May 19th Bug-Fixing Build

While I was working on my latest video, I got a lot of bug reports and new assets. I wanted to take care of them as I received them, but if I did that, then my video’s production would have moved at a snail’s pace. So, I had to put all of those tasks aside and save them until after the video was completed.

After uploading the video, I finally got the opportunity to start working on all of the tasks that had piled up. And as of today, I’ve finally finished getting through them all!

Most of the changes in the latest build are just bug fixes and aesthetic changes, but it’s important to me to make sure that the latest version of Yandere Simulator is as stable as possible, because there might be a large gap of time between this build and the next. That’s because my next task will be to do what I talked about in my most recent video – demonstrating my ability to put 10 rivals into the game in a timely fashion. How do I intend to do that? Well, I still want to keep my plans a secret for now, but I think a lot of people are going to enjoy what I have planned.

In the meantime, you can read a list of the latest changes by scroll down beneath this super badass artwork of Ayano’s Light Music Club costume, drawn by Johaui!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed “dead-alive glitch” that would happen if the player initiated an emergency shower in the science lab immediately after a student council member realized that Yandere-chan was responsible for murder.
  • Someone asked for the ability to turn off the FPS display on the right side of the screen, so I’ve added this option to the Settings menu. You can toggle it on or off whenever you want.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Raibaru from traveling to the Martial Arts Club if the player told her to visit the club while Raibaru was talking to the rooftop with Osana.
  • During the “Lilium Mode” easter egg, a helmet was supposed to appear on Yandere-chan’s head, but it wasn’t appearing, due to a bug. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to check for a note at the wrong locker, while facing the wrong direction, after being told there was a note in their locker.
  • Fixed bug that caused female Sleuths to fail to generate the right daily routine if they were aware that Yandere-chan had committed murder earlier in the week.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible to access Kokona’s befriend/betray sidequest, even though it wasn’t supposed to be included in the demo.
  • The “Sabotage” option is no longer available for sinks inside of the bathroom – only for drinking fountains in the hallways.
  • Fixed bug that would break Osana’s routine if she became distracted while she was making a playlist for Senpai on Friday.
  • Fixed bug that caused the “cauterize” option to appear when holding a blowtorch near a student wrapped in a garbage bag.
  • Osana will no longer perform her “make a playlist for Senpai” event if she was already eliminated earlier in the week.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent students’ voiced lines from playing while they were checking their lockers for notes.
  • During the Alphabet Killer Challenge, students were not using the proper routines. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that reset the game’s graphical settings to default every time the player started a new save file.
  • The “Send Student Home” feature is no longer an aspect of Mission Mode, since it was too overpowered.
  • Fixed typo which implied that one of Info-chan’s Bounties would pay out 2x as much as it actually would.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to report a corpse to the P.E. teacher or nurse.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Flame Demon’s flaming dagger from working on Raibaru.
  • Stink bombs no longer affect Osana when she’s waiting under the confession tree.
  • Replaced the computer stations in the computer lab which much better models.
  • Sleuths will no longer follow you into the locker room while investigating you.
  • Stink bombs can no longer interrupt a mind-broken slave’s murder animation.
  • Updated the appearance of the chair that kidnapped victims are tied to.
  • Updated the model of the tea house in on the east side of the school.
  • The stalker’s sister has a new character model and hairstyle.
  • Minor aesthetic changes to a few characters, like Ryuto.

Titan Mode Update

The “Titan Mode” easter egg is one of the game’s oldest easter eggs (perhaps THE oldest?) and is a part of the game’s legacy and identity. However, it lacked any sort of cool functionality, like most of the easter eggs that came after it. So, aside from its initial shock value, it didn’t provide a lot of fun. I recently finished watching Attack on Titan season 4, which re-awakened the AoT fanboy that was hibernating inside of me, so I decided to update the Titan Mode easter egg a bit. Here are the changes:

  1. Yandere-chan’s clothing has been updated from a recolored school uniform to the ODM gear that the characters wear in the 4th season of the show.
  2. Yandere-chan can now fly around with the A button (or E key). Unlike the characters from the show, Yandere-chan doesn’t use grappling hooks to fly; just a steam-powered jetpack. It may take some getting used to, but after you adapt to it, you might find it to be a lot of fun!
  3. Yandere-chan now dual-wields a pair of Anti-Titan swords. You can swing them using the X button (or F key).
  4. Titans now come in varying sizes, and are distributed around the exterior of the school building.
  5. You can now kill titans by attacking their napes, just like in the show.

I strongly recommend using a gamepad for this one! I predict that trying to attack titans while flying around in three dimensions will be difficult with mouse+keyboard.

Of course, since it’s just a silly little easter egg for fun, the gameplay isn’t as refined as what you’d find in an official Attack on Titan game, but I’m still pretty happy with how it turned out. It’s always really satisfying when you envision something in your mind, then make it become a reality.

After hearing about the Titan Mode update, you might be thinking, “YandereDev! You just released a video about all the problems that resulted from getting side-tracked during development, and now you’re telling us you just spent your time updating an old easter egg?!” But, please, relax. This is probably the last time I’ll add or edit an easter egg for a long while. Now that I’ve gotten it out of my system, I feel ready to turn my attention to that “Putting 10 rivals into the game in a timely fashion” plan that I mentioned at the end of my next video. In fact, let me say a few words about that:

What’s Next?

I am super eager to jump straight into the development of that “10 rivals” surprise I talked about recently. However, there are still a handful of minor improvements I want to make to the game. If I don’t make those improvements now, then they’ll have to wait until after the “10 rivals” thing is in the game. It’s a little difficult to predict exactly how long that will actually take, so I feel like I should take care of those minor improvements sooner rather than later.

An audio engineer provided me with a ton of sound effects to include in the game, but I never took the time to add them because they always felt like a lower priority than gamepay-related tasks. Players have asked for a bunch of quality-of-life improvements that I strongly agree with. I planned to give each member of the Martial Arts Club a task, but haven’t done it yet because I’ve had a hard time finding the perfect voice actors for the characters. Just a bunch of miscellaneous stuff that has been on my to-do list for a long time.

As of now, my plan is to release just one more build, and then launch myself entirely into the “10 rivals” task. While working on the “10 rivals” feature, I probably won’t be able to release any new builds until the feature is complete, since I wouldn’t want people to see it half-finished or try to leak/spoil things. So, there might be a long gap between the next build and the one that comes after it. However, that wait will definitely be worth it.

I hope you’re going to love what I have planned! Thank you for your patience, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

95 thoughts on “May 19th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I kinda experienced the wrong locker note glitch and emailed yandev but im not sure if he read it

  2. Mr.Dev.
    What if you make the bookbag more useful instead of a bag where you only transport the radio?
    For example, you can insert knifes, screwdrivers, scissors and the syringe. And if they’re bloody, you’ll need to wash off the weapon and the bookbag, adding another object you can wash in the Home Economics Room.
    This would be a more sneaky way to hide a weapon instead of hiding it in an imaginary pocket inside YanChan’s skirt.

  3. Yandere Dev, I wanted you to have a wheelbarrow in the garden club in Yandere Simulator, as the wheelbarrow would help to load some bodies, maybe you can load just 2 bodies in the wheelbarrow, and I could also carry dismembered bodies in the wheelbarrow, and you could put a garbage bag covering the normal bodies and dismembered bodies, the player would need to be from the garden club to have the wheelbarrow, that’s my idea, I hope you see my comment!

    • To build off this idea and what we get in the game lore. What about the Gardening Club being seen doing more than water the potted plants and walking in the Gardening Club area?

      My idea would be that they also tend to the bushes and trees, which would add a new weapon to the game, hedge clippers. Not only that but it adds more in depth patrol routes, as they would also tend the maze, so no more freely hiding a body in there. But wait! There’s more!!

      I think it would be cool, like the added buildings suggestion by YanDev in a previous video, but what if they are seen planting new things around the paths and walk ways? Presenting two new objects for game mechanics! The first would be those little yellow flags you see for marking areas for gardening, you can move these around or take them away to prevent/delay them from planting in certain areas. They would have color coded flags, for different types of plants, and Ayano could replace them or make suggestions if she’s in the Gardening Club.

      It would provide better coverage in areas. It’s another level of organic gameplay. But it also introduces the trowel, a new weapon, but could also be used to plant/unplant things to sabotage the Gardening Club and keep them away from certain areas. Plus Engeika is seen with a trowel in her cover image, yet there’s none available, so I think it’s a good addition.

    • I think he could use fertilizer bags instead since its the gardening club and garbage bags would be suspicious!

  4. Hey dev, does the martial arts dummy have something to do with the task of one of the members or is it just different feature that hasn’t been finished yet

  5. Eeeeek! IM excited to see Oka again!! But no rush, YanDev! Im sure we can enjoy this build while waiting for 10 rivals! I never knew how it was like coding, so take your time, no rushes at all!!

  6. yandere dev … i have a question for you!

    After entering the game and entering Ayano’s room, and buying panties “Skimpy Panties” [in the city during the day]

    when I wanted to use it for damage osana’s reputation ..

    there is an inscription “ you use it only for the room you can not wear it to school ”

    that why?

    sorry if the question is not important ..

    • ah, I see the mistake here! hun, that text is like a lil’ joke! “these panties are for the bedroom, not for school!” is like whoever is saying the text that appears as descriptions is chastising Yan-Chan for even thinking of wearing such “skimpy” underwear to school. of course, you can still wear and use the panties at school.

  7. OKAY I am REALLY excited about Titan mode, and even though you SAID that the next build you release was going to be a bug-fixing build, and still SUPER sad! I cannot wait to see what your plans are to implement the rivals! You’ve put the spark back in my heart for Yandere Simulator, and Daddy YanDev, I WANT MORE! I can’t wait, and I will be here the second you upload it! You have all my support, and my mom’s too because she’s been following the game (albeit not as closely as myself) just as long as I have! Good luck, don’t overwork yourself, and I hope this comment helps you get into the grind! ❤

  8. Here’s what I think is going to happen with is 10 rivals thing,
    I think yandere dev is gonna put in the rivals but with no special events and slowely as the kickstarter is launched, the events will be added so there may be a good ending in sight

  9. I have a question, but when will we be able to actually use the tea house? Maybe for future elimination to use? To get rivals to drink bad tea?

  10. Yandere Dev I propose to make the function of opening clubs using the tool
    When the club disintegrates, it is closed and it can be opened discreetly
    I would really like it to appear in the game!
    And yes, the visual novel “tiny bunny” is very popular in Russia.
    and I would really like you to add them to the game !!
    And what about the new Attack on Titan mod:
    I would like the titans not to crowd and disappear (evaporate)
    because it is very disturbing and there is no such special atmosphere
    something else how about making a closet in the room with a school uniform and clothing options for everyday life?
    Thank you for listening to your luck in life and your piece of art!
    good luck)

  11. I accidentally found a new bug: when I play Mission Mode and kill Nemesis, when I concell her body with the garbage bag, only her hair will be visible.

    • I found an another bug (accidentally again): when I put the blue haired student council girl in multi mission or in normal mission mode and I want to fire her, it always says that she’s distracted, even if she’s not.

  12. Hey, I have been experiencing a bug lately and it has been messing me up a lot when i play. when i kill too many students, or rather when im in the middle of cleaning up all of the bodies, my game breaks and i cant pick anything up, use anything, or pause the game. help?

    • A lot of people have reported a bug that prevents Yandere-chan from being able to attack anyone, but I’ve never been able to replicate it.

      The steps to replicate the bug are always…

      1. Kill a specific set of students.
      2. Wait until a specific time of day.
      3. Yandere-chan will be unable to attack any more characters.

      But, when I follow those steps, the bug doesn’t happen.

      There are probably some crucial details being left out here. How did the characters die? Were their bodies incinerated, or just hidden in garbage bags? How did you pass time? Did you go to class, or just wait for time to advance naturally? I suppose I need a lot more details.

      If you could record a video of the bug occurring, starting from the beginning of the day, then I could see everything you’re doing and replicate the bug exactly. You could either e-mail it to me or post it here.

      • Same glitch happened to me when I tried the Genocide Route a couple times and by the cleaning time, I could no longer pick up items. For my first try, I used scissors to kill students, carried garbage bags with me to hide bodies, joined the science club to have the cleaning robot. On my second attempt, I used a blunt weapon and carried it in a bag, and carried garbage bags to hide the bodies.

        On both tries, I either disposed of the bodies in the sewer or in the Science room acid. I never attended class. I would just use the pass time feature and wait a while for lunchtime to start, and same again till cleaning time. It’s was right around when cleaning time would begin that I couldn’t pick up the garbage bags or anything. After it happened on my second attempt, I just gave up and quit. I might try to record it some time if I have the patience to try again and don’t rage from making a mistake to get game over. 😂

      • I too experienced this bug following the genocide route. The genocide route I used was modified to include recent updates and bug fixes. For me, it began after 8 or when class would start. It would start with not being able to kill anyone then not being able to carry bodies or pick up any sort of item. It’s been a while since I’ve tried to get the genocide ending because it would take me up to 2 hours to get to the point where the bug would happen and I started to think the genocide ending was no longer in the game. If it’s any help I believe I have some notes from when I last tried to do get the genocide ending. I’m not sure if I could record the process because my laptop has enough problems trying to run any sort of game but I would be happy to try.

  13. For The New Feature Of Titan Mode on PC, the duel blades don’t swing at all, it doesn’t matter which key I use.

  14. got no questions but i love your game so much!! cant wait to see how it all turns out in the end, i cant donate money at the moment, maybe in the summer i can but what i can give u is my support and trust me when i say we’re all excited for whats coming up!!

  15. I have a suggestion for the Art Club:

    What if the player could paint blood and leave an empty bucket near, so that students would presume that one of the club members dropped that there and at cleaning time students would clean up the blood for you.

  16. Yanderedev Yanderedev! I tested out Titan mode today and for sure it’s a really difficult to control using mouse and keyboard, heck it’s almost impossible not to fly out the map or bump into the fence and be stuck mid air forever- However it looks really cool, hopefully I can play it properly next time

  17. Hi yandere dev I’m back. So, I wanted to ask you that can you please add the hair of ayano when we hold right click mouse, in front of the mirror? the mirror near rooftop on the west wing i think, because When i do that ayano is bald in front of the mirror, and it makes me laugh Idk why. thank you 🙂

  18. Hey Yandere Dev! I know that stealth missions outside of the school will probably escalate in difficulty, so will the music get more intense? In the stalker’s house, the parents will notice you and tell you to leave, and the daughter will scream for her parents. Will there be NPC’s who will chase Yandere Chan if they find her sneaking around a certain location? Say if you had to sneak in a building with security, would a guard chase you if they spotted you? Could you get different endings in stealth missions like being arrested?

  19. I felt so sad when I read “Fixed bug that made it possible to access Kokona’s befriend/betray sidequest, even though it wasn’t supposed to be included in the demo.” I didn’t know it was a bug and I literally tried that quest 2 days before this new build. at least I got to try it ;-;

  20. Honestly the garbage bags always seem to cause Glitches. Even when using them for murder and doing everything right so the police won’t get called. For certain eliminations they still do and it glitches you in the ‘how many bodies found’ in the police sequence seen. Then you have to exit out of the game to get out of the glitch. Love the work that your doing YanDev!!!❤️

  21. YandereDev, I am quite impressed with everything you have done so far. Even to the minor bug fixes to the Quality of life improvments. I understand the hardships and difficulties you had to go through while making this game. I also understand the abuse and the horrible treatment some people have been giving you. But please don’t give up hope and motivation in building this amazing game. Many people support you and want you to keep showing your talent. You have my and other peoples’ support! Keep doing what your doing, man!

  22. i feel like there should be an easter egg related to My hero academia cause that’s a really popular anime

  23. Great job Yandere Dev as always. Also put “persona 5” and an “Anime game character” and his weapon, could you make this easter egg? You can only do this if you have time left.

  24. There is a bug with the leader of the sports club: at lunchtime, all the members sit on the right bench, but he sits in nothing right in front of the pool and always comes back there when I lure him.

  25. Hey, so if you put the headache poison in Osana’s bento on Monday, after she gives Senpai his bento n they are eating, by giggling on either side along the railings, when she tried to run to the nurse’s office she actually runs into Senpai.

  26. Hiya YandereDev!
    So uh….I actually thought about this and wanted to tell you about it. So basically, since you will work on the 10 rivals goal, why not give you a rival elimination concept? Here’s the thing: Whenever we want to go outside of school, we can’t (unless by using bugs). It always has this red static blocking us from going. So I have this thought: for a rival elimination method, why not let the player (Yan-Chan) go outside of school to eliminate a rival or something? I honestly don’t know much. You’ll have to watch this video to understand it properly:

    Mida Rana’s Elimination Method Concept:
    So yeah…please watch it if you have time!

    Thank u for reading! And also…
    Best of luck to you and your game, YandereDev!

    • I’ve considered it, but it would drastically expand the scope of the game even further than it has already been expanded, and would result in further delays. I might consider it after 10 rivals are in the game, but it’s too early to promise it right now.

      Cool video, though!

  27. i can’t join the delinquents even though i’ve done all the tasks, changed persona to tough, and dyed my hair blonde. was there an update where you can’t join them anymore?

  28. I framed Osana for murder, then made a new save file and pushed Osana off the rooftop. (I didn’t dispose of anything.) When I checked the demo checklist, It implied I that didn’t push her off the rooftop. When I saw that I was very confused.

    • First, beat the demo. Then, after returning to the title screen, enter the Extras menu. Type “debug” into the text field. Then, start a new game. You will then have access to debug commands and easter eggs.

  29. I stumbled upon a bug/glitch that was actually in the previous build too, when I kill a student (I was using the knife) me and the person I kill get pulled back.


    ok so

    1. get rid of raibaru

    1. you make horuda snap and target osana

    2. giggle or talk to osana so she slow down on her routine(u shouldnt let her change her shoes)

    3.lure osana in between the 1st row of lockers and the 2nd row before she changed her shoes until 8:10

    4. keep luring her with giggles and keep her away from other students

    5.let horuda kill osana and then lure a phone addict to the crime scene

    6. let her call the police

    7.get rid of the 2 corpses, the blood and murder weapon and wait till police comes

    Then it will will say the police arrived and found multiple corpses on the school grounds and it will repeat that and won’t let me continue

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