Teaser Image #9

Hello! As promised, today’s teaser image will not be blurred. It’s a really tall image, so I’ll be putting the full image behind a “Continue Reading” link…but here’s a preview:

Intrigued? Click “Continue Reading” to see the rest!

This is artwork that was created for the upcoming 10 Rivals Update! But…who is she? Is she an Aishi? The new protagonist? One of the rivals? Someone who will offer assistance to the player, similar to Info-chan? Is she connected to that menu that I showed off a few days ago? What role will she play in the game? Is that what the school uniform will look like in 10 Rivals Mode?

I know the answers, but I’m not telling you! Have fun speculating, though!

109 thoughts on “Teaser Image #9

  1. it’d be cool if she was like a quest character idk like info chan but u cant just order it through an app?
    if this is 1980’s mode ofc hah

  2. Hmmm, I don’t think she’s Ryoba. Maybe she’s one of the rivals, maybe distantly related with Oka or maybe she attends the same club. But she doesn’t look as timid and the generic Occult club member so I don’t know at this point. 😛

    • Don’t occult club members have shadows under their eyes and a thing around their neck? This girl seems to have neither, so I don’t see how that’d be related to Oka or be in the same club.

      • Well, she still could be related to Oka, though. She doesn’t need to be in her club to have any kind of relationship with her.

  3. but what if the protagonist girl is the daughter of Ayano’s aunt and the school in question is Megami’s aunt who has made a new life?

  4. Oh! I think I’m onto something here! This girls artwork clearly has a manga style as we’ve established. The existence of candles and matches on her uniform must mean that the manga she is from is to help the protagonist with a burning elimination !! HUZAH BIG BRAIN

  5. I have a theory, I think this girl is one of the victims, the ghost girl in the bathroom in the school. The only correlation is that she has candles on her skirt and the ghost has 2 lit flams coming out of each had.

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