July 1st Progress Update

Hello! I’m here to give you a status report on my recent progress!

I spent the past two weeks working on various aspects of the upcoming “10 Rivals Update.” I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to make progress much faster than I initially expected! If I can keep up this pace, then I think that the update is going to be finished way sooner than I originally anticipated!

I want to keep most details of the update a secret until the whole thing is finished, so I won’t be mentioning very many specifics today. However, I will say that the 10 Rivals Update involves a lot more than just programming some new girls to spawn; the next build going to contain a whole bunch of new features, as well as a lot of changes to the game’s previously-existing mechanics.

I’m going to intentionally be very vague to avoid spoilers, but here is a list of some of the changes that were made to the game recently:

  • 1 new option has been added to the Title Screen.
  • 8 new options have been added to the Settings menu.
  • I have created a system for “simplified cutscenes” so that the between-rival story events don’t require 3D animations or voice acting.
  • There is now a proper tutorial that walks the player through the game’s controls and getting-away-with-murder mechanics.
  • 1 new option has been added to the pause screen menu.
  • There is now a bulletin board near the shoe locker area of the school. Something new appears on the bulletin board every day.
  • 1 new Student Task has been added to the game.
  • 1 new elimination method has been added to the game.
  • 23 new music tracks have been added to the game.

I’ve also made various changes to the Demo Checklist, the game’s credits sequence, the calendar screen, Yandere-chan’s home, the stores in the street, the gameplay HUD, the student portraits, the delinquents, the student council, the teachers, and the Guidance Counselor!

With so many changes, I think Yandere Simulator is going to feel like a completely different game in the next update! You might not even recognize it anymore! In many ways, it will finally be the game that many people hoped it was going to be back in 2014/2015.

I’m really proud of the work I’ve done, and I’m super eager to show it off to you! …but, it would be a lot more rewarding to unveil everything in a big dramatic reveal once it’s finished, rather than spoil the surprise anticlimactically in a blog post.

For the past 7 years, I’ve established a routine of making a post every 2 weeks to show you my latest progress, so that there is always a steady stream of cool news for you to get excited about. This is one of the rare occasions when I am sitting on a giant mountain of cool content to show off, but I am deliberately withholding everything in order to save it all for a big surprise. I’m really sorry that I can’t show off any super thrilling screenshots or video clips in today’s blog post…but, I want you to know that I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made so far, and development is moving along really smoothly! Please keep visiting this blog in the future, because I’ll continue to post updates on my progress right up until it’s time to release the 10 Rivals Update!

As always, thank you very, very much for continuing to follow the development of Yandere Simulator!

138 thoughts on “July 1st Progress Update

  1. Many people have suggested cool features like a diary of planification in yandere-chan’s bedroom (a placeholder for the schemes of Info-Chan), the ability of influence and get students scary using giggles and the possibility of making a student go change their clothes using a bucket with wather and the other liquid that is used to clean blood (I don’t remenber the name) You were agree with these ideas, but I want to know if they will be in the game at any moment…I think it’s important for the game to have placeholder mechanics for all of Info-Chan’s services…I also think there should be another way of splashing students with wather, the “fall to the ground and splash a student” mechanic wasn’t added to the game ’cause it created too many flaws, but what if yandere-chan we’re able to crash into students and accidentaly splash them with wather. You just need to take a bucket, fill it with wather, get enough closer to a student, use yandere vision and touch the fourth button (it doesn’t have any funcionality yet) Please, I want to know what do you think about this…

    • uh, students DO go change their clothes splashed with water or ‘bleach’. And that ‘accidentally splashing water’ feature wasn’t removed because of bugs, but it was because it was too OP and made the game so easy that it became boring.

      • Of course they do, but YandereDev added the brown paint feature ’cause it makes no sence that students go to take a shower if they’re only covered with wather. YandereDev wasn’t sure about this feature, so I’m saying that if the students are splashed with wather and bleach it’s logical for them to go to the locker and take a shower… About the other thing…In a video YandereDev said this mechanic created many flaws (in the video when Yandere-chan falls and splash Kokona, the wather splash Musume too…)

      • Nobody wants it to be a mediocre experience when it comes out, right? It will take longer but at least he is ensuring us the best possible experience.

    • Well, now you have to go to the art clubroom with the bucket of water and add brown paint, so it looks more…disgusting… than water. If you think about it, it makes sense because in my school, everyone sprays each other with water sprays and no one takes a shower after that. Your idea makes sense, but adding to that you could just run into them to splash them with water rather than using the 4th button in yandere vision. This would make it harder for the player to run around school with the water. Having a student seeing you splash someone would damage your reputation for being overall clumsy. Another idea is that when a student council member sees you running, they will move out of your way to prevent themselves from getting splashed and if they see you splashing someone else, they will tell the guidance counsellor and you will go to their office. Getting splashed, a student could go to the changing rooms and change into a new uniform, rather than showering. But dirty buckets and bleach buckets will cause them to use a shower and blood buckets will cause expulsion or a trip to the guidance counsellor.
      Those are my (very long) thoughts!

    • Ok… I’m sorry but if English isn’t ur first language, pls use google translate and copy the English version of what u want to say from there bc I can barely read what u said..

  2. I forgot it… Long time ago, even before the demo came out, I suggested the possibility that students could bring their bags to school and put them on the top of their lockers after changing their shoes. This could open more gameplay mechanics like getting a student in troubles with the guidance counsoler, getting them expelled from school, lowering their reputation and even one task for one of the bully girls, you said it wasn’t a high priority at that point in time, what about now ??

    • Isn’t highest priority right now the 10 rivals? Aren’t you excited for them to arrive at school?

  3. Will there be more ways for the player to figure out what to do without the help of info chan? Like maybe the player has the option to think to themself where Ayano gives them a hint. Like when trying to frame for murder she can think to herself. I wonder what I can use that box for? When she’s near it. Happy late birthday btw!

  4. Can you tell me if this update from ten rivals means there will be no crowdfunding campaign or something like that? Will YandereDev simply release the game at once, or is all of this a Demo “update”, shall we say?

  5. Yandere Dev, I have a feeling I am on to something here! Mr. Saikou (Megami’s dad) has a deal with the headmaster! The Headmaster, Mr. Saikou and Megami know Ayano’s mom! Thats why Megami was gone for 9 weeks and her so called “family bussiness” And also in the game there are also some ships or boats in the sea in the town/ city where I think Mr. Saikou is in! I dont know but I have a feeling it has to do something with Megami’s week and the final game…

      • I have an idea yandere dev sounds weird but it would give a good experience in the game it would be like every time you kill a rival you keep something that identifies her, osana her cat keychain, amai’s baker’s hat, kizana’s rose, the oka’s club charm, asu’s glasses … among others, but this would make the game that yandere even if it is bad and only loves senpai remember the rivals for a while, (these things could be snatched from the rival when they are annihilated , disappeared, or if their events are even ruined and senpai rejects them. Another good idea would be that there were special cinematics for example when throwing a rival to an incenerator a cinematic where the same is thrown on the roof thanks for reading I have many more ideas for the game but if you like them, you could ask me for more … ❤

  6. hey dev open my channel named I don’t have a name and it have among us picture and it have 4 among us videos open it i upload a glitch happen to me in yandere simulator can you see it pls and read desc

  7. To ansioso para o lançamento oficial desse jogo, ta progredindo muito deis de quando comecei a jogar, o jogo basicamente já se tornou outro! ❤

  8. great job!! Im so excited to see what you’ve work on!! Be sure to rest and take care of yourself!

    • I’m sorry that I still can’t provide a release date. I don’t want to give a date, then make people angry if I miss that date. So, I’d prefer to give no date until I’m 100% certain about it.

      However, the 10 rivals task is what I’m currently working on.

  9. Вау, жду с нетерпением. Я думаю что обучение – это то, что вы планировали уже давно. Тот самый момент когда Аяно помогает Коконе с репетицией сценки убийства.

  10. Hey YanderDev, when you said that you will change the delinquents, the student council, the teachers, and the Guidance Counselor, do you mean that you will change there whole character or just some mini details?

  11. Small thing but, can you implement a sound for when you walk on grass? It’s strange that the floor sounds the same all throughout the environment.

  12. I don’t know if you can answer this but will all rivals be in school at the same time or are we sticking to the original plan where there’s a new rival each week. You probably can’t answer it but I’m just confused.

  13. I’m not sure if you said anything about this but will you consider making a Trello checklist for this just as you did for Osana? I remember having it bookmarked and being so excited any time anything was crossed off, but I totally understand if you think it might be too much to handle at once!

  14. yandere dev but the final game will cost because I can’t pay for it and I like it from 1 to 10 I like it infinite

  15. imagine how funny of a coincidence it would be if the 10 rivals update was released on the same day the demo was last year lol

    Although seeing this now it’s probably gonna come sooner than that. Keep it up!

  16. hi hi yandere dev! i love the game and i always play it, i love trying to do everything on the demo checklist but i see that you said you will post an update in 2 weeks from july 1st. its currently july 14th, and you havent posted an updqate): i hope you actually meant 2 weeks and not 4 ):

  17. We are so proud of you !! thank you for all the time you dedicate to your work and to the entertainment of some people, this game is and will be always be part of my childhood and i will always follow the development of Yandere Simulator, hope you have a nice day ❤

  18. I want it to know if Yandere kun is gonna have an update, i mean Yandere kun should have his own voice not Ayanos. In this one horror game where u are Senpai and u are running from Ayano or Ayato (Yandere kun), Yandere kun has a voice actor there and its pretty good. So i want it to ask if Yandere kun is gonna have his own voice in yandere simulator. Sorry if my english is bad.

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