Teaser Image #33

Hello! I’m here with another graphic that will be included in the next build! However, it’s a little bit unconventional this time…

Today, I’d like to communicate something to you…but, to make it fun, I’m going to try to communicate it with an image rather than with words. Here it is:

By now, I think you should be able to recognize that pink gradient. But, what does the other gradient represent? The only hint I’m willing to give away is that…it’s something you’re going to see more of in the future!

You might be curious about the status of the video. The answer is that I’ve been working on it almost nonstop, but I don’t have anything significant to announce at this point in time. I still think it’s too early to estimate how much time remains to finish it, but I feel like I almost have the data I need to make that call. Trust me, the very moment I have something big to announce, I will definitely say it right away on this blog!

Oh, by the way – it feels like it’s been a million years since I shared some gorgeous fan art on my blog, so here’s a fantastic image that was created today by a talented Japanese artist who goes by the name fickle_akippoi:

74 thoughts on “Teaser Image #33

    • No, I don’t think so. I played the game a couple days ago, hadn’t touched my pc. When I killed Osana and then went to school the next day, her student profile icon with her image on it was shaded a slight grey. Maybe the grey one is to make it easier for players to tell whether a student or rival has been eliminated.

    • I have a theory
      Yandere dev put the profile of the student who is pink and the current students and what is black and white is related to the student’s profile from 1980 when ryoba aishi was in school

  1. I feel like it may represent the change of color the game will have in the UI when the atmosphere changes after killing too many people

  2. Hmm, maybe atmosphere? We already have the loading screen show Ayano stabbing rivals when she gets violent.

    Then again it can be something similar to Lovesick mode. Just to show we are not in Ayano’s timeline and this may be a more serious timeline. Orrrrr…

    Maybe this will be a clearer way to show how your actions effect the game? Instead of the pink background it slowly becomes this horrible grey the more evil we do.

    No matter what I am still excited!

      • Yeah, but it was just a comparison in how the two game modes feel.

        I am more of the opinion that this will show how your actions effect the game. The more rivals you murder? The less happy and cheerful colors there are. It’s probably an aesthetic design, but a much needed one. I love it when games do that.

  3. i have a few thoughts.

    1st, i think maybe for normal yandere sim, then mission mode, like in the start, before the actual menu comes up.. I’m not sure how to say it.

    2, maybe atmosphere? like you could change the atmosphere to a more challenging one/the darkest one, like in mission mode.

    3, in the old menu, how there was “LoveSick”? maybe its that. also LoveSick was sooo fun, you gotta bring it back 🙂

      • Actually it was much harsher and the effects of deaths in the school made the atmosphere drop harder and it was permanent. Students would huddle and hide in groups during free time and there were cameras in areas where you left evidence behind.

        All in all it was hard mode. I really enjoyed it and it felt realistic in a way.

        But I think this is a situation where it’s likely the more people you kill the more the colors in the menu change to a dark grey. Reflecting of the route you took. I like when games do this, so I hope that’s what this is.

  4. for the longest time yandere dev has said/shown that pink is used in the game as the “cute bubbly high school girl” that covers the grey which represents the game/yandere chain’s true colours. a good example of when he says this is in the video titled “will yandere simulator change its name?” in this build he added lovesick mode which everything had a lower atmosphere. I think what this blog page is telling us is that the game will move more away from the “pink bubbly school gore act” and focus more on the sinister part of the story. the game has always been bubbly even if you kill someone, this somewhat stopped after osana was added and were were introduced with more elimination methods. in the game there were more bubbly things to do than sinister so i think that in itself will change. however i do think a ayano will still act bubbly and the atmosphere will still be pretty because that’s what’s shown. when ayano meets senpai she saw colour for the first time. i just think there will be darker elimination methods, stealth missions, music to go with all of those and make it sound more dark. a good concept that won’t be used but yet another example, is when ayano kills someone and the screen starts to flicker between the black and white lower atmosphere and the colourful one. it will go back to normal once the animation has stopped and/or ayano has laughed or seen senpai.

    • I think what the black coloring is for is for if you chose to go down a more, dark and murderous route when playing the game, like, it ties in with the atmosphere/sanity system.

  5. The most obvious answer is that in the new mode the UI will be grey instead of pink. Hmmm

    If the new mode is 80s mode then the grey UI would fit with the stricter atmosphere that Academi had in the 80s

  6. We will prob. see a lot more of the lower atmosphere as the weeks go on. Since the weeks get harder *cough* Megami *cough*

    • I’m sorry (I’m not) can you stfu telling everyone megami’s in the new update when yandere dev has said MULTIPLE times the main rivals aren’t being added.t

      • I just looked back and listen I did not get the full story. I don’t have fucking patiron. I’m just done with YandereDev at this point. I guess I was excited for no reason

    • This update will not have Megami in it. In an earlier post, Yanderdev himself has said it will be 10 new rivals in this update. So not with Megami.

    • Megami won’t be in this update. It will be 10 new rivals. You can read about this in an earlier post Yanderedev made on this blog.

    • Uhhh, actually…. YanDev clarified several times this is a separate timeline that has nothing to do with Ayano or the main rivals.

      Super sorry if you never heard or anything.

      This is a different protagonist and has completely different rivals.

      It’s a 10 rivals game mode because the Amai challenge made him realize that he needs to see how players handle multiple rivals over 10 weeks in order to gauge how people play. Gathering feedback so he can make the real game incredible based upon the results he gets. Like how to properly escalate difficulty, where players might get lost, unseen exploits, and the creative ways the might go about defeating the game.

      Sorry if you didn’t know. But I hope this clears things up. 👍🏻✨

    • He already told us in a video this kind of thing would happen. Long dark periods are normal with indie games. In the beginning it’s easy to post frequent updates and videos, but as the game escalates so do the problems, levels of difficulty, and the time period used to develop certain aspects.

      Not to mention most of the work is volunteer work, meaning their more important PAID commissions get first dibs in terms of importance, and that means YanDev has to wait. Which, again, is also normal. Even if it wasn’t volunteers they would still be delayed because they have other clients on the list, their own lives/problems, and sleep schedules/down time.

      All that’s going on now is completely normal and ordinary. I once waited 12 years for a game. There are plenty of games that have taken this long and longer. But you shouldn’t have to wait, so maybe take a break? It’s completely healthy to take a break from these things. The game will be ready when it’s ready.

      I mean we all learned our lessons with rushing games. Look at Cyberpunk for a reason that games shouldn’t be rushed and developers shouldn’t be pressured.

      Let’s all take it one day at a time. Relax, read a book, paint, draw, or anything that’s calming for you.

  7. Yandere dev i have a idea maybe since before you have mentioned adding multiple cheat codes. My idea is maybe there could be 10 one for each rival each one you eliminate you get a new cheat code!

  8. i accidentally clicked L on my keyboard at the calendar and the entire theme of the game switched, even in the school so maybe this is representing that?

  9. Besides… There is no way this is 1980s mode. I remember them saying they would not release that mode until the actual game. This is just some random mode that has nothing to do with the game. I legit had faith in yanderedev but I should have just just listened to people, I guess.

  10. Ich würde es gut finden Wenn es auf Deutsch Rauskommen würde Und mit deutscher Unterschrift Wäre auch gut Man doch so einstellen könnte Dann hätte jeder was vom Spiel die kein Englisch können oder andere Sprachen ich Hoffe es kommt bald

  11. Ich würde es gut finden Wenn es auf Deutsch Rauskommen würde Und mit deutscher Unterschrift Wäre auch gut Man doch so einstellen könnte Dann hätte jeder was vom Spiel die kein Englisch können oder andere Sprachen ich hoffe es kommt sehr bald

  12. Finally, a color scheme change! Just kidding, maybe it’s something to do with the darker parts of the game? Maybe something about the death or murder of a student or rival?

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