New Features and Future Plans for Yandere Simulator

Yesterday’s video was about the changes I’ve made to the game in response to the feedback that I’ve received. This video is about some additions that I’ve made to the game recently, some observations that I’ve made while watching people play the game, and some changes that I’d like to make in the future.

Please enjoy!

Once again, I’d like to clarify that there is no new build today. The next time I release a new build will be December 22nd.

22 thoughts on “New Features and Future Plans for Yandere Simulator

  1. Both “discovered corpses lead to a permanent change in gamestate” (whether it’s new security cameras, permanently lowered atmosphere, or whatever) and “penalties for suspicious behavior between lowered reputation and eyewitness testimony of homicide” sound like excellent ideas. You know, the kind that sounds obvious in retrospect even though nobody thought about it ahead of time.

    Tying club leader trust to whether or not Ayano has befriended all of their club members makes sense to me. It’s a mechanical way to tie the club together, and make the clubs meaningful (beyond the one Ayano joins, of course).

  2. 1) there should be a thing where if multiple people call the cops then the cops will come faster so the player would have to think about the schedules of the people who go in that area to see how many people would be in the area at that given time.
    2) if the students see you with the rival before their death then they should report that to the police that they did see the player with the rival before their death and if that happens to many time then you get a game over.

  3. i love the security camera idea! i think it could be more than one at a time though. i also love the idea of students testifying against yanchan when it comes to blood and weapons! for the budo thing, i think the second option (befriending everybody from the club) would be best! i have a tiny concern about the demo, i just wish there were more slots for pictures taken using the camera function, or that they were unlimited. i had no slots left after playing around for a few minutes! also the character names are still pretty ridiculous 😕

  4. Hey YanDev! Remember when portraits of people from school on Ayano’s phone were in circles instead of squares? It looked a lot better, could you bring it back?

    I know Ayano’s hair disappears when he takes pictures so he doesn’t hide the camera, but maybe you’d bring it back because you can see in the mirror in the hallway that Ayano doesn’t have hair.

    I really like your videos and look forward to new updates because they are brilliant. Keep steaming over the game, but don’t get over it

  5. Yandere Dev I have a question for you how do I increase my reputation without cheating? Because I can only socialize but you took the compliments off all the students can you tell me the way how to increase my reputation without cheating?

  6. I´m not a big fan of cameras (at least if theyre permament), it feels a bit cheap and quite op, but I like the think with school atmosphere. Overall a very good job.

  7. I like the idea with befriending the club members before the club leader better, though I hope for individual tasks that would be a lot relevant to the plot that comes with that. Also, I’d like to say that there aren’t enough camera slots, and I find it frustrating that whenever I delete a photo, the picture on the corkboard would disappear with it. I worked so hard for those pictures… And another thing, I play the Befriend Event quite often and would still play the entire week after since it can all be accomplished in one day. I noticed that the Friday Event (Musume Event and when Osana went to the Computer Lab) is still active even after accomplishing the Befriend Elimination Method. Hope you can change and add some scripted events that comes after Befriending Osana, or any other elimination for the rest of the week. One last thing, I know that if the atmosphere lowers down, people will become paranoid, but I hope there could be some gossips here and there about the cause (corpse/blood). The gossips can turn into theories for those investigating (photography club/students council). And, even when the students are paranoid, I would imagine that each or some of the students would only stay close to and discuss things with someone whom they are very close to. In short, I want to see more info on students whom they have a close relationship with and may use that as an advantage. I also want to freely matchmake students and even using other methods rather than the meeting at the fountain (example: sending anonymous love letters to students who may have interest in that kind of romantic approach). Thank you for your hard work.

  8. I saw your video today and I wanted to mention something:

    Other than lowering the atmosphere even lower than usual if a body isn’t disposed of, you could also get the player to be accused of murder because of DNA. Here’s an example of how this would work:

    When Ayano kills someone with a knife and nothing else, she is putting one hand on them to stop them from moving and the other she uses to kill them. When she does this, her DNA gets on the corpse, which would be evidence of her doing a crime. Even if she somehow didn’t get her DNA on the corpse by doing that, she still can get it on them when she carries or drags them around.

    If the player wears gloves while killing them, then there wouldn’t be a need to dispose of them, but like you said, the damage to the atmosphere will make players still want to dispose of a corpse.

    But wait,
    Wouldn’t it be bad game design if the player kills a student and doesn’t know how the atmosphere is affected?

    To ensure that no players get angry once they find out that the atmosphere gets really low if you kill someone, I’d suggest telling the player through a pop up-like mini tutorial after they have killed someone about atmosphere after a corpse is discovered. There could also be a button that leads them to a different screen that tells the basics of getting away with murder, so they aren’t confused about how to get away with it.

    That’s just something I wanted to point out! I really hope you take this into consideration!!!

    • The part you said about DNA in someone’s body doesn’t make sense, because anyone could have touched the person who was murdered, like a friend or even a relative.

  9. I like the idea of security cameras, especially in sections where the corpse was found, or where they believe the murder took place.

  10. A feature I thought for the corpses is, if you’re bloody and you kill someone you’ll get bloody hand prints on their clothing, so there’s no way around it, except by disposing the body.

  11. I think letting the player know a bit .ore about how to get points with Info-Chan would be helpful. Possibly a tutorial or cutscene (during orientation day?) Where Info-chan explains the many ways to get points: I didnt know about the phone or photo methods!!

    I’m unsure if this is what was intended already, I couldn’t tell from the video, but I think reputation shouldn’t go down from gossip unless you pick the wrong topic for that character. If you gossip about osana hating gaming to gaming club members, no reputation is lowered, while if were a martial arts member instead they’d realize you’re trying to get a reaction and your reputation will be lowered.

    When it comes to the club leader tasks: would the player be able to befriend every member in one week? And then after still have time for the club leaders task and the elimination? I think that’s the biggest deciding factor. I think the one method gives the player a reason to know each character more, while the other has the potential to develop more plot about the club leader and potentially their relationships(in this case, Budo and Raibaru’s relationship.)

    I’m interested in knowing more about how elimination methods impacted Senpai. I know the possibility of multiple endings based on elimination methods used was previously mentioned, but now that there’s been more time to consider it, I’d be interested to know more about this topic!

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