April 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

I noticed some things in the game that needed to be fixed, so here’s a new bug-fixing build!

To read a list of everything that is new or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this super badass artwork of Osoro on a motorcycle, drawn by Kjech!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Previously, I decided to put the box of garbage bags and the roll of tarp into a random storage room purely because I didn’t know where else to put them. I’ve decided to move them to the Home Ec room. That room now also contains a bucket, a mop, bleach, and a basin to get water for a bucket. Because it’s also the location of the washing machine, the Home Ec room is now the one place in school with the highest number of useful objects for the player.
  • If you are playing the game on keyboard and wearing a bookbag, the key to drop the bookbag is “6”. This feature was fully functional in the previous builds, but the bookbag key wasn’t marked with a number, so some players didn’t understand how to drop the bookbag. The bookbag key now has a number floating next to it.
  • Yandere-chan now wears different sleepwear when in her room at night, because her previous pajamas were completely out-of-character for her. She also takes her ponytail off at night. (The exact models/textures might be tweaked in the future!)
  • Fixed bug that caused Raibaru to obnoxiously stand next to Osana and try to talk to her while she was waiting under the confession tree or confessing to a boy.
  • Adjusted student pathfinding so that students will no longer get stuck when trying to enter bathroom stalls during Cleaning Time.
  • Fixed bug that caused Raibaru to warn Osana of nearby gasoline even if Raibaru was on the opposite side of the school as Osana.
  • Fixed bug that prevented water/blood/gas textures from appearing on a student’s body when they were splashed with any liquid.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to freeze if the player attempted to gossip about a student who was not present at school.
  • Added more props and decorations to the Home Ec room – but I’ll probably renovate it further in the future.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing students’ shoes from appearing in their shoe lockers at the start of the day.
  • Restored the outlines to characters’ portraits, since a lot of people seemed to miss the outlines.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Occult Club candle to stop burning after it had set someone on fire.
  • Updated the Cooking Club hair textures, since the original ones were overly saturated.

102 thoughts on “April 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. this is a really nice build! but i encounterd a really weird bug while playing the old and this new build osana finishes her conversation with senpai right after i take a picture of him and she doesnt even place her bento and goes straight to the fountain..please fix this!!!

  2. Hey, YanDev, I’ve encountered a bug where senpai and Osasa run into each other after lunch is over and everyone is in class. IDK why, it happened when I was trying to do the genocide ending. (Which having Senpai not be in his classroom was tremendously helpful for me killing everyone lol)

  3. Hi YandereDev! Can you make so if you steal someone’s phone, You can put back in their locker? Just a suggestion! Keep up the great work!

  4. I’m in looooooove with ayanos new sleepwear and hair!
    You are amazing and thank you for developing this amazing game ^^

  5. when will the rival amai be completed? bc its really easy to kill her. i literally killed her in under 2 minutes some others did it in less than a minute.

  6. I love the new sleepwear and everything else! Ty for developing this game
    and a question: where should i comment or send suggestions for the game?

  7. I would like to see more art works of the other rivals… I’m a little tired of seing pictures featuring Osana or Ayano…. Anyway, you’re doing a great job with the game…we appreciate you a lot!!!👍✌️🤞

  8. Yoooo another update! Keep on doing the good work Yandere Dev! Just don’t forget to hear about bugs complaints and our suggestions and we will keep enjoying ur game -w-

  9. Hey yandere dev, did you get my email about the freezing and shutting down stuff? if you did, please fix it or did you already fix it?

  10. YandereDev, when I buy the blonde dye, Ayano’s hair doesn’t turn blonde when when she is in pajamas, but at school and in the city, yes. I don’t know if it’s an error or a bug, but anyway.

  11. I noticed a bug: I killed students with bats, magical wand and the weapon appears bloody and even the backpack and trashcan looks bloody if i put the waepons there

  12. The game is amazing. but I want to say some mistakes.

    Sometimes, when the Student Council Members go to the body with the teacher and when we attack from behind, they somehow notice us and use pepper gas.

    Shozo Kurosawa and Ajia Ashitomi somehow notices the body when there is a body in the area where we squeezed Osona’s head on the propeller.

  13. Hello, I found a “bug” but it does not affect the game at all, it is Ayano’s hair, when she is blonde, at night she has black hair.

  14. I didn’t knew that Yandere-Chan has her hair that long, and the model looks more like Ryoba’s hairstyle. I really hope that model to be repoaced in the future!!

  15. Yandere Dev you can read this comment is important. I can give you these tips Yandere Dev. Will it be possible to steal the custody of the delinquents? Can you put the bags for all the students? Because Yandere Chan can just steal the bags and even use them. And you can take off the custody of the delinquents in the game because it seems strange to me to find the custody of the delinquents in my nearby locker where I change shoes, you can create an “umbrella in the game” that acts as a weapon and you can also “create” an umbrella stand because I have to find this weapon?

  16. Quick Question, does telling the counselor of Osana’s misbehaviors (Per example, having cigarettes’ in her bag) do anything to her reputation? If it doesn’t then that should be implemented.

    • I like your thinking, but I’m not sure the counselor should be used as a tool to damage your rivals reputation. Her main goal is to punish people who misbehave, including Ayano. This can lead to expulsion.

      • I think it should. I mean why would Taro or anyone, besides the delinquents, want to hang around someone who is constantly in trouble? I mean, when I was in school, everyone would subconsciously exclude the trouble students. Because we didn’t want to get dragged into whatever mess they were making.

        So I think that should be an effect. Especially if you start the process too late to completely ruin her reputation enough to be kicked out. There should be some way to organically get her to the suicide/rejection/transfer out route.

        That way it can mitigate frustration from new players and feel completely organic in nature.

    • Hey, let me explain a little further why this should be implemented. Kawaiichan97 made a good point and one reason why it should damage her reputation. Why would someone like someone else who gets into constant trouble? This can also be a way for the player to learn “Hey, I don’t have to follow scripted events to do something and I can mix and match idea’s!”. Yes, I do find the schemes list a type of lower level scripted event. Not saying it’s not extremely helpful, because it is very helpful, but can we mix different ideas together instead of using Yandere Dev’s ideas? Also Perry The Platypus, I think the counselor can and should have more then one thing to her. It can also add a level of hardness to the game. Like per example, “Oh no! I wanted to do this thing with Rival but I can’t because it will make her leave school! I need to find a work around!”.

  17. What if we gave items in Yandere Simulator other uses? 🤔
    Create a mixture to clean up blood
    Poison somebody’s bento
    ()You have to put bleach inside the washing machine in the Home Ec room for clothes to properly be washed
    Fire extinguisher:
    Potentially covering somebody in it? Maybe they would go change, but this is really similar to the falling feature that was removed earlier in development, where you could spill water on anybody.
    Piano in storage room:
    If you played it in front of people, you could get a reputation boost?
    Wooden figure in martial arts club:
    Maybe it could help with (I think biology) and helping to find weaknesses in the human body
    Y’know I really thought I was onto something but nevermind

    • Theory time!

      Wooden body: I think they’re teaching you proper knock out/pressure points to hit. Or maybe to teach you a new move? Maybe the classic anime knock out chop??


      Real talk tho:

      I think the method with bleach would be tedious. Because you would have to separate the shirt, because it would ruin the uniform’s other pieces, so you would have to use color detergent. Which takes longer. I think maybe this could be added in a hard mode?? That would make cleaning your clothes more challenging! 🤔

      But the idea of using it to poison someone is great! It’s more easily accessible than the other methods. Or maybe even ethanol would be a good addition??

  18. I don’t know about you but I thought we were gonna get a Kuudere Simulator 4 where the most requested feature of them all was finally implemented: Kuudere walks around and beats Osana with the Chair

  19. What your next video is going to be about ??
    When are you going to show us the character models crated for yandere simulator ??
    What kind of feature are you working right now to improve the experience of the demo ?? Maybe the clubs’s benefits ?

  20. I don’t know if this is just my game but when i try to take panty shots on osanas phone to make senpai reject her it doesn’t work no matter how I do or what time he just says she has a talent for taking pics even tho i took the panty shots, i followed the scheme to and it still didn’t work.

    • Use a bucket trap to make Osana go to the Girls Shower Room
      Steal her phone
      Switch to her phone when taking your camera out. Do this by pressing shift
      Take a photo of a girl’s panties
      Put the phone back on Osana’s desk. If all that doesn’t work I don’t know what to tell ya

  21. I have found a bug about the save/load function. If you load there spawns a new (invbisible) bloody uniform.

  22. I’m not sure if this is a bug or just happens to me, but when I take a photo of a cooking club member and open their info, It says they don’t belong to any club. Does it happen to someone else ?

  23. I found another bug: the leader of the music club is spinning in the same place in front of the club sofa when classes start. I haven’t looked in another time, but when she enters the club, she spins even if I push her or attract her with laughter.

  24. may I ask why does her hair seem longer being down? and it’s not ’cause the ponytail, like, in school she seems to have her like a little down her shoulders.

  25. I have a suggestion.
    I heard in one of your videos that The Student Council have been told to keep a close eye on Yan-Chan.
    Why don’t you have it if a Student Council Member sends Yan-Chan to the Councilor and she gets a way with it, The Student Council will have faster reaction times and a bigger reaction radius.

    You are going great can’t wait for the next update.

  26. i really don’t…think that Ayano’s long hair is problem,but…it stays the same color after i dyed it blond.could you please fix that?it’s no good…

    • You have to press ‘r’ in the latest build when on the demo checklist screen. Check if you’re on the latest update with the launcher

  27. Cool build,, I came across a couple more bugs.
    When the bullies have changed into their swimsuits at lunch time and then you go to class, you see Hana do the changing clothes animation in class.
    Also, when you sabotage a water fountain (I did the one in front of the cafeteria on the 2nd floor), and give the chips to Hana and Kashiko (after Hana got doused in water I gave it to Kashiko), proceed to the locker rooms, steal Hana’s phone, give it to Info-chan, get it back but you can’t return the phone to her desk and Hana just stands in the locker room.

  28. There is a new bug in the intro of the demo and it is when Ayano says her lines about “something is wrong with me” and hold out her hands in front of the camera to show everyone that her hands are bloody, but her hands are not all bloody, can you fix that bug?

      • No, it’s still the same as yours but I don’t know if you have the latest build of the demo or not, cause there is nothing wrong with it.

  29. Hi!! Meant to send this to you in an email but I feel more comfortable saying it here. I’ve encountered something I call the ‘Senpai’s-Last-Known-Location’ Bug. Here’s how I found it ;
    – I eliminated Osana using the Befriend/Betray method (I chose to befriend, but it should also be noted that I eliminated her once before using the Matchmaking feature and encountered the same bug). Through this, I managed to unlock the Extras menu
    – I restarted the week, then summoned the Ancient Evil. Then I toggled Senpai off so he wasn’t on the school premises.
    – I used the debug commands to kill the students
    – This is where I encountered the bug – while walking around the school, I’d come across Senpai’s last known location and fall into his aura even though he isn’t there. If I toggle him while he’s talking with Osana, the conversation continues.
    I know it’s not of utmost importance since it’s an Extras bug, but it’s kind of frustrating because if I run near Senpai’s spot while holding a corpse or weapon and have to shy around the aura borders to get it back.

  30. Hi YandereDev, I have a query: in the kickstarter campaign it showed that there would be female senpai and a male lead. It means that you will see male rivals or that homosexual relationships such as male senpai, female rivals and male protagonist or all female rivals can be made.
    But there would be a problem with kizana is that there could not be romeo and Julián or Romina and Julieta Although you could change some things in the work to fit

  31. I really enjoy the Yandere simulator, and am looking forward to the full game!
    I remember once you made a video of the rivals as boys. I really would love if there was a version after you beat the original game with a gender-bend version, and playing with senpai.
    I also wish the mission mode was like its own story too and not just a single mission! That would be amazing!
    I also really suggest adding a way to anger Info-chan and have her turn on you, and you have to do things to keep her at bay.

  32. I have 2 suggestions, These are minor improvements and don’t have a large impact on the game but are very useful.
    – When the game launches the font is very bright and it maybe hard to read, this is only caused when the bloom setting is turned on but I don’t want to disable this option due to me liking how the game looks with this on, It would be great if you ca have a look into it and make sure the text is clear and is able to be read.
    – The second suggestion is maybe have it that u can have the character rim lighting on without having the character outlines needing to be on at the same time.
    That’s all keep up the great work!

  33. about the latest update:
    can I make a suggestion? you could also put the raincoat in the cleaning room, perhaps on the coat hanger.

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