July 15th Progress Report

Hello! I’m here to give you a report on how the 10 Rivals Update is coming along. But first, here’s a gorgeous illustration from the amazing j-popsicle!

Click “Continue reading” to learn about the progress that I’ve made lately!

First, I should mention that the 10 Rivals Update is going to involve lot more than just the rivals; the next build will add a tremendous amount of new content to the game. There will be new elimination methods, new environments, new characters (who don’t attend school as students), and even a new club. Some of the content appearing in the next build is stuff that people have been requesting for years! I’m really excited to see how people react to it, because I think a lot of people will have their biggest wishes granted in the next build.

The next update is also going to involve changes to some of the game’s old systems / elimination methods to make things less scripted and more “fluid”. Some of the features that are coming in the next update are things I’ve been planning in secret for years. Some of it is actually old content that was removed from the game in the past, but is making a return. And some of it is stuff you’d never predict in a million years!

Exactly how much new content is in the next build? Well, the previous build of the game was 2770 megabytes, and the next build of the game is already 3314 megabytes – and I’m still not done adding things to it! This is going to be a really, really huge update – definitely the biggest one so far, by a wide margin.

I’m really proud of all the work I’ve done so far, and I desperately want to give you a list of all the changes and additions that I’ve made to the game recently…however, I want the nature of the 10 Rivals Update to be a surprise, so I have to be vague and hide the specifics.

If I was to write a “spoiler-free” list of all the changes that I made to the game over the past 2 weeks, it would look something like this:

  • Added 1 new Persona (in other words, there is now 1 more way for students to react to witnessing a murder).
  • Added 1 new environment for beat-em-up gameplay to take place in.
  • Added 1 new menu to the street scene, containing 3 sub-menus.
  • Added 8 new “bring from home to school” items.
  • Added 1 new club and clubroom to the school.
  • Added 12 new posters to the school hallways.
  • Added 1 new elimination method.
  • Added 1 new NPC at school.
  • Added 4 new music tracks.
  • Added 46 new voiced lines to the game. (Wait, what? Wasn’t this update supposed to involve 0 new voice lines? Yes, that was the original plan! But, in the end, I decided it would actually benefit from having some voice acting in a few places…)

That’s nowhere near the full list of everything that changed over the past 2 weeks, though. I also made changes to various rooms throughout the school, changes to the Headmaster, changes to the appearances and routines of all students in school, changes to the way that the photography feature works, changes to the police investigation code, and even changes to the end-of-day sequence. There is not a single aspect of the game that will not be changed or adjusted in some way in the next build.

Admittedly, some of the work I’ve done over the past month has been cosmetic in nature; making aesthetic changes to the game’s environments. It might sound boring to hear that I “updated 12 posters,” but when you learn the reason why the game needed those 12 new posters, I think you’re going to be pretty excited!

There’s also a bunch of other miscellaneous additions that don’t feel significant enough to put into a bullet-point list, but will definitely matter to certain fans. For example: the sound of Yandere-chan’s laughter was recorded in 2014, provided by a fan living in Brazil. Yandere-chan’s voice actress is Michaela Laws. This means that whenever Yandere-chan laughs, you’re not actually hearing her official voice actress! Michaela recorded some laughter for Yandere-chan, but I never actually put it in the game. In the next build, you will finally hear Michaela’s laughter!

There is a reason why all of these additions and changes were made to the game; it wasn’t because “this will be cool and get people excited!” but because these changes were actually necessary for implementing the upcoming rivals. Yes, even things like posters and laughter. You’ll understand what I mean once the nature of the update is revealed!

I feel guilty giving you a vague description of upcoming content, and not showing you any actual proof of my work. When I first started working on this update, I fully intended to periodically post teaser images, such as blurry screenshots and silhouettes of new characters and whatnot. However, everything I’ve added to the game recently is a spoiler, and even if you only saw a blurry screenshot, you’d still probably be able to figure out what it was, and the whole surprise would be ruined. So, I can’t actually show you proof of my work, even though I’m dying to do so.

It’s not a position I enjoy being in! I don’t like being in this state of “I totally swear I added (X) new things to the game, guys, trust me!” without being able to prove it. I could say “Added 69 new panties to the game” or “Added 420 new flowers to the school” and you’d just have to trust that what I’m saying is true. It’s a bad feeling. Over the past 7 years, I’ve constantly posted screenshots and videos of my progress, so going through a period of time where I can’t show you what I’m working on is an awkward, icky feeling.

With that in mind, I’m sure you have some questions: How much of the update is complete, and how much more time remains until it’s released? Let’s analyze that! Here are the facts:

  1. The 10 Rivals Update has two halves; there’s the 10 rivals, but then there’s also all of the new content that is accompanying them.
  2. All of the work I’ve done so far has been related to the new content, not the 10 rivals. I haven’t actually started on the rivals yet.
  3. Putting all of the new content into the game has gone way, way faster than expected! At this point in time, I’ve implemented about 90% of the new content that I want to include in the 10 Rivals Update.
  4. I predict that in about 2 or 3 days, I’ll be completely done putting new content into the game, and then I’ll move on to focusing exclusively on the rival girls.
  5. I anticipate that it will be fast and easy to put the rival girls into the game. After all, the framework is already there. I’ve already developed the tools that make it quick and simple to spawn a character, design their routine, give them events, etc. (That’s part of what I was working on for 7 years, you know!)
  6. I won’t be able to release the update immediately upon confirming that the girls are spawning properly. I’ll have to thoroughly test all the new features, and make sure that all elimination methods are working for all girls. It will be super tedious, but still quite necessary.
  7. After all of the new content and new rivals are in the game, and after all testing is complete, there will still be one final task I must complete before I can release the update: Creating the announcement video. The speed of video creation is somewhat unpredictable; sometimes it goes by in a flash, and sometimes it takes longer than expected. This is the most difficult phase to make predictions about.

Because it will take some time to test all the new content/rivals and make a video to announce this unprecedented update, I strongly doubt that the next build will be available anytime this month. I would really love to tell you when I predict the update will be released, but I’m still hesitant to announce any kind of release window, because I don’t want to get your hopes up and disappoint you if it winds up taking longer than expected. However, progress so far has been going by lightning fast, so I feel feel very optimistic!

At this point in time, that’s everything I have to say about my recent progress. I apologize that I can’t share the specifics with you, but I still think it’s going to be worth it in the end, for the sake of the big surprise.

Thank you for your patience, and as always, thank you very much for continuing to follow the development of Yandere Simulator!

248 thoughts on “July 15th Progress Report

  1. Hey YandereDev! I know you’ll probably be too busy, but do you have a clue to what type of rivals will be added (not a big clue just any clue) I wanna try to piece some of my theories together…

  2. I predict that the final version of the game (which WILL cost money.) Will in itself be most likely released around December of 2021, to January of 2022. This being as YanDev said, he already has the essential building blocks in place for what he needs to do, so unlike Osana where it’ll take a long time, he just has simple work to do, and if he doesn’t work himself to death via taking breaks every now and then, and working on the game when he has the time to. Then all should be good. Do note it’s a guess, so what I’m saying on an expected release date isn’t necessarily accurate for say. However do remember that the demo that we have now is the free version of the game, and if you wish to play the final version of the game, then you’ll have to cough up some money to play the game itself. Yet don’t worry, what I’m reading as of some of the newer content (Not all since they would be spoilers.) The game itself wouldn’t feel the same as it did a while back. This being as newer things came into existence, obviously the other rivals, and most likely a graphical change from the previous version. By this I don’t mean he’ll change how the entire game looks, yet some things in the game as placeholder models might still exist. Overall this is just a long message that has a guess, and explains things.

    • I made some errors, especially in the the working self to death region. Basically don’t work yourself to a breaking point YandereDev. Obviously take breaks, and you should be fine.

  3. 1) When will you add more props around the school to make it “lively”

    2)will this update be bigger than osana update ?

  4. ADD DHAR MANN or something that can turn people kind TO YANSIM 🥺🥺🥺🥺 the pupular girls and delinquent bully are rude and they need to be taught a lesson to be nice they keep pushing me 🥺🥺🥺

  5. I’m so excited for the final update, but its bittersweet. As much as I would love to play the finished masterpiece of what Yan Dev has created, I also really enjoy the excitement and fun of the consistent updates and new content. Always having something new to explore, and finding things to do with the characters and mechanics that result in hilarious bugs and ridiculous results will feel like part of the game. Its been about 7 years since the game started, and all of this has just become the “normal”. This is something I think I would miss a lot, but I understand completely where Yan Dev was coming from in his interview video, and I can accept whatever he chooses to do with the game. He’s given us so much to enjoy and be entertained by, I am just going to miss the way its been a little. I look forward to the final build though! You’ve put a lot of time and effort into Yandere Simulator, Yan Dev, so no matter what you choose to do we will all be greatful. Keep up the good work!

    • Aw…I understand the sentiment that you’re describing. It’s fun for me to periodically release updates, and it’s fun for others to watch something develop over time. It makes me happy to know that you’ve enjoyed watching the game grow over time!

      After the game is finished, there is a chance that new content will continue to be developed. Also, once Yandere Sim is finished, you’ll get to look forward to my next game. So, the excitement and fun of periodically receiving new content won’t necessarily end!

      • Ooo sounds exciting! I’ll definitely look forward to seeing more development from you. In 7 years Yandere Sim came such a long way, so I’m confident that the final release will be a fantastic one 🙂

  6. Yandere Dev, will there be Kizana in this big update? I waited her so long. She is one of my favorite rivals. Also thank you for your hard work ❤

  7. Seems promising, but I think it will still take a pretty long time to implement everything, yandev still has to make sure that things does make sence for the story. It’s not like he can just slap in a rival and all her elimination methods without the voicelines, story, and planning on her schedule. But I would also want to know if yandev has already planned on how everyone would go and act as well as their whole story. If not, I would expect the game to release late 2022 to early 2023 with all features implemented, and way more better graphics than before. It’s not just the fact he has already implemented some features, he still has to improve those features, even if it’s not important (specially the dance dance Revolution machine on the school, as I said, everyone would like if if everything did make sence)

  8. Ive been with this game since 2015, and honestly, its made so much progress. Im so excited..
    Also, do you have an exact like.. age rating ? what i mean is : 15+. 13+ , etc ? No pressure!
    Keep up the good work!! im really glad youve got this far!!

  9. hey, and kizana asu megami, etc, will be in the next update or not? also you haven’t posted any update yet, i just want to know how its everything going because im too excited for the update!!!

  10. What if Ayano chan could change her hair color in any color, not just blonde (I’d love to play with a red head Yan chan :3)

  11. Hi Yandere dev, can you please provide estimate on how much time will this update take? (Please reply, I am excited for the update!) Love from India !

  12. So are you pratically gonna finish the game by adding all these rivals at once.
    It may bug the game but since the game can spawn amai my doubts are dead. :I
    Like this is a big risk but I wonder how it’ll come out

  13. Hey YandereDev !

    In the FAQ, I read two questions to which you didn’t seem to have an answer (yet), and I have some suggestions about them :

    #1 Question : Are you really going to change Yandere Simulator’s name?
    Answer : I don’t like the game’s name and I want to change it, but it’s extremely difficult to know when would be the “right” time to re-brand the game.

    IMHO, a good way to change the name would be during the crowdfunding, where you could set a donation giving the right to suggest/vote for a new name.

    #2 Question : Will there be a non-lethal way to get rid of a teacher guarding a corpse?
    Answer : I haven’t been able to come up with a good idea for how the player could possibly get a teacher to leave a corpse.

    1. Start a fire nearby : so the teacher will have to reach an extinctor to put out the fire, and prevent the death of other students. I think you already have the assets for the extinctor and the flames so it could be easier to implement (I guess ?).
    2. Use a computer to record or download student scream noises and the radio to broadcast them nearby. To prevent the violent death of another student, and in hope to catch the murderer, a teacher would have to leave a body behind.
    3. Start a fire alarm : All the students and teachers would have to go out the building in an orderly fashion, leaving the corpse behind. The main problem with this one is the interruption of the routine of all NPCs.
    4. Push a tortured student to attack the teacher : Simple to set, it wouldn’t really make the teacher leave the body, but would force her to focus on something else than the body, giving Yan-chan a great opportunity to kill her.
    5. Push a tortured student to attack a student nearby the teacher : The teacher would have to stop the attacker to prevent another student to die. Depending on how far the student is from the teacher, it could push this last to leave the body.
    6. Use a pepper bomb/smoke bomb nearby : You said that Yan-chan could buy weapons that you don’t usually found in school while she’s in town. This kind of non-lethal weapons are easily found, and any adult can buy them for a few dollar and an identity card.
    7. Poison a student nearby : As you set the game to allow student poisonning only during lunch time, it could really be hard to use. But if you change your mind about poisonning someday, it could be an interesting alternative.

    I really hope that my suggestions will help you in a way or another. I know I should have used the reddit thread to post this, as indicated in the contact tab, but it didn’t seemed very active to me…

    Thank you for your great work,

    Augustus S.

  14. Hello. I was wondering if it will be possible to add the female senpai option soon or if you at least still consider it possible. All the best.

  15. Following this game since 2014, and wow. I genuinely cannot believe how far this game has come since then. We are all so proud of you Yandere Dev! 🙂

  16. hello yandere dev i have a question for you will you get the 8 basement tape becauce with only two yea we get a bit of yandere chans mothers backstory but not that much will you please make the other 8 tapes it would be so cool and im a pretty big fan of the game and when will the bluid with 10 riavel come will it be agian at the end of augest just like osana

  17. Hi Yandere dev. I would like to ask you if Kyoko Tatsuhara, the 6th member of student council will be added to the game, or if the new Npc at school is another student. Sorry for my bad English, but I m an Italian boy

      • Wait what? I don’t remember any mentions of a 6th Student Council member? Was that in a video? If yes, can you tell me which one? The Student Council is IMO the most interesting and I would love to know about Kiyoko

  18. I m so excited for the next update. I have followed the grown of this game since 2014. I feel happy for the features that every build you show us. I was wondering for something like 1980s mode or Kyoko Tatsuhara or the Yandere’s cousin. I love this game and you re a wonderful person with a lots of features. We love yandere simulator and we love you Yandere dev

  19. Hi Yan Dev! I was wondering since I saw lots of comments talking about it
    Will the next build cost money? Or is it a demonstration that you are able to implement 10 rivals in not too long?
    I mean, are the 10 rivals you’re working on Amai, Kizana, Oka and all the others? Or are they different characters?
    Keep up the good job! ^^

  20. I’m very excited for this update! But I have one question, would it be possible for a guy to fall for senpai? Or if senpai was just straight then yandere Chan wouldn’t have to do anything at all, and there would be no point in adding it

    • I would be willing to add a “male rivals” mode to the game, but it would require a lot of new models / voice acting, so it’s not something I can promise unless the crowdfunding campaign is very successful.

  21. Hi, YandereDev! first of all I want to tell you that I am fascinated by your game! I hear you will be charging money after adding Amai, is that true? It worries me, since at the moment I do not have my own money, although perhaps at that time I could already afford it, I do not know. What would the payments be like? How will you handle this? If it’s true…

    Sorry for my english, hugs!!! :3

  22. Hello. Now it seems that the last updates have already gone, that is, soon, apparently, the end… But is it possible that someday there will be a second part of this game, in which Ayano will already meet Taro Yamada? She will be jealous of him for everyone… That is, she will have to hide from Tarot and at the same time not behave suspiciously…
    In the part that we already know, Ayano and Taro communicate VERY little, but here, due to the fact that they are now a couple, they will spend MUCH MORE time together…
    And the goal would probably be “to make Yamada pay attention ONLY to Ayano… Probably to eliminate ANYONE he communicates with… ABSOLUTELY ANYONE.”
    And let’s remember HER… I don’t think Info-chan helped Ayano Aisha just like that… It will be interesting if Info-chan is blackmailing Aisha or if she becomes an additional rival who used Ayana to eliminate the others…

    Sorry for my terrible english. I’m from Russia.

  23. It’s my friends birthday on July 28th! It would make our day if you said happy birthday! (Their name is AJ btw)

  24. Hey yandere dev! Out of curiosity, do you have an estimate on how much you plan to charge once you the game costs money? my girlfriend and i have played this together for years and i want to be sure that i can pay for it once it has a cost so we can continue to do so. The progress this game has made is already astonishing and the fact that you still push to add more shows just how dedicated you are. its absolutely amazing.

    • Thank you for the kind words!

      While it’s still incomplete, I think I would only charge something like $5 for it. Once it’s complete, the price would go up, probably to somewhere around $20.

  25. Hello yandev! I don’t know if you will be taking your time to check this, but I wanted to say that I appreciate your work and look forward to the next update. Can’t wait to figure out and experience every future when it comes out!

    Have a great day, lots of love xx

  26. I read the page about YandereDev in the wiki fandom of Yandere Simulator. I feel angry right know, you have no idea how people talk shit and says stupid lies about him, things that doesn’t even have been prubed….seriously, when has YandereDev been violent with his fans ??? Only and idiot could beliebe stupid rumors like these… What about “In seven years he could only develop one rival” I wanna see what is people going to say when the ten rivals update come out. YandereDev please!!! Don’t let this idiots make you feel useless, you’re better than then and you’ve show it to us many times, the only opinnion you have to care is your real fans’s one, we’ll always suport you and will be by your side!!!👍💙

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