How Your Feedback Improved The Yandere Simulator Demo

Hello! Starting today, I will be uploading one video per day, for the next 7 days in a row. I hope you’re going to enjoy them!

Here’s the first one:

I hope you enjoy it!

Please note that there is no new build today. The next time I release a new build will be December 22nd.

42 thoughts on “How Your Feedback Improved The Yandere Simulator Demo

  1. please allow on Iphones

    On Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 3:01 PM Yandere Simulator Development Blog wrote:

    > YandereDev posted: ” Hello! Starting today, I will be uploading one video > per day, for the next 7 days in a row. I hope you’re going to enjoy them! > Here’s the first one: I hope you enjoy it! > Please note that there is no new build to” >

  2. hi Yandere dev I’m really excited for the next update! But I have to say something I really wanted something in the new update, a secret thing behind school we can find a cell phone when Ayono picks up a woman she will be with a dark face but she will reveal a secret the rest and on her own!

    Thank you!

  3. The introductory day is a super good idea that actually will help. It should be the day Ayano meets Senpai or something. Be able to build relationships before the school year

  4. watched the video and i would say it looks promising. thou i think events in the schedule should be earned in some way rather than straight up… existing…
    the rest of the things mentioned in the video sounds really good though 🙂

  5. you care about replayability, right? there should be a new game+ option in which the character interests we’ve found out are unlocked automatically so we don’t have to find out everyone’s interests every single time we play

  6. When you update the game to feature amai will the debug game mode be updated to where you can only play it once anti is beat or will it stay the reward for beating the tutorial ( osana)

  7. Hey, I spent 75 panty shot points on getting two items, only for them to disappear from my inventory the next day. Because there’s no debug menu, I lost interest and decided not to grind for those items again. Are you gonna fix how inventory items work?

  8. The new socialize feature is nice…but no one talks like that. It seems REALLY odd how Ayano simply walks up to someone, says something about a topic and becomes popular at school. Here’s a direct example from the game, where like I said, no one would talk like that in real life:

    “Can I talk to you for a moment?”
    “Hi, Budo Masuta! I really love Justice!”
    “I agree.”

    Shouldn’t there be build-up? Plus, there should be elaboration to the point. Instead of plainly saying “I love Justice!”, Ayano should say “I really think there should be more justice in this world. Like, I can’t stand bullies.” That sounds less robotic and more casual/lively. As another example, people talk more like:

    “Hey, could I talk to you for a bit?”
    “Your hair looks amazing! Did you style it differently today?”
    “Oh, thanks!”
    “I also wanted to say that, well, I like justice. There should really be more of it in this world. I just can’t stand bullies!”
    “Yeah, I agree! Umm.. sorry, but I gotta go now. See you later!”

    This sounds better, honestly. Maybe the compliment feature could be re-added? Instead of a one-button press, there’d be a small table of compliments you can pick from. You’d have to pick the right ones, depending on their gender/what club they’re in.
    “Woah, I love that make-up you have on. It looks amazing!”
    “Your hair looks amazing! I love how you styled it!”
    “Your uniform looks nice today. Did you iron it? It looks really nice on you!”
    “I love your cooking apron! It looks so fetch on you!”

    After complimenting them, the opinions table would show up. Instead of saying a plain point like “Hi, ()! I really love ()!”, there should be an elaboration to that point and more casual words like “kinda”, “like”, “really” or “Hey” . An example of a point with elaboration and causal words would be:

    “Hey, did you I’m into ()? I’ve been reading up about it online, and it’s REALLY interesting!”

    Overall, the new socialise feature looks nice at first glance since we’re all so used to the old complimenting system, but once you look at it further, the dialogue seems unnatural and rather robotic. I hope it’s improved on. It’s things like this that REALLY improves the “Social Dating Sim” or “Anime High School” part of Yandere Simulator. And I really hope the game becomes more of that.

    • I don’t think casual words apply for every character. But I do agree maybe each group should have different slangs? Like.. cooking club would use more cooking related words, even some French terms. Drama would be more eloquent and formal. Etc!

      Also Ayano having a more different approach for each person. She knows the person is from x club and likes x? Opinions table should show up and the conversation would be more rich because you’d feel forced to learn more about each character before talking to them.

      And personalities would ofc have an effect on it! Social butterfly who’s also in drama club? Would have a mix of social butterfly reactions to conversations with drama club reactions. That way it would be quicker yet also feel a bit more different.

      And of course rivals or club leaders should be more rich in personality. Even different. I think conversations should be longer tbh. They feel too short. Ex with Osana: “hi. I lost this, help!” And then “thanks” when complete. There should have more adds on and progression.

      Like the idea he gave of having to do more than one ask is so amazing.

  9. If you kill the bullies Kokoro will change her appearance (it’s not in the game yet but it will be in the new update)

  10. I think the Orientation Day is actually nice! New players get to explore the map freely, get a tour on the clubs, learn the controls, etc. It could also have events like meeting Taro for the first time.

  11. Since you won’t be able to kill anyone on the orientation day, it might be neat to run into the future rivals or some other sneak peaks hidden around the school. Not only would it let you get some foreshadowing in, it would also help players familiarize themselves with the school’s layout and teach the player that this is a game that rewards exploration.

  12. I have a question: what if I want to contribute to Yandere Simulator as a volunteer, but in a conceptual manner? Could I work as a sounding board for ideas and offer suggestions? Because I went onto the “needed assets” document and helping with writing is unneeded right now (and I don’t have years worth of professional-grade skill in anything else related to game development).

  13. Early today I was looking at a YouTuber using the box cutter method on the challenge and it got me thinking since if people can see you placing items or messing or can see you asking they could be a witness and maybe when the police come they can maybe keep you at wach and put in a file or like you said in another video the school will be eerie and maybe in the future with different rivals you can blackmail witnesses or convince them it wasn’t you with maybe the help of info-chan or the yakuza and if your reputation is good people from the school will defend you.

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