Teaser Image #8


Although the 10 Rivals Update won’t feature many new animations and only a few of the characters will be voiced, a tremendous number of new models and illustrations were created for the upcoming update. Here are 11 posters that were created to decorate the school:

Each of these illustrations is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I’m so happy with all of them! I can’t wait until I can finally show them off in high resolution, because these illustrations really deserve to be shown in their full glory!

Hey, want to hear something interesting?

Tomorrow’s teaser image won’t be blurred.

…oh! There’s one more thing I’d like to mention. One of Yandere Simulator’s composers recently created a Spotify album containing all of the tracks he created for Yandere Sim! Check it out:

60 thoughts on “Teaser Image #8

  1. Is Osana going to be compatible with the revamped matchmaking system? Or is it only gonna be used in the 10 rivals mode

  2. The posters look cool even when blurred! I wonder if all the basement tapes are there yet. I love the story for yandere simulator more than anything.

    • In the 10 rivals update we aren’t ayano, we are another yandere that kills other rivals, so i doubt that we will know something of Ayano

    • Nell’aggiornamento dei 10 rivali non siamo ayano, siamo un altro yandere che uccide altri rivali, quindi dubito che sapremo qualcosa di Ayano

  3. ah.. i wanted to know more about the science club 🤔 i hear some theories that maybe that android that is there would be kind of implemented in the game as new “students” ah! eh you added new ways to kill for each rivals? oh i have so many questions!!!

  4. I think these are the posters for the new clubs in 1980s mode. The game has 10 official clubs plus the new one that we saw yesterday. So Eleven posters for 11 clubs.

    There’s also the unofficial gaming club but I don’t see how it could exist in the 80s. I doubt the school would have arcade machines installed.

  5. ¡Hola YandereDev!, es increible todo lo que estas creando en Yandere Simulator, pero tengo un par de preguntas. ¿El juego costara dinero?, ¿Alfin se podra poner un sempai mujer?, ¿Nos podremos unor al consejo estudiantil o las bullies?, ¿Porque zoy tan pobre UnU?, ¿porque el juego aveces se me traba y deja de funcionar y se cierra Yandere Simulator?, ¿El Juego Final va a ser muy pesado?. Muchas preguntas pero bueno, espero contestes YandereDev, bayyy

  6. I have two questions, all of the content that have been created, the elimination methods, the posters, the new mechanics, the systems, the mangas, everything… How much of this content will be in the final game and how much is exclusive for the new mode ? And talking about these… What is going to happen with this mode in the final game ? Is it going to be eliminated or is it going to remains as an alternativa mode ?

  7. i have a question abt the matchmaking manga. Will the main rivals mode (amai, kizana, oka etc) also have that or is it just for the 10 rivals mode

    • The manga that helps with matchmaking is the one that’s already in the game, it’s called “Cherry Touch” and you need the Fake ID in order to buy it. Every level of seduction you have adds one to the points multiplier in the matchmaking minigame.

      • ik but yandere dev’s adding a manga specifically for matchmaking whilst cherry touch is for seduction

    • I don’t think he’s adding one specifically for matchmaking since your seduction stat already gives you a bonus for matchmaking. I think he was just using something the current manga does as an example. I too thought he might’ve been referring to a new type of manga specifically for matchmaking at first, but it wouldn’t make sense to have a new manga that does the same thing as the existing manga but without the other seduction benefits.

      • “However, since the later rivals are really tough, the advantages granted by these manga become really useful once you reach the later weeks. For example, if you try to eliminate one of the later rivals using Matchmaking, you will REALLY want to have the benefits granted to you by romance manga, or else you’re going to have a tough time!” it’s not that hard to read

    • I can assure you, I read that part of the blog post many times over and spent a few hours reading through the wiki and watching videos about the topic to make sure I properly understood the function of the manga that is currently in the game. I don’t know why you’re being rude to me, I am trying my best to communicate what I’ve learned and explain why I believe Dev was referring to the Cherry Touch manga in that section you’ve quoted. I feel that it would be redundant for one of the new manga to have exactly the same function as an existing manga, but only giving bonuses to matchmaking. It is possible, but I believe it’s highly unlikely. I think Dev chose to write about the benefits of one of the existing manga to remind people of what they can be used for without spoiling what the new manga will do.

      • cherry touch isn’t just for matchmaking it’s for seduction (not romance) which is just boosting social interactions

  8. so this update will be based on a different protagonist who is not ayano? awe, i was really excited for that, but if its ayano’s mom, im okay with that! and i know it’ll be good

  9. Hey Dev, I really like your game so far, it’s been a while since I last followed your progress, but I’m getting back into it again, and I’m very excited for the 10 Rivals Update!

    I have a suggestion for your game that might make the game look prettier, have you ever heard of Cel Shading? I know you’ve played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild on Twitch stream, you like that game right? There’s also Genshin Impact, which is an Anime-Styled game, and those two look spectacular.

    These two games have a Cel Shaded style, and I believe the cartoony and colorful style of it would go very well with Yandere Simulator. Just imagine how cool gameplay and cutscenes would look with that style! If you know how to do something like that, adding Cel Shading would make the game look quite pretty in my opinion, if not outstanding.

    By the way, I’m not saying it doesn’t look pretty already, just making a suggestion haha.

  10. Good job Yandere Dev, but when will we be able to customize the way our protagonist looks when customizing our Senpai? That is what I hope will be in the game, just a suggestion, not trying to tell you that you have to…

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