Teaser Image #25

Another day, another teaser!

These are some characters who will be appearing in the next build! Who do you think they might be? What purpose do you think they might serve? Could they be allies? Adversaries? Or…something else altogether?

Teaser #24

There are a still a lot more situations and 3D models that I could show you blurry screenshots of, but many of them would be obvious spoilers even if they were blurred, so I’m trying to come up with other things I can share with you in these daily teasers…

Okay, here’s something new: it’s one of the music tracks that will be in the 10 Rivals Update. Listen to it, and try to guess what type of situation it could possibly be used for!

Teaser Image #22

I’m here with the daily teaser image!

This is a character who will appear in the upcoming build. There’s a reason why I’m showing you what he looks like from behind, rather than from the front.

What kind of character would be wearing this type of outfit? Looks like he could be the leader of a satanic cult or something…who do you think he might be?

Teaser Image #21

Hi! Here’s the new teaser image!

Hmm…it’s a bunch of hair. But…whose hair?

Are these rivals? Friends? Foes? Pedestrians on the street? Students in the school? The “popular girls”? Characters who only appear in a single cutscene? Characters who are part of a Befriend/Betray sidequest?

I know who they are…but I’m not tellin’! Have fun speculating!

September 15th Progress Report (and 20th Teaser Image)

Hi! It’s the 15th day of the month, and that means it’s time for one of my twice-a-month progress reports! But first, I’ve got to uphold the daily tradition of revealing something that will appear in the next build with a teaser image. Here it is:

Hmm…who could this guy be, I wonder? What sort role might he play in the story? Will he be a character in the school, or will he appear elsewhere? You’ll just have to wait and see!

Okay! With that out of the way, click “Continue Reading” to read today’s progress report!

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Teaser Image #19


Official artwork has been made for some of the new characters. I’m very eager to upload it to the Characters page of the official website, but I won’t be able to do that until the day that the 10 Rivals Update is released. With that said…I’ll occasionally share some mysterious silhouette on this blog! And here’s the first one:

Who do you think this is?

New rival? Friend? Foe? Something in-between? Protagonist?

Let me hear your theories!

Teaser Image #18

Hello! I’m here with today’s teaser image!

Today, I’m going to show you a screenshot of a change that has been made to the school environment to facilitate gameplay in the next build. And not only that…it’s going to be unblurred today!


…huh? Just what the heck is this? A…metal barrel? …with a watering can beside it? Okay…but why? What is the significance of these two things? What will they be used for?

Well, just this once, I’ll spoil it. In the next build…

...these two objects can be used to kill someone.

But, how, exactly? That’s what I won’t tell you!

Have fun speculating!

Teaser Image #12

Hi! Here’s the latest teaser image!

This is another environment scene. It’s probably obvious what type of environment it is…but what will happen here? Fight? Cutscene? Shopping? Enjoy speculating!