Progress Report, Fan Videos, New Build


Because this is the first blog post of the month, it seems like an appropriate time to talk about what I’m currently focusing on, and what I plan to accomplish in the near future.

The plan remains unchanged:

  1. Fix every problem that people have identified in 1980s Mode – whether it’s a bug, an exploit, an oversight, an ugly asset, or a design flaw.
  2. Use the feedback and criticism I’ve recieved to make a series of design changes to 1980s Mode that improve the experience in various ways.
  3. Make a “How Your Feedback Improved 1980s Mode” video, similar to the one I made about the demo last year, going over all of the ways that 1980s Mode has vastly improved since its release.
  4. Move on to the next stage of development. (Aesthetic improvements may still be made to 1980s Mode.)

I had planned to have completed Step 1 by now, but it turned out to involve way more time and work than previously expected. It turns out that giving people the ability to test a tremendous number of new scenarios that were not previously in the game leads directly to an enormous number of new discoveries – and when I say “discoveries,” I mean “bugs” and “ways that the game’s design can be improved.”

I planned to complete Step 1 before moving on to Step 2, but instead, I wound up working on both of thos Steps simultaneously. Every day, new feedback rolls in, and there’s always a new task to work on…sometimes, it starts to feel like there is no end in sight! However, that’s definitely not true; the number of tasks remaining on my “to-do list” is getting smaller with each day, so I can tell that I’ll eventually hit “0” and be able to move out of this phase of development. Until then, I’ll just continue to make progress on a daily basis until I’m through Steps 1 and 2.

Speaking of progress, I have an extra-large build for you today with a lot of fixes and improvements – and also a lot of aesthetic changes to the characters! I also want to share some interesting fan-made videos with you. It’s going to be an extra-large blog post! To get started, click “Continue Reading.”

First, take a look at this:

That’s the original concept art for Muja Kina, illustrated by Aea way back in 2014.

As you’re probably already aware, 1980s Mode is a giant collection of things from Yandere Simulator’s early history – the Rainbow students, the delinquent boys and girls, “Witness-chan”, etc. Someone generously volunteered to bring another thing from Yandere Simulator’s past into 1980s Mode, and here it is:

Yes, that’s right! The nurse in 1980s Mode now uses the design that Muja Kina was originally supposed to have back in 2014! Her model looks gorgeous, doesn’t it?! It was just too good of a design to throw away!

Here are some of the other improvements in today’s build:

Fixes, Changes, Additions, Improvements

  • The 6th rival, Ai Doruyashi, performs a song in the school gym. The song that she was performing up until this point didn’t match my mental image of what her songs would be like. So, the composer and the vocalist re-worked the song, and now Ai’s song matches my mental image of how her performances should sound! I’m really happy with the latest version! You can check it out here:
  • For some reason, typing ‘debug’ at the Extras screen was not enabling debug commands, as it was supposed to. I have been unable to determine the cause of the bug, so I have implemented a new way to unlock debug commands. While at school, type the letters “d e b u g” and debug commands / easter eggs will be unlocked.
  • Fixed bug that would cause certain types of accessories (bracelets, kerchiefs, club accessories, scrunchies, hoodies, loose socks) to appear floating outside of garbage bags after a student’s corpse had been wrapped up in a garbage bag.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause delinquents to spawn in the school plaza instead of spawning like everyone else. I don’t know for certain whether or not the bug is fixed, because it was very random and would happen inconsistently.
  • When selecting your save file on the title screen, the option to enter the “Week Select” screen will now only appear if you’re highlighting a new save file (it was never intended to work on pre-existing save files.)
  • Attempted to fix bug that would make Yandere-chan spawn wearing the wrong school uniform in Mission Mode. This bug never actually happened for me, so I can’t tell for certain if I was able to fix it or not.
  • Students who have already been kidnapped once in the past (and have been released by the Yakuza after their family paid a ransom) will now refuse to follow the player once they have returned to school.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from saving a suitor’s stats at the end of a day during which the player had increased one of the suitor’s stats.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to teleport/disappear if the player tried to change their hair style using Pose Mode.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing club leaders from sitting down during their weekly Friday meetings with other club leaders.
  • Updated the Sports Club boys’ swimming leggings with new textures that feel a bit more realistic and aren’t so cartoony.
  • Fixed bug that caused Ai’s idol stage to appear in the school gym while a memorial service was taking place in the gym.
  • From now on, activating the Cyborg Mode eastre egg will deactivate Raibaru’s “instantly counter any attack” feature.
  • Updated the Student Council girls’ appearances slightly to make them match their new official artwork more closely.
  • Updated the texture of the hedge behind Senpai when viewing his portrait inside the Senpai Shrine.
  • Made slight adjustments to the hair models of the rich girl rival and final rival of 1980s Mode.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Journalist’s “reputation chart” to look really glitchy in 1980s Mode.
  • Fixed bug that caused Osana’s bookbag to continue appearing at school even after she was dead.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the 1989 gym teacher from having the correct face texture.
  • Updated the “Schoolday 5” music track with a more gentle lead instrument.
  • Fixed bug that caused the bully girls in 202X to use 1989 bookbags.
  • Updated the textures used in the Cyborg Mode easter egg.
  • Updated the appearance of the 1989 nurse.
  • Updated the Rainbow 6’s socks slightly.
  • Updated Raibaru’s hairstyle.

Fan Translation Bugs

I mentioned this in a previous blog post, but I’ll say it again: if you play the game using a mod that changes all text in the game from English to another language, certain features of the game might break. This happens because those features are checking for the presence of specific English words in some of the text labels.

To let non-English speakers play the game without issues, I have updated the game’s code so that those features are no longer dependent on the presence of English words. If you’re playing the game using a mod that changes the language, you should now be able to use the following features without a problem:

  • Setting up a meeting with a student using a note in their locker.
  • Asking a student to pull a knife out of a box.
  • Feeding food to students.

Recent Fan Videos

It wouldn’t be a YandereDev blog post without sharing some fan art, right? Well, today, I’ve got three fan-made creations to share with you!

The first one is something that I thought was absolutely hilarious. It’s a “Create-A-Wrestler” match in WWE 2K20 where the wrestlers have been customized to look like Ayano and Megami.

Haha, I love it!! I just can’t help it, this stuff makes me laugh so hard!!

The next video is a parody of the opening sequence to my favorite anime of all time, Neon Genesis Evangelion, using characters and footage from 1980s Mode.

God-tier thumbnail, by the way! Evangelion fans will understand.

And last, we have a “Concept” video created by a talented group of fans. In case you’re not familiar, “Concept” video is a fan-made video that proposes a feature or event that the game might have one day.

These videos often stray far away from my intended plans for the game…but even if these videos don’t line up with my own vision, it’s still very heartwarming to see a group of fans put a lot of effort into a long video with a lot of production value. I can clearly see that a lot of hard work and love is put into these videos, and I respect that a lot!

Okay, time to get back to work! Hope to talk to you again soon!

As always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

52 thoughts on “Progress Report, Fan Videos, New Build

  1. Good to know that after all these years and all the….. “mistakes” (I refuse to give the jackals any dignity by calling them controversies) Yandere Simulator still has fans willing to make amazing material for the game. Granted it’s not as much as it used to be but the quality never went down by much if any which shows how special and resilient Yandere Sim is. Maybe inherited from the developer eh?

    Regardless, you have our thanks as usual Yandere Dev and I hope you accomplish something big to leave us with before taking your well-deserved Christmas and New Year Break. That way, nobody not even your inner demons can nag you while you relax, and believe me shutting those guys up is a joy in and of itself.


      • Yeah! I checked them out! They’re my fave YanSim YouTuber, but Bl00d is a dude. I attended their Livestream and that’s how I found out. 😂 I was super surprised 🤣

        No hate or anything. I only found out through a Livestream soooooo, yeah. But yay! Another Bl00d fan!!

  2. YanDev, i found 2 weird bug yesterday (I used matchmaking elimination on story mode):
    1. I’m not sure it happen to another player, or it just me being an idot, but the sunset on the confession scene is suddenly dimmer and less brighter (i miss the old one :<) and the confession audio in 1980s mode is suddenly appeared in 202x while the 1989 one is missing.
    2. Why the hay i got a genocide ending in non-lethal way elimination????

  3. Ik this isn’t related to the blog post but I have a theory about the lore of Yandere… (Not sure if this has been theorized before just what I came up with)

    So I recently found out about the tapes and I haven’t found all the school tapes but I think it (obviously) belongs to some kind of detective, that obviously had his career ruined by this girl (the incident of 1990 something sorry can’t remember the year) and I think that girl is Ayano’s mom, he described her as stalking a boy and every girl that got close to him died or went missing. I also think Info-chan is his daughter (I kind of thought the person on the tapes was Ayano’s dad but I highly doubt that Ayano’s mom would hurt her love because in the recording he was going to flee the country because of her.) I also thought it could’ve been the principle because if you enter his office he says something like “Its.. you no you must be her daughter” (Not word for word but something like that) He also pulls a gun on you if you get close. But he has his own set of tapes (I only listened to the first one so far) and he seemed pretty happy nothing like the detective so yeah. However he said he wanted to leave the tapes for his daughter and if the detective wasn’t close to Info-chan (I would assume Info- Chan would resent him if he was a bad father) and he said he left the tapes in places that she would find them. That could mean Info- Chan since she of course goes to the school. Still why would info-chan care though? I think the blue haired student council girl (Who is not in the game yet) is the principles daughter it would make sense he wouldn’t want her going to school with Ayano (If you go to the student councils room by the computer she is speaking saying her father won’t let her attend or something) But the principle isn’t missing of course. That’s what I got so far I haven’t listened to the basement tapes or all the tapes in the principles room I am very eager to here other peoples theories (If anybody else cares lol) We need Matpat for this one lol

  4. I found a bug that prevents me from using info Chan when I play in the current version it’s like everything is stuck in 1980’s mode, The news paper club is still there

  5. Sorry to say this after you just got done with a bug fixing frenzy but there are two glitches i have found
    1. There is a glitch where when you open another tab and reopen the game and run all student council will start to notice you even if you’re nowhere near them and this keeps on happening until the end of the day when Ayano leaves

    2. I wasn’t going to report this glitch because I thought this was fix in one of the builds, but it isn’t so here, we go When killing Osana with a dumbbell while she is reading the book on Tuesday and wrapping her in a plastic bag her book will follow Ayano and will still follow her after burning the corpse and will make animations like killing a student, sneaky panty shots. fighting either in martial arts or fighting a delinquent all very glitchy and will make Ayano move from side to side in a very glitchy matter and this frankly is very annoying

    I hope you fix these glitches and have a good Christmas and new year!

  6. Hi YandereDev! Sorry for bothering, but I think it would be worth it if you could post a picture of the changed textures, for the ones who are not able to play the game and have to wait for fan-made build videos. Of course, just like now, you posted about the nurse’s appearance, and I am very grateful for this, but some of us are curious, for example, the student council girl’s and Raibaru’s new appearance, but there are fans who can’t play the game because of some reason.
    It would be really wonderful if you could maybe do this little thing, but if it’s a problem, I don’t want to bother you about this, but thanks for reading.

    • This bug has been in the game for a long time, but I was never able to fix it, because nobody else who reported the bug mentioned that it happens specifically when you turn off outlines. Now that I know, I can fix the bug.

  7. I had already forgotten that the 80s mode was planned as a testing ground for ideas. It blows my mind. Make a separate game to collect information and feedback to improve the main game. Man, you’re the best

  8. Hello. I have been tormented by this error for a long time and a complete reinstallation of the game does not help. In the first week and when using the first save, there is not a single competitor, except for the last one. I completely reinstalled the game, but it didn’t help.But at the same time, the second and third saves have all the rivals

  9. This is awesome! I love the change in Ai’s song, she’s one of my favorite rivals! Keep up the good work, and enjoy your holiday break!

  10. I like the new appearance of the 80’s school nurse.
    1.) Would u change the outfit of the gym teacher since both in 1989 and 202X they are wearing the same thing.
    2.) Have u considered giving Kokona and Saki to have short socks like the other rainbow girls. I feel like it wouldn’t be to out of place since Midori wears short green socks.
    3.) Is there plans to differentiate the swimwear of 1989 from 202X my safe bet would be changing the swimwear to blue to red.
    4.) A tiny thought I also have I feel like u should change the indoor shoes for 80’s mode from having the blue tint to instead have the red tint. I feel it better fits the uniform.

  11. Yandere Dev, Ryoba’s alibi for holding a knife in the tutorial doesn’t make any sense. She says that the Knife she took from the cooking club belonged in the Home Economics room, but when you go into that room after the tutorial, you can’t find any knives.

  12. Hey YandereDev, Dome time ago you said that Yandere Chan’s laugh wasn’t from Michaela Laws and that you were gonna put her official laugh in the game. That never happened.. so when are you gonna give Yanchan her official laugh?

  13. I Found a Glitch when you fire the Student Council In Mission Mode They Have The Sad Persona As If There Being Bullied But Still Checking Rooms And Eating in the Student Council Room.

  14. YandereDev, I have some suggestions for the game, but they aren’t hard at all to implement. I just wanna know your opinion:
    1- I think Ryoba should use the “crouching and crowling” animations that Yandere-chan use to use in 2014
    2- I consider that Ryoba should also wear the pijama that Yandere-chan used to wear
    3- Ryoba’s laugh fits more Ayano’s voice
    4- Andas finally the shape of Ryoba’s eyes is the same as Ayano whe she is in town at night, and by the way, her shoes should be black like her dress.
    I love your game, you’re doing an Amazing Work!!! 💙🖤💙

  15. I’ve sent you a Bug Reporting more than 5 days ago but haven’t got your response yet. Could you check your mailbox? I’ve recorded several videos for that reporting in case it helps, and it took me hours of times. For example;

    • I’m sorry, I usually don’t write a reply to each individual bug report I receive, unless it’s to ask for more information.

      If you really want a response, re-send your bug report e-mail (include the list of unlisted videos), but don’t include “bug” in the title.

      I do appreciate you recording videos of the bugs, that makes it SO much easier to understand and replicate the bugs.

      • I understand. Since there is a few topics which I want your response, I’ve re-sent the email with the subject “Some reportings and opinions.”
        Thank you for replying!

  16. YandereDev I think Osana should defend herself if she sees you dragging Raibaru’s dead body. As well as Kokona with saki miyu. Since Osana and Raibaru have a very strong bond of friendship, I think that since a best friend would do anything for her friend, right?

    • I think if Osana doesn’t attack Ayano when she witnesses it is surely YandereDev’s choice.
      If Osana attacked Ayano, it would be enough to win the mini game to kill her. It would be too easy.

      • Yes, but not only osana is weak, there are students like himari fujitas who are very weak and still fight against ayano

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