Teaser Image #7 and “10 Rivals” Clarification

Hello! I’m here with a new teaser image! This time, it’s a screenshot of the new club that will be coming to the game in the next update:

What do you think the club will be? What do you think that big grey object in the middle of the room is? What do you think you’ll be able to do in this room? I’m interested in hearing your theories!

But, that isn’t the only thing I wanted to share with you today. There’s something important that I think I should clarify. It’ll require a lot of text, so I’ll put it underneath a “Continue Reading” link. Click “Continue Reading” to hear what I’ve got to say.

“10 Rivals Update” Clarification

On June 17th, the day that I began working on the 10 Rivals Update, I wrote a public post on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/future-plans-and-52607859 In this post, I clearly communicated the exact nature of the 10 Rivals Update. This is what I said:

“I’m going to implement a new gameplay mode. In this new mode, you don’t play as Yandere-chan; you play as a completely different protagonist. The star of this mode is a different yandere girl, who has her own 10 rivals to eliminate. The purpose of this mode is to allow people to playtest the experience of eliminating 10 rivals across 10 weeks, so I can gather feedback and criticism.”

(The Patreon post goes into thorough detail, so if you want to gain a deeper understanding, you should really just read the whole Patreon post.)

I decided to keep most of the details of the mode a secret so that it would be a big surprise when it was finally revealed. That is the reason why I often used very vague wording in my progress reports.

When I recently stated that I had “finished the 10th rival,” I was talking about the 10th rival of this new gameplay mode. I was announcing the completion of the new gameplay mode, not the completion of the entire game. (This context is missing from a screenshot that has been getting a lot of attention on Twitter.)

When I first announced Yandere Simulator in 2014, a lot of people got excited to play a game about killing 10 rivals. However, over the next 7 years, instead of focusing exclusively on implementing the rivals, I chose to expand other aspects of the game. This resulted in a lot of people becoming very disappointed in me.

In many ways, the upcoming 10 Rivals Mode is intended to be the Yandere Simulator that you expected when you first heard about the game. Not an amusement park that is constantly updated with new activities; a complete experience with a beginning, a middle, and an end. You start a new game, you do the tutorial, you eliminate 10 rivals over 10 weeks, you watch the ending cutscene, you see the credits roll. It is very elaborate, with a lot of new characters, new environments, and new features. The main character is not named “Yandere-chan”, and the rivals that you will eliminate are not the ones I announced in 2016, but in every other way, it is what you wanted me to deliver when you first got hyped about the game.

Once the 10 Rivals Update has been released, Yandere Simulator will finally offer a “complete” experience; an experience where you kill 10 girls over 10 weeks, and bring a story from its beginning to its conclusion. You will be able to “complete a playthrough of Yandere Simulator” and “play Yandere Simulator from beginning to end.” However, this doesn’t mean that Yandere Simulator will officially be “finished” as soon as the update is released. The game will not qualify as being “done” until I’ve implemented the 10 rivals that I announced in 2016.

By the way! All of the work I did for the 10 Rivals Update is work that needed to be done eventually, anyway. For example, creating a system that allows the player to transition from week to week. Creating a system that changes the characters and circumstances at school depending on what week it is. Et cetera. This is all work that needed to get done, anyway, regardless of whether or not I was creating a side-story where a new yandere girl kills 10 new rivals.

At the end of my most recent video, I described some of the reasons why a lot of people have lost faith in me. I know that I will have to do a lot of work to get that faith back. I had to start somewhere, and so I chose to start by giving people the Yandere Simulator they expected and wanted when they first heard about the game. That’s what 10 Rivals Mode is.

There is a lot more that I could say, but it would spoil the big surprise. The only other thing I’m willing to say at this point in time is this: Once 10 Rivals Mode is released, you’ll never hear me call it “10 Rivals Mode” again, because that’s not what it’s going to be called within the game.

I hope that this post has cleared a lot of things up for you! And remember: When you see a random screenshot on Twitter/Reddit/YouTube, you are never getting the full story. Get your information firsthand, instead of just believing whatever you hear online.

125 thoughts on “Teaser Image #7 and “10 Rivals” Clarification

  1. Ngl I thought it was the full game. But jm actually happy ita not. It would been too fast and I was worried about the quality and all that jazz. So I really happy this is just another game mode.

    I’m excited to try the game out ♡♡♡

  2. I’ve got to say, this is the first time I’ve been disappointed in a blog post. Just to clarify: Are you saying we will have to subscribe to your patrion to access the newest update? Will Osana-The Student Council Leader be in the game?

  3. Ok this has confused me, i was really hyped about having 10 rivals against Ayano Aishi, so does that mean Ayano only gets Osana while another game mode with a different character gets 9 others? Even with this clarification, it actually threw me off. What’s Ayano’s future like? Because with this post, you mention a different protagonist getting this update.

  4. Will these new 10 rivals be fleshed out characters with unique designs? Or do you plan on keeping these characters bare bones and basic?

  5. I am honestly relieved that the 10 rivals update is not for the “main” characters. Yandere dev currently has access to no new animations, resources, models whatsoever, and I would rather he leave the “actual” rivals to the time when he is fully equipped with assets he needs. I think this way, Amai, Kizana… they could be completed in a more put-together way, which would in terms be a better advertisement for the finished game. No matter what the internet may say, I believe this is for the better of yandere simulator.

  6. I’m pretty sure the new club is a workshop club, it might be possible you could make new supplies in there like weapons or gain access to tarps and stuff like that, the thing in the middle might be a giant saw that you can use for an elimination method or disposal method possibly.

  7. I don’t think you really needed to bother with this clarification. If people are stupid enough to believe random bits of “news” on Twitter, let them be disappointed.

  8. Wait what? Idk I didn’t get it, so there aren’t Osana, Amai, Kizana,… as the rivals, there are another ones? Idk why, but i feel a little dissapointed… But if I got it wrong please someone tell me!

  9. YanDev why didn’t you add Amai-to-Megami rivals and added some another ones? Sorry I’m my english isn’t very good, so I think I didn’t quite get that text right. But thanks for your hard work.

    • The official rivals he will add will have voice lines and animations. He needs money to pay people in order to get those animations and voice lines (and maybe to hire a programmer to develop the game)
      He also had in mind to add the 1980’s mode at some point, so he decided that it would be the best if, before starting a crowdfunding campaign, he should show his ability of adding 10 rivals, even if those are not the ones promised in 2016
      He’s never said that he will add the 1980’s mode, but there are a lot of theories that prove this is happening!

      In short: we get different rivals so that the main rivals will be better!

  10. Yandere dev! Yandere dev!
    Im a big fan! You are amazing, you have improved a lot!
    When the full game comes out, I hope many people buy it!
    They have to appreciate your work, because the game is great!
    The story, the characters, everything is amazing!

    I think it could be a club to create wooden things, the benefit to the player could be that we build something sharp and attack people with that!

  11. Maybe it has something to do with maintenance, but instead of having one adult do it, they “employ” some kids in the school and teach them other useful skills.

  12. Okay I have a theory. I think that this new 10 rivals mode is actually 1980s mode and the reason he doesn’t want to tell us it’s real name or the protagonist name just because the protagonist is Ryoba Aishi. The bedroom teaser looks like something a teen would have had in the 1980s. I think the 10 Rivals are going to be similar in concept to the original 10. For example I think the 10th rival will still be the student council president and maybe a member of the Saikou family. And the other students that aren’t rivals who go to the school will just use remixed assets Hairs, Stockings, Etc. And I think that menu teaser is for the Yakuza service because he previously said that it could be locked in 1980s mode. And it looks like a store/shop and you buy stuff from the Yakuza.

  13. WAIT A SEC- COULD THIS NEW PROTAGONIST BE RYOBA? Also, I think Ryoba is actually from the Saikous looking at the Aishi-Saikou conspiracy going on… Also, Ryoba’s last name before marriage is not revealed at all lol. Therefore, I can only theorise that Ryoba is a Saikou. It can also be something very different.

  14. Yandere Dev can it possible to complete Yandere simulator full game without learning anything in classroom because we’re can skip the class but not learn anything by press E

  15. Yandere dev so this is basicallty what you said;

    There is this new package to the game which includes;
    The “completed” game.
    A new timeline where the rivals and ayano are different
    A new club.
    Reworked features
    And, the ability to see the story in a different timeline Supposedly “non-canon” to the “canon” timeline plus give players a second option if they don’t like what’s in the “canon” timeline

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