Teaser Image #11

Hello! Here is today’s teaser image!

This is one of the new environments that will be featured in the next update. But, what will the player do here? Will it be the scene of gameplay, or a cutscene? A new befriend/betray stealth mission? A place where beat-em-up gameplay will take place? Is that blue stuff water, or a blue carpet?

I hope that you’ll have fun speculating, and look forward to finding out what the answers are!

60 thoughts on “Teaser Image #11

    • well, It is possible, but only if the new mode it’s not the 1980 one, since school was very severe back then and the students themselfes say clearly that the occult club started recentilly

    • most likely, since it follows a different yandere girl. It’s practically the same world/universe/story but different timeline cause all the rivals are different

  1. It looks a bit like a courtroom or some very special conference room. If its a courtroom then maybe a cutscene will take place here if the player eliminates a rival by getting her arrested.

    • I may agree with you here. But also court room speculates, 1980s mode. Because of how Ryoba, went to court because of the detective but fooled everyone. Or I could be thinking this too hard and it is just for a rival or something.

    • I’m with you there; I can see people sitting in benches to the side. So yeah, perhaps a part of a new opening sequence for the game if this is 1989 mode, or a new gameover sequence

  2. Hey dev, are the debug commands going to be functional with the other rivals or do you have to play it once then be able to access the debug cheats?

  3. For some reason my brain said court room, though I don’t know why. Another option could be a meeting room. Otherwise I have no idea. Either way I am excited to see where this leads.

  4. The conference room my old college had had a very similar shape. Seats/tables lined like that, what looks like a step down each table row, what looks like a podium on a stage at the lowest portion of the room with a few other deks near the podium. The walls though are a little sus how they cut off in color about halfway up, almost like an old dollhouse that lacks the roof.

  5. Io penso che sia una stanza di tribunale… Magari è per uno dei finali se vieni arrestato? O forse se fai arrestare le rivali?

  6. maybe it’s a court room, and maybe we will have to dispose some evidence… owowow!!! i’m so curious what it could be…

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