October 13th Bug-Fixing Build

Got another build for you with a bunch of bug fixes! I’m aware that there are still some more bugs lingering in the game, and I plan to fix more tomorrow.

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful artwork by yu-humihana!

Fixes and Changes

  • In both the main story mode and 1980s Mode, the player can use a “Persona Mirror” to change their current Persona. Previously, if Ryoba selected the “Default” Persona, she would start using Ayano’s idle/walk animations. From now on, selecting the “Default” Persona in 1980s Mode will restore Ryoba’s default animations instead of Ayano’s animations.
  • It is no longer possible to talk to students while Yandere Vision is active. This means that you can no longer be snapped out of “Speed Up Time” mode by inadvertently talking to a passing student.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a falling bookcase to instantly kill Honami no matter where she was on the map, even if the falling bookcase was falling on a completely different student.
  • It should no longer be possible to access the Extras menu from the 1980s Mode Title Screen (debug commands and easter eggs were never meant to be accessible in this mode).
  • It is now possible to skip the entire tutorial sequence immediately after starting a new save file, instead of having to load into the school scene to skip the tutorial.
  • Re-arranged and added props in the library so that students can no longer get stuck or become unable to pathfind and spin in circles inside the library.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Yakuza’s brother’s Task to count as completed even if Ryoba was defeated by the rival gang in the beat-em-up minigame.
  • All weapons except the cooking club’s knife are now disabled in the game’s tutorial, to prevent bugs and story continuity errors.
  • Fixed bug that prevented a heartbeat sound effect from playing when Ryoba was freaking out in her Senpai’s presence.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to freeze during the “Offer Help” conversation of the 5th rival (Ritsuko).
  • Disabled the “Find Student Locker” button prompt in the tutorial, since it would crash the tutorial.
  • Fixed bug that made one of the student council boys sit in midair when having a council meeting.
  • Increased the volume of some of the Journalist’s voiced lines, since they were a bit too quiet.
  • Fixed bug that caused the headmaster’s neck to twist around when he was tasing Ryoba.
  • Osana can no longer appear on the 1980s Mode title screen.
  • Fixed typos in student profiles.

102 thoughts on “October 13th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. hey keep up the good work i loved this build but i think its too easy to just tell everyone to go away and then stab you rival plus i have a bug for some reason if i try to expel the 7th rival(the girl with a bow) my game bugs and i see the entrance of geka’s office.

  2. I hope the option to help the Yakuza and his brother out of the bad life gets added in the final game.

    I love the those arm tattoos!

    Also…what is the bloodstain option in the game over in the assylum? I touched it and the game went black screen forever.

    Also also: that section needs Yandere visión for the bags lol. I completed the 10 one regardless. The mission feels overall super dangerous and stressful, it’s amazing! Kinda would like to be able to sneak kill the druggies but unless the bodies can be disposed, it’ll look really bad for Ryoba.

    Anyways! Yandere Dev, with a bit of fixes this should be sold rather than download. Congratulations! I’m waiting for that Kickstarter.

    I wonder if may be possible for Ryoba to pay only once to the serial killer lady to get the rival at home…?

    • I think that red thing is supposed to be like “I cannot fail now, I’m doing this for Senpai” or something like thar Idk

  3. love the new build you have worked hard!!!
    btw don’t listen to haters they are just jealous of you accomplishments.

  4. Disabled the “Find Student Locker” button prompt in the tutorial, since it would crash the tutorial.

    Wow so random.

    Fixed bug that caused the headmaster’s neck to twist around when he was tasing Ryoba.

    Wait what??????!!!!!! I am confusion!

  5. Hi Yandere Dev!
    After playing 1980’s mod, I have started playing Ayano Aishi’s mode or main mode,I found these weirdest bugs.
    -When I come across to newspaper club, those objects which is located in 1980’s mode newspaper club, is also located in main mode instead of info chan. For this club, doors should be closed, but in that place, player is able to enter to that room.
    -And also those props in photography club has vanished and only manga volumes is floating in air (in Ayano Aishi’s mode)
    -In science club, same bug also happened i.e. old things of 1980’s mode misplaced here also.
    -Gaming club no longer have the gaming machine and the room is empty.
    -Hanged signboard written sociology classroom instead of gaming club.
    -In light music club, walls are painted white instead of black and wood is placed in place of black floor.
    -Riku Soma instead of going with drama club, is seen to be spent watching osana najimi just like kyuji konagawa.
    -The bookcase which enables player to crush someone behind it, it is also present in main mode. (I don’t know whether it should be there or not)
    * I can see that this game totally mixed up after release of 1980’s mode. But this game is really awesome and you have worked hard*

  6. -Hey yandev! I was playing yandere sim (main story mode) and I found kokona’s suitor spying at Osana instead of osana’s original suitor! I found it kind of funny, but I hope you get it fixed lol. I kinda thought this might be a elimination way for raibaru, because then she will spend more time with her suitor than osana, AND then, realised it would take a whole week for that and that couldn’t be the case. I was so confused, but I have to admit it was hilarious
    -I was doing the tutorial in 1980s mode, and when I killed sumire, she came straight back up from the dead. She even saw me holding a knife, with bloody clothes and I lost reputation for that. Then when I killed her again (still the same tutorial) I whent to get the bag and concealed her, but when I tried tl do anything else ( like walk out of the bathroom) I couldn’t. I would like to think you could fix that. Tho it was the funniest thing I’ve seen so far.
    -I was getting rid of the body in the tutorial, and saw that there were weapons on the ground and that we could pick them up. So when witness-chan saw me it gave me the attack option and I tried it to see what would happen, and o couldn’t move, Because were supposed to talk to her not kill her. Maybe you should remove the attack option or just remove being able to hold the weapons all together.
    -the last bug I’ve had ( idk if it is or you haven’t add it yet), but when you fail to kick the delinquents bullies asses, you still get the Yakuza ending! You get a defeat but you still get the option to use the yakuza. Is that a bug or you haven’t added it yet?
    Well these are all the bugs I have so far! The game is amazing and I hope you don’t quit on all the people that hope the game will be finished!

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