February 10th Bug-Fixing Build

The previous build had some bugs, so here’s an update that fixes those issues!

To read a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this artwork from Nevonda depicting Osana being impaled!

This artwork was actually created for the purpose of being the thumbnail art for one of my videos, but then I realized that it would instantly get the video age-restricted, so I was never able to use it. What a shame! I don’t have to worry about that sort of thing on my blog, though, so here it is for the world to see!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from correctly restoring the state of the game’s gloves and raincoat if the player saved their game while wearing the gloves or raincoat and then reloaded their save.
  • Fixed bug that would stop a teacher from listening to a teacher’s pet’s report if the teacher heard laughter while the teacher’s pet was talking.
  • Students will no longer try to dispose of trash bags during Week 2, since the incinerator is out of order on that week.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Demo Checklist from acknowledging that the player had eliminated Osana by drowning her.
  • Fixed bug that was causing Bang Snaps to fail to “pop” if they struck the ground instead of striking a wall.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to freeze after the player had completed the Rejection elimination method.
  • Fixed bug that caused the katana to teleport on top of the Scrap Metal weapon when reloading a save.
  • Updated the text for the Strawberry panties, since the “Compliment” feature has been removed.
  • Added many new props to the incinerator area. It looks so much better now!
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Calendar screen from functioning properly.

55 thoughts on “February 10th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. One thing I’ve been wondering is when the crowdfunding campaign finally happens, it would finally be the time to give the name the new name LoveSick and the current title, Yandere Simulator would basically be it’s working title, the title it had from when the demo was in development and still updating, but I still suggest still using the name ‘Yandere Simulator’ as a subtitle like what you did suggest.

  2. One thing I’ve been wondering is when the crowdfunding campaign finally happens, it would finally be the time to give the game the new name LoveSick and the current title, Yandere Simulator would basically be it’s working title, the title it had from when the demo was in development and still updating, but I still suggest still using the name ‘Yandere Simulator’ as a subtitle like what you did suggest.

  3. I think the students should bring the bags to the incenerator area and drop the bags next to the incenerator, ready for when it starts working again. However, at the end of the day, the police would find body parts in the bags if some are present.

  4. Great job as usual ❤️
    Also I’ve been wondering when kidnapping male students would be added to the game? Is there a complication or did you just forget

  5. Can someone answer my question? In the future will there be P.E. classes and bags? I think that’d be a great addition to the game. Another thing I really don’t like is that when the game starts everyone is on a perfect line in different groups depending of what club it is and I think that makes the NPC’s look robotic so I think that everyone should have their own walk animation and walk like a little crowd just like the trailer of Blue Reflection, that’d make everything more natural and less robotic. Yes it’ll take time, but it’ll be worth it.

  6. when you are wearing long sleeved uniforms (2,4,5,6 uniforms) and at the same time are in the game club, the red ribbon is in the sleeve, which looks kinda weird (i used translaitor, sorry for mistakes)

  7. I forgot why the incinerator is out of order on week 2… Is it because of Amai or to make the game more difficult ? Or another reason ?

  8. YanDev, PLEASE talk about this in a future update on your blog
    I heard that yandere simulator is a “Porn” game. Is this true?
    It makes me uncomfortable to play these sorta games, so please answer. It’s real important to me.

  9. I was thinking this, will there ever be an update where there are different animation’s for picking up bodies because it looks strange when the body suddenly teleports over when laying face down and Ayano picks up the body.

    • I mean he’s never just out art up without asking before, so I’m sure he did. Plus, the art was literally made for a thumbnail to a video, so the artist probably doesn’t have a problem letting yanderedev use it.

  10. Day 2, Bully Idea! Maybe your team could implement tasks for all the bullies(and make Kokoro’s task something about her past)! Then, join them (maybe make them a club, like the delinquents, or just join the group). Your reputation has to be up. Maybe every bully will believe your Kaobook posts! Gossip has a higher effect, like the sports club has with speed. But a disadvantage is that students notice you twice as fast from twice as far away, like a lower atmosphere. I hope this gives an idea on the bullies! (I am totally down if the full game comes out, and we can join the student council!)

  11. This was an idea I was thinking of … when the student council members are suspicious of you or feel like you are up to No good , the student council should follow you around . Like for example if you are spotted with blood on you one of the members from the student council ( the one that sees you) will begin to follow after you

  12. i ran into a bug where I eliminated Osana with the fan elimination, And I dispose of the corpse, And the end of day sequence for Friday, It says osana thinks about confesisng to Senpai. And the Thursday cutscene shows Osana after I elminated her

  13. does anyone know the purpose of the cat outside the school, i mean you cant interact with it or pet it or anything. not necessarily saying its pointless or anything but i kinda am curious what it is for . it is a little weird having a cat around around the school

  14. I have been thinking.. what if the cooking club was disbanded? How will that affect the gameplay during Amai’s week?

    Also stop being so self conscious. Just say a very conservative date for the campaign and that you’re not confident about it though. We will understand.

    • Another thing that bothers me is you start off with each school club have 5 members, but about half actually have 6 members and only a fill-in leader is there while the real leader who would be your rivals is currently not at school. If you kill a member of those 6 membered clubs while the 6th member and true leader isn’t at school, the club itself shuts down. That’s a illogical flaw to me.

  15. Does anyone know if Yandere Dev does meet and greets? I know it’s the era of COVID but I would love to meet the mind behind this game.

  16. I have a suggestion, when the police come to do find a corpse that is hiding in a locker (and or trash bags left on school grounds that were unattended to) shouldn’t the police bring a K9 unit to sniff out the corpse and or dismembered corpsein trash bags. Or if the K9 unit finds it and the police are able to discover the fingerprints of Ayano since she has to touch the body to put it in the locker. The player should be able to stuff a corpse in a locker in the regular game instead of the ABC challenge but will have to later dispose of that corpse because of two things 1: a student will open the locker and see a corpse fall out then reports to a teacher 2: the police will send the K9 unit to discover the corpse in a locker. I think the player shouldn’t have that much of an easy disposal method because logically someone would eventually find the body (this method does not include the burial method since the K9 unit will be unable to sniff the corpse underground) Let me know what you think about this Yan Dev or anyone else I would like to hear your opinions!


    I have an idea for Senpai’s little sister! (Sorry I forgot her name) She could be in a ‘step up week’ where a lot of students come from a near by middle school to see how they like this high school. Senpai’s sister would be one of the middle school students who happens to be there for her brother! This could make it so you would have more kids to place around, you could give a her a walking bit so she can not be with senpai 24/7. Like maybe have her walk around school to see if she likes a club, with senpai in a distance of course…

  18. I have a small suggestion. I think that like the mini game that activates when Yandere chan is sent to the guidance counsellor, you should be able to chose what you say to the police if they have a reason to be suspicious of you.

  19. I lethal poisoned Osana and Raibaru’s bento and Emetic Poisoned Senpai’s. I wrapped both Raibaru and Osana in Garbage bags and took them into the incinerator. I went to go to class. The text said Yandere Chan is ready to leave school, but it was supposed to be cleaning time. It also said a faculty member found a corpse and called the police. When the police sequence started, It said they found multiple corpses. I pressed continue and then it said They found multiple corpses. I had to exit the game and restart because of that glitch. It happened to me twice now.

  20. Whenever I enter the DEMO Screen, where it says “Click Enter” to play.. I click enter but nothing happens. Does anyone know what the problem is..?

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