Fixing Raibaru to make Yandere Simulator a better game

The Amai Challenge has been out for several months, but I never announced what I gained or learned from watching people play it! That’s what I’ve made a video about today.

In short, I observed that people had far more meaningful experiences with the Amai Challenge than with Osana’s week, and I could easily see the exact reasons why. It’s given me a sobering reminder of where my priorities should be, and it has inspired me to make some pretty meaningful changes to Raibaru and Osana’s week. I’ve made a video all about it – please check it out!

Oh, yeah, and I’d like to mention that it’s now possible to order Yandere Simulator plushies from Crowdmade!

You’re only able to order for the next 10 days, so if you want them, hop on it right away!

I’m also releasing a new build today. Click “Continue Reading” to read a list of the changes!

Raibaru-specific Changes

  • Budo’s “ask Raibru to visit the Martial Arts Club” task was WAY too overpowered, so it has been changed. Budo will now refuse to talk to you about his Task unless you’ve befriended all of the Martial Arts Club students. (I was planning to give each member of the Martial Arts Club a unique Task in this build, but it couldn’t happen. I lack voice actresses for the two female club members. So, all of the Martial Arts Club students will simply use the generic placeholder Task for now.)
  • Raibaru will now investigate distractions such as giggles, radios, and bang snaps. However, if Raibaru is in an event, she will ignore the distraction. When this happens, a notification will appear onscreen.
  • Raibaru now walks beside Osana instead of walking behind Osana (it’s a little glitchy right now. If it’s so glitchy that people say it’s actually a downgrade from how it was before, I’ll change it back.)
  • Raibaru’s reputation has been lowered to a number that will make it much easier to eliminate her with gossip. (Raibaru now has half the reputation of Osana.)
  • The player can now talk to Raibaru anytime. However, Osana will stop moving when the player speaks to Raibaru.
  • Raibaru now performs an animation when Yandere-chan and Osana talk about the stalker on the school rooftop.
  • Adjusted numerous student routines so that there are many more students located along Osana’s route through school, so that even if the player distracts Raibaru with an easy method such as a radio or a dropped object, the player still has to put forth some effort to distract (or kill) any other potential witnesses nearby Osana at the time.

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Replaced the headmaster statue behind the school. This new statue is awesome, check it out! It depicts the headmaster when he was in is 20s, back when the school was originally founded in 1985.
  • Students no longer arrive at school in V-shaped formations; instead, they are evenly dispersed throughout the long walkway that leads up to the school entrance.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from remembering whether or not the player wanted motion blur enabled or disabled. (Please disable it if you don’t like it!)
  • Delinquents will now accept snacks from Yandere-chan in Mission Mode so that it is possible to electrocute them at a drinking fountain.
  • Fixed bug that caused Senpai to remain on the rooftop permanently if Osana never made it her to her Friday lunchtime rooftop event.
  • Fixed bug that caused the wrong text to appear at the bottom of the screen after purchasing a student’s opinions from Info-chan.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from recognizing that Osana had been eliminated if Yandere-chan was suspended from school.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Friday morning “talk with Musume” event to happen even if Musume was a mind-broken slave.
  • It is now possible to dispose of concealed body parts (in garbage bags) using the vat of acid in the Science Club.
  • The game should now correctly remember whether or not you’ve enabled or disabled depth of field and motion blur.
  • Fixed bug that caused a framerate dip whenever the player dropped a weapon that they were holding.
  • It is no longer necessary to spend all of your study points in order to leave the class screen.
  • It is now possible to dispose of evidence and body parts by dumping them into the sewer.
  • The post-credits headmaster scene now uses the new headmaster office models.
  • From now on, you can’t poison a bento if a witness can see you.
  • Fixed bug that made the water in the sewer the wrong color.
  • Fixed bug that made the water disappear in Yanvania.

If you’re interested in a challenge, then try distracting Raibaru, eliminating Osana with a weapon, and disposing of Osana’s body without being witnessed, as though you were playing the Amai Challenge. If possible, do it in as many different ways as you can think of! I’ll definitely be able to learn something from watching you!

97 thoughts on “Fixing Raibaru to make Yandere Simulator a better game

  1. Hey Yandere Dev,

    those changes are awesome!
    I have one question, could it be possible to implement an alternative to the minigames (e.g. when stealing a key, fighting a bully, turning Osanas alarm off). I’m usally not really a “gamer” and Yandere Simulator is kinda the only exeption. So I’m reaaaally bad at reacting quick. I spend over an hour letting a bully beat me up trying to get his weapon to dump a body in the canalisation and I gave up in the end because I just wasn’t quick enough… 😦
    I don’t know if there are other people with the same problem, maybe there could be an easier option after you failed 5 times? Or just an other option in general. (I don’t want to kill him by sneaking up from behind to get his weapon).

    It would be great if you could do something about this!

    Thank you for your work and have a great day!!


    • I’ve heard this request from many people, so I’m trying to think of a good solution. I haven’t found it yet, but I’ll continue to consider it and take suggestions.

      • Thank you for your answer!
        And I’m glad I’m not the only one (I felt so stupid lol)…

        Okay, I thought about it and here’s what came to my mind…
        I hope this helps you:

        Sooo about the leader of the gardening club and the delinquent… maybe there could be something to distract them, so you can steal whatever you want to steal without a minigame? I imagine it a little bit similar to the option of killing students who fight back whithout a fight when the radio distracts them, but without the killing. Even the animation could be the same like the one from the radio.
        I don’t really have an idea what it could be, but maybe you have to make a task from an certain student first (like the one who sews uniform, but something different), so it’s not tooo easy?

        Or it could be two different things for stealing keys and stealing the weapon.
        So, for example for the leader of the gardening club, you have to preform the task of every member of the gardening club and then they can do you a favor and give you flowers. If you put the flowers next to the club leader, she will get curious and take a closer look at them, so you can steal the key without her noticing. Or you just can pick up the flowers from the plants around the school, if it should be easier. An other option could be to put poison in a plant at the school garden. The plant will die and the club leader will take a closer look. During those distractions, you could steal without the mini game.
        With the delinquents it’s a bit harder to think of something… you could let them react different to weapons on the ground (because they like violence and think it’s interesting, so they look at it a little bit and that will distract them. If that’s to easy, maybe they only react that way to bigger weapons (so you can’t hide them while putting them to a place where they would see them and have to walk around visibly armed without being noticed). Or, like I said before, something with a task, but I don’t have a concrete idea about this yet.

        Or maaaaybe, but I think that would be more effort, leaving a note and talking with them about something that gives you the opportunity to steal it.
        With the leader of the garden club Ayano could pretent to be sad (“finding new friend” written on the note) because she’s lonely and because of that, the leader would hug her to comfort her.
        Coming to the delinquent it’s a bit less easy, maybe Ayano could pretend to show him a new fighting-move?
        That would need scripted events, maybe with voice acting and even new movements, so I don’t know if it’s too much.
        But it would be a new way to use the “leave a note” option, which could be cool.

        About Osana and her alarm… maybe if you steal the phone, she will ask Raibaru to wake her up at a certain time. If you distract Raibaru at this time, she will be late? Only problem is that the distractions possible are mostly short (except keep talking to them again and again xD ) And it would be a bit similar to the other day, when her phone is stolen, too.
        Maybe if you wake her up before (with the radio), she will be more tired and oversleep?
        Oooor you can ask the guy who likes sewing if he could sew a cushion… if you give it to Osana, she will sleep more comfortable and because of that, she will oversleep (maybe you have to distract Raibaru with talking while the alarm goes on, so she does not notice that Osana oversleeps and don’t wake her up afterwards?)

        I really hope any of those ideas are useful and something you can work with!
        I think, apart from the minigames being to hard for people like me, it would be cool if different paths lead to a wantend outcome. It would make the game feel more realistic if there are different options to reach a goal.

        Sorry that this comment has gotten so long D:

        Keep up your amazing work and have a nice evening!


        PS: Oof I just noticed I wrote bully instead of delinquent in the first post, how embarrasing haha I’m glad you got what I meant
        PPS: Sorry if my english is not perfect, it’s not my mother language

    • Yep, same.
      Thanks for your help, YandereDev. Yandere Simulator is the best anime game I’ve ever seen.
      Emiko Sorukkowa

  2. Hey Yandere Dev! So I have done every scheme on the scheme list and I feel like it’s way too easy because it is telling you exactly where each item is and every single step completely. It just seems like it’s just giving you the answer without you having to think or do much of anything. I love the game so this is just a suggestion. Keep up the good work!

  3. hi yandere dev quick question, why doesn’t Osana appear on the title screen anymore? also I’m working on a video of my playthrough with the new update, i hope it helps.

  4. Hi Dev, I accomplished your Challenge:

    Please excuse the bad Video Quality… I hope you’ll watch it regardless.

  5. Heyo, was wondering if you were planning to add a FOV option, also, please consider adding volume control. Using windows 10 volume mixer is kinda a pain (I think it resets volume settings every time I leave the game?), and the music is so loud I usually have it muted.

  6. 1. I feel like the students don’t feel natural. Like maybe cause midori is annoying she would like idk be bothering like a teacher or a student, or maybe Sakura and the sick boy could talk in the classroom instead of the bullies since it is hard to beleive they would tear from their phones to talk to eachother, idk it just feels so unnatural

    2. I feel like maybe Ribaru will only talk when she is not talking Osana

    3. She shouldn’t follow you too far, cause I just like made her follow me to the hedge maze and got her stuck on a door

    4. I think that if you try to give the purple delinquent a bloody knife, he should say something like “Why the hell is this bloody?! I’m not touching that!” and then you fail the task altogether because he wouldn’t trust you anymore

    5. I think that if you read the adult manga the councilor should give you less harsh punishments for flirting. Like if you flirt with her she will send you out of the office with a warning then if you do it again she will send you home and then again she will send you home for 2 days and it would take her one more time to actually expel you.

    6. I don’t think I ever saw the circular saw circling around you when at the ending cutscene when it shows all the weapons in the game (that was a fun sentence)

    7. I feel like on Muja’s model you should see a little bit of the pink shirt that is required for the nurses uniform, I know it would kind of contradict the fact that she is supposed to look really sexullized but I feel like just a little bit of the pink under dress would like nice, it wouldn’t look like if you took her coat off she would be naked

    8. Why can’t we use the teachers ID as a fake ID for the town? I know it is so you can disable cameras but you should also be able to use it at town. I know Ayano doesn’t look like the teacher but maybe you could slide the card under the door and info chan can sabotage it

    9. I found a bug in ABC mode. So I alarmed a student council member while holding the rubix cube, and I wanted to give it to them but I couldn’t while they were staring at me. I held down on the E prompt for giving the rubix cuge to them, and when the finished they automatically pushed me no matter how far away I was.

    10. The cleaning robot can’t access the grass where the delinquents are

  7. I love the game but I feel like Info-chan is a big problem. First, the town and anime option seems like it isn’t used very much due to the fact that Info-chan gives you schemes for killing rivals which makes the anime feature pretty useless and she gives the player most of their items and resources which makes the stores that sell weapons and such kinda pointless. The schemes tell you every step to eliminate rivals which makes the player do barely any work. It also doesn’t make sense how the main character is kinda like a puppet to something greater which is Info-chan. The game is about a yandere girl but it seems like she is more of a spy for Info-chan which I feel makes Info-chan the real main character of the game. I feel like Info-chan shouldn’t have such a big role in the game because it makes yan-chan seem like a spy for Info-chan and makes the game less interactive. It just seems like some features are useless because of Info-chan. I feel like Info-chan is a real problem in the game. Also, I REALLY love this update because the school feels so much more alive. This is not hate, just suggestions and some problems I have had with the demo. I love Yandere Simulator and I am always SOOO excited when I see updates. Keep up the good work! I already see great improvements!

    • I understand your sentiments, but I feel like your concerns might be misplaced. In the initial conversation with Info-chan, she tells you to ignore her if you’re not interested in her services. And you really can just ignore her if you’d prefer.

  8. I honestly had the same thoughts about Osana’s week vs Amai. Osana’s was beginning to take away a lot of creativity and freedom players could exercise in eliminations. I believe with the changes to Rabiru, this gives back the play style you were originally going for. Thank you for that!

  9. I just uploaded a video of my run-through of the challenge posed in the last paragraph. The video is on my YouTube Channel (channel name: Lost Pine).

  10. I uploaded a video of my run through of the challenge posed in the final paragraph of the blog post. The video is on my YouTube channel (channel name: Lost Pine).

  11. I love this update! It’s definitely harder than the last build, but it’s not too hard! This is awesome! 😀

  12. What currently bothers me the most about Yandere Sim’s gameplay is how powerful yet unnatural distractions can be. Some examples just from this video are:

    1. A students sees you dropping an item, yet still approaches to “investigate” it. I’ve exploited it several times to just make students follow long paths by repeatedly dropping and picking up an item in front of them with zero negative consequences.
    2. You can kill a student with another student in the same room as long as the other student doesn’t directly look at you and they will not even suspect you.
    3. This one’s a bit more tricky to solve I guess, but you can lure and kill students with a radio one after another and nobody will suspect or care they’re disappearing one by one.

  13. Hello Yanderedev.
    I know you don’t have that much time to reply to everyone’s suggestions but here’s something I found while updating the game :
    As you know, you basically have to wait for the game to update for some time. I just updated the game BUT it told me that there was another update ready. Maybe I got disconnected? Or maybe my laptop stopped for a moment? Anyway, I’m not that sure if that only happened to me and won’t repeat but I would like to know what happened exactly.

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