The Origin of Yandere Simulator’s Stealth Mission

For the past two days, I’ve discussed nearly every aspect of the demo that I wanted to talk about in a video – but one subject was suspiciously absent…the topic of the stalker house stealth mission. I actually have so much to say about that mission that I decided to make an entire video about it! Please join me as I discuss the origin of the stealth mission, the factors that will determine whether or not there will be more stealth missions added to the game in the future, and the ways in which the stealth mission has changed since it was originally added to the demo.

I hope you like the video!

By the way, I’m not releasing a new build today, but I will be releasing a new build tomorrow.

27 thoughts on “The Origin of Yandere Simulator’s Stealth Mission

  1. It would be pretty hilarious if the stalker tried to physically assault Ayano for stealing the cat and she just ignored him. (But a normal combat struggle minigame probably works better in practice.)

  2. And maybe you could re-use assets. Now that you have a house and interior assets, you should be able to re-use most of those assets to make other houses.

    You could also learn how to re-skin assets. I don’t mean create new character and object meshes from scratch, as that’s a steep learning curve. But It’s not that difficult to take an existing object mesh and place a new texture on it — just some basic Photoshop skills.

  3. Maybe Odayaka’s stealth mission will be to break into a competitor’s bakery and poison their ingredients so Odayaka can win a baking contest that’s stressing her out.

    Maybe Sunobu’s stealth mission could be related to her absence (I believe her two week absence was that she was injured on Orientation Day)

    Maybe Ruto’s Stealth mission could be to steal an Occult book she has her eye on that she’s supposed to get, but she’s being cheated on by her dealer.

    I have no stealth mission idea for Rito, Rana, Yamada, or Saikou

    Maybe Kina’s stealth mission could be to either sabotage the old nurse, or blackmail the headmaster, so the Old Nurse gets fired and Kina can be a permanent Nurse

    Maybe Osoro’s Stealth Mission could be to challenge her to a fight, but then the night before, sneak into her house and sabotage her so you win. After which, she would respect you enough to do a favor for you (stop talking to Senpai)

    • Maybe Rana’s stealth mission could be for Yan-chan to clear her reputation of “hooking up” with students
      And maybe Rito’s stealth mission could be something like Odayaka’s and Osoro’s (sabotage a rival of hers or something like that)

  4. Hmm, I don’t see a big problem with this creep to attack Yan-chan. He has no social life, horrible relationships with his family, and most probably some huge mental problems ‘cuz he lives in his fantasies 24/7, and to make it more realistic he even goes to stealing someone’s property and blackmail. I mean, he has gone too far and sick enough to attack someone in order to protect what’s so important for him.

  5. Personally, I think some more obstacles on the way out (maybe the family trying to apprehend and fight Yandere-chan because she’s in their house) would improve the stealth mission, but other than that it’s a decent experience in the game.

  6. Idea: What if when the creep saw Yandere-chan, he started screaming and crying in his fear at confrontation, forgetting that his family would hear? This would be an even worse failure mode than the surmountable physical fight.

    That said, I do like the part where the parents disappear behind the door to have their fight.

  7. Just for fun, I’m going to try and guess what this year’s Christmas song is….
    “All I Want for Christmas is Senpai”
    “Little Yandere Girl” (Come they told me pa rum pum pum pum, A new rival to see pa rum pum pum pum, out to get my senpai pa rum pum pum pum, That means she has to die pa rum pum pum pum….)
    “Osana Got Run Over By A Reindeer” (Yandere tries to blame Santa for her rival’s murder.)
    “Slay Ride”
    “Christmas in Buraza Town.” (It’s Christmas time in Buraza, Mama’s callin’ KFC you baka!”
    “O Holey Corpse”
    “Red Christmas”
    “Senpai, it’s Cold Outside.”
    “A Stabby, Happy Christmas”
    “Happy Christmas (Demo is Out)”
    “Ayano’s Christmas” (Like Snoopy and the Red Baron, Ayano makes temporary peace with Osana. It lasts maybe five seconds.)
    “Twelve Days of Christmas” (On the first day of Christmas my Senpai gave to me, a rival bound by a cherry tree.)
    “Senpai Did you Know”
    “My Favorite Things” (Blood baths and screaming and Senpai I’m stalking, Knives and the sound when Midori stops talking, A crowbar that smashes with just one swing, these are a few of my favorite things!)
    “What Corpse is This?”
    “I Want My Senpai for Christmas”
    “Donde Esta Yandere?”

  8. This is more of a warning, but people got really mad when you ‘blamed’ the volunteers for the length of time things took.

    I perfectly understood what you meant (One guy coding while relying on the generosity of others will take time), but jesus do people stretch sometimes. They just interpreted it as ‘Yandere Dev is blaming the volunteers for why this took x years to make.’

    I feel people forget there was way more to the game than just Osana.

  9. My ideas of problems for the rest of the rivals befriend/betray methods:

    Amai: During school hours (or something) you can go out of school and you have a certain amount of time to get a few ingredients for the entire Cooking club to eat, and you can join Amai with eating the cake, and Ayano gets the honor of serving the cake, giving Ayano the chance to poison Amai’s piece of cake.

    Kizana: Kizana’s parents fight a lot, so on Wednesday night when Kizana’s parents go out to try to figure things out between each other, Ayano can “sabotage” the date with things that will make the date go better. If you want to betray Kizana then sabotage the date to make it go horrible, and the parents divorce, Kizana then spends the next day crying in a spot that makes Kizana completely vulnerable.

    Oka: She forgot one of the important things she needed for a ritual, so you have a certain amount of time before class starts to get the item, from a huge store. If you want to betray Oka, then get something from the store that looks very close to the item Oka needs, and make it do some mythical thing that makes Oka completely disappear from existence.

    Asu: Feels like she isn’t fit, so visit her house, and tell her parents that Ayano is Asu’s friend, and Asu doesn’t feel fit, so please restrict her from a lot of sweets. If you want to betray her, then stalk Asu the following night, and get all of her favorite things (one of them is going to either be sweets or the cooking club) then once Ayano understands what sweets Asu likes, fill Asu’s room with sweets and make her extremely ashamed of herself, until she wont go to school.

    Muja: Muja needs to make a quick run to a store that’s across town, and you can volunteer for Muja to go to the store across town, Muja will then be waiting for you and the entrance of the school, and you can press a button on the screen to park safely. To betray Muja, either don’t volunteer for Muja and sabotage Muja’s car, and once the car explodes on the road, once she is noticed for a “car accident” the entire high school goes to lockdown. If you do volunteer for Muja, instead of pressing the button to safely park, run Muja over with the car.

    Mida: Mida doesn’t feel seductive, get her more seductive clothes, or accessories? If you want to betray her, get her a choker that chokes her.

    Osoro: Her parents are angry at Osoro for fighting off those people and getting very hurt, and Osoro doesn’t want them worrying, so put some sort of amnesia bomb in their house or something. If you want to betray her, put a bomb in Osoro’s room so she explodes while trying to sleep.

    Hanako: She doesn’t feel like Senpai loves her (as a sister) so you need Hanako to do awesome things and make Senpai enjoy Hanako being around. If you want to betray her, make Hanako do something so bad that Hanako goes into a corner and cries, Hanako is then completely vulnerable.

    Megami: Her parents company needs a few thousand more dollars to get a big upgrade on their company, but the selling rates on Saikou’s company is dropping a little bit, and Ayano needs to either, “sabotage” the stuff to make the stuff better or, Ayano needs to steal money from loan sharks. If you want to betray her, when you deliver the stolen money to Saikou’s house, you jump in, and kill Megami while she is sleeping. Or you can sabotage one of the things Megami interacts with at the store that the Saikou’s own.

    Please don’t be pressured to do any of these things. I just think they would be good ideas for more befriend/betray methods. You can make as many tweaks as you want. Geez this was a huge idea….

    • Hey! I appreciate you taking the time to suggest these ideas.

      Most of these are “rival wants to have something, run and get it for her.” I think that the rivals need to be in more dire circumstances. “Father is in crippling debt” or “Pet has been stolen and could be tortured / killed by an obsessive psycho stalker.” For Amai, something like “Parents’ bakery is on the verge of being shut down” would be more appropriate. I’ll be trying to come up with things that would be a total life-ruining nightmare for the rival.

  10. This has nothing to do with the post but, I thought I should mention this anyway; in the manga series “Komi Can’t Communicate” there is also a character called Osana Najimi. Just thought I should put that out there.

  11. You don’t really get the whole Hikikomori/stalker mindset huh? Your reasons for why he doesn’t attack us makes sense for a normal, rational person, which this guy clearly isn’t. People like him don’t shut out family because they’re embarrassed or ashamed, it’s because his room is his own private world and anyone outside is an intruder. Staking Osana and taking her cat wouldn’t be kept secret because he’d be afraid of getting in trouble, but because he knows others would stop him from achieving his goal. His deluded fantasy is so close to becoming a reality but we come along to snatch it away and he’s supposed to sit back and let it happen? That’s why him not trying to stop us is so weird.
    Some of his parent’s dialogue should expand upon their family dynamic better. The sisters tells us about her brother and her views on him as well as her parent’s inaction. Maybe while the dad is trying to fix the television he could also be upset that his son, who could have fixed the t.v in the past, became a shut-in who doesn’t help with anything anymore. The mother could be making the cake because she heard her son say it was ‘his sweet Miyuki’s favorite!’ and hopes this means he’s met a girl. Between the stalkers talking to himself and his parents are arguing in the kitchen, with less muffled voices, they could end up revealing how he even saw Osana. Maybe on the sister’s school’s orientation day he left the house with his family and they thought he might sign back up for school but he just wanted a ride to pick up a Miyuki collectible nearby. That’s when he saw Osana entering Akademi and his sister sometimes saw him going by the school since then. After Osana calls the cops on him we could hear her telling Ribaru about it and hear other students gossiping about a guy getting arrested for stalking.
    I’m really into listening to background conversations in games. It makes the characters seem more lively.
    I would love to see more stealth missions in the future.
    Also, why does that one girl take off her ring – the one we can steal – at lunchtime? She’s eating from a lunchbox with chopsticks so her ring wouldn’t get messy anyway.

  12. Yandere Dev! I found a bug. If you make senpai bald then eliminate Osana on saturday in the cutscene with Amai Senpai’s head would look glitchy and weird.

  13. I really enjoyed this video, it’s fascinating learning how certain game mechanics are brought forth. I’m not being biased on why I loved this one over the other videos 😉 They were all very informative. I look forward to whatever you have in mind in the future. Keep your head up and remember we care about you and your game very much.

  14. Hey Yandere Dev! How ya doin? So after watching this video something clicked in my mind: why not add variety into Osanas’ Befriend /Betray elimination by choosing to help the stalker thus giving the player the choice? You befriend Osana by K.O ing the stalker and saving her cat OR after you bring her into your house to give her back her cat you knock her out and give her to the Stalker whom you “negotiated” with during the mission thus eliminating Osana without getting your hands dirty. Maybe he can mindslave her into thinking she’s Miyuki by the end of the game or something . Heck maybe even make this mission how you unlock the mindslave feature by having him do it to all your victims just like how you can let the Roombah clean up all the blood without having to use the mop yourself.

    Ending choices like that would give the Befriend/Betray elimination method for each rival a lot more variety don’t you think?

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