Teaser Image #10

Hey, I like that camera-just-beneath-someone’s-eyes aesthetic! It’s a cool look! So, I’ll do it again!

Here is some more artwork created for the 10 Rivals Update, but only 10% of the full image:

Who’s she? The hair definitely reminds me of someone. Or was it two someones? Or was it…three? Somehow, I get a headache when trying to remember the third one…

90 thoughts on “Teaser Image #10

  1. I think it’s either Megami’s Aunt’s sister. Or Megami’s mother or maybe Fun Girl. YanDev here says that there is a third someone that is hard to remember which is the person in the photo. Megami’s Aunt can be easily remembered. But Fun Girl is more obscure but so is the other two at the top.

    • Fun girl was Megami’s mother’s sister in an alternate timeline. Fun girl’s father or rather Megami’s grandfather shattered Fungirl (back whe she was a teen) across space and time because she was getting in the way of his success. It was a sort of Time traveling device and she was the first human to be tested with it. The two are actually twins. She somehow thinks she has a twin (in THIS timeline) and thinks she hears her and left her saikou status (Megami’s grandfather in the current timeline said if she leaves she is no longer his daughter) to search for her.

    • I agree it could be one of Megami’s family members, she also looks like women with the suitcase named ????? on the website, if you know how to unlock the front view of what she looks like. But I don’t think its Fun Girl cause she had pigtails.

  2. wait. megamis aunt believes she has a sister and the monochrome chick indicates that she has a sister and a father who invented super tech….O.M.G i better write this down

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