Teaser Image #32


Dot Matrix.


This is a logo that was created for something that was going to appear in the next build. However, it wasn’t an essential feature, and it would have taken a long time to implement. I didn’t want an unnecessary feature to delay the build, so I decided that the feature wouldn’t be in the first release of 10 Rivals Mode, and would instead be included in a future update.

But, what is “DOTMATRIX”, and what was it going to be? Is it the name of a company that rivals Saikou Corp? Is it the name of a product or service of some kind? Perhaps a website or an app?

I’m curious to know what you think it could be!

59 thoughts on “Teaser Image #32

      • That is..- Probably true, I think its probably something to do with saikou corp, maybe the company is the rival for saikou corp, and we can communicate with dot-matrix to maybe some how eliminate our 10th rival? just a thought.

  1. since dot matrix is an old printer i believe it has something to do with the 1980’s and it could be a company that is like the Saikou Corp but in 1980’s .

  2. its very colored. i don’t think its something sad and big like saikou corp.
    its like a happy place with kids or something like that.
    i hope you’ve understand.

  3. I cant wait for the 10 rival build to come out its literally the only reason I’m alive but I really hope it comes out soon!

  4. Give yandev some time the update will be here soon yandev is working hard and i get the video idea its were he can show us what it looks like time is all he as right now we can wait im not hateing on people i feel like yandev is tired so wait we can do he need some time to take a break and breath so that all i have to say\ Yandev take as much time you need but take a break to it will be good for you\Cant wait to see the game done

    • No need to be mean but 10 year is not that much and alot is on his mind right now so you can wait a little more it might that a year or to all of us can wait rushing his does no good

    • Uhh, not to step on toes or anything buuuut… We had our 7 year anniversary. Not 10. Also, marketing is a very important thing, especially for an indie game developer. He does need to maintain a public image and he needs to wipe away misinformation that others are spreading about the update. Which they are currently still doing and leaving false informed videos out and that continues the spread of misinformation.

      Also, making a professional game takes time and patience. At least he makes us feel seen and heard. Most other devs are like, “Here’s DLC! Here’s special armor sets to buy! Here’s custom skins to buy!” While he has allowed us to be heard, hasn’t demanded huge amounts of money, or pay to play features. His game isn’t the only one that has taken this long. Click the link to see.


      The fact people want to be angry at him, yet there’s several games that have taken this long and longer with huge development teams? That’s wrong.

      He is a person, with his own needs, and his own life. That doesn’t disappear because he is making a game or he’s on a screen. He needs to clock out, take down time, and recharge himself. There’s a reason labor laws exist and it doesn’t stop because you’re your own boss.

      So let’s all be patient.

  5. I have two ideas.
    First Idea:
    -Do you remember Maman Saikou’s former company which competed with the Saikou company but which in the end she gave up to
    become Ichirou’s wife? That would have a link with this company, I did my research about the dotmatrix and that has a link with the
    computers, TV, telephone in short everything which is related to the technology.

    Second idea:
    -This dotmatrix would have served or has a link with the machine of the fun girl.

  6. I really enjoyed yesterdays video update comment! I hope we get another one tomorrow! Gives hope nothing has been abandoned. Hopeful a small clip or video will be given tomorrow that isn’t blurred! Excited!

  7. I think the “dotmatrix” has a link with the Saikou Coop, but i think it has also a link with the headmaster or smth
    (maybe i tell something witch is compleeeeetly wrong so don’t listen my shit, have a good day <3)

  8. Hmmm, wait a minute, didn’t Mr Saikou’s wife used to own a company?? Then Saikou Corp took it over but she married him to continue the legacy. Look into their character profiles, bring some inner strength too, because the Saikou Family is some messed up stuff to read.

    But that’s where my mind went. Maybe it’s a branch under the Saikou Corp umbrella, or it’s before her family’s company was taken by them? Either way it’s just a theory based on what we know in the original game.

  9. maybe its associated with either
    -1980’s mode
    -Maybe a website you can make to lure rivals into checking out and getting there private email to dox or perhaps blackmail them or something like that

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