Rival Silhouettes #10 and…#11?!

Hello! I plan to upload a video today, at 12:00 noon PST.

This will be the final “preview of upcoming content” post, because, as of tomorrow, it won’t be “upcoming” content, it’ll just be content.

Here is the 10th silhouette that I’m going to share with you:

And here…is the 11th.

Hmm? That’s odd. Wasn’t it supposed to be called the 10 Rivals Update? So…why are there 11 silhouettes, then? Did sneaky ole’ YandereDev pull a fast one, and slip in a girl who wasn’t a rival? Was one of the silhouettes actually depicting the protagonist? Are there going to be 11 rivals instead of 10? Or, does one of these girls only technically count as a rival, barely meeting the criteria for some reason?

Heh heh…I know the answer, and soon, so will you!

Thank you for your patience with me while I prepared the update! I hope that you’ll look forward to my video later today!

87 thoughts on “Rival Silhouettes #10 and…#11?!

  1. i’m pretty certain it’s 1980s mode, or if not another relative of ayanos in a different year because one of the teaser images looked like a yakuza, and we know we’re not going to have info chan in this mode. one of the girls also look VERY similar to the ghost on the third floor bathroom, hence why there’s 11 rivals instead of 10. also 1980s mode fits in perfectly with the lore of the game without exposinf the plot of the main game, just an idea

  2. That 11th girl’s hand gives me Hanako- I MEAN bathroom ghost vibes. Is she maybe….. the first tragedy???

    Would YanDev try to throw us off by ordering the rivals differently than the actual story?

    If so, who’s to say the final… isn’t the first….?

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