June 1st Big Update

Got a big update for you today, with a long backstory behind it! This is going to be a pretty long post, so I’ll put most of it behind a “Continue Reading” link.

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For a long time – probably since 2014 – I’ve had a text file sitting on my desktop with a big checklist of incomplete tasks and missing features that needed to go into the game before it could be considered complete. A lot of these tasks and features were long overdue, but I decided not to begin working on that checklist until after Osana was complete.

After I released Osana, I wanted to collect players’ feedback and improve the demo. After improving the demo, I wanted to make a bunch of videos about all of the ways that the demo had changed. After that, I wanted to fix some more of the game’s flaws. After that, I wanted to make improvements to Raibaru. And after that, I wanted to make a video talking in depth about the game’s history, and my personal game design philosophy.

It was just one thing after another! It felt like I was never going to find a good opportunity to finally turn my attention to that big text file that had been waiting patiently on my desktop for years…but, at long last, the time has come! The past couple of weeks were all about making a series of long-overdue changes and additions to the game. Basically, wrapping up every last loose end before I finally turn my attention to putting 10 rivals in the game!

You might have noticed that, at some point in time, I put the words “REVISION B” on the title screen. That was to mark the moment that I considered the demo to have made a significant step forward, like moving from “A” to “B”. As of this build, I feel that the demo has changed enough to have taken another step forward, so I’ve updated the title screen to say “REVISION C”!

However, it’s worth mentioning that one of the additions I’ve made to the game in this build is probably going to be completely unexpected. Depending on how you feel about it, you might say, “Huh? What? Why did he add this to the game? Did the game really need to have this? Didn’t he say a long time ago that he wasn’t going to put this feature in the game? What was he thinking?!” So, I’ll take a moment to provide an explanation…

In 2016, I implemented the Befriend/Betray elimination method into Yandere Sim. However, it was mostly just a bunch of cutscenes, with very little actual gameplay. To make the method more interactive, I proposed a new idea: Sometimes, helping a rival might involve beating up a bunch of people for her. This would require adding a beat-em-up combat system to the game.

When I initially suggested this idea, the proposal was met with a very negative reaction. A lot of people thought that the idea of a schoolgirl beating up a bunch of grown men was just way too outlandish. After seeing so much negative feedback, I announced that I would abandon the idea of putting a beat-em-up combat system into the game.

In a video that I released in December of 2020, I mentioned the rejected beat-em-up proposal, and I actually saw a lot of enthusiasm for the idea in the comments! Many people seemed to think that it sounded like a very cool idea! To be honest, ever since 2016, I’ve never been able to stop thinking about the concept, or coming up with potential reasons for Yandere-chan to engage in a brawl.

One of Yandere Simulator’s rivals will have a storyline that involves a very strong emphasis on combat; her violent history, her physical prowess, her ongoing conflict with a group of dangerous individuals, etc. Yandere Simulator’s current combat system just isn’t appropriate for fighting against this rival, or for participating in her conflict, either.

To do this rival justice, the game would need a completely different type of combat system; one that would only be used in certain outside-of-school situations. Also, my upcoming plan to “put 10 rivals into the game in a timely fashion” involves a feature that would require the use of new combat mechanics. So, with all of these factors in mind, I set aside a few days to put something new into the game:

That’s right; it’s a beat-em-up combat system!

If it seems underwhelming, don’t worry. This is only “version 1”; basically just a prototype. I simply wanted to set down the framework; movement, camera, win/loss criteria, etc. It can be polished and refined in the future. However, I feel that this is a good starting point. I feel proud of it, considering how quickly it went into the game!

(Obviously, as someone who has been playing video games for over 25 years, I know that there is still a lot of room for improvement here. However, due to a lack of animations, I’m very limited in what I can do with the gameplay at this point in time.)

(To truly make the gameplay shine, I’d need assistance from an animator to give Yandere-chan a wider variety of attacks and techniques. However, if an animator volunteered to help me out, there are honestly a few other things that would be higher in priority than requesting new beat-em-up animations. So, it might be a while before you’ll see this new combat system get a significant update.)

There are a few traditional beat-em-up mechanics here, such as a meter that you can build up in order to unleash a devastating attack…but, don’t expect Yandere-chan to shoot fireballs out of her hands, or anything crazy like that. Even if some of her special attacks might be a bit flashy, this mode will remain grounded in reality.

To activate the new beat-em-up combat system, you’ll have to meet the criteria for joining the delinquents, then talk to their leader and select “Practice” from the dialogue wheel. You remember the criteria for joining the delinquents, right? Just in case you’ve forgotten, I’ll write it out for you:

  1. Dye your hair blonde
  2. Befriend all of the delinquents
  3. Beat all of the delinquents in a fight
  4. Use a mirror to give yourself the “Tough” Persona
  5. Damage your reputation to be lower than -33, but higher than -100

(Remember that you have to attend class in order to make your reputation update. Word of your reputation doesn’t spread until after classtime.)

(Oh, yeah, and one more thing – Yandere Simulator is meant to be played on controller, and I have a feeling that the beat-em-up minigame might be especially uncomfortable to play using a keyboard. Please, play this game with a controller!)

Okay! That’s pretty much everything I wanted to say about this build! Next, I’ll share the complete list of everything that was added or changed in this update:

New Features

  • Yandere-chan can now find a bucket of brown paint in the Art Club. This paint can be added to a bucket of water to make the water look like mud (or something worse). Why did I add this to the game? Well, it doesn’t make sense for students to take a shower after being splashed with water. They should only feel compelled to take a shower if they have been splashed with blood, gasoline, or an unidentified disgusting brown fluid. That’s why the player has the ability to color water brown; to trick students into thinking it’s something worse than water; something worth taking a shower over. However, I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to go ahead with this decision yet, so for now, a simple bucket of water will still cause someone to take a shower.
  • It is now possible to leave a note on Senpai’s desk at school. Like leaving gifts on Senpai’s desk, the purpose of this feature is to give Yandere-chan a way to anonymously build a relationship with Senpai without interacting with him directly, and also restore his sanity if it is damaged by her actions throughout the game. The “Language” stat will determine the effectiveness of your notes. (This feature doesn’t affect anything during the demo, but once the game has 10 weeks, and Senpai’s sanity becomes a larger component of the game, it’ll seem much more meaningful. Please don’t expect this feature to look impressive at this point in time; it doesn’t result in any unique animations, or anything like that. I’m just getting the functionality in.)
  • When leaving leaving Yandere-chan’s home and going to school, the player now has the option of bringing an item from home to school. For now, the only options are some household items that could be used as weapons, and rat poison. To get rat poison, you must purchase it from the convenience store in the street. Also, if you destroy something that you’ve brought to school, it will stop being an option on the list of things that you can bring to school. More items will be added to this list in the future.
  • From now on, whenever you sabotage one of a rival’s events with Senpai, a “progress bar” will appear after the End-of-Day Results screen that shows you how close you are to sabotaging your rival’s love confession. If you tried to sabotage an event, but you don’t see this progress bar, it means that your sabotage attempt was unsuccessful.
  • There are now 5 bounties available from Info-chan, one for each day of the week. Ryuto’s bounty is still on Monday, but Kashiko’s bounty has been moved to Friday. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the days that contain the new bounties.
  • There is now a “Subtitle Size” option in the game’s Settings menu for people who want the game’s subtitles to be a bit larger. This currently only effects subtitles that appear during gameplay, and not during cutscenes.
  • New debug functionality for the turtle: Press the “O” key on your keyboard to make the “Spawn Victim” command spawn Osana, even if she is dead. (You can use this to revive Osana from death an infinite number of times.)
  • The 3D model that appears when ordering a clean uniform from Info-chan or removing a bloody uniform from Yandere-chan’s body will now reflect the actual uniform that the player chose for the school’s female students.
  • As of now, when you kill Osana with a weapon, the game will go into slow motion to make the kill more dramatic. This is something I always envisioned as part of the game even as far back as 2014.
  • On a day when a memorial service is being held for a student’s death, a vase with a flower inside of it will now appear on the deceased student’s desk.
  • Taking a photo of a plushie doll and sending it to Info-chan will now display the name of the person that the doll represents.
  • When a mind-broken slave attacks a victim, blood splatters will now appear on the slave and victim’s clothing.
  • Updated the character model of Ebola-chan in Ebola Mode.

Psychology Stat Functionality

Up until now, the “Psychology” stat didn’t actually do anything. As of now, it finally has a purpose – multiple purposes, in fact! From now on, leveling up the Psychology stat will:

  • Reduce the amount of sanity you lose from performing violent actions
  • Increase the amount of reputation that you gain from positive social interactions
  • Increase the effectiveness of your matchmaking advice during the matchmaking minigame
  • Increase the amount of psychological damage that you deal to someone while torturing them

Bug Fixes

  • Restored Aoi’s routine to normal. (I changed her routine in order to record video footage of her doing something, but I forgot to reset her routine after I was done recording the footage.)
  • The “Osana holding cat” model that appears on the title screen if the player eliminates Osana using the Befriend/Betray elimination method has been updated to use the cat’s new model.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Otohiko from spawning in the correct location (he was supposed to spawn outside of school and then run to school in a panic over being late).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to get stuck at the “End of Day Results” screen if the player orchestrated a murder-suicide and then cleaned up both corpses.
  • Attempted to fix bug that could result in a corpse floating upwards into the air during the “dump corpse into sewer” mini-cutscene.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Drama Club students to not return to the correct stage of their routine when reloading a save file.
  • The player will now receive a reputation penalty for standing directly in front of a student for an extended period of time.
  • Attempted to fix bug that could result in a corpse not appearing onscreen during the “dump corpse into sewer” mini-cutscene.
  • Some of the models around school were clipping into walls or had texture problems; there issues have now been fixed.
  • Some students’ routines are now different at lunchtime to make it more difficult to eliminate Osana by drowning.
  • Fixed issues with the wall texture inside the bathrooms.

Audio Updates

It might not sound like something very important, but actually, audio is a huge part of the overall experience of playing a video game. Previously, many aspects of Yandere Simulator were actually completely lacking any type of sound effect, which really dragged down the production value of the game! In this build, I’ve added sound effects to many features that were previously completely silent. There are still a lot of features that still need sound effects, but this is a good start.

  • There are now sound effects for opening the panty drawer, moving panties left/right, choosing a pair of panties, and closing the panty drawer.
  • Replaced some of the game’s oldest and lowest-quality sound effects (like the camera shutter sound effect) with newer, better ones.
  • There are now sound effects when picking up a bucket, filling a bucket with water, and emptying a bucket.
  • There are now sound effects when making menu selections at the title screen.
  • There are now sound effects when a door opens or closes.

What’s Next?

With this build, I’ve accomplished about 99% of the tasks that I wanted to complete before I switch my focus entirely to the “put 10 rivals into the game into a timely fashion” goal that I mentioned at the end of my most recent video. There are still one or two little things I may decide to put into the game over the next few days, so you might see another build really soon…but, either way, this means that this build, or the next build, will probably be the last build of the game that contains less than 10 rivals! How exciting!

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

223 thoughts on “June 1st Big Update

  1. Just thought I should let you know, when Osana’s taking her phone call and she says “If you don’t stop bothering me, I’m gonna call the cops and-“, the text repeats “me” twice. So instead, it says “If you don’t stop bothering me me, I’m gonna call the cops and-“

  2. In the main menu screen and with the new sound affects, it seems too quiet. So the music could still play in the background it just has to be quiet. Also maybe the player could adjust the sound effects in the settings menu, same for the music (I’m not sure if the music option is already a thing so yeah).

  3. Hi yandere dev, i found a bug i already experienced this bug twice. So this bug happened when I go to senpais desk after the first session of class. So, when i go to his desk after the first session of class, the screen becomes pink while senpai is not on his desk, what i meant the “screen becomes pink”, is when like yan-chan is near senpai. If you don’t understand what I meant, maybe you can try it. This bug works for me but i don’t know how about you. After you try and this bug works maybe you can fix it as soon as possible. I will give you the steps to do it.

    Steps to do this bug:
    1. Go to his desk before class time
    2. Put a note on his desk
    3. Attend class
    4. Go to senpai desk again
    5. this bug will appear (Idk if this bug will work when yandere dev try it)

    thank you.

  4. I think students should do more than just talk, for example some students should search something, in bathroom the bullies would write something on the wall, others would stay by the lockers cleaning their locker, art club would sometimes run back to the art club for more supplies, on lunch time some people would just sleep, interact or just eating, some students on cleaning time would clean for around 15 minutes and then go and talk with the others. That would school seem MUCH more alive. And I think there should be a way to expel all bullies at once, example steps:
    1. Record their gossip
    2. Record bullying
    3. Choose either to expel them or blackmail them
    And also I thought of joining the bullies, requirements:
    1: Very High Reputation (at least +60 reputation)
    2: Attend gossip with them at least 3 times (attending gossip would be only accessible after befriending them and having history of gossiping with them)
    3: Fake tan, and bully-like hair
    1: Each gossip hurts someone’s reputation by 5 points, and prevents reputation loss from gossip
    2: You can bully someone (If someone sees you do that your reputation will drop) and drive him/her to suicide (at cleaning time they would jump from the roof)
    3: Socializing will give 5 reputation points
    4: Your reputation will drop two times less (Without bullies: -10 With bullies: -5)
    1: If your reputation drops below +60 next time you attend gossip/talk to Musume you’ll be kicked out of bullies gang
    2: If you don’t gossip/attend gossip/bully someone in a week you’ll get kicked out
    3: Some people will refuse to socialize

    • I agree that would be awesome. It would be fun to watch them search.
      And I also thought about something.
      What if the after you post something about a student on the computer in Ayano’s room the next day the bullies talk about it? I think it would make sense and there could be a crowd around the student you posted about which could effect their sanity level . Especially if senpai watches…

    • Same, I agree, and maybe everyone can hang out in the cafeteria except the loners, clubless students and maybe Senpai, Osana and Raibaru on Monday on their lunch date. But great ideas for the bullies! I’m intrigued to see Yan Chan with tanned skin and cotton candy-like hair! Another disadvantage could be that some boys may develop a small crush on the player, and start to follow them around. Maybe a certain Gaming club member, Gema Taku?

  5. I feel like some of the timing could be adjusted for the slow motion effects on the weapons. Some look to start after the initial first strike of the weapon, so the movements when Ayano adjusts to do further blows is slowed down instead of an actual blow of the weapon. I’ve mainly noticed it in the sword and bat animations, but there could be others that have this as well.

  6. God, I feel like a proud parent, this game has come so far and I really enjoy playing it with the new features. Just 4 things: we have to beat every delinquent in a fight to join them now? I really think that the mud should be one of the permanent causes of people to take a shower with the water being reserved for cleaning up blood. I think that the weapon bag should only appear next to your locker once you join the delinquents and that if you try to clean up blood with water without putting the cleaner in it then it would spread thus more people would see it. Love the new beat-em-up mode and the sound effect!

  7. I’ve found a bug, if i get a defeat/victory in the delinquent beat em up gameplay, everything starts bugging out. Holding mops and buckets and almost anything that has a specific animation starts to not follow their animation, but they still function as intended (Putting brown paint in water will even cause the textures to merge). Also, the camera in the phone goes completely crazy. I hope you see this and can fix this.

    We’re so proud of you YandereDev and keep it up with the good work!!!
    U made a looooot of progress and we are sooo proud and excited in the same time!!
    Sending love and positive vibes!<3333

  9. Yandere Dev, I found a bug, when I get arrested by the police, the snap option appears, and when I press it follows the same sequence as a normal snap, but when I finish pressing, the screen goes black and the background music of the snap mode starts, when you run, you also hear that sound but everything is black, thank you yandere dev ❤

  10. Hiya YandereDev! I just wanted to say that the new updates are amazing! I really love them! Also, I wanted to suggest and report something. Here it is:

    Bug Report: Whenever Yan-Chan fills up the bucket with the brown paint and picks it up, the brown and blue colour texture will glitch. Please fix this.

    Suggestion: For months now, I have been thinking about expanding the school area. If you have played the Mara’s Sad Existence mod, then you know what I’m talking about. In the mod, they have added new areas such as cafeterias, trees, hedges, and much more. So I have a suggestion: why don’t you expand the school areas, YandereDev? Like add a new storage building that can provide you with so many useful items in the game, like chain cutters, wrenches, screws, toolkit, glue, paper, scissors, pipes, ropes, washing machine powder, and so much more. You can use these items to sabotage stuff like the tanks of the swimming pool. (You know, the new room that you added). For the washing machine, it would not make sense to just wash the bloody clothing with plain water. You were also talking about the new room underneath the swimming pool and how you could sabotage it in the future. So, you can add a new tool to sabotage the pipes with, like wrenches or something like that. I honestly have no real idea, I am just giving you my suggestions, that’s all.

    I hope you will read this and….
    Good Luck to you and your 10 Rivals making!

  11. There is a problem in Mission Mode, the students who are on the way that Osana take to the bathroom to vomit are still in that places during Misson Mode, I was trying to poison one of the bullies, but she was in the bathroom instead of the pool area.

  12. Why aren’t you 100% sure to add the brown paint feature to the game ? I think is a good idea, If a student Is splashed with regular wather they wouldn’t have a motive to take a shower, I think you should keep it in the game

  13. But then he could add the small struggle mini-game for each delinquent, I mean the coding needed is already in the game

  14. Yandere Dev, there are some bugs after doing the beat up system. You could fix them in the next build.

  15. Hey, Yandere Dev I have a question when will you mention that Wooden Doll in the Martial Arts Club?

  16. guys can someone help me real quick, i dont know where else to go. so recently i downloaded the mini games like yandere no sutoka.. date your rivals.. etc but i guess ever since i downloaded it idk what happened but now when i open up yansim its like all grey and weird like a old camera filter. i deleted all the mini games i had and even re-installed the game but it still looks like that, no it doesn’t affect the gameplay its just really hard to see, the saturation went down a lot. is there anything im missing? pls helpppp

  17. I quite like this update. The sweeping red arcs are a good choice. The vase thing was always bothering me. 8/10 update good job

  18. Yandere dev, I know I’m asking for you to implement something kinda hard but I just think that, if you raise your seduction by reading manga instead of befriending them Ayano shouldn’t say “hey, follow me I wanna show you something cool!” Ayano should say something like “hey cutie, wanna follow me?” Or something like that

  19. Yandere Dev, some of the club members’ accessories are not showing up in the student information, like the berets from the art club and the glasses from the science club.

  20. YandereDev, there is something that bothers me a lot, It’s just a small detail, but if you fix it I’ll be very happy. Normally I choose the sixth hairstyle for yandere-chan, the twin tails one (the first hairstyle that Saki had) but the problem is that the tails are just on the sides of yandere-chan’s head, because of that when you get too close to a student to speak with them one of the tails doesn’t let you see them, the girls that have tails (like Osana) usually have them between the side and the back of their heads. Could you please move the tails of the sixth hairstyle a little bit to the back ???

  21. I wasn’t expecting the next build to be finished so quickly. Plus there are so many new features! Thanks, Yandere Dev!

  22. Such a wild journey I can’t believe it is nearly over, this game got me into coding and I will always be grateful thank you.

  23. Yanderedev, I’ve gotten Club Otaku’s leader chance his look. But the girls bullying don’t get silly looking at him. They keep going pool with Osana

  24. Yanderedev, I’ve gotten Club Otaku’s leader change his look. But the girls bullying don’t get silly looking at him. They keep going pool with Osana

    • That happened to me too, when I got Gema Taku to change his look. Try it on Monday, or reset the week, or try it on a new slot.

    • I’m sorry, I cannot replicate this bug.

      You have to change the club leader’s appearance *on the morning of the day you want the bully girls to be distracted.*

  25. Hey, Yan Dev! I was actually rather curious about the possibility of a keybinds feature or something of the like in the settings menu. Some of the ways you do things in the game rather weird to use for me, for example, having to right click to pull out the camera and not having a mouse. It’d be really cool to see a way to be able to change things like this to make it more accessible to some users.

  26. Hello Yandere dev! The truth is, I am very delighted with teh game but the Yandere Simulator has not been updated, do I have to do something to update it? well I hope you read this keep up your work <33

  27. Wai, this is just amazing. You’re doing great, Yanderdev. I am madly waiting for the next update. If there are mistakes somewhere, I’m sorry, I don’t speak much English

  28. hey yanderedev,are you considering adding a different language option to the game? If you do, please don’t forget Turkish 🙂

  29. If I really had money, I would no doubt invest it all in you, because I want this excellent game to be finished soon 🙂 and remember we love you

  30. Yandere Dev! Can you please fix the bug where I can’t pick up the corpses on the rooftop during lunchtime, please? Thank you! 😉

  31. If you don’t want the brown water to be a thing, you could probably just use the bucket of bleach water. It has a strong enough smell that anyone splashed with it would be able to tell immediately that it’s not just water, and bleach is an irritant to the skin, so it’s recommended to wash it off with soap and water, requiring the shower.

  32. I found several other bugs:
    1- The days are not passing. Whenever Ayano goes to sleep, the day continues on Monday;
    2- On the day that should be Tuesday, Osana and Raibaru keep turning where they talk and don’t enter the school;
    3- Club members’ accessories do not appear in the student’s information (headbands, glasses, etc.);
    4- Members of the martial arts club are spinning for a long time in front of the club room locker room instead of changing their clothes.

  33. Can there be an ability to revert to the old student routines? Like maybe add a debug command or after Osana is eliminated. There are some things that I want to try out with the old routines.

      • Yanderedev, after killing Osana… When Raibaru is sad and when she is supposed to sit in front if the tree… Well, when she goes to the tree she pretend yo he changing ver shoes at the locker. She doesn’t change her shoes at the locker. But when she is in front of the tree she pretends to be changing her shoes in front of the locker

  34. Amazing Build, though I have some suggestions:

    Maybe replicate the button sound effects on the title screen to other menus like settings and various other submenus in the title screen.

    Maybe show a preview of the subtitles when the size is changed.

    Allow ability to change the Graphics and Resolution settings in the game settings.

    Option to resize Ayano’s phone. Having an entire phone take over a 1080p 24inch monitor is honestly quite ridiculously big.

    Another suggestion is to add lock and unlock and navigation sounds to Ayano’s phone kind of like an android phone or the phone from GTA V; also if Info-chan sends a hint and you use a controller, utilise the fact all phones have vibration and have the controller vibrate, or if on keyboard and mouse, play a vibration sound effect. Tone down the notification sound a bit if the vibration is added.

    This may’ve been a waste of time to type since I did email this to YandereDev. But I’m curious what everyone else thinks.


  35. I have an idea for Yandere simulator, yanderedev maybe you should show the class scenes of what’s she’s doing in class time like, in Pe you would see her running on the running track, and bio snd chem in the lab, etc. Maybe you could make it more changeling by making Classes like mini games
    or something

  36. O-M-G. YandereDev it’s great! ALL of features I silently thinked about and wanted to the game are here! Thank you million times and over!

  37. i have an idea that can make the game really hard when the school is at 0 atmosphere idea: what if students be in large groups all the time and if the atmosphere is 0 students wouldn’t follow you because there scared of not being in a large group to protect themselves and would decline letters to

  38. this is incredible! I am having a lot of fun playing yandere sim, this game is totally complete, I have always waited for new updates and always will, honestly I also have a lot of fun discovering new bugs and new details. Your work is totally amazing. Good work!

  39. At the point in which Senpai has a sanity meter, I think It might be cool to see the meter on the “Calendar” screen, almost like a health bar. Every time a rival has been killed/drawn away from him, it goes down, but every time Yandere-Chan places a note on his desk (depending on how high the Psychology stat is) it goes up. However, do not feel at all obligated to add this to the final game, this is just an idea!

    • I’m uncertain whether or not I should show the player Senpai’s sanity, or keep it “hidden” from the player, and force the player to study Senpai to learn what his mental state is.

      • Hi dev if it means anything I think it should be hidden but there should be visual indicators showing his mental state, like a sigh whe he passes the rivals classroom or a depressed walking animation, you could even make him late to school someday

  40. Hiya YandereDev!
    I am back with a suggetion! Here it is:
    YandereDev, you said in one of the videos about the water tanks underneath the swimming pool and how in the near future you will find a way to sabotage it. I have an idea for it. Why don’t you add some new items in the game like screws, pipes, wire cutters, toolkit…..I will explain what each one can be used for.
    Wire Cutters can be used for cutting the school’s power supply to distract people so you can sabotage something.
    Screws can be used to sabotage the tank room underneath the swimming pool. Since we already have a screwdriver, I don’t see a problem.
    Pipes can be used to change the system of water transportation. Yan-Chan could try to find the room of water controlling and sabotage it or something like that.
    Toolkit can be used to sabotage small things like the security system, metal doors or something like that. In the toolkit, you could basically find all the listed items.

    Obviously, Yan-Chan will not know about sabotaging pipes and stuff like that. I have a solution to that problem.
    In the town, she can buy some pamphlets of sabotaging pipes or something like that. Or she could simply steal it since she is a criminal.

    I really don’t know if you are even going to read such a HUGE comment. But I hope you read it!
    (P.S. I have been following the development of this game for 3 years.)

  41. I found a little bug
    When i drown a student my reputation goes down
    I hope this will be fixed in the next build

  42. Hi,YandereDev
    I have to aporogize first,I’m trying translate English into Japanese without your consents…
    if you are okay,could you please tell me where is the Senpai’s and Osana’s,Raibaru’s,Info-chan’s conversation text?

  43. hey yandere dev i have a suggestion ! , why note make events with parent of student wich mak them comit murder or divorce to depress rivals or kill them , using family of other student to create new oportunity , and can you re add the posibilitsy to stumble with the bucket ?

  44. hey yanderedev i have another sugestion , why you not make info chan the secret last rivals she appear like a rival when ayano get ride of all the 10 other rivals , and she will be speciale shi will kill other student to trick ayano and get her accused to expell her or shi will try to kill ayano , and you have to clean after her to not get accused and the only option you have to get ride of info chat is to kill her , i thinc its logic to make her the last rival because she always say for the other rival ” i want her to suffer ” or “make her suffer” ( i d’ont remember the exact sentenses) , but why she say that ? is it not more logic she use ayano to get ride of all the rivals and after this shi get ride of ayano to make senpai belong to her ? she use ayano for her sake only !!!!

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