How does YandereDev feel about Yandere Simulator being in development for 7 years?

This video took much more time to produce than I expected, and also turned out much longer than I expected; it’s 24 minutes and 45 seconds long! I think this is my second-longest video, right behind the 35-minute-long “Making Senpai Reject A Love Confession”.

Why is it so long? Well, I guess it’s because there’s just a lot I wanted to say. This video covers a very wide range of topics; I share an anecdote from early in the game’s development, I talk about how my approach towards the game’s development gradually changed over time, I talk about how my priorities shifted over the years, I talk about the influence that YouTube had on the game, I talk about my mistakes and my regrets, I talk about the Yandere Sim community, I talk about how I feel after working on one project for seven years, I talk about the reasons why I haven’t launched the crowdfunding campaign and the obstacles that probably jeopardize the campaign’s success, I talk about the misinformation swirling around the game, and I talk about for my plans for the immediate future.

I apologize if you’re disappointed that I’m coming to you today with a video where I talk about my ~feeeeelings~ instead of coming to you with a video announcing new features and progress…but sometimes you just need to stand up for yourself, speak up in your own defense, and address some issues that are difficult to talk about.

Within the next few days, I’ll release a build with a few minor bug fixes, and then, I’ll probably launch full-steam into my next goal: Demonstrating my ability to put 10 rivals into the game in a timely fashion. This is only one step of many steps I’ll need to take in order to give the crowdfunding campaign a shot at succeeding, but that’s the way things have to be done; one step at a time.

If you’ve been following the game’s development for a while, you may remember the time in 2020 when I stopped releasing builds for a few weeks in order to prepare the biggest update the game had ever seen – the addition of Osana. We may be headed towards another large gap between updates, while I prepare the big surprise that I mention near the end of this video. (A significant amount of progress has already been made, I’m very proud of how it’s shaping up, and I hope you’re going to love it!)

Thank you for your patience with me, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

88 thoughts on “How does YandereDev feel about Yandere Simulator being in development for 7 years?

  1. Here’s one thing I think you should talk about as a way to clear things up on your part, which is the whole game scam thing. There’s supposedly this new MMO game coming out called DreamWorld, which many people can tell that it’s a scam and have already made videos of it, just like how people claim that this game is a scam too. I wonder if you could compare the development of this game to the development of DreamWorld as a way to see the difference and prove that Yandere Simulator is not a scam game like DreamWorld is.

    • hmm… i feel like that isn’t too great of an idea just because I suspect the same people accusing yan dev are the same that are actively accusing dreamworld

      • What about some notable YouTubers who have already analyzed DreamWorld? I haven’t seem them talk about Yandere Simulator and how it’s a scam game yet, like Josh Strife Hayes.

  2. I support you no matter your decision. I hope everything works out. I have spoken up many times, battling the misinformation, and I will continue to do so. It doesn’t take much digging for people to see the misinformation about you is ridiculous.

    I can’t wait for whatever comes next, obviously I can, and encourage you to take whatever time you need. There’s no need to force yourself to churn out anything you wouldn’t be proud of. We support you and I know when the time comes I will donate! Keep your head up YanDev!!

    • You also have to understand that if you don’t finish the game, people will think that you won’t finish your next projects either and they won’t support him. 😦

      • everyone needs breaks you cant expect him to work nonstop and make good progress without relaxing and recharging your batteries

      • I have known bigger companies with bigger teams and budgets take longer than this. The fact he’s at this stage in 7 years? It’s amazing.

        Plus he’s not a robot. He needs breaks, healthy time away from work, or else you can endanger your own mental/physical health. Any good doctor would tell you that. Why do you think there’s a regulated amount of shifts you can take at your job? Why do you think there are laws? Because it’s just not healthy to work work work. You need breaks, you need to have a healthy schedule, and you need to take care of yourself. I once knew a woman who nearly worked herself to death, literally, she had to take time off after she landed herself in the hospital. It’s no joke.

        And not to mention the game wouldn’t be half as fun as it is today if he didn’t take this long. People like to rag on him but it’s honestly one of the most fun games I have played in a while. I genuinely enjoy my time playing this game, discovering new things, or even the funny bugs. Like bald Shiromi had me rolling.

        So it’s not all that bad. I once followed the development of a game for 12 years. It’s not that bad.

  3. Really proud of you and the progress you have made for the game. I’ll support you no matter what

  4. I am super excited for the full game to be released and I am even more thrilled to hear that dev is working to get all 10 rivals in and complete the game in a timely fashion. Just remember to take breaks if you need to.

  5. I think you have been doing a good job on this game YandereDev. From when I started following the project, I came in a couple years in development, and I played around with the mechanics. I had no idea how many cool things were in the game or how much it had changed until I went though all your old videos.

    I think your method of watching people play the game and implementing changes based on that is the best way to develop the game. Some may call it feature creep, but this is not a AAA game with a budget and shareholders looming over the project, nor is it a project with a crazed visionary who is sinking the project with needless garbage. I will use two other games with long development times I am watching to illustrate my point.

    Rodina is a game also being developed by one guy. It does not seem to have the same scope and ambition as YandereSim either. The Dev Elliptic Games takes so long to make updates, sometimes I wonder if it will ever get done. I do not mind though, because that person is in a position where they work on the game in their free time most likely, and they have a small community, so they likely feel less pressure to get stuff done. I like Elliptic Games because they are making a cool game, and I do not mind the wait, because I often forget about the project, then check in from time to time to see how it is doing.

    Star Citizen on the other hand is a bit different. The reputation of Cloud Imperium Games is basically in the toilet with rumours of mismanagement, and Chris Roberts being a visionary more interested in frustrating micromanagement than making good use of the literally millions of dollars raised for the project. The is the only project I am genuinely worried about, yet somehow it continues to make money. All the YandereDev hate should go over there instead. They are better equipped to deal with it too.

    To round things out, YandereSim is nothing like Star Citizen. At all. It is like a sensationalised Rodina, and the biggest threat to the project is not mismanagement, or feature creep, or money, but toxicity. Worse yet, the toxicity is invisible to the community, so if it negatively impacts development, we have no way to know unless YandereDev tells us about it.

    Like Rodina, I do not mind waiting for YandereSim. I do not care how long it is in development, because unlike other games, I get to see this one grow. YandereSim will never be a “Finished product” because the experience I have of the game will mostly be of following it. It is a living thing, like a livestream, as opposed to a youtube video. It is something I can be a part of and interact with, and not just a finished product. Also like a livesteam, it will end. I also look forward to it being a finished project and enjoying what becomes of it. I actually regret not commenting more on YandereDevs updates, or being more active part of the community, because if everyone were like me, the project would not be as good.

    Though this video mentions that YandereDev does not want this game to be the only thing he does. I feel as if this game will be the only thing he is known for, so I see how despite how fun it may be to be a part of, or how educational it is, it must feel very confining to be only able to work on this one game. Imagine being forced to play only a single game for years. I could not do it, no matter how good the game is or how fleshed out it is, I need variety. I will come back to the game later.

    So I want what YandereDev wants. I want the game to be finished. I want it to succeed, and I want it to be fun, and filled with cool things that show the attention to detail as well as the passion that went into the game. When people reference games as art, they mostly talk about assets; music, models, writing et cetera. What I see in this game is a journey, with each feature having its own story, like Kokona Haruka. She serves a purpose little more than to fill the school with anther body, but her role as an early test rival makes her inclusion more meaningful.

    Therefore I believe in the project, and I believe in YandereDev, and why I will help fund the project. Even though my computer to too crap to run the game anymore, I have had enough value to justify the money, even more so than some full releases. I look forward to seeing how the game continues to develop.


  6. I still to this day cant understand why people dont pay attention to all the hard work yanderedev has gone through, I’ve been playing this game since it initially started and he has come a long way from how it originally started it’s not a game where its story told only, you can do honestly anything you want in the game which I find unique and really fun, I honestly dont care how long this game will take to finish, I know for a fact I’ll be buying this game the second it releases,

    I want you to see this yanderedev, it will be difficult but I know you will get through this, and I’ll support your other projects as soon as yandere simulator is complete

  7. YandereDev, I honestly think that after everything that has happened to you, when you finally finish the game, or at least when you have the time, you should seek some therapy. What you have gone through is absolutely terrible and horrific. No one should go through that. And I can tell you’re almakt denying how you feel and the affect it’s had on you fully as to not paint a “victim” narrative. Even though, you are a victim. I know what it’s like to put up with stuff like this and leave these thoughts unchecked. No fan wants YandereSim finished as much as me, but is it worth it when you’re wallowing in these dark thoughts after many years of persistent bullying? I am concerned, and I am sure many others are.

    Sigh, I feel I should say more, but I don’t know what to say. Just… please consider therapy. It will help you. It really helps. Just please look out for yourself.

    As a side note, I’m so excited for my Yandere-chan Plush!! I can’t wait!!

    • I’m seriously surprised of how he’s been able to cope with the hate for so long, or if he is at all. Bottling up emotions is NOT healthy though

      • yeah, i feel like people underestimate the power even a few hate comments can have. and yan dev getting so many must’ve put a huge dent in his mental health. i hope he is/has found a way to cope with all the pressure

  8. Seeing the dance dance revolution game in the video reminded me of something I wanted to talk about, the style of the arrows is a bit boring, and the mechanics are clunky. Have you played Friday Night Funkin? One of my favorite Rhythm games. It’s not a priority obviously, but that game could be used as an idea of how to improve the mini game. Different colored arrows as well as the charting of the arrows.

  9. “Demonstrating my ability to put 10 rivals into the game in a timely fashion.”

    Ten rivals or ten weeks proper? If you know whats good don’t go trying to make the side content look good by making the rivals look bad.

      • Hey. I just wanna tell you that even in the end, there always be gremlins and bullies. You just gotta keep going because the gremlins and bullies are just trying to get in you head. I hope you take a break soon. Go YandereDev Go!

  10. Honestly, nothing but love to you. What you did so far is amazing and it’s so sad how many people believe all the misinformation. You are doing amazing. I’ve been following the games developement for about 4 years now and it never bothered me that there are not all the time new rivals. What you did with the game is amazing and just watch it being developed over the time is wonderful.
    Thank you.

  11. I absolutely love the game so far and I think you did an amazing job! I also believe that creating that amusement park wasn’t a step away from the goal, but, in fact, a way to make the game more interesting, fun and replayable.
    I also have a suggestion that can make the game even better: Raibaru should be Osana’s second suitor. The matchmaking route doesn’t have any voice lines and only 3 or 4 animations, some of which probably can be replaced with existing ones, so it shouldn’t be very hard to implement. This will have several benefits though:
    1. Provide a reasonable explanation why Raibaru’s following her everywhere.
    2. Give the player a choice as to who they want to matchmake Osana with.
    3. Raibaru will now have a task (to get her a headset). Completing this task would allow players to matchmake her with Osana, but not to make her do favors for Ayano since it would make the game too easy.
    4. Changing the code to not restrict matchmaking by gender will come in handy if the endless mode is implemented.
    5. This way yandere simulator would have some actual in-game LGBT representation (Let’s be real, Taeko is a stretch goal that may not be reached and there aren’t any in-game mentions of Info-chan being asexual and Shiromi not bound to our mortal labels).
    6. This will debunk the “Yanderedev is a homophobe” claim.
    7. Some people who want representation may be reluctant to support a game where it’s only a hypothetical feature dependant on Taeko, thus making Raibaru Osana’s suitor can be just what they needed to decide in favor of supporting the croudfunding campaign.
    8. Many people ship Osana and Raibaru and this would make them very happy.
    I hope you would at least consider adding this. Lots of love and support from Ukraine!

    • I stan this comment. Honestly I reaallllyyyy want this to be implented. Yandere dev is often called hmph-b^c and this can ruin the claim! Yes students of lgbtq+ don’t come out until gradution, buuuuutttttt we could do something so Raibaru trusts us and they could have a secret relationship, with only us knowing it! I mean the rivals are bi, so why not take an advantage.

      Also I find it funny how you said “Shiromi is not bound to our mortal labels” lol

  12. It’s impressive how you are still developing Yandere Simulator after 7 years! It’s literally so inspiring! I have been supporting this game since 2014 and I am already ready to support the crowdfunding campaign! Keep up the great work!

  13. I’m very proud of the way he worded all this. Couldn’t have done a better job myself. If this won’t change people’s minds, they’re not worthy of enjoying the game haha. But jokes aside, the way he reflected on himself is very impressive. Even if it took him some time to get here.

  14. Is there a time of year the suprise is guarenteed to be ready? I know you can’t estimate exact dates, but is there something like it’ll be ready before July or something?

  15. Nothing but love to you YandereDev. You have done amazing work. Once the crowdfunding campaign is an option, I will donate immediately. You have my full support.

  16. look yandere dev, I like ya game and we both have a similar goal. I understand if the game takes awhile and I do like some of the choices you make for the game, I don’t this we’ll ever know the real real you but I’m gonna say, don’t give up! I do think you should add a female senpai/ male ayano and the custom rival idea i do really like. Good luck with a game, I’ll be keeping a close eye on it

  17. Everything that needed to be said about this game was said in this video. I am very happy already with how the game has progressed (I have followed it for seven years, if not played it) and it makes me happy to know that there is a community of people who are amazingly hopeful for you and this game, Yandere Dev, even if some of them don’t understand what’s going on very well. Best of hope and luck.

  18. If I had to take a wild crazy guess as to what this surprise it, I’m thinking either a festival event ot a beach event where all teh rivals will be. How better to start then with one of the most iconic, clichew, and cultured cliches of anime?

  19. this video turned out amazing! i normally don’t read, but if you ever did produce audiobooks id totally listen to them. your voice is like, the perfect mixture of serious but also calm. it has it own charm to it LOL

  20. Actually, without the fun Ideas the game isn’t a game. It’s a simulation of a school girl who is ready to kill anyone who dares to love her senpai.

  21. I’m suprised how yandere dev can handle the hate. He is making an amaizing game and i can’t wait to see what he will do in the future. Also i hope the game won’t be too expensive if it will be for money 😀

  22. i have been waiting for the game to be finished for a long time, and i don’t judge you since it must be very … hard to get stuck in something you like … so … i believe in you!

    (I’m from Brazil!! I really like you, yan dev!!
    (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ )

  23. I’ve been thinking about this while watching the video, but I think this should be your last PR video before launching the Kickstarter. I think you’ve said all you can say with these drama response videos. Looking at your like to dislike ratio for “Hate and Shame,” you still have a 70% positive ratio. In that sense, 70% of your audience is still willing to pay for a Kickstarter. Besides, I don’t think any PR video would get that 30% back. In matter of fact, I would imagine that a good chuck of that 30% were never even willing to fund a game like Yandere Simulator. They were probably people who only care about the memes or the drama.

    While you could look at your Patreon dropping and think that less people are willing to spend money for Yandere Simulator, that would be misleading. People in general are a lot more willing to spend a one-and-done thing like Kickstarter. This means that a good chunk of this 70% would be willing to pay for a Kickstarter, even if they aren’t supporting the Patreon currently.

    I could understand the worry that the new people who come in from a Kickstarter would see all this drama and decide not to support the game, and therefore you should make response videos. I think this won’t be the case after making a Kickstarter. The drama, despite everything, is still niche. The memes are probably less niche, but people who actually take the drama seriously are a very small minority, as shown by your favorable like-to-dislike ratios. Actually, if these new Kickstarer people were to find out about the drama, it would likely be from these PR videos and the following drama videos that YouTube recommends.

    I think a new and different strategy would be the best way to promote the Kickstarter. This alternative strategy would entail making videos similar to “Yandere-chan’s Childhood,” “Yandere Simulator Male Rival Introduction Video,” and “Indestructible Rival 2.” Then, you can put videos like these on the Kickstarter page. By doing this, you can promote the game while also keeping the drama contained.

  24. Hi! Just a suggestion, how about you implement the rivals without voice acting or animations and add them later when you get the money? so you just have to focus on the rival’s mechanics, I LOVE! the game and I don’t really care if voices and animations take time to implement ❤

  25. We’re with you all the way Yandere-Dev. I haven’t been much more than a lurker all these years but it’s been a fun ride following all the game’s ups and downs and all the amazing content you’ve added to the game. But most of all I’ve been really inspired by all your hard work and how resolute you are to finish this game. There are plenty of times I’ve felt like giving up on my own dreams and ambitions just because it would be easier. Then I remember that my life’s ambition of getting a novel published is considerably simpler than making an entire video game by yourself, and you’ve stuck with it despite so much unwarranted toxicity. You are a hero to me, Yandere-Dev, and you deserve every opportunity to take pride in this game, this community that you’ve created. And when Yandere Simulator is done I will be eager to follow whatever project you decide to follow next.

    Thank you for the development of Yandere Siumulator.

    P.S. You’d make a fantastic audiobook narrator. You have such a soothing voice.

  26. i’m just waiting for the new the senpai to be a female it would bring a new addition to the game so you can fight for a girl’s love

  27. Actually question so if anybody can reply to this please do so…So basically whenever I get into yandere simulator it says “Revision B” what does that mean and if I can fix it how? also im on windows 10

  28. One thing you can be sure of, if i see Osoro or Megami officially walking through the school, the hollow feeling that dominates my life will be filled. I don’t really care about animations and things like that, if I just see them I can die in peace
    sorry for the bad english, i’m using translate :p

  29. Hey YandereDev! Just a little request. Can you maybe add a quick notification,like a pop up, in the game when you complete an aspect of the demo checklist? Its just really annoying to not know when I completed one and I always have to go back to the main menu to see when I finished one.

    • That would be really useful tbh. It is a bit frusturating eliminating Osana not knowing if a certain elimination is completed in the demo checklist

  30. A few suggestions to make school more lively
    1-Maybe you can add special dialogues to the ppl reacting their friends corpse (kokona and saki etc.)
    2-Maybe theres should be some event that one student matchmaking some other student each week (ryuto and pippi in first week maybe)
    3-Maybe music club or drama club should give a concert or play per week, so it will be difficult to eliminate your rival if youre going to kill her before she confess on friday.
    4-Maybe a special event that which can kokoro expose other bullies
    5-Maybe some students should try to escape from school. I cant find something special for it, but i think its should make game more lively.
    6-Other students should do some behaviours too and student council members should take them to the councelor maybe

    And one question
    We can get rid of student council with gossiping.
    Is that an elimination method for megamis weak or are you going to change it soon?
    Also youre going well! Dont listen others. Youre a human too and you deserving some rest either. Dont feel yourself as a prisoner. We love you! 💜💜💜

  31. Hi yandere dev!

    The gane have come so far from the initial videos. Keep up the good work!

    Now the gameplay as been proven, and the structure solidify, how about evolving the code into a set of editions tools? I have peek at the code during the various bad analysis video, and the main code is really solidly structured, which mean it could be picked appart and repurposed into an interface that would do the sane thing. Being essentially a behavior tree, you could take the behavior and set up into their objects and simply iterate through them to execute, and keep each separate in their characters, esoteric by using scriptable object architecture and leverage unity’s editor to fill the values.

    That would help turn the game into a self sustaining revenue source, where you host mod on a platform and sell extension for the editor, while the community create content, since there is mo other game like that, it would be it’s own niche, and you could use the revenue to invest in other project.

    In the same idea order, why not use the popularity of yandere chan to be your Mario, as in game in different genre that star another version of her, capitalizing on the brand recognition, which would help kickstart the project due to the sizable already existing audience.

      • I regret mentioning the code when the point was all the opportunities an editor bring. Better code won’t change the functionality that exist, and it’s not that terrible even as placeholder.

      • If I could travel back in time, I’d make Yandere Simulator more of a “school editor” where you populate a school with students, click “Go” and watch how the school day plays out – maybe a murder will occur if you designate one student as a yandere and she falls in love with a boy in a relationship.

        However, it’s too late at this point in time to change course like that.

  32. It’ll be okay, YanDev. Don’t push yourself too hard. You did a very good job. Don’t forget to take breaks and take care of yourself much more than your project. Try to ignore all the negativity and always be optimistic. 🤗🤗🤗

  33. Don’t worry, YanDev. It’ll be okay. You did a good job indeed. Try to ignore all the negativity, and always be optimistic. There will always be someone who don’t like you, but don’t let this thing to affect you. And don’t forget to take breaks and to take care of yourself much more than your project, without being afraid that the community would forget you or misunderstand you. You’re human too, aren’t you? Your life is precious too. So… don’t be sad. You have some people who don’t like you, but also you have much more people that like you and your wonderful project (and I am one of them 😁).

  34. you’re doing great keep it up! people tend to look over the fact that ur not a big company with money and a huge team and with everything that’s already in the game, theres definitely no shortage of things to do and the game is coming along extremely well do i don’t get why people are complaining

  35. We support you Yandere Dev, you have done so much for yandere simulator and the community. You are a kind person with his heart in the right place. You are an inspiration to me.

  36. We support you Yandere Dev, you have done so much for yandere simulator and the community. You are a kind person with his heart in the right place. You are an inspiration to me. You are so amazing.

  37. You’re dealing with a ton of bullshit and misinformation right now.take your time and restore the faith and trust that you need,i’m sure everything will turn out…ok.

  38. “…if you’re disappointed that i’m coming to you with…”WHAT!?we were never disappointed with what you brought for us and we will never be.your progress is fully always have some if not a lot of support

  39. Please don’t over work yourself! I’m sure everyone agrees with me that your health is more important than this game!

  40. Hi Yandere dev, I want to tell you that i really enjoyed playing this game, I play this when I get bored, stress, etc. I will wait for the final game, I don’t care how many more years it will be released. Well, i only focus on the bugs. Idk if it is a bug but, i realized that when I wanted to poison Raibaru on lunchtime, on tuesday, Raibaru is just talking to Osana, while Osana is eating. So I only can poison Osana, not Raibaru. Can you fix this tho as soon as possible? (Sorry if you think my grammar is bad)

  41. Hi YandereDev I Love The Game and I Desing my Own Customs For Ayano. While Testing the Skins I´ve See thats a Failsure when i send a Mindslave to Amai but why is it so? And Can you please make a advertising for my Instagram Yansim Fanpage with the Links for the Skins there i made? My Instagram Account Name is: @Yandere_Katsumi
    It would please me.

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