The results of the Medibang Art Contest

It’s April 5th, which means that the submission period for the Medibang Art Contest is officially over! So, what now? Will the contest winner be announced immediately?

Nope! Apparently, MediBang has a process for this type of thing. Here’s the timeline that was presented to me by MediBang:

April 6~11: MediBang’s employees will manually check every single entry to check for plagiarism and discard fraudulent entries.

April 12~18: MediBang’s employees will contact the artists who passed the plagiarism check and confirm that they actually respond to communication (it would suck if the winner of the contest is someone who never responds to the “You won!” e-mail from MediBang).

April 19~23: MediBang will select about 30 entries and send them to me, so that I can select the top 3 winners.

Late-April~Mid-May: MediBang will prepare the result announcement page

Mid-May: The results are finally announced!

Although this timeline is a little different from what I imagined, it looks like Medibang is being extremely thorough about making sure the contest results are as legitimate as possible! I’m very thankful to them for taking care of this, so that I can continue to keep my focus on the game.

In my most recent video, I said…

In just a few days, we will arrive at the 7th anniversary of Yandere Simulator’s development. I fully acknowledge that it’s unusual for a game to be in production for such a long time. It’s a subject that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, and I’d make a video to share my thoughts with you. That video will probably come out shortly after I announce the results of the MediBang art contest, which is ending on April 5th.

…now that I’m aware that I can’t announce the results of the art contest until the middle of May, I’ll probably release my “thoughts on working on Yandere Sim for 7 years” video sometime in April, instead.

22 thoughts on “The results of the Medibang Art Contest

  1. Nice to know, I’m really happy you made this art contest, and I know others are grateful for it as well.

  2. This is so exciting! even though I wasn’t able to enter because of school, i’m still so excited to see the amazing art that those wonderful people made. You should really do these type of contests often as it would showcase and help other people to be confident and share their own masterpieces and talent. Amazing job, YanDev!

  3. Yan-Dev, I have a question/criticism

    Nobody in the school goes behind the cherry tree. Nobody in school goes inside the maze or in the bathrooms. Nobody goes in the shower room unless dunked with water, or in the pool pipe room. So how come faculty members discover corpses in these areas? No faculty members go there throughout the day. So how are the corpses discovered? It doesn’t make sense to me, there should be some kind of logical explanation. If a corpse is discovered in a maze, there should be a student who goes into the maze and discovers a corpse. If there’s a corpse behind the cherry tree, a gardener should discover it after watering the sakura tree. The janitors that come into school after the school day ended should have some sort of purpose or acknowledgment. If a corpse is in a bathroom, a cleaner should discover it. And I don’t think it takes much, except some new strings of text. It’s completely fine if you don’t agree with my opinions, I just wanted to point out a feature that felt flawed. No faculty member walks around the maze while walking around the school to collect any lingering students.
    Thank you for listening to my concerns, and this is not hating. You have developed a wonderful game, and it feels like an honor to be able to give the creator of it some guidence. You’re doing an amazing job as a game developer, and you developed a game everyone can enjoy. Keep on doing what you do best, and thank you for listening to your fanbase. You are worth more than you may imagine.

    • In Japanese schools, children are the janitors, what your looking for are probably grounds keepers. At the end of the day, once students leave, it has been explained that they enter the school. To take care of anything the students might have missed.

      While I agree, normally, that teachers shouldn’t be the ones finding certain things. It makes sense. When I went to school, teachers walk the grounds, to make sure there’s no on loitering about. So they can lock up properly. So maybe instead there should be text discribing the groundskeeper, an electrician, a plumber, or maybe even a teacher discovered the body.

      But maybe it wouldn’t hurt if there was someone in the maze?? As I imagine some students might try it out as a test of courage, the gardening club might try to manage it, or a loner student hanging out there to be alone.

      • I see what you’re saying, but no student goes in the maze throughout the day. What if characters with no purpose have *this* purpose?

    • in my opinion it would be appropriate to create a new character maybe the sixth member of the student council I mean the girl with blonde hair and two-tone red and blue eyes who goes to places here if I’m not mistaken her name was Kiyoko Tatsuhara

    • The answer would be something like, “After his experience in 1989, the Headmaster is paranoid about the possibility of a serial killer at his school, so he personally walks through the entire school and looks absolutely everywhere – even inside of the hedge maze – for corpses, whenever all students are in their classrooms.”

  4. Good luck to everyone in the contest. I shot my shot. I did one of Ayano in BNHA. And keep up the good work Yandere Dev! We all believe in you!! ☺️✨

  5. Well, there goes hope for my unpolished entry. Oh well.

    Still, I hope you get to see all of them Yandere Dev. Some of them are really good and some fall within obvious and pathetic trap to just…..well….if things like those were enough to break you then you would’ve stopped posting a long time ago.

  6. this is definitely not related to the medibang contest and more towards the game, but the garbage bag mechanic is something i use all the time, i use it whenever i need to transport a corpse and i would love to see other similar methods of transporting corpses in non-suspicious ways, or in ways at least that draw little suspicion and only lower your reputation when spotted rather than an instant game-over, i also feel the same way towards the book bag and weapon case, but i dont see any other ways to transport items/large weapons and the front of the school is a fitting place for them

  7. Thanks for still working on yandere simulator after all these years and after all the controversy and harassment. And thanks for making the art contest possible!

    It really motivated me to try my hardest when working on my art. And your game is part of what inspired to write, create art, and other things. So yeah, thanks for all you do.

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