Teaser Image #30

Hello! Here is today’s teaser:

What’s this? Well, you could call it “an environment inside of an environment.” You’ll probably recognize a lot of things here…but, what are those props doing in that location? Hmm…

You may also be interested in learning that it’s possible for someone to die here…but I won’t tell you how! You’ll have to figure it out for yourself!

You might be wondering about the progress on the video. I’ll give you an update:

  1. The final draft of the script has been written – it is 100% done!
  2. I have recorded the narration for the script. The narration recording is over 30 minutes, so the video will be more than half an hour long – it will be my longest video ever!
  3. There is one part of the narration I’m not really satisfied with. I might go back and re-record that. So, I hesitate to say that we are 100% out of the narration phase of the video.
  4. Now that I have the narration, I have begun editing together the video. So far, it is proceeding as planned.
  5. The video will be composed of three parts. The first part will be made entirely with footage that I have already recorded in the past, so it won’t be very difficult or time-consuming to put that part of the video together. The second part will be a lot more complex, and there are very few videos on my channel that are like it, but I think it will be very fun to work on, and I’m looking forward to it a lot. The third part is the “core” of the video, and that’s where most of the work will be. I can tell you when I’ve gotten past the first part and the second part, and I can give you daily % updates on my progress through the third part, but really, that third part of the video is going to be a monster, and that’s really the only time when video progress reports are going to give you a meaningful idea of how finished the video is and how many days remain until the update is released.
  6. There is something I’m not telling you about this video, and once it is finally revealed, you will fully understand why it took so long.

We’re closing in on the point in time when I’ll be able to make a more accurate guess about the exact release date of the 10 Rivals Update. I’ll let you know when we hit that point!

58 thoughts on “Teaser Image #30

      • No. I think that’s for Kizana. He confirmed that there will be 10 rivals over the course of 10 weeks, one of them isn’t the leader of the Music Club, we saw what she looks like and she isn’t one of the rivals. But maybe the Music Club is helping the Drama Club for the show they’ve been rehearsing, most likely this stage show takes place during Kizana’s week, I dunno.

  1. Maybe one of the rivals will have something to do with the music club?👀
    Also, since Yandere Dev is working on the video, it means that the update itself is finished! Yay
    Yan Dev didn’t start posting shilouttes of the rivals, so the update will be finished in more than 11 days.
    I believe Yan Dev said once that one minute of a video takes around one hour (I might be wrong though)
    The video is over 30 minutes long. That could.mean around 30 hours
    Now I’m not good at math, so I’m just gonna assume that the game + video will.be released in 15th of October (or a bit earlier or later) lol
    I might be wrong though. Nobody is going to read this anyway

    • That’s not true, at the end of this blog update he said that this wasn’t about when the 10 Rivals Mode would release. That he would wait before giving a deadline on when that will be completed.

      We were told this period in development would come. Where it would be a long time between updates. We just need to be patient and understand that the person on the other side of the screen is working hard.

  2. Definitely the Music Club performing on stage! I wonder if one of the rivals will be part of the Music Club?? So you’ll have an opportunity to drop something and crush the rival or sabotage their concert in some way?

  3. Now this might be dull by Yandere standards, but I think you can murder someone on the music sets in one of 3 ways:
    1.) Going all Vlad the Impaler on a student with that mike stand. For added flair, maybe you kill a student before they present in the music festival or something and as the curtains rise and the stage lights turn on the crowd sees their body skewered on like a lollipop the friction of meat and bone that once housed a soul suspending it up high for all to see in one last gruesome performance

    2.) My second guess would be the same setting but as the band performs the backdrop is brought up and silences the crowd. As the band wonders what’s going on they look behind them and find that a fellow student has been gutted and crucified to their prop with words written written in blood above their head (I’ll let you pick what those words are)

    3.) The band peforms but in the middle of their performance, something drops from the stage scaffolding above them but stops before hitting the ground.

    Those are my simple guesses so I can’t wait to see what creative way you’ve implemented Yandere dev.

    Oh and the longest video ever? Now that’s adding fuel to the hype fire. Not as much as the Rival video back in the day but still pretty damn hype.

    You can do it Yandere Dev! We believe in you!

  4. I am looking forward to the video, but finish whenever you feel like it should be finished, not before. You’re important too Yandere Dev! Take care of yourself! 🤗

  5. I have a little theory! Maybe the drama club will have something to do with the music club.. idk we’ll just have to find out soon! Btw I am rlly excited for this!!! :]

  6. WOW I’m so excited!! btw this looks a lot like the music club will be playing on the stage inside the gym, which makes a lot of sense. about the way to kill someone, I’ve always wondered if there is going to be a way to put this bridge above the stage to some good use, by dropping something from above maybe 🙂

  7. This could be before the music club in the original story line. There are tons of light music stuff inside the school (including the cello case and piano). Maybe this is when they were starting to transform the light music club into the one we have today. Probably years before present day yandere simulator

  8. I’m incredibly proud of you yan-dev, I’m not even that big of a fan of the game but, this is incredible, I’m so excited for you, I’m not really mad that its taking a while, because, you’re one person and its not the easiest to make a video game with minimal supplies. Good job dude, im so proud

  9. “You may also be interested in learning that it’s possible for someone to die here…but I won’t tell you how! You’ll have to figure it out for yourself!” Tying gravel inside of a swimsuit and bludgeoning them, of course.

  10. i wonder if during a performance of the light music club someone’s gonna be lowered from a platform onto the stage (maybe the main singer idk) and the protag can stand on that random bridge above the stage and just push em off before they’re lowered. maybe its a bit much for a school but whatever, some schools do that for plays-

  11. yan dev. have you ever thought about doing devlogs where you make us sell a little more detail how you do the updates to the game (I asked this because I see a lot of indie games doing devlogs) good job!

  12. I noticed that everyone thinks that the Music Club will be on stage, but . . . . that doesn’t make sense to me.
    If they’re on stage, then . . . . why are the curtains behind them? What’s that . . . . thing behind them(I think someone called it the backdrop?)?
    On that note, I’d love to be able to brutally murder the LIGHT Music Club with their own instruments in various ways(sticking the drumsticks through the drummer’s ears, skewering the lead singer with the mic stand, using the guitar as a very twisted ax{those points look sharp, okay?!], strangling the electric keyboardist with the cords), but I doubt the Music Club we’ll be ruining will have the same instruments as Miyuji’s music club.
    (I don’t think I spelled her name right, oh well . . . . ‘s not like anyone reads these really long theories anyway XD)

  13. i feel bad for nemesis she has probably one of the oldest hair models still in the game i feel also im really exited for all the new rivals!

  14. Maybe it’s like music for the Kizana play? And I’m really excited for when all the rivals are implemented I have had really fun with Osana. And I’m happy how well Osana came out since I’ve been waiting 3+ years!

  15. wait what if the new music club room has drum sticks that we can use and we can you them to kill?And the other things too.

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