Rival Silhouettes #8 and #9

I’m back again with another rival silhouette! Here’s the latest one:

Wow! What a babe! I wonder what kind of rival she’s going to –

…heyyyyy, wait a second. That’s not a rival! That’s Samus from Nintendo’s Metroid series! Samus, what the heck are you doing? Get your sexy butt out of here! You’re in the wrong place! This is the Yandere Sim development blog!

Actually, there is a reason why this character is relevant today. Click “Continue Reading” to learn why…and to see two actual rival silhouettes.


2021 has been a year of miracles. Why do I say that? I’ll explain.

  • One of my favorite games, The World Ends With You, was released in 2007. I thought it would never get a sequel. But a sequel was finally released on July 27th of this year.

  • One of my favorite games, Psychonauts, was released in 2005. I thought it would never get a sequel. But a sequel was finally released on August 25th of this year.

  • One of my favorite games, No More Heroes 2, was released in 2010. I thought it would never get a sequel. But a sequel was finally released on August 27th of this year.

  • One of my favorite games, ActRaiser, was released in 1991. I thought that ancient game would never be relevant again. But it got an HD remake on September 23rd of this year.

  • One of my favorite games, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, was released in 2010. I thought it would never get a sequel. But a sequel was finally released on September 30th of this year.

  • Metroid Prime 3, released in 2005, hinted that a Metroid game code-named “Dread” was under development. However, in the years to follow, no Metroid game titled “Dread” was ever released, leading millions of Metroid fans – including me – to believe that the game had been cancelled, and that it would never come out. But, if you have the power of pattern recognition, then I bet you can guess what I’m about to say. Yes, that’s right…a few months ago, Nintendo announced that Metroid Dread would be releasing later this year…and today, October 8th, it’s finally here.

NEO: TWEWY. Psychonauts 2. NMH 3. An ActRaiser remake. Melty Blood Type Lumina. Metroid Dread. Each one of these games took longer than a decade to reach us, and for many years, millions of fans doubted they’d ever see any of these games become a reality. Even a single one of these games actually being released…it feels like nothing short of a miracle.

And the fact that they were all released in 2021, within 3 months of one another?! What do you even call that?! What do you call 6 miracles stacked on top of each other?! It’s almost impossible to believe that any of this is even real!

…and, yet…despite the fact that I’ve been waiting more than a decade for each of those games to come out…I didn’t play them. I only played the new Psychonauts, NMH, ActRaiser, and Melty Blood for a total of 1 day before stopping. The reason? I wanted to remain completely committed to the 10 Rivals Update.

Don’t believe me? Check my Past Broadcasts page on Twitch. I only streamed a total of 10 times over the past 60 days. I’ve nearly abandoned my favorite hobby, all for the sake of bringing you the 10 Rivals Update faster.

Well…that has to come to an end today. I didn’t stop working for Psychonauts, or NMH, or ActRaiser, or Melty…but Metroid is a different story altogether. I absolutely can’t let today pass by without playing as much Metroid as possible. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m letting you know this in advance so that you don’t flip out and say, “OMG YandereDev is playing video games instead of working!!!” when you see my stream go live today. Damn straight, I’m playing video games instead of working today. Hell yes, I’m playing video games instead of working today. Metroid Dread comes out today!!!!!

Anyway, the purpose of this blog post is to let you all know that you are cordially invited to come watch me stream Metroid Dread on Twitch today. What time will I begin streaming? Don’t know. Depends on when the delivery guy drops it off. Might be 6 PM (my timezone), might be sooner, might be later. All I know is that once I have Dread in my hands, I’m dropping everything to play it.

…Hey. I just realized something.

  • Yandere Simulator began development in 2014. Some people thought it would never get ten rivals. But ten rivals are being released in two days.

Guess that means you can add “Yandere Sim finally gets 10 rivals” to the list of “gaming miracles” that have happened in 2021!

What do I have to say about that? Well, this gentleman sums it up pretty nicely:

…oh! That’s right! This is supposed to be a Yandere Simulator development blog. Time to stop ranting about Metroid and actually say something related to Yandere Sim. Ahem! Let’s see here…

To make up for the fact that I tricked you with a fake silhouette at the top of this blog post – and the fact that I’m not working today – here are TWO rival silhouettes, with two more to follow tomorrow:

…by the way, I went back to a previous blog post and replaced one of the preview images, because the assets depicted in that image have been re-designed and replaced. I wonder if you can identify which image has been replaced!

75 thoughts on “Rival Silhouettes #8 and #9

  1. By this far, the message would be “this world is full of people, who deserve” since PNG on top of the post says “cute is not part of the messenge”.

    Sounds like a Fun Girl message.

  2. Are these the same girl? Or two different girls? I cannot wait for the videos – Thanks so much YandereDev. I’ve been a fan of the game since February 2015.

  3. this world is full of cute people who deserve ??? or this world is full of people who deserve cute ???
    This is the sentence I’ve pieced together so far, if there are only 10 rivals I would say the missing word is death, but if there is more than 10, say 11 (I reckon there could be twins falling for senpai in the same week cause there are only 10 weeks in a term) I have no clue what the sentence will be. Im so excited for this update!!!

  4. The first seems bashful while the second one seems rather confident. Even tossing her hair back. While the first seems to be trying to hold herself. I am interested to see how they play out.

  5. Hahaha, this post made me laugh. I’m glad you clarified that “cute” isn’t part of the message, so many people seemed to get stuck on that part! I’ll try to make it to the stream today if I can, I’ve heard Metroid Dread is really good!

    • If 2 rival images are missing, it is possible that one of all the silhouettes is the new yandere or that they actually find 11 rivals since in his post yesterday he said something about that they are not actually 10 rivals v:

  6. Outstanding post. A masterpiece, The work of Leonardo da Vinci even!
    I’m glad you gave clarification for the word “cute” and I hope today isn’t too dreadful for you

  7. If “cute” isn’t part of the message, does that mean the girl in the first silhouette isn’t a rival?

  8. Knowing that good things have happened to you recently Yandere-Dev makes the days for some of us who haven’t been having good things happen (present party included) that little more bearable. You deserve it. Especially for someone like you whos been working hard on something we love.

    Now, go have a blast with Samus you crazy kid and make every second count 🙂

  9. wait… 2 new sillo- HOLD ON ARE WE GETTING A 11TH RIVAL
    anyway, “this world is full of people who deserve”, nice going

  10. i have no clue who these rivals are and i have no theories except for the fact that i am incredibly gay for them❤️

  11. “…by the way, I went back to a previous blog post and replaced one of the preview images, because the assets depicted in that image have been re-designed and replaced. I wonder if you can identify which image has been replaced!” I know exactly which post this is talking about.Teaser Image #27, was first posted as an unblurred image of 4 boys as silhouettes but the only thing that wasn’t pitch black was their hair. Then it was edited to be a blurred version of that image. Now, it is an unblurred image of the same boys with modified hair models. I have the original image because WordPress emailed me the image as a notification for when this blog gets a post. I cracked the case.

    • Also, I’ve been noticing the file names of these rival silhouettes. The first silhouette was named cute, but this silhouette of Samus’ file name is “cute-is-not-part-of-the-message” The rest of the rival silhouettes are named, “This world is full of people who deserve-“

  12. The first rival silhouette looks like Yumeko Jabami from kakegurui and the second silhouette looks like she will have an egocentric personality like Kizana, but she could also be someone kind

  13. Melty Blood Type Lumina was released because the Tsukihime remake will get released soon. I’m so happy to know someone else was as hyped as I was for Melty Blood ! (Huge Type-Moon fan here)
    Thanks for all these teasers, it sure looks promising ^^

  14. i haven’t been here for a while, so im gonna ask: what happened/ is gonna happen to osana, amai, kizana, oka, asu, muja, mida, osoro, hanako and megami? am i gonna have to learn new names, cause it took a year to memorize all ten rival’s names…

    • amai and the other girls are going to be the final games rivals this is a mode which is a more basic version of what the final game will be like to trial

  15. Question, when will or will we ever be able to join the student council after the 10 rival update? Really excited to see something like that. I’ve already dominated the school as a normal student, delinquent and Easter eggs. Would love to be a SC member. Sorry if this question was already answered before.

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