83 thoughts on “Teaser Image #27

      • I agree with Mathilde here. Where was it confirmed? Did YanDev confirm it? I mean I doubt it because it’s all a surprise so he can’t confirm anything. Could you link the evidence behind your claim?

      • It’s confirmed the protag isn’t Ayano, however it’s never confirmed that it isn’t connected to Ayano or Ryoba in some way.

      • I think it has been though, ayano is not in this and it honestly cannot be 1980s mode due to the fact it will create a paradox in the lore. This ain’t fnaf

      • That confirmed it actually is not 1980s mode as it has nothing to actually actually with yandere chan or the main yandere sim

      • Yandere Dev doesn’t confirm that, but I agree with you. I don’t think it’s the 1980 mode since that would give spoilers for the game’s main story, I doubt it.

      • I looked through Teaser 7, but I can’t see anything that would indicate that YandereDev debunked this being the 1980’s mode. The closest thing I could find is him saying “the protagonist won’t be called Yandere-chan”, but to me, that just means that it’s not Ayano. Also, how would playing 1980’s mode create a time paradox? YandereDev has said for a while that he wanted to add 1980’s mode, so clearly he doesn’t believe that adding a mode like that would ruin the story.

        I do agree that a 1980’s mode could contain spoilers for the actual game, but I don’t think it necessarily would have to. I dunno, I just don’t see how the 10 Rivals game would work if it isn’t 1980’s mode; YandereDev probably didn’t create an entirely new school model for this, and I believe according to lore, Ryoba was the first Aishi to go to Academi. And it can’t be Ayano’s daughter, because I think that would risk even more spoilers than playing as Ryoba.

      • Playing as ryoba does create paradoxes as what if she doesn’t kill anyone? That throws a lot of lore out the window. What if we got a genocide ending, she could not have got away with that.

      • Regardless of whether you as a player kill anyone, it was established that 1980’s mode would take place after Ryoba already killed the girl who became the bathroom ghost. And we don’t know if the Genocide Ending would even exist in 1980’s mode or if it would just lead to a game over. Besides, YandereDev already said that in a hypothetical 1980’s mode, all Ryoba’s rivals would have “canon” eliminations, and by doing all the canon eliminations, you would unlock a special ending.

      • It’s definitely Ryoba. Besides, prequel games with more than one ending always have the one true ending, so that might be the canon one? Maybe other endings will have lore, easter eggs, or personality reveals!

  1. Also yandere dev..? How done is the video, you said you say how far into it each update.. I think. But you haven’t? Maybe I’m hallucinating

    • Well, anyone can fall in love with senpai. But yeah, Dev said male rivals, along with fem senpai, would just be a stretch project in case the crowdfunding gain success, so no, not this update.

      • I love the male rivals. I hope we actually get to have them in the full game. I also really want to have the choice for a female senpie. It would make my gay heart happy

  2. I’m going to say male delinquent hair, maybe before they became the delinquents, or just male student hair in general.

    The blonde long hair reminds me of Yuuchirou from Princess Princess

  3. Hmmmm… this is a different storyline right? What if all the new characters are gender swapped from their original storyline counterpart? For example, the student council members are all female, but the new student council would be these 4.

  4. Don’t be intimidated Squidward. Try to imagine them with just their hair
    *removes almost every other human trait*
    Oh no they’re still HOOOOOOOT!

  5. I think it’s related to the delinquents of the 80’s or it can also be related to the ryoba aishi delinquents, or it can’t be related to the ryoba aishi delinquents or to the ayano aishi, or it can also be related to the new rivals with the new yandere-chan.

  6. They may be those of the Student Council, but I doubt it very much… Or it could be the criminals, but I still doubt it.

    God! I already want to see the update.

  7. i rlly think its the student councill like everyone else is saying lol
    all the hair colours and poses match the current student councils looks and personality
    i cant wait :3

  8. Dunno If It’s Just Me But I Think This Was Was Unblurred Before..Anyways, Excited And Hyped As Hell For This Update.

  9. The last three remind me of the hairstyles some delinquents had before becoming the delinquents. Only the first one doesn’t match but the shape looks very similar to Umeji’s.

  10. im on the male rival train of thought.
    could also be the male student council.
    definitely male equivalents to already established female characters.

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