Senpai, It’s Cold Outside

Merry Christmas, everyone!

This year’s yandere-themed Christmas parody is based on the 1944 classic, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”! I hope you enjoy it!

And with that, my 7-day-long upload streak comes to an end. This was the last video that I wanted to upload before returning 100% of my attention to development. Time to dive back into the game!

I’m happy to say that watching people play the Amai Challenge has provided me with exactly the kind of data I was hoping for! Over the past couple of days, I’ve witnessed players using stealth, caution, and strategy, instead of simply pulling up a Scheme and following every step on a checklist. It’s so satisfying to see players planning things out ahead of time, carefully hiding bodies, and cautiously peeking around corners. That’s exactly what the gameplay was always supposed to be like! It’s been a very hard-hitting reminder of what I was originally envisioning for the game, and where I should be focusing my attention on development.

The experience has also shown me several more bugs, exploits, and game design flaws, which I’ll be addressing as soon as I can. Look forward to a bug-fixing build in the near future!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

P.S. – Please check out this amazing video that Victorialand created, based on last year’s Christmas song!

100 thoughts on “Senpai, It’s Cold Outside

  1. I’m glad things are going the way you hoping they would!

    Merry Christmas Yandere-Dev and to everyone here too! I hope you all stay safe & well!

  2. Yandere-Dev, Yandere-Dev
    As usual, a job well done
    Here we are yet against
    Another year , come and gone.

    Yet as the years go
    We all know
    Yandere Sim is getting
    Ready to go

    All thanks to one man
    Through his blood, sweat, and tears
    Along with of course with
    The help of kind volunteers

    To him, I say Merry Christmas
    But it must also be said
    To Osana and the others who like Senpai
    Well… I hope you like Christmas Red

    Thank you as always Yandere-Dev 🙂

  3. Yandere Dev, I just had an idea! To make Amai more challenging during the bake sale you could make Saki tell Kokona if she sees Ayano murder anyone (this would give more witnesses for a police investigation). Proceeding this, I would assume that the former cooking club leader would attempt to tackle Ayano, as I’m pretty sure you are planning to make him a suitor. If this is to challenging then I understand. Merry Christmas💕

  4. I Have some questions.(Sorry if you notice any punctuation or grammatical errors and mistakes while reading these questions.)

    1. So you’re trying to achieve an anime aesthetic, look and feel right? Soooooo… Have you ever considered adding cel shading into the game, since this game is supposed to look like an anime, I think it would really help this game alot and make it look more like anime and less visually generic, making it pop out more, visually( Not saying this game looks visually generic. ) and make it feel more like an anime. Im not saying the game doesn’t feel and already look anime, it already does, but you know what I mean, it would make the game feel and look even more anime, oh and I think there should be option to turn it off or on depending on whether the play actually looks it or not.

    2. When you replace the character models, will you also replace that school uniform design since only Japanese middle school girls wear that kind of uniform. If you do, I have some one concern… There’s so much official artwork in this game with that specific uniform design, if you change it, are you going to ask the artists who’ve worked on the art to the change it?

    3. This is more of a personal question, so you can skip it if you want, if you don’t like personal questions, it’s perfectly fine with me if you dont want to awnser this. Have ever seen any anime movies? Because if you have, what are your favourites?

    4.If the game is successful, are you planning on developing more games in the future that are not related to Yandere Simulator in any way, shape or form.

    5. What are the few store bought Unity assets that are still remaining in the game, since people are saying most of the assets in this game are stolen or store bought assets from Unity, I know this ain’t true and most of the assets in the game are original assets, but I know that there is still some store bought assets in this game that are still lingering in the game that you’re planning to replace in the future with all new original assets made from volunteers, so what are these assets?

    6. How accurate do you think this game is to Japanese high schools and to Japan and it’s culture .

    7. What is your favourite rival and why?

    8.What was your favourite year working on this game and why?

    9. Do you ever wish to get a translator and translate the game for you into Japanese or other languages.

    10. If you ever were able to go back in time when you were first developing this game, would you change anything, if you did, what would you change and why?

  5. Merry Christmass To Yan Dev and all the support team of YandereSim! Another year is comming to an end, but the game is getting stronger as well. I just have one question, what comes next to the game development?

  6. btw yandere dev, why isnt there a janitor in yandere simulator? would you consider adding one? I think it will improve the overall gameplay experience.

      • some schools have janitor, but yeah it’s also the students’ job to clean. I kinda got the idea from this korean game (not japanese), the game is called: “white day: a labyrinth named school.” The game did a really good job and the janitor made the game for fun to play, you get what I mean?

      • I was typing really fast and I made a couple of mistakes:
        some schools have a janitor**
        the second line: the janitor made the game more fun to play**


  7. (Uhh … I don’t know if this is a good idea … But I’ll say it anyway)
    YandereDev, I have a suggestion, it’s about the swimsuits. I think some students should have their own, for example:
    – The Delinquents

    – The rivals, esepto Hanako Yamada, Mida Rana and Muja Kina (I doubt that they will put one on the workers in the future) (Mida’s would look TOO perverted)

    – The members of the Student Council.

    – Some other student, like Midori.

    And I think the bullies should be shiny. Osana has been given some in Arts and Fanarts. I dream it if it’s a stupid idea.

  8. Hey Yandere Dev ! I don’t know if you’ll see this message, but a suggestion for the Yandere Simulator game had come to my mind, and I couldn’t help but tell it to you. 😁 So… let’s start with the beginning: at the beginning of the game, at the phone conversation in which Ayano and Info-chan talk for the first time, Info-chan explains to Ayano that a girl, Osana, will confess her love to Senpai on Friday, and that “There’s a myth that if you confess your love to someone underneath that tree, the person you confess to can’t refuse.” What is the suggestion? Well… what if, in addition to the ways to eliminate Osana and the other rivals, another way was added: that is, when Ayano is informed by Info-chan that Osana will confess her love to Senpai underneath the cherry tree, what if Ayano made the meeting between Senpai and Osana never take place, and here I mean this: Ayano cutting down (with an axe or something) the cherry tree. In that way, Ayano wouldn’t hurt anyone, and so Osana could never win Senpai. So what do you think ?

    • What?! Sorry, I know the restraint is not for me, but I will clarify it anyway. Ayano would NEVER harm the Cherry Tree of Confession. Why? Well:
      – I would be expelled for vandalizing, and this vandalization is extremely serious.

      – Ayano would not like the Confession Cherry Tree to be damaged, least of all by herself, as she would love to confess to Sempai underneath it. I saw this on the Yandere Simulator Wiki.

      – Ayano couldn’t confess later.

      – The latter has nothing to do with Ayano, but I’ll say it: It would take away the plot from the game and make it TOO boring.

      • And another thing, if that happened, the rivals would not exist, that is, if they would exist, but they would not have the importance they have in the plot of the game.

        Sorry if I was rude, but I had to clarify.

  9. I noticed that if you kill someone with a one handed weapon, you put the weapon-less hand on your victim, no matter how it’s performed. Wouldn’t police be able to check the body for fingerprints, especially if the victim was held with the same force Ayano uses when she commits murder? I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but if it is, that could be another incentive to clean up bodies rather than just leaving them to be found.

    • Well what if the police find someone’s fingerprints on the body, and arrest them, but it turns out they were only hugging the person or something?

      • I guess so, but Ayano wouldn’t have a way to prove that’s all that happened. Plus, in my experience, high schoolers aren’t exactly the hugging type, especially with each other.

  10. Yandev Yandev during the Amai challenge I tried to frame her for murder… I knew the the incinerator would not work. I wanted to use the acid box thing to destroy my uniform and the gloves but it won’t let me

  11. Hey Yandere Dev, i have a bug to report about the Amai Challenge.
    If you dismember Amai’s body, and dissolve it in the science lab, the body comes back to the last time it was dismembered, the body is standing up, bald, and the challenge doesn’t complete. I feel like that should be fixed if the Amai Challenge will be kept.

  12. I don’t know if this is a problem with my computer or is a game error, but sometimes, when I try to take a picture during lunchtime, the animation starts to distort, that is, it jumps and they crash quickly and not They let me take the student’s photo.

  13. Hey YandereDev, I think there’s something wrong with the demo checklist. Cause i did the Bully Elimination where i gossip her until she no longer attends school, but I got the Betray elimination as if I did that, but i didn’t do that. This is like how I did the Fan elimination, but the Expelled Elimination was checked instead of Fan Elimination or Drown elimination since I drowned her on the toilet, but it didn’t change it’s image. Should I re-install the game to fix it or will that be fix in the next build?

  14. Yandere-dev, I had a problem with “the demo checklist” that when I do one of those, I get that I didn’t, like the one from befriend and betray, or the one from the fan, that I get the same error that I didn’t I did it, can u fix it?

  15. YanDev-san, I heard that you have forgotten the name of Osana’s k⁰n³c⁰ (Kitten in Japanese), so I decided to remind you, but I said it in the form of a riddle, I don’t want to cause a spoiler no matter how small (Read all words)

  16. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but after I eliminated raibaru she’s now dead no matter how many times i reset or delete the save file

  17. Just a suggestion but whenever an event happens
    and it changes their mood, their speech pattern should change. like for example after osana gets called by her stalker, after that event, i think it would make more sense if her speech e.g during her task change from enthusiastic to gloomy.

  18. Happy New Year Yandere-Dev! Thank you for another year of Yandere-Simulator. It’s almost like an old friend at this point

    (I’ll probably post this again in your next update but this is posterity sake)

  19. Happy New Year Yandere Dev you can read this comment and important, the demo checklist is buggy it would be that I killed Osana on the roof using the screwdriver and the fan and the game says I had Osana ejected (I think the demo checklist not accurate) I hope you read this comment Yandere Dev

  20. YandereDev, I think it would be a useful idea to add the option to get rid of the bloody uniform by throwing it in the garbage can or burying it in the garden club just like a body.

  21. Hey YandereDev, I have a question:

    If there are security cameras and metal detectors at school, and you set up a mindslave to need to go through the metal detector when they are holding a knife, shouldn’t they be pepper sprayed? This would allow the player to need to think more because of the players actions.

    If not that, then maybe the player should need to go into the teachers lounge and steal a card that they would use to go through metal detectors when needed and then use that card for when the mindslave goes through them. I think that would add a bit more challenge to the game.

    Anyway, I think the game is turning out really well and I hope you’re doing ok! Happy New Years Yandere Dev!

    • Same thing happened again. Lured her away from Raibaru after sabotaging her Tuesday event with the book so she’d go sit over near a door on a bench to eat. Used a combination of giggles and a radio. Stabbed her. Had cleaning supplies ready. Carried her somewhere she wouldn’t be seen, cleaned up, disposed of her in the incinerator, then cleaned up where I’d stashed her. Cleaned myself up, burned everything, done! I was ridiculously pleased with myself for being so clever.

      But for some reason the achievement didn’t unlock despite the fact that the game acknowledged in every other way that I won. I did the pool elimination method and got that one so I’m not sure what bug I’m encountering but it’s rude and annoying sdkjfnks

      (Worth noting that after I disposed of her and went to class Raibaru went looking for her at the incinerator area for no reason before doing her sad “where’d Osana go” reaction. I wonder if that’s a sign there’s a bug here or a separate bug entirely.)

  22. Haven’t been here for a long time, I apologize but I’m glad the game is getting more updates and features

  23. Hello, I would like to ask a couple of questions, I apologize if these questions have been answered, but I could not find answers.
    1) If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, will a professional screenwriter be hired? I have no doubt that at least the idea that Yanderedev showed us is interesting and intriguing, however, I would like to note that in some places the same means of speech expression can be noticed(in the opening of the game, Ayano says: “I have to stop her. Even if it means hurting her. Even if it means killing her.I don’t care what I have to do. I don’t care who I have to hurt. I don’t care whose blood I have to spill.” and the journalist in the tapes says(not exactly like this but close):”Everyone fell in love with her. Court fell in love with her. The entire nation fell in love with her.” My idea is that the same methods of hyperbolization are used).I think a professional would be able to make the text more suitable for each character, i.e. some would use some turns of speech, other character – other type of speech . At the same time, if there were any controversial points in the plot, then he would be able to correct them. I want to say that I do not mean that Yanderedev will not cope with the work, however, a person who has studied for many years at the university and devoted his life to this will be able to do everything at the best level. If YanDev has education in this area, then I apologize.
    2) I was able to find information from the comments, one rival will be released every big update, however, how will the plot be? Wouldn’t we spoil some plot twist too early? Or will the global plot not be included in further updates?
    Once again, I apologize if the answers to these questions were somewhere(and also excuse me for bad english). And if anyone will answer my questions, thank you.

    • 1. I don’t usually mention this, but I think of myself as a writer. I’ve been writing for far longer than I’ve been programming. I haven’t been writing regularly over the past few years, and for a while, I was really afraid that my writing skills had atrophied. When I wrote the Journalist’s tapes and Kokona’s side-story, I was really worried that I was writing crappy stories and worried that nobody was going to like what I had written. However, both the tapes and the side-story got a very positive reception, which was a huge relief to me, and restored my faith in my own writing ability. My motivation for developing Yandere Simulator is to prove myself as a game developer, but I also wish to prove myself as a storyteller. I want people to come away from Yandere Sim thinking “Wow, YandereDev tells cool stories!” and that can’t happen if I let other people do the writing for me, so I’m very determined to take care of all the writing myself.

      2. The events that will take place during Yandere Simulator’s plot won’t have global consequences, except for the fate of Megami. Unfortunately, I can’t really give you any further details without dropping spoilers.

  24. I hope YanDev changes the rivals’ and other characters’ names to more authentic Japanese names like the student council members’. I have tons of ideas for this since looking up the origins and meanings of names is really fun XD

  25. Have you ever thought of letting people create tasks for your characters? Because I actually do have some ideas for some. The Gardening club members could ask help because one lost something in a plant when they weren’t looking, or one could need help watering plants while they study for a class. Mai Waifu could ask help with writing an email to her lover across seas, and Midori could ask for Ayano to spread the word that they are in a video game. Member of the marital arts could ask for things like ordering a set of barbell for them because their parents forbade them, the art club members might need inspiration, and you could show them beautiful places around the campus, or maybe module for them, a drama club member could ask Ayano to look up sheet music, or help with memorizing lines, the photography club could also ask help in finding cool places around campus, or maybe just buying them snacks or something, the robotics club might ask for help testing out some of their equipment, or to help locate something they had lost, that would get them in trouble, like an expensive tool, a cooking club member might want help with giving out food, while another asks for them to help find an ingredient somewhere in the clubroom or the school, the sports club members may ask for help with motivating their team members, finding their water bottle, or help refill a ball with air, the music club could also ask for help in researching music, or to ask around for what their classmates might like the club to perform, the occult club could ask for help with dealing with bullies or maybe looking for a hex book they misplaced, the bullies may ask for things similar to Musume, like alcohol, or finding dirt on their classmates, the student council may ask to help uphold justice, spy on the delinquents, or look for any contraband, and all of the remaining students could maybe ask for menial tasks, like asking for help with studying, for Kuu Dere, asking to be left alone by the people around her, and maybe asking for objects, like pencils, notebooks, notes, food, etc. These are just ideas I had, and they may not be much, but I hope they may be helpful.

    • It’s difficult for me to imagine Tasks for 85+ characters, so I would appreciate help with it. However, every Task has to meet two very specific criteria:

      1. The Task cannot be functionally identical to a previously-existing Task (such as “I lost an item, go find it for me).

      2. The Task must not require the creation of completely new game mechanics that don’t already exist in the game.

  26. yan dev why is the student council aware of ayano … I’m starting to be scared of them… they just stare Ayano

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