February 27th Bug-Fixing Build

For the majority of the game’s development, every “big milestone” has usually been a new feature. Stuff like:

  • Added the Rejection elimination method.
  • Added a Student Council to the school.
  • Added Osana and released the demo.

However, at this phase in the game’s development, the goals I’m trying to accomplish are much different in nature. Now it’s stuff like:

  • Gathered player feedback and used it to improve the overall experience of the demo.
  • Identified flawed game mechanics and replaced them with improved mechanics.
  • Made the corpse disposal process less tedious and more fun for the player.

I can tell you when an elimination method is “finished”; it’s finished when the feature is 100% functional. However, there isn’t a clear finish line for stuff like “gathering feedback” or “improving the overall experience” or “replacing flawed mechanics.” All of these things are subjective, and every day, I identify another new thing that I’d like to improve, replace, or add. As a result, it’s difficult to predict when this phase of the game’s development will “end.”

My next goal is straightforward: I want to improve Raibaru as a game mechanic. I have a list of things that I hate about Raibaru, and I want to go down that list and fix every problem. I can already tell you the biggest challenge that I’m going to face: Raibaru needs to become “less unfair,” but at the same time, “Just run up to Osana and stab her” cannot become a valid strategy. This means that, while changing some aspects of Raibaru, I’ll also have to change some other aspects of the game to keep it balanced. So, instead of just tweaking some aspects of Raibaru, I’ll have to tweak the overall experience itself.

This is probably what my next video is going to be about: my intentions when I put Raibaru into the game, the reasons why I failed to achieve the results I wanted, and what I’ve done lately to fix Raibaru and improve Osana’s week in general.

At the same time, while I’m working on this, I will also be working on a few other things – stuff that I’d like to keep secret so that it can be a big surprise when it’s unveiled.

The adjustments I want to make to Raibaru – and the big surprises I have planned – will require me to make a series of pretty significant changes to the game. It could take a little longer than usual for the next build to come out. That’s why I wanted to release one more “Bug-Fixing Build”; if you have to wait a few weeks to get the next build, I want to make sure that the latest version of the game is as stable as possible. And for that reason, I hope that today’s update is the most stable version I’ve ever released!

Ever since the release of Osana, I’ve been featuring Osana-centric fan art in my blog posts. It was a very fun tradition, but it’s a little unfair to all of the other artists who have been drawing amazing artwork that doesn’t involve Osana! So, as of today, the Osana-only tradition will be ending.

To see a list of everything that was changed or improved in the latest build, please scroll down past this gorgeous artwork by Kodoki-san!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from acknowledging Osana as eliminated if she was framed for murder and then put to sleep in the gym storage room’s musical instrument case.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Yandere-chan’s hair from being dyed blonde during Osana’s “walk to school with Senpai”, after the player had dyed her hair earlier in the week.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a martial arts club member from being able to properly return to their club routine after being splashed with water and changing their clothing.
  • Previously, the “Evidence Warning” window would only refer to class, even in circumstances where the player was not attempting to go to class. This has been fixed.
  • Bonus Study Points (gained either by studying in the library or skipping days at the Calendar screen) now accumulate and can be used the following day at school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the photographs flashing onscreen during the intro animation to flicker back and forth between being blurry and being in-focus.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Raibaru’s routine to not update correctly if Osana was killed and disposed of while Raibaru was in the martial arts clubroom.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the poison button prompts over Raibaru’s bento from disappearing after poison had already been put into her bento.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to run to their club’s changing booth for no good reason after realizing that their phone was missing.
  • Fixed bug that made the wrong error message pop up when the player attempted to place the “Pool’s Closed” sign at an invalid time of day.
  • Fixed bug that allowed Yandere-chan to freely run around after getting tazed by the Headmaster if she was tazed while “Faking Reaction”.
  • Once again attempted to fix that really weird bug that would cause the game to launch at the smallest possible resolution (144×1).
  • Fixed bug that caused Raibaru to think that Yandere-chan was eavesdropping even if no conversation was taking place nearby.
  • A wooden training dummy is now present in the martial arts club. Why? You’ll probably learn why in the next build!
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to take off the cello case in circumstances where it would be clipping into a wall.
  • Finally fixed that “SNAP Mode teleports you to the rooftop” bug. Sorry it was in the game for so long…
  • Updated the text that displays when updating your Physical Education stat.
  • The dolls in the sewing room that represent various YouTubers and volunteers are going to be updated to be more detailed. A new doll has been added to the doll table, to represent what the updated dolls are going to look like. If you are a YouTuber who regularly plays Yandere Simulator, you might see yourself appear on the doll table in the near future!

129 thoughts on “February 27th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I’m so excited for the new build! Maybe you’ll release those higher-quality models you spoke of a while ago. Maybe we could train with the wooden dummy during the Martial Club’s activity/spar. Dev did say he wanted to change that.

  2. Does the wooden training dummy have any functionality during the updated build, or will its purpose be explained in your next update?

  3. Dam, I’m really curious about next update, also not only martial artist’s routine breaks, when you splash drama club member with water (I saw it with Kokona) they’ll go to the spot in corridor in front of clubroom and perform gym animation

  4. Potresti farti dare una mano da qualcuno per migliorare le texture. i pc poco potenti spesso gestiscono molto bene delle texture di alta qualità. Amazing Game!

  5. I’d just like to point out an incredibly unfair mechanic with the Student Council, at least in my opinion. If you have joined the Sports club and are carrying a dumbbell or a baseball bat, and you accidentally run into a student council member, it’s an auto game over. Shouldn’t the Student council be aware that you being in a club means you can hold that specific object?

    I can understand that if you actually pressed F to attack, they could pepper spray, but just running into them on accident and getting sprayed is unfair. Say you’re going down the stairs with a baseball bat (and are in the sports club) and you run into Aoi. You get a game over. There was no way you could’ve seen Aoi before you ran into her.

    Again, with basically any other weapon (aside from maybe the magic girl wand if you’re in the Drama Club or the shovel if you’re in the gardening club) I can see the logic behind that, since most are blatantly weapons. But something like a dumbbell? If the person holding it is in a sports club, you’re not gonna expect them to murder someone with it.

    The same logic should apply to student council members, they should push you as always, and only pepper spray if you press the F button to attack. Dismissing this logic just makes them way to overpowered.

  6. I have a bug if you put a weight in the bowl and then pull it out and go to the chopping machine and put the body in, it will be water instead of blood.

  7. hello… I want to tell you something… can u put Yandere simulator demo on Mac because I want to play this game TOO MUTCH….

  8. I can’t wait to see what you have in store! But take all the time you need, it’s not the first time a game has taken this long to develop.

    Cube World – 8 Years, 2011-2019

    L.A. Noire – 7 years, 2004-2011

    StarCraft II – 7 years, 2003-2010

    Galleon – 7 years, 1997-2004

    Shenmue – 6 years, 1994-2000

    Resident Evil 4 – 6 years, 1999-2005

    Mafia II – 6 years, 2004-2010

    Alan Wake – 5 years, 2003-2008

    So if you ever feel down?☺️🎶 Just remember that. When the Kickstarter campaign happens? I am definitely donating.

      • Let’s not forget The Forest, a great game that took years to make and still has bugs in it to these days. Or Stranded Deep, which is incredibly polished, but still being updated and has bugs. Both games are amazing.

        And I know this one will be too~! 😊✨

    • Actually, another prominent example of an anticipated game everyone’s been waiting for, but took year to get is Kingdom Hearts III.

    • everyone hounds him for this yet doesn’t hound the hundreds of other games that took LONGER and are STILL in development, it’s so hypocritical and annoying. stay strong yandev!

      • I agree, I don’t get this either where they complain about this one thing doing it, but doesn’t complain about it to the other things doing the same thing, like Sonic for example.

  9. Awesome progress dude! But can you make the school more lively then plain robotic and fix the way how students find scissors and box cutters are suspicious when initially grabbed by Yandere Chan, and maybe make a small interaction with the cooking club asking for food, these are just my ideas for features.

    Bugs: In the ABC Killer challenge once I kill many students or save a load the rooftop gets buggy and I can’t interact with any object on it or students such as: Horuda, Hoshiko, Tsubaki. Please fix it.

    Whenever I completed Game’s task and then he changed his appearance and go to lunch time the bullies don’t go to the gaming club and stare at him and go to their usual routine. Please fix it.

    When I try to steal a bullies phone in order to get More info points, There are no phones, Bullies such as: Kokoro Momoiro, Kashiko, Hoshiko Mizudori, and Musume Ronshaku. Please fix it

    I’ll report any more bugs these are just ones that I encounter.

    • 1. Fixed the suspicious scissors bug.

      2. I have never encountered the rooftop bug. I can’t fix it without seeing a video of someone playing the ABC challenge from the start up until the moment they’re on the rooftop and unable to kill Horuda.

      3. When I test it, it works as intended. If there’s a problem, show me a video.

      4. When I test it, it works as intended. If there’s a problem, show me a video.

      • Dear Yanderedev! XVibes encountered a real bug in ABC killer challange, I discovered it too. Here is my video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHr-6OY3Smk
        The challenge went well, untill Haruda Puresu, who is indestructible. I can’t attack her with any weapon and she don’t react anything, except audio distractions. Even when she walked, I coudn’t attack her and she didn’t react my weapon, nor Yandere-chan’s strange behavior after that.
        Any weapon or item that I drop on the rooftop, then giggle will be glued to the ground. I tried it with garbage bags, weapons, and the radio. I coudn’t use anything after that.
        I hope it can be fixed soon. Thank you for your time 🙂

      • I’m sorry…I’ve tried a million times to encounter the Horuda bug, and it never happens for me.

        Apparently, other players must be doing something that I’m not doing, in order to encounter this bug.

        I think that I will only be able to understand the bug if I see a recording of a player going through the entire ABC challenge, so that I can learn what other players do that I, apparently, don’t do.

      • Hey Dev! You probably won’t read this, but tomorrow I’ll try to get a video to you on the ABC Killer challenge leading up to the bug with Horuda Peresu

  10. Yanderedev, a sugestión. What do You think if in the menú Ayano wears the same uniform That the player choose for her?

  11. Hey I wanna know something

    Since Osana and Raibaru have voice lines, can’t you change the drowning, locker note or kidnapping voices to Osana’s and Raibaru’s voices when that event happens?

  12. I thought of another method to lower the reputation of students especially Osana of course, to induce students to commit suicide, Ayano could take a picture of the embarrassing secret or have it from Info-chan, photocopy them and scatter them for school or even Online or for the whole city! It would also be great to put a cutscene where the Senpai or classmates get disgusted seeing the photos on the wall or somewhere else in the school. Obviously I really appreciate your work and I know it would take some time to implement it, but I just wanted to give you a clue! I’m a really big fan!

      • Perhaps instead Yandere-chan could put the embarrassing photo or secret on a school door or in the classrooms like a poster so all the students could see it without Yandere-chan having to give all the students the photo or secret individually

  13. Every time I try to play the Alphabet Killer Challenge this happens. I can’t kill anyone or hold objects after a certain number of murders. First of all, I joined the drama club to be able to hold one of the weapons (specifically, Magical Girl Wand), without risking being sent to the counselor or losing reputation. So I used the same object that the delinquents use to store their weapons. I also used the garbage bags, because I just hide the victims’ bodies without worrying that someone would see. I used a mask to avoid talking to any student, because I used to ask someone to follow me, but in the future it was impossible to kill students (in my case, starting from Horuda) so I tried to avoid this bug using the mask. But now, I tried the Alphabet killer Challenge again and continued with this bug, every time I tried it, in the end I just gave up because it’s impossible to kill someone after a while. (It also happens sometimes when I try to do the Genocide Ending, I was also unable to talk to anyone)

  14. Hello, YandereDev.

    I’ve recently (2/20) sent you an e-mail with a list of some bugs and suggestions.
    However, the two of the most important bugs are still present in this build:

    1) If Osana is splashed with water while “judging” the player for having a bucket she gets buggy. The process and the result are shown in the video attached to that e-mail (starts at 2:05).
    2) If Osana was sent to the matchmaking spot and then left because she waited for too long Raibaru freezes and doesn’t follow Osana anymore.

    Since then I’ve discovered one other bug on the same topic:

    3) Raibaru gets stuck in place after Osana changes her shoes if the player used the library to pass 30 minutes at the beginning of the day.

    Also, since this feature does not make characters teleport to the places where they should be by that time it actually fails to be useful: I wanted to use it to not wait for Osana to get to her talking-with-Raibaru spot, for example.

    In that e-mail I’ve probably sent too much bugs and suggestions that aren’t that important on their own. However, since there’s so many of them they actually may damage the player’s experience, so I think at least few of them should be addressed.

  15. Hey YandereDev, I have a few Questions for you:

    1. When will the Amai Challenge be updated?
    2. Will you update the Default Senpai in future builds?
    3. Who is the new doll in the sewing room referring to?

    I have an Idea, too:
    So in one of your Videos, you talked about a game called Lucius and how it was engaging even with a small environment. You also showed a building in that Video. So I have an Idea. What if the building was a storage building and it could supply you with Items that will be helpful for Rival Elimination Methods? Like umm…a chocolate to gain their trust?? Or a thing that they love the most…like a student loves origami and wants to make some, but they don’t have the materials required. Yan-Chan can help the student get the materials (Glue, Paper, Scissors) from the storage building). This will help in at least something.

    I hope you see this comment!

    • the doll in the sewing room refers to an italian youtuber called ”Kiria” that posts a lot of yandere simulator videos ❤

  16. when you leave school while there is still a corpse it will give you the evidence warning pop up but the button prompt to leave school anyways still says attend class. just letting you know, thank you!

  17. if i may add one bug(or so i think), one time i tried doing the rejection method on osana, i did all of the
    “tasks” (like shoving the book into the water) but for one, the “showing senpai a photo” one i just stole her phone so she couldnt show him(i put it back on the desk their conversation) but what im trying to say is, that it didnt work? after friday ended senpai said yes to osana instead of saying no but i sabotaged everyone osana wanted to do

    • oh that isnt a bug you need to take a panty shot of a student and place it back not have it until they’re last conversation i hope this helped

  18. Hey YandereDev, I have a complain too:
    When Yan-Chan joins the Cooking Club and makes Octodogs, she always puts the Knife back in the block. Shouldn’t she wash it after use? Also, instead of making only Octodogs, shouldn’t Yan-Chan also be able to make other Food Items like sandwiches, brownies, cupcakes like the other members of the Club? (Since this game is Japanese, Yan-Chan can make quick Japanese Snacks).

    • i think thats to much and what if the fridge didnt have the ingredients to? and yan chan doesn’ t have the time to wash the knife cause shes in a hurry on eliminating her rival and isnt she a yandere to like yanderes only care about they’re senpais my opinion to

      • Well, if this was real life, then Yan-Chan would have definitely washed the knife before putting it back in the block. Because YandereDev is trying to make this game as real-lifeish as possible, it wouldn’t make sense that there is only a Jar of Octodogs in the fridge but the other members are making different food items. Where do they even get them from?? And also it wouldn’t make sense because Yan-Chan is not washing the Knife after use.

    • The knife not being washed after using it bothers me a lot as well. Expecially since she’s in a school cooking club, that kind of group is going to be extra strick about health and hygiene.
      Not only would a cooking club be strick about cleaning equipment after using it, they would be strick about washing yours hands before and after handling food.

      As for making other food, Ayano is still a new club member, they would want her to start with making simple snacks, before moving onto making different, less simple snacks.

  19. Hey YandereDev, I have a few Questions for you:

    1. When will the Amai Challenge be updated?
    2. Will you update the Default Senpai in future builds?
    3. Who is the new doll in the sewing room referring to?

    I have an Idea, too:
    So in one of your Videos, you talked about a game called Lucius and how it was engaging even with a small environment. You also showed a building in that Video. So I have an Idea. What if the building was a storage building and it could supply you with Items that will be helpful for Rival Elimination Methods? Like umm…a chocolate to gain their trust?? Or a thing that they love the most…like a student loves origami and wants to make some, but they don’t have the materials required. Yan-Chan can help the student get the materials (Glue, Paper, Scissors) from the storage building). This will help in at least something.

    I hope you see this comment!

    • you already said that and we just have to wait what it is so we need to wait until osoro is finished cause osoro was in the video it may be an elimination for osoro maybe its osoro problem like osana stalker problem? and i know that is an idea but a storage building is to much cause theres already a street with all of it i am talking about the town

      • I think a lot of people, (me included), felt that the video revealed gave off a “drive your rival to murder” impression. There were many similarities in Dev’s “Drive your rival to murder” video and the video revealed, of Ayano and Osoro walking into the structure.

  20. I wanted to inform you of this bug. When you wash a club dress in the washing machine, a simple school uniform will come out. Sorry for my English 🙂

    • Dev said that’s supposed to happen. Anything other than a raincoat and gloves washed in the machine will come out as a uniform

  21. Yandev! I found a bug! So I was doing Osana’s pool elimination so i killed ribariu by posining her bento on monday, then on tuesday i did gema’s task (extra bug, the bully girls don’t stalk him and gema doesn’t change if I go to class) then made sure they stalked him and he changed, then i skipped Wednesday and then the bullies don’t stalk him on Thursday!

  22. Yandere Dev, I’ve watched new players who thought the only way of getting info points was taking panty shots, because the symbol of panties was beside the number of info points they had. Do you plan on changing it so that new players read the “How to get info points” text and discover other ways of getting those points?

    • Y’know that’s a really good idea. I’m not sure that Dev reads comments the day after the post is posted, but you should definitely reach out to him about this. I heard he doesn’t want suggestions in his emails, so definitely comment on the next blog post. Unfortunately for you that’s going to be in a few weeks. (No offence or malice intended)

      I had a suggestion related to this as well. I feel like the game is known for murder, but I dont like to kill as much as I do non-lethal methods. I feel like there should be less a focus on murder in the intro cutscene, launcher, etc., and show more of a focus on getting your rival away from Senpai. (I”m an empathetic person, I feel guilt over 3-D models lol. I still want the rivals to be happy)

  23. ok here are some things that seems for me illogical, unfair or too easy.

    1.- first i feel that the way to turn off cameras is too easy, the only thing the player needs to turn off them is just going to the camera’s room and then the player is safe from any evidence so i feel that the player should need a special tool to turn off them like the id card or a screwdriver.

    2.- second it is a little bit illogical that the player can handle and use perfectly a katana without a special training becuase the people who used katanas in real life needed to have a special training and be very strong.

    3.- third is related in what i said before about the katana and maybe the other swords and is that if ayano can use very well a katana with or without training or physical level, the player should be able to kill any student no matter how strong they are (but only if its a 1v1) because imagine you you have a katana and know you how to kill someone with that so you are planing to kill someone who goes daily to the gym and that person is very strong so you go to kill them but being realistic and considering how long the katana is even if they are very strong while you are moving your katana to kill them you are a little bit far and the very strong preson tries to handle the part of the sharp to avoid being killed their hand would just get cut because of the sahrpness of the katana and if they tries to handle you in the hand anyways you can still cut their shoulders and they wouldnt be able to still top you from the attack, so in conclussion i think that if a student doesnt have anything like a long weapon from the delinquents or a pepper spray from the student council that means the teachers and raibaru should be possible to kill them with a katana if they dont have any weapons to deffend themsleves.

    4.- fourth, as ayano always get sent to the counselor by teachers and student coucil if she is carrying something suscpicious such as a fire extinguisher or the magical girl wand, the other students should get the same problems when they were spotted carrying something like that.

    5.- fifth, if ayano kill someone in front of a techer or a student council member they will inmediatly go to stop ayano but if its a mind broken student they will do absloutely nothing but watch how a student kills another instead of stopping them.

    6.- last, if the player tries to send home osana there will appear a message saying that she keeps her phone silent but her phone can inform her that she has a call (from the stalker)

    im sorry if have some gramatical mistakes writing this but english is not my first language.
    also i want to make clear that this is not a hate comment.

    • 1. Good point. It’ll work this way in the next build.

      2, 3. Eh…the katana is a little bit of an “easter egg weapon” so I’m not really applying too much logic to it.

      4. That’s honestly a very good point, but I think the explanation is that Ayano just looks more suspicious in general. Ryuto holding a fire extinguisher looks like “Oh, he’s moving something that was misplaced” but Ayano holding a fire extinguisher looks like “Whoa, she’s holding that like she intends to use it as a weapon!”

      5. That’s because a mind-broken student is more horrifying and intimidating than Ayano.

      6. I’ve been trying to figure out how to reconcile this, but I can’t think of a good explanation.

  24. Does osana really not react to raibaru’s death after poisoning her bento? Or is it a glitch for me?
    Amd im loving the game but every time i carry around a clean uniform the teachers keep apprehending me…

    • Osana doesn’t react because she can’t see Raibaru. She just hears some coughing and then silence.

      I haven’t been able to experience the “teachers apprehend for clean uniform” bug…can you show me a video of it?

  25. There is a small bug that isn’t anything game breaking but it is a bug nonetheless. If you stand next to doors and face yourself towards them, then you open up the feature that allows you to speed up time. While holding the interact button Ayano will be speeding up time and opening/closing doors all at the same time. That’s the only “new” bug that I was able to discover while playing. Not like I was looking for them.

    Besides that I am excited to see what the next big thing is Yandere Dev. Hearing about the plans for polishing out the game, future work and the crowdfunding campaign. One thing I will say. When I played the newest demo version for the first time it really does feel a lot more like a demo and it feels better as a game. Progress is being made and I’m happy to see that. Only minor things that were annoying was the fps being unstable and seeing some students walking turn into “paused model sliding” though I’m sure you plan on fixing that one soon enough. I know optimizing the game isn’t easy so I wish you the best of luck.

    • I think the “paused model sliding” you’re refering to is the disable distant animations setting in detail options

  26. i yandev everytime i finish the amai challange it keeps having the cut scene on saturday with senpai and amai? is kizana in the game yet?

  27. Hey, Yanderedev, I don’t know if you will see this message since I comment two days after you posted the post. I wanted to encourage you in your work, and I also wanted to report some bugs and things that don’t make sense to me.

    First, if you poison a student’s food with an emetic, that the student eats the food, and that they get splattered with water while they are going to the bathroom to vomit, they freeze in place.

    Second, when you do Osana’s task, the moment you pick up her phone charm in the hedge maze, a prompt appears to say you learned how the student (Osana) feels about solitude, although what you learned is her opinion about cats.

    Finally, it feels weird that Kyuji Konagawa always goes to the place where Osana is, even if she is in a place that isn’t in her routine, because you asked her to follow you, for example. Even if she is dead, and that you have moved her body somewhere, he will always go to that place. And, if her body is hidden behind a bush (or anything else), he will go and look in her direction without noticing that she is actually dead.

    • I can relate to the last two ones. I thought it was wierd how when you pick up the charm you find Osana’s opinion on *solitude*, but I just thought it was normal.

      The second thing I have experience with. I was once decapitating Osana and FREAKING KYUJI WALKED IN AND TACKLED ME

    • Thanks for your kind words.

      I fixed the first 2 bugs. The third one isn’t really a bug. (Maybe Osana wears perfume, and Kyuji follows the smell of the perfume…)

    • I agree, he’s so acknowledging of his fans. He lets them know he cares about what they have to say and he said it in a kind, concerned way.

  28. Hello yanderedev, I recently played and noticed a very interesting thing. If the player misses a lesson, he will lose his reputation, but the player can purposely skip the lesson to use the infochan services and call the student home, and then Ayano will easily kill the student. But about 2 years ago I played in bully scholarship edition and noticed that the player can not just skip school, teachers go around the school, and if the player gets caught by them, then he will be sent to the class. Here and in yandere simulator it would be possible to make that the player could not skip lessons with impunity. (Sorry, just my language is Russian and there may be critical errors in the text)

  29. hi yandere dev you said you attempt to fix the resolution when i go to the lowest resolution and go fullscreen i cant see the reputation and the time pls fix it

  30. Hi YandereDev.
    I have a problem(Maybe bug); Everytime when I challenge a delinquent to fight, nothing happens when I press the requiered buttons. Do I have to hold them or just press them shortly?
    I’m a bit confused, because when I fought the stalker once, everthing worked fine, or is that a completly different thing?

  31. Can you also match make Raibaru too? Just like Osana? Would that just give another idea to keep Raibaru away from Osana then to just send her to the martial arts club where buds is? Can that be used as an idea? 🧐

  32. I’ve just noticed a bug

    I wanted to drown Raibaru into the toilet, the “drown” button is not there somehow

  33. Hey Yandere Dev! I wanted to point something out relating to the washing machine in the Home Ec room
    If I stand in front of the washing machine and let go of the raincoat that I’m holding, the raincoat falls into the washing machine from the top, and I can’t retrieve it. You can only imagine how frustrating this is.
    P.S, what name do you prefer to be called by your fans? I wouldn’t want to call you something you aren’t okay with.
    PP.S. I’m so proud of you. You’ve gone so far with the progress of your game and it’s a delight to play. You’ve made it so fun for everyone to explore and you should keep your chin up 🙂

  34. Can you clarify a doubt? I really need help.
    Do these updates and fixes need to be installed or will they go into the game automatically? If they need to be installed, how do I do this? Do I need to uninstall and install the game?

    • To update the game, you need to re-download the entire game again. You can just discard the previous version of the game every time you download the newest version.

      I’m sorry if this is inconvenient…

      • Actually, I just used the launcher, when i first installed the game I didn’t delete the launcher, to update it go to the launcher and click “search update” The button will change to a “update now” that will take some time to download, once finnished close the launcher and the game ( if you had it opened

    • Depends on how you have the game downloaded. If you use the launcher, then it gives you the option to download the new update.
      But if you’re getting the game directly from the website instead, then you would need to install the new one every time a new update comes out.

  35. Hey Yandere Dev!

    I just wanted to commend you for the amazing work on your game so far and I’m loving these amazing updates! I can’t wait to see how your game continues is able to flourish and, as I know that you have many harassers who are tormenting you and your game, I wanted to commend you for staying strong. To include, I wanted to ask you a quick question. When is the next update coming out, and video as well? (sorry I’m just so excited!). It’s also alright if you don’t have any answers to these!

  36. YandereDev, congratulations, you’re doing an amazing work like always, but I still feel that the students of Akademi are too “robotic”, maybe if there we’re students who talk while they are walking around school (just like appears in one of the pictures of the website) the game would look more alive.
    – Another thing I asked you some months ago about the students’s book bags. I suggested that the students could change their shoes and then put their bags on the top of their lockers at the begining of the day. You told me that you would find a solution but tha wasn’t a high priority feature at that point in time. Do you think this is a good moment for this ?
    – Have you been thinking about how the clubs’s benefits will change ? When will you make a video about it ?
    – I can’t wait to see the new character models, when will you show them to us ???
    That’s all I want to say right know. I want you to know that I believe in you and I know this game will be really big and wonderful when it comes out. The Bes of Luck for you Dev!!!✌️

  37. Hi Yandere Dev, I just want to propose something. Can You add a sounds settings to Yandere Simulator, please? Thank you :).

  38. This build is so buggy, I tried to befriend Osana as an elimination and I had to restart 5 times because of bugs!

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