Fan-Made Yandere Simulator Comic


A fan of Yandere Simulator has begun drawing a comic that is inspired by the game! It’s titled LOVESICK: Crimson and I think it looks really cool!

There are currently two chapters available; a prologue and chapter 1.

Check it out here:

Ah, it’s so cool! And I love the creator’s art style so much! I wish this comic a ton of success!

18 thoughts on “Fan-Made Yandere Simulator Comic

  1. Uhm, don’t mean to sound rude, but could you be a bit more pleasant in your approach?

    This isn’t the way to talk to anyone, let alone the developer of a game you play for free, so let’s remember the golden rule:

    “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”

    Again, not meaning to be rude, or coming at you. But maybe a gentle reminder that there’s actual people on the other side of that screen?

    • There’s not something to be angry about, this kind of thing is actually very very normal for game development, especially in indie games.

      I waited 12 YEARS for a game. A game we all know and love as Diablo 3. So it’s pretty much a normal thing for me. I have seen my little brother as he is delving into video game development and it’s only a learning program for kids. I can’t imagine how complicated it is for more intense systems. My other cousin is actually a developer for Minecraft, was one of the first females on the team, and has moved on to different games to help. They shared a little look at their screen and by God it was complicated.

      It’s still our responsibility to interact with others in a normal and civil manner. If you were talked to in this manner it would honestly make you angry and depressed.

      We should be understanding and supportive of development instead of harassing or sending hateful messages. Because why would that make development smoother? And what if it makes him quit? Mental health is very important and often glossed over by people like us.

      Not coming at you or anything and sorry if I am coming off as abrasive. To see how normal this is? Try this link! It’s really insightful! And sorry again if it seems I am abrasive!

      • Someone who was being really aggressive in their speech, we both agreed we weren’t angry at each other, and agreed to be more chill.

        It was actually a very nice Convo. Think they deleted their messages? Anyway yeah, that’s how it went.

  2. Would you ever consider writing an official comic for yandere simulator? With the cannon story and extra lore and stuff? I would buy that!

  3. Um, I don’t know is it just me or I can’t load the comic page? I would like to read it, the cover looks cool, I’m really interested at it.

  4. complimenti al suo creatore spero che tu abbia la fortuna di completarlo indipendentemente dal gioco e che possa riuscire nell’intento finale di ogni fumettista ma se posso suggerire una cosa io i dialoghi li scriverei in un carattere che spiccherebbe dal resto visto che essendo di base rosa e sia i disegni e i dialoghi tutti in nero su sfondo rosa avvolte non si riescono a distinguere bene comunque complimenti davvero continua così che vai alla grande sai come si dice ” chi ben incomincia e a metà dell’opera ” se la casa editrice fisica lo pubblicherà anche qui in italia io di sicuro me lo comprerò visto che sono ormai appassionato di tutto ciò che riguarda yandere simulator ho anche un personaggio preferito nel gioco peccato che e solo una rivale lei si chiama oka ruto

  5. Found two bugs from the newest build. 1) You can do the rainbow students’ tasks multiple times. 2) You aren’t kicked out of clubs for not attending every week.

  6. Hm…
    This comic actually made me think about someting. Everytime the police investigates Akademi, they search throught the whole school and that would include Info-chan’s room, right? I’m pretty sure the headmaster can’t stop the police from investigating a school room.
    Wouldn’t they find suspicious that there’s a bunch of computers inside her room? Wouldn’t they want to invastigate her more?
    And also, if Info-chan’s room is investigated, woldn’t the headmaster finally find out who she is?
    I never thought about this subject before, but now, it kinda feels flawd. 🤔

  7. Hey, YandereDev! Since this is more of an animation/modeling issue it makes sense this would take a while to (or wouldn’t) get fixed, but the way Yandere-chan puts a body in the wood chipper would jam and possibly break it. It would be more realistic for her to slowly feed the body headfirst through a hopper.

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