February 19th Quality-of-Life Improvement Build

Hi! I’ve got a larger-than-usual build for you today! My focus this time around was on implementing some “quality of life” improvements to make certain aspects of the game more convenient. If one of your biggest gripes with the game was waiting a long time for certain things to happen, you might be interested in checking out the changelog!

But first, here’s some absolutely gorgeous artwork by TheJennyPill! It’s a little gruesome, so I’ll censor it and include an uncensored version below:

Click here for the uncensored version! I know that most people can probably stomach it, but I decided to be better safe than sorry.



Quality of Life Improvements

There are scripted events in Yandere Simulator that take place late in the day (like Osana’s Thursday rooftop event). Something I learned while watching people play the game is that waiting around for a late-day event to occur is super boring! The “Pass Time” function on Yandere-chan’s phone exists so that the player can skip forward in the day, but it’s not an ideal solution; it doesn’t speed up time by a very significant factor, but unfortunately, speeding up time any faster would break student pathfinding and cause extreme lag, so there’s not much I can do about it.

Some games (like Elder Scrolls and Fallout) allow the player to skip directly to a specific time of day. This feature makes NPCs teleport to exactly where they should be at that point in time. I was always very hesitant to implement this kind of feature into the game, since I anticipated that players would exploit it to make students teleport past corpses. I knew that if I ever implemented this type of feature, I would have to design it in such a way that it can’t easily be exploited to completely bypass all challenge in the game.

Today, I decided that it was time to finally address the problem. Here’s the solution that I came up with: You can now go to the library and read a book to skip forward in time by 30 minutes. To prevent this feature from being easily exploited, you can’t use the feature if anything alarming (blood pools, bloody weapons, bloody clothing, severed limbs, corpses) is present at school. Hopefully, this should prevent the feature from being exploited too much. Remember, it’s a feature that primarily exists to allow you to skip forward in the day so that you don’t have to wait so long for certain scripted events to begin. (I anticipate that speedrunners will benefit from this feature!)

Oh, by the way! Using this feature will grant you 1 extra Study Point to use when class is in session. (Or 2 if you have the study-boosting panties on!)

The next addition is another “time-saver” feature. Sometimes, players *want* the police to arrive at school (usually when they are trying to get someone framed for murder). So, here’s what you can do now: If anything alarming (blood pools, bloody weapons, bloody clothing, severed limbs, corpses) is present at school, you now have the ability to walk into the faculty room and tell a teacher about it. This will instantly end the school day and summon the police. (Another useful trick for speedrunnners, probably!)

On the completely opposite side of the spectrum…many players attended class under the belief that they had disposed of all evidence of their crimes, only to see “The police arrive at school…” indicating that they had forgotten to dispose of something. Here’s what I’ve done to make things a little better:

If you try to attend class while murder evidence is present at school, you will now see a window warning you that the police will be called if you attend class. You are then given the option of either returning to gameplay or attending class to deliberately bring the police to school.

The rest of the additions are relatively minor, but will still have an impact on gameplay.

The pool area now has a “pump room” full of pipes. The idea is that the player will have to sabotage the pipes inside of this room in order to mess with the pool (drain it? pump sewage water into the pool?) It is not currently possible to interact with the pipes, but in the future, this room will facilitate at least one rival-specific elimination method.

A lot of players didn’t understand where to put the “Pool’s Closed” sign in order to close the pool. So, from now on, a little text notification will appear when they’ve placed it in the wrong spot.

From now on, every time a corpse is discovered on school grounds, a security camera will appear at school. One new camera per corpse discovered.

Changed the Xbox 360 button prompts to Xbox One button prompts. (Those 360 buttons were in the game since 2014!)

There are now a few placeholder props in the Home Ec room. These props will be replaced in the near future.

Students now have dialogue for reacting to seeing Yandere-chan carrying a piece of scrap metal.

And last, the counselor’s office now has some fancy new textures!

With those out of the way, let’s move on to the bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused club items (like the Light Music Club’s guitar) to be considered “suspicious” when they were initially grabbed by Yandere-chan, even if Yandere-chan was a member of the associated club.
  • Fixed bug that would make the top half of Senpai’s head during the Amai cutscene turn invisible if the player gave Senpai a bald hairstyle at the beginning of the game.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from recognizing that a corpse should be in a trash bag when loading a save file that was made while a corpse was in a trash bag.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to get arrested for having red paint on her clothing, if she put red paint on her uniform, changed clothing, and then ended the day.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the Headmaster’s tazing sequence from working properly if the player used the Pass Time feature while standing in front of the Headmaster.
  • Fixed bug on the Student Info screen that was preventing a panty icon from appearing on the portraits of students that you’ve already taken a panty shot of.
  • Fixed bug that caused Info-chan to fail to acknowledge “Sneak Panty Shot” photos if the player had taken a photo of a kitten earlier in the day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the controller to vibrate permanently if the player failed a Mission Mode mission due to blowing their cover.
  • Removed the “get all manga with one button press” debug command, which was accidentally left in the game this whole time. Oops!
  • Fixed bug that would cause police to wrongfully describe a crime as a “murder-suicide” if the suspected murderer was missing.
  • Attempted to fix bug that caused the martial artists to get stuck while walking towards the changing booth in their clubroom.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to pick up some of the manga in the Photography Clubroom.
  • Fixed bug that caused the guidance counselor to describe the “Pool’s Closed” sign as a weapon.
  • Fixed bug that made a delinquent accept a bloody knife from Yandere-chan as part of his task.

140 thoughts on “February 19th Quality-of-Life Improvement Build

    • That would just make the system to get panty shots way more complicated than it need to be and would make panty shots have less usage as well.

      Forcing the player to steal someone else’s phone just to take a sneaky panty shot, add a bunch of unnecessary steps.
      If the player wanted to take the panty shot just for some info points and they also had to steal a phone, they would be better off just using the stolen phone for info points instead.

  1. if you drain the pipes maybe your rival will get stuck in them and the guts will get sucked out and come out the filter tank because of the build up of pressure like in final destination

  2. Yandere Dev, I really love the minigames from when there is night time. It will be really cool if you could make Minecrazz or Grand That Dude 5 since you mentioned them in the game shop. It’s not like I ask you to do it right now, but when you have enough animations to do it.
    I also sugest something that was in my mind: when Genka questions Yandere Chan she can either escape or make things worse. Usually when the police arrives at school the game just says that Yandere Chan got away with murder. It will be really cool if Yandere Chan can actually chose what to say and then the game tells you if you got away with murder or not (it’s not like typing on a keyboard or something about what to say but to chose an option like ,,crying”, which will make the cops not suspect you since they believe you got affected by the death ,,intimidate” , which will make cops suspicious ,,confess” (which will be fun since it is direct game over XD) , or even ,,seduce”) but the game is still fun.
    Just so you know Yandere Dev, I am not a critic or something, i am just sugesting you to do those things, if you are still making the game more better!

  3. I found a bug to enter in the boys lockers:
    1)Pick up the garbage bags
    2)Join the Drama Club
    3)Wear a random mask from the Drama Club
    4)Wear the waterproof
    5)Run inside boys locker,at the same time drop the garbage bags

  4. “Fixed bug that made a delinquent accept a bloody know from Yandere-chan…”

    A bloody know…? Don’t you mean knife?

  5. Wow. This is a really big build. I’m impressed and pround and exited.
    Just letting you know on a bug though, if you kill osana using the fan elimination while wearing the raincoat, it will be bloody while you are wearing it but not bloody while you are carrying it. You can just leave the raincoat there and you will get away with murder without having to wash the raincoat.

  6. I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem, but some students (more specifically, the drama and occult club) keep getting stuck behind doors that have been opened one way (from the outside etc.) and they then try to go back through the door. Also two of the drama club members sometimes get stuck on the racks of costumes when they try to get on the stage from the backstage area. Let me know if anyone else has noticed that problem.

    Also, thanks Yandere Dev for all these cool updates, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll put in the game next!

  7. I just had an idea: what if during megamis week Senpai decides to become part of the student council? Not only would there be an extra student council memeber looking for you, but if you’re caught doing something weird by them you have the potential of Senpai finding out, thus giving a game over

  8. Hey Yandere Dev. There’s been a bug I keep encountering in multiple builds in which I bring the cello case into the garden shed, close the door, and then drop the case. If I drop the case in a certain spot, which seems to be close to the door, the cello case clips out of existence. I think it either goes through the floor or goes on top of the shed. Either way it’s gone for good and I can’t access it for the rest of the day. It’s a bug that I’ve noticed for months now, but I didn’t bother to report until it messed up a difficult mission.

  9. Hey Yandere Dev nice quality of life update but I’m curious is there plans on making PlayStation prompts for when someone is playing with a PS controller u know with the blue X, red circle, pink square, and green triangle.

  10. Something I noticed is that it is painfully easy to frame one of the delinquents. You just join the drama club, put gloves on, grab a knife, kill someone, do the delinquents task that wants a knife, then get rid of bloody clothing. I think the delinquent should refuse to take it if it is bloody and have some sort of dialogue being something like: “Why the hell is this bloody? I’m not touching that!”

  11. I have a small suggestion. I think that like the mini game that activates when Yandere chan is sent to the guidance counsellor, you should be able to chose what you say to the police if they have a reason to be suspicious of you. [repost]

  12. Hello Dev! Great work as always! I have a few suggestions for you!

    1. If you get suspended, could you make it so we can play on those days? I was thinking that maybe if there was an elimination method that involves steaking into you current rival’s house, you could sneak in while you are suspended. Even if we can just shop on the days where we are stuck at home, it would be a cool feature!

    2. (This idea is NOT original and all credit goes to the person who came up with this! All I did was make some changes that I came up with! c:) So maybe we could pack some food in the mornings and eat it at lunch time. It would take a bit so you can’t really murder during lunch. If you don’t eat, you will move slowly. Maybe if you don’t eat, your stomach will growl, having the same effect as giggling which could alert people.

    3. Why do we get arrested if we have red paint on our clothes? If the police really did do a blood test, they would see that it was paint. Can you change that? (Sorry if you already did, I don’t use the paint option often.)

    That is all I have so far, Dev! Have a wonderful day/night!

  13. I think a security camera is a bad idea. While it does make sense within the context of the game, it kind of negates some of the impact of killing a student counsel girl, as security cameras were tied specifically to them (and kind of also to Megami, depending on what kind of obstacles you wanted going on during her week).

    I feel like the security camera is too sharp of a difficulty curve, and also punishes the player too intensely for certain elimination methods; who’s going to bother using the framing method if it punishes them that harshly for it? The murder-by-roof-but-framed-as-suicide method might punish you, but only insofar as saying ‘okay, you get one and then you can’t use this method again’; punishing the player for using the framing method in this way is harsh because a security camera will affect you regardless of what you’re trying to do. Losing the rooftop method limits the rooftop but nowhere else, if that makes any sense.

    While likely not currently explainable in-game (as we’ve only got week one right now), maybe the reason why the principal resists installing cameras (unless Megami directly intervenes, as she does only in the case of a student counsel member’s death), which I DO think is a good idea) ties into that phone call he has at the end of the demo, and we’ll find more lore as the weeks go on that reveal why?

    I do love these other changes though, and that dilemma about timeskipping is something I hadn’t considered before. Waiting around for events bored me to tears so I’m glad this is something you’re looking to address! I hope you can find a solution to breaking pathfinding if the pass time feature makes time go any faster soon; that sounds. Incredibly frustrating.

    • while i get your point about security cameras, we also have to remember that the student council also have metal detectors which are ab instant game over where as the cameras can be turned off at any point so don’t really have that that much impact on anything. i think the serve the purpose of reminding your not going to get a good ending if you continue this way.

    • I think the camera should go were the body was found or evidence was found. Like if something is found behind one of the air vents, that’s a private spot no one can see. So boom camera. That spot becomes unavailable or you need to delete the evidence in the electronics room.

    • The game is meant to punish the player for killing, especially for a sloppy kill. Though, I do understand that the framing method is different than having a sloppy kill.

      Logically, if there was a killer on the loose, it would make sense for the school to add security cameras to try and catch the culprit, but if they believe the killer has been caught, then maybe they wouldn’t feel a need to add a security camera. Although, the school could want to add it so another issue doesn’t happen again.

    • i’d like to express disagreement to this. I think you’re wrong about negating the impact of killing student council members. Ok fair enough now two actions in the game will get you roughly the same type off punishment if you’re sloppy/stupid but it’s only one security camera per bodged murder and the atmosphere drops by a small amount which will increase the difficulty just a little bit. If on the other hand you bodge killing a student council member you get way more cameras and the atmosphere drops like a rock providing a massive difficulty increase. my point is the consequences for the student council member are still much much worse.

      The main difficulty introduced is actually the increased range students have rather than the number of cameras. I dare you to try and go on a killing spree at below 50% atmosphere 🙂

  14. I’m wondering what the placeholder props are. I’m guessing one’s a meat cleaver since we’ve already got knives. My husband suggested a frying pan as a bludgeoning weapon. My brother the former prison guard said literally anything and everything in a kitchen can be weaponized. (Suffocate them with a plastic bag, garrote them with a spatula, force feed them bread until they choke….)

  15. I thought about the Sakyu and Inkyu sisters conversations. Maybe every single week you will have a Stealth Mission inside school (You can skip the Stealth mission but the secret room will be locked forever) first you will need to locate the secret room, then you will need to steal a key, a card or whatever. If someone will see you going to the secret room it will make you look suspicious (Trespassing), Inside those rooms you could gain an advantage. For example in a secret room with water tank (Forgot the name) you could add a little bit of emetic poison. And then if a students drinks the water from the water fountain they will run to the toilet and do their thing. In another secret room you could get some new weapons (Second pipe wrench, maybe crowbar (A second way to open the Sewer)) and I always thought that you could damage ventilation, lights etc. So the school will be forced to call someone to fix it. You could then sneak inside the room, steal something from a toolbox (Screwdriver, hammer etc.) but if you get caught you will get reported to the Guidance Counselor (Later that day).

    Thanks for reading and I apologise for grammar errors etc.

  16. Was not fixed bug that not allow the player to write a letter to Osana about the stalker even after that listenning to all her conversations with Raibaru?

  17. Yanderedev, Now there is a washing machine un the Game to clean the uniform of Blood. But could you make it wash faster before the police arrived? As soon as the police arrive, even if the uniform is being washed, if the washing machine keeps working I am arrested for finding the uniform covered in blood

  18. In a real high school, we all know what that pump room is used for.

    But, really that room has so much potential. Like Yanderedev could move the pipe wrench in there vs. the closet.

    It’s such a private location, there must be plenty of PG ways to use it. Could turn it into a infochan bug location too.

  19. So Excited to play! The new textures your adding look great and the new features look like they’re going to be fun to play with!

  20. I have a an idea, I don’t know if your gonna read this. I saw all your videos on your YouTube channel and i got some different idea. Since you wanted every rival have a special week, so.. make each of rival ( or one or two) have some day raining day so teacher will watch outside the doors so the player cannot go ouside so they have fo think another way how to get rid of the rival , plus. The teacher week. Yep I always wanted to share my idea so each rival should have. Their unique way to confess their feelings to senpai. The teacher is older so there’s a hug space between senpai and the teacher let say the teacher is trying to get senpai by threatening him. so ayano need to get some clear evidence to show the guidance counselor and call the police and the rival reputation will get a huge damge and put her in prison. Senpai will know thats ayano helps him so thats will make sense how he accepts Ayano confession. Taro might not knowin that ayano helps him but he know there’s someone protecting him and he trying to know her. [ my apologies if my English bad or grammar.. I’m trying to share my thoughts might help, have a nice day💗]

  21. Great job on the Quality-of-Life Build, YandereDev ;D. You fixed one of the bugs i’ve encounter. And the Panty shots bug where the pink panty are on some males and unreleased rival I mention yesterday, guess there wasn’t a bug, or was there, since now that I played it after this build got out, it seems fine.

  22. i feel like osana should have a response to seeing a corpse after being covered in blood, and if students saw her covered in blood it could be a way to frame her

  23. i think this is a bug it has to do with the pose mode easter egg well is their a limit cause whenever theres 30 students that are posed the pose mode button isnt at the top of the students 😦

  24. It’s imposible use the method of kidnap with Osana. You can’t use the syringe but you increase biology’s level and the biology’s level can’t be increased until wednesday. And starting on Wednesday isn’t enough time to be able to torture to Osana and make her kill to Raibaru. I tried reset the monday, but when you reset one day, the levels that you have increased are empty again

  25. Can someone help? I don’t get that girls of bullying notice to Game Club’s president on thursday. I can get they notice him on any days, but they don’t stare him on thursday. Like this, it’s imposible to me drown to Osana in the pool

  26. Hello, Yanderedev. I am from Bangladesh🇧🇩 and I am a big fan of Yandere Simulator.
    Thank you very much for introducing us to the world of Ayano, Taro, Osana, Kokona and Midori. Best wishes to you and to your team.

  27. YandereDev, don’t you think that the 36o button prompts looks better than the new design? Like while I play I enjoy more the 360 design. They are bright and they have more color. And I think that all controller players will know what bottom is every one if they’re playing with an xbox controller. What do you think about it?

  28. YandereDev, I have a bug:

    When a student sees a dumbell, (Musume saw it) and when they go to examine it but you pick it up and its in your hand, the student will still Pick Up the dumbell and it will transport from your hand into their hand. You will still see the attack option above the student’s head (the student who picked up the dumbell) and when you press it, the screaming sound will be there, but Yan-Chan and the student will freeze.

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