Teaser Image #12

Hi! Here’s the latest teaser image!

This is another environment scene. It’s probably obvious what type of environment it is…but what will happen here? Fight? Cutscene? Shopping? Enjoy speculating!

59 thoughts on “Teaser Image #12

  1. Holy Cow,Batman!! Even if it’s a blurred image,this new environment is insanely beautiful! I hope I can throw bikes at students or something ^_^

  2. It’s obviously the street. From what I can see the view is from the first person, so it’s either the cutscene or… actually, all the propositions that were given by YanDev seem probable. But I think it’s cutscene, either way.

  3. Ooh, I am guessing all three. Don’t see why we can’t have a cutscene there at some point, also use it for shopping, or fight there at a different point if need be. Especially if any delinquents, rivals, or Yakuza are involved. Maybe a stealth mission to sabotage something? Who knows? It’s fun speculating.

  4. That is very cool! I’d assume it’s a town where you can buy stuff. I cannot wait to see the designs and textures of the environment.

  5. fight cutscenes do seem interesting butthe only thing that came to mind was an osoro cutscene. when you said fight, then again this is a new set of rivals? so a different yandere, set in a different timeline and different place?

  6. I haven’t been this hype since the Rivals TRailer was releasing.

    Oh and this is probably either the Yakuza ending since the Town is at night or Ryoba’s Night Time activities. I’ll let you decide what that means ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Hello YandereDev, I have a suggestion for a future update, my suggestion is that the Basu sisters have a reaction when they see their bodies, for example Sakyu when she sees Inkyu’s body she will have a reaction like Osana and Raibaru, also the other way around If Inkyu sees the Sakyu’s body, will also have a reaction (sorry for my bad English)

  8. Hello YandereDev! I have a question! What is the calligraphy room for? I’m just curious! Btw i play this game since 2018 and i still love it!

    • The video and update *will* release at the same time, but the release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. In other words, we don’t know when the update will come out, but we know that we’ll get an update on Sep. 15th.

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