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! There was an embarrassing bug in the previous build, so I quickly prepared a new one.

To see a list of everything that has been fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful artwork of Osana by Tomlu!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • If the player disposes of all spare uniforms and is currently wearing the last piece of clean clothing in the school, they should be disallowed from attacking anyone, since getting any blood on their clothing would put them in a situation where they are stuck in a bloody uniform and are guaranteed to be arrested. There was a bug that allowed the player to continue attacking students even if it would mean that they’d have no spare clothing to switch into. This bug has been fixed.
  • There was a bug that allowed the player to strip off their bloody clothing in the locker room, even though they wouldn’t have any spare clothing to change into, and thus would be stuck in the locker room indefinitely. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that caused teachers to wear both 1989 clothing and modern-day clothing simultaneously if the player enabled the “disable character models when they are a certain distance from the camera” option in the Settings menu.
  • From now on, the “School Atmosphere Percent” number on the Calendar screen will turn white if the school atmosphere is lower than 50%, so that it’s no longer a black number against a black background.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from acknowledging that Yandere-chan should be able to find the poison bottle in the science lab after boosting her Chemistry in the Gaming Club.
  • Adjusted the visual effects on the Calendar screen for 1980s Mode so that “low school atmosphere” effects do not cause certain aspects of the UI to become difficult to read.
  • Fixed bug in 1980s Mode that would cause the Sanity meter to always display 100%, even if the player had lowered Ryoba’s sanity far beneath 100%.
  • There were still a few pamphlets around the school in 1980s Mode that featured images of modern-day smartphones. These have been changed.
  • There is now a spare uniform in the Sewing Club in 1989 so that the player can now actually use the emergency showers in 1980s Mode.
  • Fixed bug that caused the nurse in 1989 to have a comically oversized modern-day cell phone.
  • Updated the texture for the 1989 swimming leggings.

71 thoughts on “December 5th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hey YandereDev, based on my research on swimming, I think sports club boys’ swimsuits in 1989 should be swim briefs.

    The use of swimming leggings was not common at this time.

    Fun Fact: According to wikipedia, the use of swimming leggings was banned from swimming in 2009.

    You can consult wikipedia if you like.

  2. Remember those days where we could be wearing nothing but sparkly clouds 😆 whether sits that or a towel, I’d love to see what they’d do if she was stuck with a towel.

    And Yandere Chan is blocked from leaving naked?🤔 I did not know that

    • Yeah, I tried to leave the room once and was a little surprised, although I can see why.
      You wouldn’t make it past a single student without a heavy hit to your reputation, for one, and for two, the only person the Aishi girls would want to see them underdressed would be their Senpai.
      (There’s also one scene in Mirai Nikki where Yuno says something of the same, though the scene is a LOT more extreme than just running around the school in a towel.)

  3. I try to clarify the conditions where Ayano can’t bring a weapon from home to school.
    I killed Horuda Puresu with a pipe wrench and reported the body to Nasu Kankoshi. The next morning I selected the scissors from the menu to bring to school. When Ayano spawned near the gymnasium after the memorial service, I pressed “2” on the keyboard, but Ayano’s inventory was empty. I tried killing different students and bringing a pair of scissors or a screwdriver several times, and it seems that a memorial service always prevents Ayano from bringing a hand-held weapon to school.
    I also noticed that after Ayano reported the body to Nasu, Nasu’s line(?) “Um…are you just going to stand there?” and a text starting with “Ayano informs a faculty member that something alarming is present at school.” were displayed at the same time.

  4. Why when a student council member in the 80’s pushes you if someone hasn’t been murdered yet? So in 2022 they push you because Megami says you have to be careful since there are murders. But in the 80’s there are still no murders

  5. For the most part I agree with all of the design choices made for the game so far. But I disagree with preventing the player from killing someone when they don’t have a clean uniform in their locker. I think they should have the ability to try killing anyone anytime they want. With or without a clean unicorn available. Yes, it is a bad decision and they will get caught. But it would be the player’s bad decision. I also don’t think the player should be restricted from leaving the locker room without any clothes on. Perhaps, instead of refusing to let them leave without clothes on, if they get caught by anyone outside the locker room it would severely affect their reputation and they would get suspended for the day. Plus, if they are allowed to leave, it wouldn’t be possible to get trapped in the locker room if you don’t have a clean uniform. Also, Infochan is always available to drop a clean uniform any time you ask.

    • Maybe that should be considered for a hard mode in the future, but that doesn’t sound very fun for beta testers.

      I like the idea of being responsible for your own bad decisions, but it’s kinda like videogames not letting you walk off the cliff. That would be annoying after a while and it doesn’t make a game fun.

      Not saying it isn’t a good idea, again, really I am not. But it’s still a beta testing game and if options like that exist it wouldn’t be fun.

      So that’s why I would suggest a hard mode. Maybe bring it back in “Lovesick Mode”? That would be a good call back to the old hard mode the game had. 😉👍🏻✨

  6. YandereDev I found a bug. When I lure Osana to the outdoor cafeteria, instead of pouring water on her, Yan chan drops the bucket of water onto Osana, I don’t know if it helps but I use the bucket in the 1st floor girl’s bathroom at the east side of the school.

  7. Will we be able to kidnap multiple girls at once? And will we have to feed them if we decide to keep them longer than a week?

  8. Hello yandere dev, I just wanted to do a tiny suggestion, it’s not that important but I think that rivals that got rejected by senpai should have the sad walking and idle animations for the following week, then return to their normal animations after that week ends, just to add a bit more of detail to the game

  9. excellent job!! I think you’re doing super well on the game, and it’s such a joy to play.
    Also, if you ever need help with art, I would be able to help! anything to help this lovely game ❤

  10. Hi! When using the debug to skip to a certain week, (1980’s mode) my points for class are in the negative. For example, if I skip to the fifth rival, I have -245 points study points for class and I can’t add anything to my skills. Is this a bug?

  11. Hey YandereDev! Im new here, but have a little ask to final game(complete 100% 202x): It would be possible in yandere simualator to have a yandere of the same gender as senpai (Boy x Boy) or (Girl x Girl) because that would be really cool to have visibility of diversity within the game as well. Please, when you can read, give me at least one tip ❤ No need to say so as not to spoil the surprise, but it's an idea!

  12. Hello Yandere dev, I came up with a slightly crazy idea, I think you will not take it into account but I do not lose anything in telling you, since the 1989 mode consists of things from the first years of Yandere Simulator it would be good if you change the school and Put the school from 2014 until the end of 2015, and since it is very different from the current school, you could put the excuse that in Ayano’s time it was completely remodeled and in 1989 it was different, what do you think?

    • that or he can make some adjustments to the current school model so that it doesn’t fell identical, i mean high schools change a lot within 20 years. Maybe he can retexture the inside and change the layout a little bit. Since Akademi is such a prestigious rich High School they should be making renovations a lot.

  13. Hello YandereDev, I want to ask you something:
    How can I increase the framerate of the game? Please tell me what to do since the game is laggy….

    • first if your PC just have 4GB RAM u have to decrease the graphic quality of the game to low 1/8 and low down the resolution into the lowest resolution and when you enter the game pause the game by press Enter key and low all graphic setting in setting menu (you have change the draw distense into 10m, too) it will improve your FPS into 40-59 and more than 60-80 if no student present at school. Hope it will have you

  14. Hello, YandereDev, it’s nice to see the reaction to our comments. I wanted to ask if you have any plans to improve the interaction system? The current one works well with interactive objects, but sometimes it is difficult to eliminate the target located in the doorway, the door opening prompt overlaps the target elimination prompt. Ideally, all interactions should work without interfering with each other.
    Just checked current build – shower bug still here: bloody clothes still appears in wrong shower.
    I’m also make a bugreport playlist, you seem to have seen him. The most annoying bugs in this list are the Counselor, which remembers after restarting the day and resetting the settings.

    • It is not reasonable to suggest that the player should be presented with multiple button prompts simultaneously. There is too much potential for overlap.

      The game determines what object the player is most likely attempting to interact with by considering:

      1. Promxity
      2. Which is closer to the center of the screen, indicating that the player is trying to aim the camera at it

      And displays the button prompt that is most likely the one the player wants to interact with.

      I can’t put two “A” button prompts onscreen simultaneously. If the player presses “A”, how is the game supposed to know what the player’s intention was?

      Only one button prompt can appear onscreen at a time. To suggest otherwise is to understand nothing about game design.

      I’ll fix the shower bug.

      • I probably couldn’t express my thought correctly. The perfect example is Hitman. In order to close the door and eliminate the target, you just need to click the “interaction” and “eliminate” button. In YS, you need to rotate the camera to focus on each action.

  15. Hi!
    I’ve found a pretty strange issue in 1980’s mode. When you start a new save with the debug option and skip the rivals, your points for class go well into the negatives and you can’t add anything to your skills.
    For example, I skipped into week 6 and when I went to class, I had -245 study points (something like that) I couldn’t add anything to my skills and the points would go back up by 5 when I went to class.
    Is this a bug?

  16. One bug in the 1980s mode is that when you kill the 6th rival and the body is reported to a teacher the student and teacher will get stuck in between the door and the stage ramp just running to the wall trying to get to the body, Im not sure if this happens with everyone or not but yeah-

  17. Hello Yandere dev, just wanted to ask, why didn’t you use the old delinquents voice lines for 1980s? The ones for the female and poumpadour delinquents since they had a bunch of voice lines for them

      • I don’t like to make it easy for people to gain access to rival hair in-game. This leads to the creation of “Look at me, I finished all the rivals” mods, which do not actually reflect what the final rivals will really be like.

  18. Hi! I have noticed one thing, in the 1980 mode when you go to change clothes in the bathroom, the clothes that you see hanging are the 202X

  19. Hi YandereDev, please remove the bug! when I want to go to distribute octopus (cooking class), I cannot do it and when I press “E” the usual menu is displayed, the same with “Salty Snack”

  20. In the future, can it be possible to dispose of osana’s body after she drowned in the pool? Or is this more work than I think this is.

  21. YandereDev, recently when i playing the newest build of YanSim and i realize that from the build November 22nd Build that starting to lag so much, even that i set the setting to lowest and i still got 10-15 fps but when I came back to November 12th Build It doesn’t lag at all and I got 30-40 fps.
    (Yes I know that my laptop is weak and it’s use Intel i3-8130U and 4GB Ram. Sorry for bad English and I hope you can optimize YanSim so that it doesn’t lag anymore in newer builds in future.)

  22. hey yandere dev I have an idea!

    If I remember correctly, in a previous build you had replaced Ayano’s father with a silhouette in Ayano’s cinematic, because you had planned to add the option to customize Ayano in the future.

    Well .. as you already put how the father is in the 1980’s mode I think the idea would be .. discarded ..?

    so I came up with an idea to customize ayano:

    *hair color: it occurs to me that ayano in the hairdresser or through the internet can buy more color dyes such as; green, blue, red, pink etc.

    and so you could change the hair color to ayano

    *Hair: Well, the hair salon serial killer will take care of that.
    But something useful would be that you can see which hair is the one you are selecting since, you could buy a hair that you may regret.

    *skin color: it occurs to me that ayano can buy self tanner’s of different shades on the internet or in town.
    and so the skin color would change.

    I don’t know what you think of the idea ..

  23. Yandere Dev, can Yandere Simulator be played on the new Windows 11 ?, because that is what concerns me and my pc is updating with the new Windows

  24. In 1980s mode I kept a mind slave from week one to week ten and it was all fine, I attempted to kill the final rival with the mind slave and it worked until the next day loaded up and the rival was alive but the mind slave remained dead, in the end, it was way easier to just kill the rival when she was alone, is this a bug or?

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