Teaser #28

Today won’t be a blurry screenshot or a silhouette – it’ll be a music track!

This is a track that will play at a crucial moment in the story of 10 Rivals Mode. I wonder if you can guess the exact moment that we’ll hear this track…

82 thoughts on “Teaser #28

  1. YANDEREDEV!! YandereDev!!

    On 23 Sep 2021 3:01 pm, “Yandere Simulator Development Blog” wrote:

    YandereDev posted: ” Today won’t be a blurry screenshot or a silhouette – it’ll be a music track! https://files.catbox.moe/bzo8py.mp3 This is a track that will play at a crucial moment in the story of 10 Rivals Mode. I wonder if you can guess the exact moment that we”

  2. Slunds like a revelation song. Maiby if finally this is 1980s could be the moment the detective discovers the identity of the killer or maiby when Ryoba is confessing to her Sempai that she killed people for win his heart while is tied to a chair. Or even be the music of a villain showing his true plans? Whatever… This song sounds amazing!!!

  3. Other idea could be a cinematic that shows how you killed every rival at the end. This is because is like 10 “danngs” and every time is getting more and more creppier.

    • uuuu I really like this one. I think that this will be one of the crucial parts of the game. my theory is that info chan actually also likes senpai and that she is just using yan chan as a tool to get rid of all rivals. and I have a lot of reasons why like for example in the beginning she said that she wants to see osana suffer, but if you do the matchmaking method she will still be pleased. so yeah, I think that this track is related to info chan.

      • It was actually confirmed that this was originally planned, but that idea was scrapped for an unknown reason (YandereDev said that revealing why it was scrapped would be a spoiler).

  4. dang…I think its to do with Megami..like the cutscene of us first seeing her like how we see the amai cutscene at the end of eliminating Osana. Fun to theorise tbh. Istg when the rivals come out I am making a tier list on who is my favourite.

  5. the song is atmospheric and echoey, something akin to the sound in persona 5 when you’re in the velvet room. maybe during some sort of contemplation or courtroom sort of scene? gives the visual of someone walking through an abyss. either way can’t wait!

  6. The music is so relaxing. I think this could be the music for protagonist’s confession to her Senpai. The music also reminds me a bit the movie Twilight so that could be the revelation of the Yandere face of the protagonist..

  7. Emmm…..you’re in the Yakuza’s stronghold or talking to them?

    I’m not sure. The hype has gotten to my head and when I’m not depressed about life I’m high on the few things like this that bring me happiness so I can’t think clearly

  8. Oh my… You just keep impressing us!
    The song is very atmospheric and gives me some inspiration to write again. Honestly, it reminds me of Ace Attorney for some reason but whatever it is..I’m very interested. You definitely know how to capture og players 😉

  9. I think this soundtrack is about if you’re busted or game over? or it can be the soundtracks while doing stealth missions, that’s my guess. I am really excited for this new update, I can’t wait to play it.

  10. it could be the “snap” ending if your walking around trying to find a knife, it could also be a possible “befriend or betrayal” elimination when your trying to make a choice.

  11. Sounds more tragic than terrifying. I guess violins have just become associated with sad songs. Though, there are some bass notes in the background (Not sure if it’s supposed to be low keys on a piano or perhaps a tuba) that kind of sound like plodding footsteps. Probably a moment in the game where things have gone bad for someone, but they’re about to get even worse.

  12. sounds creepy… maybe a stealth mission or idk, or it could be related to saikou and the headmaster? i recall him mentioning “bloodshed” in his school

  13. Sounds like a serious and decisive moment. I would guess it’s something related to protagonist-chan explaining her acts, like if the police discovered some proofs to incriminate her and sent her to judgement, where you can do a trial minigame (similar to the counselor one) and this is the song playing in the background.

      • Is it maybe that the link is a temporary membership link? Really sorry about bothering you it´s just a bit annoying I wish discord didnt have so many issues! Thank you for answering nonetheless I´ll try to google some answers too!

      • PD; Issue gets solved if you join INSIDE discord by searching the sever in ¨explore public servers¨ within the app.

  14. Hello yandere dev I am so excited that you are working on the 10 rivals but I am concerned about the bugs and glitches in the game and I know you fixed all of them but are you working on this project alone if so please work with a team because if you do it alone your project won’t come out as you expect it is important to have player feedback too but it is also important to have a team help you with the bugs and glitches you can’t find or help with the extra builds but none the less I look forward to playing the new build

  15. It should be a new ( this heartbroken scenes or arrested you know right?) scene! like….Megami exposed you or…..a stealth mission…

  16. Hmm, it sounds dramatic. Maybe an ending or going through all the rivals eliminated? This definitely sounds like a very important moment based upon the music.

  17. It is a pity that there will be no old rivals.. But still, I will share my opinion about the track, I do not think that this track will play when the body of a student who was killed by a rival was found. After all, the music is too calm, I think that this music will play when the opponent confesses to senpai, when you annoy the opponent so that senpai rejects the opponent.

  18. Maybe this is the bad end confession music? It started off somewhat nice but proceeded to darken. I can imagine the protag confessing to Senpai and being rejected. Why? Because YanDev once said that the way a player eliminates the rivals will have consequences. Maybe Senpai rejected the protag because he doesn’t feel too safe getting in a relationship as all the girls he had feelings for died in horrible ways. He’s scared that the same might happen to the protag and maybe this time the killer may get him as well. Then the protag reveals that she was the one who killed al those girls and proceeds with ‘If I can’t have you, no one can.’ and just stabs the guy.

  19. if this would be the 80’s mode, it would much more difficult. a) you can’t access the roof, b) no phone, only a notebook, c) the school didn’t allow any makeup and stuff then so everyone would look plain and boring and hard to recognize

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