June 1st Big Update

Got a big update for you today, with a long backstory behind it! This is going to be a pretty long post, so I’ll put most of it behind a “Continue Reading” link.

To see the rest of the post, scroll down past this badass illustration of Budo by Keimoneuwu!

Click “Continue Reading” to see the rest of the post – along with another illustration by Keimoneuwu!

For a long time – probably since 2014 – I’ve had a text file sitting on my desktop with a big checklist of incomplete tasks and missing features that needed to go into the game before it could be considered complete. A lot of these tasks and features were long overdue, but I decided not to begin working on that checklist until after Osana was complete.

After I released Osana, I wanted to collect players’ feedback and improve the demo. After improving the demo, I wanted to make a bunch of videos about all of the ways that the demo had changed. After that, I wanted to fix some more of the game’s flaws. After that, I wanted to make improvements to Raibaru. And after that, I wanted to make a video talking in depth about the game’s history, and my personal game design philosophy.

It was just one thing after another! It felt like I was never going to find a good opportunity to finally turn my attention to that big text file that had been waiting patiently on my desktop for years…but, at long last, the time has come! The past couple of weeks were all about making a series of long-overdue changes and additions to the game. Basically, wrapping up every last loose end before I finally turn my attention to putting 10 rivals in the game!

You might have noticed that, at some point in time, I put the words “REVISION B” on the title screen. That was to mark the moment that I considered the demo to have made a significant step forward, like moving from “A” to “B”. As of this build, I feel that the demo has changed enough to have taken another step forward, so I’ve updated the title screen to say “REVISION C”!

However, it’s worth mentioning that one of the additions I’ve made to the game in this build is probably going to be completely unexpected. Depending on how you feel about it, you might say, “Huh? What? Why did he add this to the game? Did the game really need to have this? Didn’t he say a long time ago that he wasn’t going to put this feature in the game? What was he thinking?!” So, I’ll take a moment to provide an explanation…

In 2016, I implemented the Befriend/Betray elimination method into Yandere Sim. However, it was mostly just a bunch of cutscenes, with very little actual gameplay. To make the method more interactive, I proposed a new idea: Sometimes, helping a rival might involve beating up a bunch of people for her. This would require adding a beat-em-up combat system to the game.

When I initially suggested this idea, the proposal was met with a very negative reaction. A lot of people thought that the idea of a schoolgirl beating up a bunch of grown men was just way too outlandish. After seeing so much negative feedback, I announced that I would abandon the idea of putting a beat-em-up combat system into the game.

In a video that I released in December of 2020, I mentioned the rejected beat-em-up proposal, and I actually saw a lot of enthusiasm for the idea in the comments! Many people seemed to think that it sounded like a very cool idea! To be honest, ever since 2016, I’ve never been able to stop thinking about the concept, or coming up with potential reasons for Yandere-chan to engage in a brawl.

One of Yandere Simulator’s rivals will have a storyline that involves a very strong emphasis on combat; her violent history, her physical prowess, her ongoing conflict with a group of dangerous individuals, etc. Yandere Simulator’s current combat system just isn’t appropriate for fighting against this rival, or for participating in her conflict, either.

To do this rival justice, the game would need a completely different type of combat system; one that would only be used in certain outside-of-school situations. Also, my upcoming plan to “put 10 rivals into the game in a timely fashion” involves a feature that would require the use of new combat mechanics. So, with all of these factors in mind, I set aside a few days to put something new into the game:

That’s right; it’s a beat-em-up combat system!

If it seems underwhelming, don’t worry. This is only “version 1”; basically just a prototype. I simply wanted to set down the framework; movement, camera, win/loss criteria, etc. It can be polished and refined in the future. However, I feel that this is a good starting point. I feel proud of it, considering how quickly it went into the game!

(Obviously, as someone who has been playing video games for over 25 years, I know that there is still a lot of room for improvement here. However, due to a lack of animations, I’m very limited in what I can do with the gameplay at this point in time.)

(To truly make the gameplay shine, I’d need assistance from an animator to give Yandere-chan a wider variety of attacks and techniques. However, if an animator volunteered to help me out, there are honestly a few other things that would be higher in priority than requesting new beat-em-up animations. So, it might be a while before you’ll see this new combat system get a significant update.)

There are a few traditional beat-em-up mechanics here, such as a meter that you can build up in order to unleash a devastating attack…but, don’t expect Yandere-chan to shoot fireballs out of her hands, or anything crazy like that. Even if some of her special attacks might be a bit flashy, this mode will remain grounded in reality.

To activate the new beat-em-up combat system, you’ll have to meet the criteria for joining the delinquents, then talk to their leader and select “Practice” from the dialogue wheel. You remember the criteria for joining the delinquents, right? Just in case you’ve forgotten, I’ll write it out for you:

  1. Dye your hair blonde
  2. Befriend all of the delinquents
  3. Beat all of the delinquents in a fight
  4. Use a mirror to give yourself the “Tough” Persona
  5. Damage your reputation to be lower than -33, but higher than -100

(Remember that you have to attend class in order to make your reputation update. Word of your reputation doesn’t spread until after classtime.)

(Oh, yeah, and one more thing – Yandere Simulator is meant to be played on controller, and I have a feeling that the beat-em-up minigame might be especially uncomfortable to play using a keyboard. Please, play this game with a controller!)

Okay! That’s pretty much everything I wanted to say about this build! Next, I’ll share the complete list of everything that was added or changed in this update:

New Features

  • Yandere-chan can now find a bucket of brown paint in the Art Club. This paint can be added to a bucket of water to make the water look like mud (or something worse). Why did I add this to the game? Well, it doesn’t make sense for students to take a shower after being splashed with water. They should only feel compelled to take a shower if they have been splashed with blood, gasoline, or an unidentified disgusting brown fluid. That’s why the player has the ability to color water brown; to trick students into thinking it’s something worse than water; something worth taking a shower over. However, I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to go ahead with this decision yet, so for now, a simple bucket of water will still cause someone to take a shower.
  • It is now possible to leave a note on Senpai’s desk at school. Like leaving gifts on Senpai’s desk, the purpose of this feature is to give Yandere-chan a way to anonymously build a relationship with Senpai without interacting with him directly, and also restore his sanity if it is damaged by her actions throughout the game. The “Language” stat will determine the effectiveness of your notes. (This feature doesn’t affect anything during the demo, but once the game has 10 weeks, and Senpai’s sanity becomes a larger component of the game, it’ll seem much more meaningful. Please don’t expect this feature to look impressive at this point in time; it doesn’t result in any unique animations, or anything like that. I’m just getting the functionality in.)
  • When leaving leaving Yandere-chan’s home and going to school, the player now has the option of bringing an item from home to school. For now, the only options are some household items that could be used as weapons, and rat poison. To get rat poison, you must purchase it from the convenience store in the street. Also, if you destroy something that you’ve brought to school, it will stop being an option on the list of things that you can bring to school. More items will be added to this list in the future.
  • From now on, whenever you sabotage one of a rival’s events with Senpai, a “progress bar” will appear after the End-of-Day Results screen that shows you how close you are to sabotaging your rival’s love confession. If you tried to sabotage an event, but you don’t see this progress bar, it means that your sabotage attempt was unsuccessful.
  • There are now 5 bounties available from Info-chan, one for each day of the week. Ryuto’s bounty is still on Monday, but Kashiko’s bounty has been moved to Friday. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the days that contain the new bounties.
  • There is now a “Subtitle Size” option in the game’s Settings menu for people who want the game’s subtitles to be a bit larger. This currently only effects subtitles that appear during gameplay, and not during cutscenes.
  • New debug functionality for the turtle: Press the “O” key on your keyboard to make the “Spawn Victim” command spawn Osana, even if she is dead. (You can use this to revive Osana from death an infinite number of times.)
  • The 3D model that appears when ordering a clean uniform from Info-chan or removing a bloody uniform from Yandere-chan’s body will now reflect the actual uniform that the player chose for the school’s female students.
  • As of now, when you kill Osana with a weapon, the game will go into slow motion to make the kill more dramatic. This is something I always envisioned as part of the game even as far back as 2014.
  • On a day when a memorial service is being held for a student’s death, a vase with a flower inside of it will now appear on the deceased student’s desk.
  • Taking a photo of a plushie doll and sending it to Info-chan will now display the name of the person that the doll represents.
  • When a mind-broken slave attacks a victim, blood splatters will now appear on the slave and victim’s clothing.
  • Updated the character model of Ebola-chan in Ebola Mode.

Psychology Stat Functionality

Up until now, the “Psychology” stat didn’t actually do anything. As of now, it finally has a purpose – multiple purposes, in fact! From now on, leveling up the Psychology stat will:

  • Reduce the amount of sanity you lose from performing violent actions
  • Increase the amount of reputation that you gain from positive social interactions
  • Increase the effectiveness of your matchmaking advice during the matchmaking minigame
  • Increase the amount of psychological damage that you deal to someone while torturing them

Bug Fixes

  • Restored Aoi’s routine to normal. (I changed her routine in order to record video footage of her doing something, but I forgot to reset her routine after I was done recording the footage.)
  • The “Osana holding cat” model that appears on the title screen if the player eliminates Osana using the Befriend/Betray elimination method has been updated to use the cat’s new model.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Otohiko from spawning in the correct location (he was supposed to spawn outside of school and then run to school in a panic over being late).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to get stuck at the “End of Day Results” screen if the player orchestrated a murder-suicide and then cleaned up both corpses.
  • Attempted to fix bug that could result in a corpse floating upwards into the air during the “dump corpse into sewer” mini-cutscene.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Drama Club students to not return to the correct stage of their routine when reloading a save file.
  • The player will now receive a reputation penalty for standing directly in front of a student for an extended period of time.
  • Attempted to fix bug that could result in a corpse not appearing onscreen during the “dump corpse into sewer” mini-cutscene.
  • Some of the models around school were clipping into walls or had texture problems; there issues have now been fixed.
  • Some students’ routines are now different at lunchtime to make it more difficult to eliminate Osana by drowning.
  • Fixed issues with the wall texture inside the bathrooms.

Audio Updates

It might not sound like something very important, but actually, audio is a huge part of the overall experience of playing a video game. Previously, many aspects of Yandere Simulator were actually completely lacking any type of sound effect, which really dragged down the production value of the game! In this build, I’ve added sound effects to many features that were previously completely silent. There are still a lot of features that still need sound effects, but this is a good start.

  • There are now sound effects for opening the panty drawer, moving panties left/right, choosing a pair of panties, and closing the panty drawer.
  • Replaced some of the game’s oldest and lowest-quality sound effects (like the camera shutter sound effect) with newer, better ones.
  • There are now sound effects when picking up a bucket, filling a bucket with water, and emptying a bucket.
  • There are now sound effects when making menu selections at the title screen.
  • There are now sound effects when a door opens or closes.

What’s Next?

With this build, I’ve accomplished about 99% of the tasks that I wanted to complete before I switch my focus entirely to the “put 10 rivals into the game into a timely fashion” goal that I mentioned at the end of my most recent video. There are still one or two little things I may decide to put into the game over the next few days, so you might see another build really soon…but, either way, this means that this build, or the next build, will probably be the last build of the game that contains less than 10 rivals! How exciting!

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

228 thoughts on “June 1st Big Update

  1. i d’ont know if its a bug or but when i drop the bucket filled with water, the water doesn’t spill ,and there is no water animation ! , can you also add the fact that ayano get slow when she has an heavy object with her , ( she cant run ) , its more logical , and why you delet the possibility to trip with the bucket filed with liquid ????

  2. I was wondering, are new character models still something that might be added in the future? You made a video talking about how new character models could be made for the game with some examples, so I was wondering if this is still something that’s on your list or if it has been discarded.

  3. yandere dev why are yandere-chans stalking so high up maybe you should make her stalking to like osana’s height

  4. “When leaving leaving Yandere-chan’s home and going to school, the player now has the option of bringing an item from home to school. ”
    What if when the school goes into lockdown mode (when a student council member is murdered), they implement bag checks as every student enters the school, so the things you can take from home are limited. Some items Ayano may need to simply come up with an excuse (pills are excusable by Ayano saying she has a medical condition, although if a body is found from being poisoned this may implicate her), some could be automatically excused depending if Ayano is in a club (electronic equipment would be excused for the Photography club)

  5. Ah…Hello Yandere Dev, Good Afternoon. How are you?
    Anyway, it’s been a while since I wanted to send you some of my ideas to improve the game more and more
    Well, here are these ”big” ideas hehe
    1- The principal could have a hidden room with guns, ammo, etc, inside (and of course, the key to access this place would be in the teacher’s room, the principal’s office or some secret place).
    2- The school could have more rooms, a more decorated courtyard and more NPC’s. For example, there could be grades from 6 to 9, it would be cool. About the courtyard…well, more decorations could be done, and, there could also be a canteen inside the school.
    3- One idea for NPC’s is to have other types of groups, like goths, nerds, holy people, something like that. Or just regular people.
    4- The game could have more realistic graphics, like video games. An example of a game that has amazing graphics (but is an adventure game) is Uncharted. Man, think of an awesome game.
    But I’m sure you can have graphics in Yandere even better than those games.
    5- We could not only match students to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but also have students that date. (stupid idea but worth it kkk).
    6- Later I will send more ideas if I have.
    If any word is wrong, it was the translator, because I speak Portuguese.

  6. Yandere dev, I’m not sure if it’s a bug, because I’m in low quality, but when I put the raincoat close to the airvent, ayano goes invisible, I think you should check it out.

  7. Hiya YandereDev! I actually have a few queries regarding the game’s mechanics. Here they are:

    1: Student(s) seeing Yan-Chan doing Sus things: When a student(s) sees Yan-Chan carrying a weapon, bloody, or insane, (and a murder took place), why don’t they tell the Police about this? It doesn’t make sense. Also, when a student dies of Poising, why doesn’t the police check students’ belongings for poison bottles?

    2: The Socializing Feature: Honestly, in my opinion, this feature if kind of dumb. Instead of telling the student(s) what you like, you can ask them stuff like “How are You?” or “Where are you Going?” stuff like that. That will make more sense.

    The “Push Book in Fountain” and “Sabotage Alarm” elimination methods: So when you sabotage one of the events (especially the Push Book in Funtain one), Raiburu can clearly notice us sabotaging these events. Then why doesn’t she react? Why doesn’t she tell Osana about this? I have no idea.

    I hope you read this!
    Thank You!

    • um
      students WOULD report to the police if they witness yan chan bloody/insane and carrying a weapon

      well, students want to be friends with people that share their interests, isn’t that normal?

      i think it’s kinda weird and funny raibaru doesn’t react to, it’s maybe a bug

  8. Yandere dev, I tried out the brown paint in the bucket of water, but the water glitches from brown to blue no matter how many paint I put inside. Please fix this!

  9. Hi so something just got brought to my attention that I think you should take to consideration yandere dev. So, panty shots are a way to get info points (as we all know) and sure it’s a bit controversial but there are many games with a lot worse. But I think that with the huge uproar in asian targeted crimes that this feature should be taken away. There are many ways to get info points now so taking away panty shots wouldn’t be that terrible and it could add more difficulty to the game. You could also add more features to make up for not having any panty shots. And I know that there is now a sneaky panty shot feature but still, with all of the asian targeted crimes and the over sexualization I know I’m not the only person who is rubbed wrong from this feature. Plus I think panty shots as a whole are a very controversial thing to have in a game. So maybe one of the things you could work on could be getting rid of that feature. Please take this into consideration and don’t just make it less resourceful, I think the idea of taking pictures of asian high schooler’s underwear is not a good thing to have in a wide spread game. Plus, getting rid of them could provide room to expand to more unique and interesting ideas to make up for them.

    • It’s been in the game for 7 years. It’s part of the game’s identity. I can’t really imagine removing it. Nobody should really be offended by something so trivial, anyway.

      • (PS this is the same user you responded to, the page was acting weird with my other email so just pretend that this is the same one haha) I just feel since women as a whole are very over sexualized (don’t even get me started on asian women) and that these characters are supposed to be high school teenagers, it just makes it very wrong or seem very wrong. And there are so many other things you could implement that would be so much better and unique than panty shots, you have already demonstrated that with things like giving cell phones to info chan and placing bugs around the school. Like, I know it’s for mature audiences but I feel like it’s close to crossing the line especially with recent events in mind. And for me it’s not as much that I’m offended, I’m just scared and kind of disgusted. I know it’s a choice to have censorship or to even use that aspect of the game but the implications of it, especially with high school students, just doesn’t seem right. And this is coming from a long term supporter, I’ve never been able to play the game because I only have mac products but I have always been head over heels for the game and the idea of it. But the panty shot aspect and the panty aspect of it all (including the special panties that give better traits) just never felt good to me. I understand that it’s a long-term part of the game and maybe if you cut it out of the game you could make mentions to it as kind of a “tribute” but I honestly think with the direction our world is going in it would be best if you remove it. It would also show your stance that you believe women are over-sexualized and that they don’t deserve to be. And even though you can’t do too much about it, you would be trying your best by removing that feature from the game. Anyway, I’m kind of surprised you noticed my comment and I hope you notice this one too and please take the idea into consideration. I’ve loved this game since I heard of it and it would really mean a lot to me (and probably others that see this as an issue) if you removed this aspect of the game.

    • I don’t think like that, the panty shots are a common joke in Anime and it’s an important part of gameplay in YandereSim, if somebody doesn’t like, they have four ways more to pay Info-chan services…

      • I don’t think they are. Akademi High is a high school so that means that people who are 14-18 are going to be there (or 15-18 depending on the grades of the school.) And there are “upperclassmen” (like senpai) which means there are “lowerclassmen” that are under the age of 18 and not seniors. And if we are supposed to believe that everybody at the school are seniors or upperclassmen then there would still be somebody who is under the age of 18, Hanako, senpai’s younger sister. We know senpai is a senior so that means Hanako is younger than him and not 18. Also, thinking about the situation of it, if we were told and supposed to believe that the characters are over the age of 18 so it’s ok to sexualize them that sounds almost like when in anime there is a 1,000 year old demon stuck in a 5 year olds body “so it’s ok to sexualize them”. So I don’t believe that they are 18+.

      • Yeah but it doesn’t really make sense for them to be high schoolers. It’s like I said before with the analogy, it’s like drawing somebody who looks like a 5 year old and then saying they are 18 so it justifies you being sexual towards it. It doesn’t make any sense. Plus that still doesn’t excuse that asian women–and just women in general–are over sexualized and this feature just adds to the over-sexualization of women. It just doesn’t seem right and it’s not too hard to take away, there are so many things you can do instead that you might as well remove it because of how controversial it is.

    • This is common in anime and anime style games. This game isn’t any different than the others. There are several avenues for information points. Bugging, pictures, phones, blackmail, and yes panty shots. The only way this would be a problem is if you exclusively sought this angle out. No one technically HAS to take panty shots.

      Also they’re really all 18+ characters and this is an adult game. Ever play Akiba’s Trip? Another adult anime game. So this is really mild sauce compared to that game. Where you literally have to strip the clothes off these “zombies” (who’re really more like vampires) in order to get them to burst into flames by the sun. I laughed my ass off at the game, along with my Mother, and we both have no problems with that.

      So relax my dude/dudette and chill. It’s really not all that bad. 😊👍🏻✨

  10. Sooo…. I do want to help with the project (since I really have a lot of free time) by becoming a 2D artist, do you… need any help?

  11. dont mind me im just here to tell you that u did good developing a game by urself it almost feels like a finished game but ik you have more stuff on your to do list sooo keep up man 🙂

  12. YANDERE DEV can you put some French youtuber plush toys in the game because a youtubers name is frite2.0 makes a lot of video on yandere simulator so I think put his plush in the game it’s good!!!

  13. I’ve been following the game since it almost got out… Every time I read this article, I burst into tears with happiness… Wonderful 🙂

  14. YandereDev, I have a small suggestion. When I am close to a wall, and I move the camera, it clips into Ayano’s body. And it also clips into other people’s body as well. Maybe they could fade away when the camera clips, or something like that. Because sometimes it gets really annoying when I try to look around, or when I try to look the characters’ details. But it’s minor, I really love looking for details in games, and Yandere Simulator is full of ’em

    • I know, but I don’t actually know how to make bodies fade when the camera is close. I always felt like it was an “AAA” thing rather that something that an indie dev could achieve.

  15. Hey Yandere Dev!! I just discovered a strange but cool bug/glitch the other day. First, I transformed into Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki. Second, I went into a classroom with a teacher and her students and I killed students in front of the teacher. The teacher noticed me for a long enough period of time for me to hear the sound you hear when you get a game over. But instead of being punished by the teacher, I’m able to move around the school, although it isn’t easy to do so. The teacher and students stare at me like they normally would but none of them talked to me. I noticed that I can still use the debug menu by pressing the keys, however the debug menu didn’t ACTUALLY show up on the screen. I should add that Ayano also was stuck in the pose she makes when she gets caught, so she wasn’t in her normal running/walking animation. I also decided to wear some Easter egg accessories like the “THAT DUDE” glasses, pink mustache, etc. If you don’t understand and want to see what I’m talking about, I’m more than welcome to show you a video of what happened, I only have a clip that’s about 30 seconds long. I can also send you a picture of what Easter egg accessories I was wearing. I believe this glitch may have occurred because I was using an Easter egg, but I’m not 100% sure if that’s the case. Please reply back whenever you can. Thank you!

  16. Good afternoon Dev, it’s me again.
    Anyway, yesterday when I was in the shower I came up with some ideas for the game, because there are days that sometimes I’m creative, if you know what I mean haha…Well…for me to have taken these ideas, of course I was playing something, right?
    There are the ideas, I would really like you to put some in the game.
    1- Ayano could have animations to get the objects, weapons, open doors, etc, and not be automatic. If it had these animations, for sure the game would have a more realistic look.
    2- When Ayano did some activity, like biology for example, she would get skill points, not only studying or reading books.
    3- The rivals could create some event on the weekends and invite friends from their class, including Ayano. Then she could eliminate her rival in this event. But she has to be very quick so that the guests don’t get suspicious.
    4-I thought here that maybe the director had a polemic story and Ayano could investigate it. For example, the director at the time was exploiting or abusing the female teachers. Then Ayano could put the director behind bars, something like that.
    5-It could have students from other countries at the Akademi School. When they speak another language, it would have English subtitles underneath. I think that would be interesting.
    6-I have some ideas for eliminating rivals.
    1- Hanging – she uses her own arms to hang her rivals, without using weapons, but for that, she would need a good level of physical education.
    2- Hanging with plastic bags – In the room with those sanity time products, there could also be the plastic bags. There, Ayano would take a bag, put it over the head of a rival and hang her to death.
    3- Chainsaw – In that little garden room, there could be a big chainsaw, which gardeners use to prune trees, etc. Then Ayano could use this weapon to destroy her rivals.
    4- Traps – Ayano could create traps in the school itself to capture her rivals and then kill them.
    7- Each elimination mode that Ayano uses, she can’t use on the next rivals.
    That’s it, I hope you liked some ideas.

  17. What if it were possible to steal the pepper spray from the student council, but then they know hand-to-hand combat, basically the delinquents or Raibaru’s mechanics? Now you have pepper spray and you have either eleminations:

    1. Pepper spray your rival and then cleverly kill them.

    2. Frame your rival by putting it in their bag because I’m pretty sure the student council won’t go unnoticed. That’s could end in serious consequences or expulsion.

  18. This is awesome! I’ve been playing the yandere simulator for about 6 years now, and I’m so happy how far we’ve gotten! Also, I think that the combat is awesome! If you ever need suggestions, please try replying to this comment or friend me on discord (queen.of.._roses#7755) 🙂

    Also, I believe that the rivals are going to be amazing and the whole game altogether!! Keep up the AMAZING work Yandere Dev!

  19. YandereDev, I have a small question about the game’s story… if yandere-chan can not feel any tipe of emotions, then how did she feel pity for her father ??? Does this mean that she actually have deep down inside of her a “good side” ?? That’s all, I want to wish you the best of luck. You inspire me to keep working on my dreams and even if you can’t see it you are a strong men ’cause after the cyberbullying and all the bad people who try to hurt you, you never gave up and always tried to do your best for your fanbase, thank you so much for it. The life will put you in the place you deserve. You’re my idol 👍✨🤩

  20. This is a very minor suggestion, and also already being worked on I believe, but what is the progress on the shops in town? I think that by having more choices of appearances for Ayano could be a way to seduce male and female students into doing favors, along with the other shops, this would coordinate well with the bring from home feature. Whatever you buy you can bring to school. I understand you are very busy, and don’t really need people asking for more, but I just thought shops would be a very interesting way to get items, and change Ayano’s appearances.

  21. Please read this comment. This bug is very annoying. After eliminating osana im going to report the body but teachers say “not now!” “its class time” etc. I still can report them to the nurse either. Also when speedrunning the rejection elimination method, if you end the day without watching senpai rejecting osana, demo checklist says i didnt to that elimination method.

  22. I had a thought that I wanted to suggest. I feel like Ayano is a little to level headed sometimes. an example would be when she is walking around the school with a box cutter fully extended. I was wondering if some kind of sanity loss could be implemented when wielding weapons in the open (maybe lose scaled by the size of the weapon). this is the same concept, but maybe a sanity loss from seeing a rival near Senpa.

  23. (Sorry if my English sounds a little weird, but I speak in Spanish and I’m using the translator) Since this last update, the option “domestic abuse” does not appear when I want to leave a note to kokona, and if I try to talk to her about another topic, the game does not allow me to speak to her. I don’t know if it’s a mistake, or if I need to do something to be able to leave a note for kokona, but if so, I don’t know how to do it.

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