October 12th Bug-Fixing Build

11:11 AM PST UPDATE: There was a bug in this build that was so severe, I have uploaded a new build to fix it. Please download the latest build to avoid a game-breaking bug.

I’m continuing to fix bugs as reports come in. I fixed a lot of issues today, but there are still some issues I haven’t gotten around to fixing yet. I’ve been awake for quite a long time and I’m getting too sleepy to focus, so I’ll just upload what I’ve done so far, and return tomorrow with another bug-fixing build.

To see a list of everything that changed in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful artwork of Komako Funakoshi by candy-demon Vtuber amamipoki!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • The Narcotics were intended to be “one-hit-kill” contraband; in other words reporting a rival for Narcotics was supposed to get the girl arrested immediately, rather than just make a bit of progress towards her expulsion. This is now the way that the feature functions. And, because it’s such a powerful item, the price that the Yakuza charges for Narcotics has gone up.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the 1989-specific confession music from playing during the 1980s Mode rival-confesses-to-Senpai sequence.
  • It should no longer be possible for the 4th rival (Sumiko) to get stuck when trying to investigate a sound from the sewing room.
  • The explosive device will now cause students to fly up in the air when it explodes, instead of making them crumple lifelessly.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Expulsion elimination method to freeze the game if the 1st rival had been eliminated lethally.
  • Fixed bug that caused 2022 rivals’ portraits to appear in 1980s Mode whenever a 1980s rival portrait needed to be displayed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the white-text-on-blue-screen cutscenes to play at fast speed if the player skipped the tutorial.
  • Cooking Club students will no longer attempt to give food to rivals who are trying to have private conversations with Ryoba.
  • Fixed exploit that prevented the game from moving past the “sold kidnapped prisoner” window in the Yakuza’s Ransom menu.
  • Fixed bug that caused the cardiograph from the main game to appear onscreen in 1980s Mode after attending class.
  • If a girl is framed for possession of Narcotics, the “RIVAL EXPELLED” text will change to “RIVAL ARRESTED”.
  • Fixed bug that made Ryoba’s face look weird when reacting to Senpai accepting a rival’s love confession.
  • Ryoba now wears pajamas when she is at home on Sunday (since she doesn’t go to school on that day).
  • Fixed bug that gave the player infinite Explosives just for buying it one time.
  • Fixed bug that gave the player infinite Narcotics just for buying it one time.
  • Adjusted the Strength values for a few of the rivals.
  • Removed the wi-fi signal icon from Ryoba’s notepad.

140 thoughts on “October 12th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Thanks!
    I have a question,
    Why when I use the “camera” everything goes dark? it’s a bug? (right click in 1980’s mode, with low graphics, without the camera from the photography club).
    Oh, and now that everything is a little more stable in terms of mechanics and variables, could the saving/loading system be improved? At least that it keeps the stats. 🙏

  2. Thanks!
    I have a question,
    Why when I use the “camera” everything goes dark? it’s a bug? (right click in 1980’s mode, with low graphics, without the camera from the photography club).
    Oh, and now that everything is a little more stable in terms of mechanics and variables, could the saving/loading system be improved? At least that it keeps the stats. 🙏

    • No it is not a bug it is just that smartphones weren’t a thing in the 80’s so YanDev has removed the option to use camera altogether.

      • I know, but it doesn’t seem to happen to the others the same as it does to me. When I see youtubers play the game the camera seems normal, only without the cell phone and they are able to take photos, like the cinematic mode, but the whole screen goes black for me, I can’t see anything while I press the right click.

  3. I haven’t played the full game yet or anything, but I thought this was cool:

    There’s a serial killer on campus. What if that person was the junior detective final rival? She’s the top detective of the school other than the actual detective outside. No one would suspect her; she’s at the top of the detective force, in charge of where to send her followers to to look, can deceive others into thinking that she’s not the killer by carefully playing around the ways of murder they’re looking for. She can blame whoever she wants as long as she has some sort of evidence, and she’s not a suspect because everyone looks up to her. Wouldn’t that be cool, if she was the person you could get information from for how to kill, only to kill her in the way that she told you? Using her own advice against her? Sounds like a plot twist if I ever heard one.

  4. There was a bug I had and basically I tried to do the Befriend/betray quest but
    after the dialogue finished I couldn’t move and all I saw were subtitles that were just … in the 80s mode and I had to completely close the game and I could not even pause.

  5. yandere dev I can’t download the game it doesn’t download it says it will take 2 days to do it and it didn’t

  6. when a club closes the student council members just walk into the door until class time trying to complete their daily check in on every room

  7. I haven’t gotten too far into the game and I was going to wait to discuss any issues I found, but the sabotage elimination method is very frustrating. Both Wednesday and Thursday require you to buy and bring items to school, but you have no idea of knowing that BEFORE going to school. Because Info-chan isn’t a thing and none of the items can be found around school, You have to exit to main menu just to restart the day and make sure you bring the right items with you(Restart day only starts from when you arrived at school, not when you are at home). Thursday was especially annoying because the dialogue says “overeat”, which makes you think you need to give her food, not put sleeping medicine in her bento. I haven’t gotten very far because its been very unclear so far what needs to be done.

    • I have half an answer, you can get alcohol inside the school. It’s in the headmasters office.
      The problem is that he only leaves on lunchtime (by that time it’s already too late to sabotage), and I couldn’t distract him no matter what.
      For Thursday, you can steal the sedative from the Nurse’s cabinet with a lockpick, you can craft one on the workbench with hairpin and paper clips.

  8. I have a 2 bugs.

    1. After you play 1980’s and go back to 2022 lots of things are way glitched. The music rooms glitched, the gaming room is glitched, the science room is glitched, the newspaper club is there, and Riku Soma is standing in the place of the 1980’s suitor. The 1980’s and 2022 have merged together and its very weird.

    2. When I kidnapped the rich girl rival in 1980’s I could sell her to the yakuza infinite times. I could become a millionaire. And I don’t know if this would happen to other students not from rich families.

  9. Yandere Dev there’s a bug that I don’t know if you’re already familiar with. When the students get food from the cooking club NPC’s, they stop all actions and just stand there like statues, rotating in the position as to where that food delivering NPC is.

  10. There’s a really annoying game-breaking glitch that is preventing me from doing anything befriend/betray with the insane asylum.

    In the intro animation to the insane asylum, Ryoba won’t climb through the window, and I’ll be stuck staring at the empty window. I can hit F to skip the animation, but Ryoba falls through the Earth and into the starry abyss below. I can’t bring up the menu to quit, and at this point I have to use Task Manager to close the game. When I reload the game, it starts me a day ahead of where I should be, and rivals now act like regular students. I can’t go to the asylum anymore, and it’s as if I never befriended the rival in the first place. I have to load an earlier save or create a whole new file to progress further.

    Only one time was Ryoba actually able to make it through the window, but I didn’t manage to burn the bag. When I tried again, the glitch happened again.

    No one else seems to be having the glitch, so it might just be a problem with my files or something.

  11. Hey YanDev! So, I just downloaded the game. So in 1980’s mode’s tutorial, whenever Ryoba kills the girl in the bathroom, after the cutscene plays, everything stops for a second, and suddenly, the body isn’t there… But Yui Rio is there lol. And even after killing her and putting her in a bag, the tutorial won’t advance.

  12. Hey, anyone know how kidnap a rival? Because I can’t find the poison headache. Can only kidnap to senpai at the end of video game

  13. this is a little thing but i noticed that the notes that the first rival in 1980s mode shares with senpai say “july 2020” but isnt it 1989? well… its just a little thing i noticed while playing…
    i also have a bug, when the same first rival from 1980s mode went to senpais desk to leave the notes, i accidentally giggled, which made her go back to her desk and then to senpai, even tho she was already in senpais classroom…

    but thanks for perhaps reading this

  14. hi, i’ve noticed a bug. when you are at home and you look at the student info and you press on any student, it glitches out and you can’t read anything (the notepad also decides to go sideways).

    • Yes, i had some troubles with this, i dont think your actually MEANT to see the students info when not in school if that makes sense. I think its just a glitch, what i did to avoid it was just simply not open the students profile/info until i was in the school, i think its a glitch where 1980s mode accidently gets crossed with a few features from the original 2022 gameplay (The one with Ayano)

  15. I found a mistake: when a student of a cooking club delivers a meal to a student, there is no animation, and the student who eats will be stuck in place and can’t talk

  16. Hi yandev I’ve noticed a bug.

    When you change some of the settings in the main menu before playing the 1980’s mode, like depth blur and the static, the animations are sped up, and bugged, in the bedroom, and in the school as well. But if you reset the settings, it goes back to normal

  17. I know this isn’t a bug but, when I try to go in “first person” (camera thing) it goes blue/black for me and I really want to fix it, but I don’t know how. It works for my sister but not me. Is it the settings?

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