Teaser Image #6

Hello! Here is today’s teaser image!

What is it? It’s a menu! What do you do in this menu? I can’t tell you; it’s a spoiler! The only thing I’ll say is that people have been asking for this feature for a long, long time! (This is actually the one feature I think people are going to be the most hyped about!)

Where was this screenshot taken? In Yandere-chan’s basement? In the town? At school? Sorry, I won’t tell you!

I actually had to remove a bunch of graphical details from this menu so that it wasn’t too easy to identify exactly what it’s about or what it’s used for. When you see it in the next update, it will look somewhat different. But, the layout and number of options will be the same.

What could each of those menu options represent? Do you buy things here? Do you sell things here? Haha! I can’t tell you! Have fun guessing, though!

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