April 7th Bug-Fixing Build

Bug fixes have gradually been piling up, so I’ve decided to release a new build with some issues fixed!

To see a list of everything that was changed or fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this super badass artwork of the Yakuza, drawn by Manya-kun!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause the “zoom in on the map” feature to also cause the camera to zoom in on Yandere-chan as soon as the player left the map screen and returned to gameplay.
  • It is now possible to back out of a socializing/gossiping interaction, and end the interaction without making any statements to the student you’re talking to.
  • Updated the “social interaction / gossip” interface to make it more clear whether the player is currently performing a positive or negative interaction.
  • Fixed bug that could result in students walking up the northwest stairway to notice Osana’s corpse near the rooftop fan where she could be decapitated.
  • Info-chan’s “Wad of Cash” is now $20 instead of $100, since it was way too imbalanced and trivialized the maid cafe minigame when it was $100.
  • Fixed bug that caused Raibaru to glitch out during Osana’s Tuesday lunchtime event if Raibaru’s reputation was lowered beneath -33 on Monday.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Sakyu and Inkyu’s subtitles from displaying if Osana and Raibaru were having a conversation at the same time.
  • Fixed bug that caused Raibaru / Senpai to become distracted by Yandere-chan crouching, while they were reacting to Osana’s corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Osana’s hair to change on Week 2 if she spent Week 1 as a kidnapped prisoner or mind broken slave.
  • Changed Osana’s routine at Cleaning Time so that she should no longer clip into Senpai while he’s cleaning the school fountain.
  • Fixed bug that would make two “Skip” prompts appear onscreen simultaneously during the Sunday cutscene.
  • Fixed bug that caused club leaders’ voiced lines to overlap as the player went through their dialogue.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Miyuji from properly pathfinding to her destination in the Light Music Club.
  • Fixed bug that caused a kidnapping to count as a “Kill” on the title screen.

This build is actually kind of noteworthy for having an above-average number of changes that were made purely for the sake of aesthetic improvement. Here’s a list:

Purely Aesthetic Changes

  • Updated the texture used by the school’s cherry trees to be closer to the look-and-feel of actual real cherry trees and not over-saturated pink blobs.
  • Completely replaced all of the props inside of the Science Lab so that it looks unique, instead of looking like any other classroom.
  • Fixed bug that caused the outlines on some student portraits to be different widths than other students’ outlines.
  • Fixed bug that made Yandere-chan wear the wrong shoes (outdoor instead of indoor) in the intro cutscene.
  • Updated one of the game’s background tracks, “Schoolday 5”, provided by CameronF305!
  • Updated Yandere-chan’s pajama model and “hair down at night” model.
  • Updated the desk and chair models inside of the A/V Room.
  • Completely re-arranged the props of the Home Ec room.
  • Updated the light music club’s hair textures.
  • Updated Horuda’s hair model and portrait.
  • Updated the art club’s hair textures.
  • Updated the bullies’ hair textures.
  • Updated Uekiya’s hair texture.

166 thoughts on “April 7th Bug-Fixing Build

    • Yanderedev helps me when I kill Amai there comes the police and etc. when and on the next day and I speed up the day my other rival does not appear, but taro / senpai and loves her more but I killed her: {how do I do for my other rival to arrive and I loved the update

      • Does Yandere dev think it would be useful to have a wheelbarrow in the Yandere Simulator?

        1- It has everything to do with gardening.

        2- You can place bodies on it and a maximum of two bodies, and have something to put on top of the bodies while they are inside the wheelbarrow.

        3- The wheelbarrow would stay inside the gardening club’s wooden house and could be accessed if it belonged to the gardening club or if it had something that would give access to the gardening club’s wooden house.

        4- Everyone would think it suspicious that the player would walk with the wheelbarrow that was not from the gardening club, nobody would think that it would be suspicious to walk with the wheelbarrow from the gardening club.

        That’s my suggestion, I hope you enjoyed it!

    • quick question: were the garbage bags and roll of tarp removed from the game? I cant seem to find them anywhere. I’m loving the look of the science lab and that we can have a bookbag!

  1. Can you please give us the option to go to school with yandere Chan’s hair down or up ? I really like her hair down.

  2. When you had reported a bug this morning but then you noticed this build came out and you said it was the latest build when you thought the one you were playing was the latest.. 😅

  3. I found a bug! So I set senpai’s hair to the occult club leaders hair, then the blue eyes, and then took a photo of the used to be placeholder girl and apparently she is my senpai because it has a heart next to it

  4. YanDev I love your work as always and the bug fixes and changes to the game have definitely been great….but when are we going to move on with the next stage of development. The demo is great as-is and I (along with many others) don’t see why there are so many of these bug fixing builds.

  5. I liked the other pajama models better this one is to white for Ayano. The black was better. Please consider bringing it back.
    But love all the other changes.💗

  6. on Wednesday you cant take panty shots on osansas phone no matter how i do it or when i do it senpai still says wow you have a talent for taking pictures. I’ve done it with the scheme from info Chan to and it still doesn’t work

  7. I loved the new designs of the rooms, I don’t want to be boring, but taking advantage of the fact that some old models are improving, I would like to make a suggestion, how about changing the kitchen club a little, changing the pink to a color that suits Amai, also because was one of the first clubs and did not receive many changes

      • I can, it failed the first time after (nod kidding) taking about two to three hours to download. I did try again and it worked, but it was still very slow. It might be becuase of assets or something, but I don’t know much about game design so I really can’t say.

      • Okay, fixed.

        But, just for the record, copy-pasting the url instead of clicking it would have been an alternative way to reach the download…

  8. Yandere Dev you did a great job as always.Yandere Dev I have questions for you. Will the rooms you upgrade be used by students? Will some empty rooms be deleted? Could you slightly change the routines of all students? Because in this way students can to go about the rooms you have updated. During class hours for example: Monday class at school at 08:00, After lunch the students in my class and my teacher go to the science lab to work on chemistry. I mean use the routine of all students and teachers. don’t make them attend class all the time, use all the rooms you have created calligraphy room, home economics room, science lab, audio visual room etc. so they can go to these places

  9. So wait if Osana is a mondbroken slave and/or kidnapped what is she supposed to look like or do during week 2 and beyond

    • this is just my speculation, but i think she’ll just stay in your basement tied up if you kidnapped her, and if you made her a mindbroken slave id asume she’d just hang out where she always spawns when you bring her to school

  10. Love the new fixes and additions yandere dev! I’m not sure if these have been fixed or not yet, but I’ve had 2 bugs occur recently:

    1. I eliminated Osana using the matchmaking method, but it appeared as if I had done the attack method on the main menu

    2. I poisoned Osana’s bento on Monday and I was waiting on the rooftop for her to die. but in the middle of her poisoned animation Raibaru discovered a corpse i had forgotten to dispose of on school grounds and rushed up to tell Osana. Osana immediately stopped her animation to leave school with Raibaru and Senpai, causing her to live another day.

    keep up the great work!!

    • also, forgot to mention, but i have a suggestion. Sense the delinquents are against following the rules, i thought it would be cool if they didn’t change into their indoor shoes in the morning and stayed in them till class, then they’d change before class out of fear of getting in trouble. just a suggestion though!

  11. I have an idea you could share rumors across the whole school with the A/V room but once you do a teacher will notice and come up to send you to the councilor

  12. I really love Ayano’s new pj’s, but the colour of it doesn’t match her personality at all. I think with a black and grey colour would match Ayano’s aesthetic, as well as her personality.

  13. Yass another update!!!
    Could Senpai’s portrait change if he has been customised, as well as Osana’s suitor, the gaming club member and the bully if they change their appearance?

  14. Since you can change hairstyles only with a debug, I figured out that you could add an option to change hairstyles by the mirrors: a ponytail from the sides and loose hair. What do you think?

    • I agree also there should be more hair colors then blonde just for fun also i wish you could join the bullies

  15. hello yanderedev i had an idea for the game: when a teacher discovers a body she could have different reaction is more than one! Example: The teacher would ask the student who found the body to ask a student council to find the weapon or if it is a student council who discovered the body she will do it automatically the student council then ran in all the rooms where the teacher could ask to look for a possible suspect to find the murderer which would add an additional difficulty for the player! It’s just a concept something needs to be changed in my concept but here’s the idea

  16. Hi Yandere Dev. 🖐️ How are you ? If you’re okay, then I’m okay too. 😊
    I know that fans, who watch your wonderful game, can leave you suggestions for your game, sooo… I thought I’d give it a try. 😁
    I don’t have too many suggestions, but I’ll leave them to you anyway. 🙂

    1. When Ayano kills her own teacher, the message that she is „Late For Class” should no longer appear, because… it looks a bit strange. 😅

    2. Also related to the teachers in the game: when Ayano kills all the teachers in the Faculty Room (including the Gym Teacher and the Nurse), the next day, when they will be commemorated, there should be a veeery tinyyy cutscene where the HeadMaster introduce, in front of the students, the new teachers. Like „Dear students, since you all already know the… incident… that happened yesterday with our precious old teachers, we will always have them in our hearts and no one and nothing will be able to replace them. That is why, dear students, I present to you your new teachers” (and the new teachers introduce themselves, or something like that 😅).

    3. When Ayano socializes with other students and tells them what they like / hate, it should be a animation in which, if Ayano said something that the student liked, the student would smile or clap like a small child, or if Ayano said something that the student did not like, it should be an animation in which the student has a sad face, or he back off a little and leaves his head „on the ground” disappointed.

    Well… That’s all the suggestions I had. I hope you’ll see them. Au revoir. 🖐️🖐️

    • 4. Suggestion for Genocide Mod: to activate this mod, Ayano should kill all students and teachers, right ? What if Ayano should dispose their bodies too, and then the Genocide Mod will begin. This way I think it would be much more challenging. :3

      • Also, I kinda noticed that when Ayano kills the Science Club Members, when she concell their bodies with garbage bags, their white costume is still vissible.

      • Also, I noticed that when Ayano has in her hands the garbage bags and put something in someone’s food, she still have the garbage bags in her hands.

  17. I just tried to play it on mobile and said I had a verified I was a human by downloading two different apps I think that is overkill just to play a game.

  18. Hey dev i was on YouTube and i see a add for yandere simulator for sourcepcgames.com is that some site that allowed to do that

  19. I have a question … now that more rooms have been furnished, will there be teachers for those rooms?

    • I dont see any faculty going in these rooms, only Kurokou Kamenaga. But I dont think the only reason these rooms exist should be for the convienance of the player. What if going to class would trigger a minigame in certain classrooms? Exampes:
      Phys Ed: Track
      Chemistry: Science Lab

  20. Hi! My name is Maxximus, or Xi Plays, and I wanted to make a few suggestions for Yandere Sim.

    1) Maybe for snap mode, before she kills Senpai, she kisses him first then stabs him?

    2) If Senpai and Raibaru is near when you kill Osana, make the closest person react first, instead of Raibaru chasing you and Senpai reacting to give you Heartbroken game over? It’s quite buggy.

    3) Maybe to make things difficult and lively, have people have a crush on each other, and make them confess their love in random parts of the school on random days?

    4) For news players, tell them that every day there’s a new event. It confused a YouTuber when the next day, because Osana didn’t have bentos on the desk.

    5) When the delinquents are eating lunch, instead of shoving you for being too close, when you get close to them and they keep telling you to go away, the fighting mini game starts when the player was annoying them?

    And that’s it! Thanks!!

  21. Hi I have a few suggestions for the game ….

    I was thinking when framing someone for murder you can put a knife with blood/ or whatever murder weapon in the students bag

    & I was thinking putting condoms or other items into the students bag to get them expelled

  22. hey yandere dev idk if anyone experiences this but the game crashes everytime i go to the town or go to the school i don’t know what’s the reason for this but i hope it will be fixed soon

  23. I want to tell a mistakes.

    on the way to the mindslave destination, If we take midnslave’s photo, Mindslave poses and does not kill the target.instead mindslave goes next to the target and sitting on the ground.

    on the south west ladder on the map, Next door to Horuda, the opposite door is inside the wall.

    in the pool storage, leaf passes through the wall next to the door.

    In debug mode, when I teleported to the roof, it is 7:06a.m no matter what time it is.

    In debug mode, when I teleport near the turtle it is 7:05a.m no matter what time it is.

  24. I have something to ask, why if a student finds you acting weird and gives you reputation penalty, and then you kill that student, the reputation penalty is still there, I think that the penalty should return back to how it was before because the student won’t gossip about you bc he’s obviously dead, I’m just saying tho

  25. ive been following your completely unusual but overly incredibly thought out game for a great while now, you have so much potential and so much more interaction with your community! so much more than any other developer out there and its more or less just you my dude! Im use to to puzzles and action sequence games but this is a whole new level its so methodical you are a true machine and the fact you are doing your own vison rather than joining a team (which by god you are overly qualified for) and working on some “AAA” game as they call them you are out here setting a new standard much love my man keep up this passion even if it moves on to a new project someday!!!!

  26. hi yandere dev! love the new update! i found some bugs ranging from this new build to the one right before the last one:

    sometime in early march to late febuary, i encountered 2 bugs;

    1. i eliminated Osana with the matchmaking method, but it appeared as if i had done the attack method.
    2. i eliminated a student and left them on school grounds, decently hidden, but not entirely. it was Monday, so i decided to poison Osana’s bento (using the lethal poision) and waited on the rooftop for her to die. osana began to eat the bento and began her poisoed animation, but raibaru was glitching and was still downstairs, and she saw the body, she told osana about what she had seen (osana still in her poisioned animation then stopped when Raibaru spoke with her) and raibaru, senpai, and Osana left school , causing her to live another day.

    then, i found 2 bugs in both the last and newest build.

    i was on the alphabet killer challenge build and was on Beruma, i killed her but her body glitched around before finnaky clipping under the table, so i wasnt able to dispose of it.

    i murdered a student on the stairwell (i believe it was Ajia) and she clipped into the wall, again causing me not to be able to dispose if it, a student saw and called a teacher on it, the teacher began reacting to it as normal but she was floating next the legs of her corpse.

    finaly, i have a few suggestion:

    1. maybe the delinquents should remain in their outdoorshoes untill class time, so they stay out of trouble. they claim changing shoes is “just a waste of our damn time”

    2. there could be a closet of costumes that act like the raincoat near either the cosplay club or in the stage area of the gym, and each day the cosplay club woukd go inside to talk about costuming for their upcoming play, and then the acting leader would grab a laundry basket from one of the closets in the gym and place the costumes inside, then take them for a wash in the home ec room. during their practice they would wear the costumes, usually a diffrent one each day untill Kizana arrives and directs their play. but the player must meet certain criteria beforegaining this power:

    -they must be in the acting club or the must find a way to steal them when the acting leader washes them by either killing him before hehas a chance to put them in, or stealing them from the closet before they arrive (they will lose reputation and get the same reaction as if they were wearing the raincoat if they arent in the cosplay club

    -they msut befriend the entirety of the club, or else they will not trust the newbie with their clothing

    -theyre reputationmust not be in the dark area, or else the club would fear their costumes being carelessly destoryed

    if anybody witness Ayano murder in this costume, they will tell a teacher about a murderous actor on the loose, if you time your kill at the right moment, and quickly remove and wash or destroy your costume, the teacher will suspect thr acting club instead of you, unless the club saw you put on the costume, they will instead rat you out if so.

    again, these are just my suggestions, and sorry for the long comment, just wanted to report my bugs and get my ideas out, thank you so much for listening and have a great day!


    • sorry for my bad grammer xD im on my phone and my hand eye coordination sucks. and context for my first and third bugreports, i meant it had appeared as the attack elimination on the main menu, and onnthe thurd one i killed her while she was still sitting so thats how she glitched. ps quick question: does using the cloaking device and the sanity pills from the student council room for the alphabet killer challenge count as cheating?

      thanks and sorry!

  27. Hey, so if Ayano equips the weapon case, joins the Light Music Club, also equips the instrument case,, then the weapon case gets stuck to her and only the instrument case can be dropped and picked up. I think we should be able to equip either one of the cases at one time.

  28. Hey Dev! I have 2 questions:
    If Pippi Osu and Ryuto Ipponogo get matchmaked, would they spend their time with each other or gaming?
    Will all the rooms in school have uses for other characters as well? Or is their existence specifically for the player, and nobody else?

  29. I found a “bug” ever since Raibaru was able to walk next to Osana, I find that Raibaru tends to walk around in circles, when she and Osana walk through the front door of the school. Also when the students change their shoes, for the girls who have stockings that aren’t white, would the “foot” part (idk what to call it) match the rest of the stockings, because it looks weird, especially when you are pushing someone off the roof. And can the changing of th shoes for the player be compulsory, since it does violates the school’s uniform, if they don’t. This was mentioned in one of Mikaela Law’s videos, if they do not change their shoes, they would be sent to the guidance counselor.

  30. Hey Yandere Dev, I have been seeing this glitch with the new routines. When everyone is going to class there is at least one or 2 students would just stay there on their phone’s. Its not that big of a problem but when I am trying to dispose of a body with the vat of acid they might get me caught. But, the update is great!

  31. hey yan dev! for some reason, when i try eliminating osana via rejection, i do get her eliminated, but the rejection cutscene does not show. when senpai talks to amai he says she has been murdered and in the title screen you can see her with a knife in her head. i dont know if this happens for anyone else or just me. it has happened in a few previous builds and was hoping it would be fixed. have a great day btw, loving the updates ❤

    • When you say “the rejection cutscene does not show”, what do you mean?

      Are you standing at the tree where Senpai / Osana confess, while Osana is waiting there, ready to confess to Senpai? If you do this, the confession cutscene won’t happen, because a nosy person is standing nearby.

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