Preparing You For Tomorrow’s Announcement

I anticipate that, when I release the new 10 Rivals Mode, a lot of people will have questions. They will ask, “Why did you add this to the game? What is the point of this? Why create 10 new rivals? Why did you spend time doing this, instead of working on the 10 main rivals?”

So, I decided to create a video to pre-emptively answer these questions before announcing and releasing 10 Rivals Mode, in the hopes that it will eliminate any confusion.

…and here it is!

I’ll look forward to seeing your reaction to the big update tomorrow!

132 thoughts on “Preparing You For Tomorrow’s Announcement

  1. Если здесь есть русские у которых московское время, то видео будет выложено в 20:00.

    • nope, these 10 rivals are only for playing and waiting the other 10,idk how to say that sorry- like,this is only for fun to not bore the fans! like a mode, we can still play ayano! this is just a taste (if you can’t understand i’m sorry i’m bad at explaing T-T)

  2. I hope it is good! Hopefully he won’t give up! But it’s not like him to give up on yandere simulator after 7 years of hard work, its about to be 8!

  3. I’m sorry, but i don’t want the 1980’s mode I just hope that maybe there might be auditions for the new rival voice acting!!

  4. Out of the 10 hours of my life today of this game I did the mode and yet FAILED!! I didnEVERYTHING RIGHT and at the end of the day I get an F whyyyy

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