Video Progress Report

In my previous blog post, I said that I was working on three separate videos. In the time since then, that number has gone up to five. Three of those videos are currently complete. Because they are all part of a “series”, I won’t upload any of them until all of them are finished. Once they are all finished, I will be releasing one video per day. I will also be uploading a music video that was finished earlier this year but was never released, and then I’ll be uploading a parody of a Christmas song.

For more details, scroll down past this cute Osana drawn by Loona!

Here is the current estimated video release schedule:

  • December 19th: How Your Feedback Improved The Yandere Simulator Demo
  • December 20th: Recent Changes And Future Plans For Yandere Simulator
  • December 21st: The Origin Of Yandere Simulator’s Stealth Mission
  • December 22nd: How Will Yandere Simulator’s Future Rivals Be Different From Osana?
  • December 23rd: When Will Yandere Simulator Be Finished? When’s the Crowdfunding Campaign? When’s Amai?


  • December 24th: A music video.
  • December 25th: A Christmas song parody video.

If I finish the 5th video earlier than expected, then the 1st video might be uploaded on Dec 18th or perhaps even Dec 17th. Depends on how long it takes to finish these two remaining videos.

I can’t recall a previous point in time when I released 7 videos in one month, much less in one week! I wonder if it’s a bad idea? I wonder if YouTube’s algorithm will only promote my most recent video, leaving the others in the dust? Oh, well. I’m sure that the people who care the most are definitely going to watch all of the videos.

In case you’re curious what each video is about…

How Your Feedback Improved The Yandere Simulator Demo

  • The flaws that were identified in the demo
  • Observations I made while watching people play the demo
  • The ways that the demo has changed and improved as a result of user feedback

Recent Changes And Future Plans For Yandere Simulator

  • A few new features that were added to the game recently, and why they were added
  • Some game design flaws that I’ve identified, but haven’t fixed yet
  • Changes that I’d like to make to the game in the future to improve the experience further

The Origin of Yandere Simulator’s Stealth Mission

  • The reason why Osana’s Befriend/Betray sidequest involves leaving the school and going to a completely new environment
  • The factors that determine whether or not there will be future stealth missions, or whether it’s be a one-time thing
  • The ways that the stealth mission has changed and improved as a result of user feedback

How Will Yandere Simulator’s Future Rivals Be Different From Osana

  • The ways in which I intend to make future weeks at school feel different from Osana’s week
  • The ways in which future rivals past Osana will be difficult to eliminate
  • Something that I’ve put into the game called “The Amai Challenge”, and the reason why it’s in the game now

When Will Yandere Simulator Be Finished? When’s the Crowdfunding Campaign? When’s Amai?

  • Explaining the criteria for that must be reached in order for a rival to be fully implemented
  • Explaining how quickly and easily I can put rivals into the game at this point
  • Explaining what’s missing before the game is complete, and how a crowdfunding campaign can help with that

While there is a bit of overlap between some of these videos, each one of them focuses on a completely different topic. In case you’re curious about how long they are…

  • How Your Feedback Improved The Yandere Simulator Demo – 11 minutes, 25 seconds
  • Recent Changes And Future Plans For Yandere Simulator – 10 minutes, 15 seconds
  • The Origin Of Yandere Simulator’s Stealth Mission – 15 minutes, 50 seconds
  • How Will Yandere Simulator’s Future Rivals Be Different From Osana? – Estimated 11 minutes, 45 seconds.
  • When Will Yandere Simulator Be Finished? When’s the Crowdfunding Campaign? When’s Amai? – Estimated 10 minutes.

As an apology for taking so long to release these videos, I’ll share a few previews with you…and, I’ll make a challenge out of it!

First, I’ll show you 3 screenshots and 2 video clips:

Now, here’s the challenge: One of those screenshots/clips will not be appearing in my upcoming video. Can you guess which one? Heh heh heh! Have fun!

See you in a few days!

118 thoughts on “Video Progress Report

  1. I was wondering, if you steal a phone and the guidance counsoler catchs you at the end of the day, you get an “expelled” game over. If steal a phone means an automatic expell why don’t you just put a stolen phone in Osana’s bag for get her expell from school. It’s not logical….

    • Um … yeah … but I guess “expulsion” is planned to be “one broken rule per day”. But it could be done on a Friday, since it’s the last day, like “accusing Osana of copying the answers from the exams”:
      – I saw in a top video that if a Japanese student copies the answers of the exams or copies in an exam, they shave his head (it does not matter if he is a boy or a girl) and then they expel him. (Yes, they shave his head. I know, it seems incredible, but it is.)

    • personally i think its because yandere chan is a parasite, the principal already hates her. with that grudge, he may have wanted to expel her faster if she made even one mistake

  2. Hey Yandere-Dev. Thanks for another year of hard work despite the typical, boring and annoying eXpOsEd videos and 2020, in general, being a dick. I just wanted to ask: did you get Cyberpunk 2077 or plan to get it? If you do I suggest getting free legendary mantis blades here:

    And for the fun of it: I think the fourth image is interesting since I want to know what Yan-chan is doing in Totori of all places (probably a metaphor about how tricky it is to make an interesting sandbox or how things in a sandbox affect the framerate or something) and the fifth one gives me hope that you integrated the Yakuza style brawler system that you suggested a few years back in some capacity despite most people (not me included) thinking it was kinda cool though the best compromise would be the fighting system like the one in that yandere-sim inspired game (Watashi….something? I forgot the name). The first and second images make too much sense.

    So in conclusion, middle pic kinda sus

  3. So excited to see what’s in store! Its been a while since you posted on YouTube. I’m guessing… Screenshot #2, and/or video #1. Though you do use similar photos in your videos (regarding the second screenshot) and you sometimes have memes in your videos, its a possibility.

  4. I am torn between #2 and #4, due to most other things having either already appeared or be in tone. I’m gonna go with #4.

  5. Huh, weird. Maybe my internet’s been wonky. I swear I’ve typed here like twice already. Oh well, I’ll just give a summary then:
    1.) Midori voice: Hey Yandere-Dev, Yandere dev! You gonna play cYbErPuNk
    2.) (sees Yan-chan in the desert) Yo man what’s Yanchan doin’ in Totori? Is that a san-box game development metaphor or something?
    3.) (Sees Yanchan goin’ Baka Mitai on some fools) Wait….does this mean we get a Yakuza style-ish fighting system now? Awwww yeah gonna smack Kokona with a chair nigga ain’t none of that QTE shizz!
    4.) Glad to know Kokona gets her place as a tutorial -chan sorta girl in the first and second images. Hope she gets the Groundhog Day DLC treatment you mentioned a while back
    5.) LOL family guy almost fooled me for a second
    6.) Wait, I just thought of something:if panty shots give you info points, then how about making the girls wear different styles of panties just like Yan-chan has or even give the rivals unique full-on underwear shots when they go to the locker room to change into school swimsuit or P.E for even more points! I would like it if all female NPC’s had a fully randomized set of underwear and the Rivals get unique sets but that is probably a stretch goal at the very least so probably not gonna happen.
    7.) #7 might sound creepy but we’re already stalking a boy, killing girlf before they get out of school, licking apple bite marks, and stealing our boy’s underwear so what difference will it make?

  6. Trick question, they are all in his video.
    I feel like the way to ruin Amai reputation is to put emetic poison in her cooking so when she hands it out to people they would get sick and blame Amai.

  7. I’m going to guess the first screenshot, since it seems so mundane that it’s apparently not worth considering. (Also because the others look a bit too effort-y to throw together for a silly challenge.)

  8. I can’t wait to solve the challenge ! 😁

    Anyway, it’s good to see news from Yandere Dev again ! 🙂

    Yandere Dev, if you see this message, please don’t push yourself too hard to work on the game. Remember that you’re not a robot and you also need to stop sometimes to “recharge your energy”. (You understand what I wanted to say 💁‍♂️)

    NEVER GIVE UP ! 👍👍👍

    • Also, I have a suggestion for the game (I really don’t know if it’s a good one 😅):

      1. When the player eliminate Osana using the Betray Elimination Method (or when Ayano destroy Osana’s body by burning her in the incinerator), I think it will be very awesome to see some consequences: to show up some police officers to the school, and searching any sign of the disappearance of Osana. And when Ayano is seen doing something suspicious in front of those police officers, those which seen her are going to say something like: “YOU ! What are you doing ? Stop right where you are !”, and to run before her and arrest her.
      I think this mechanism it will be very cool for all of the rivals (if, of course, we can make the rest of the rivals disappearing by Betraying them or destroying their body).

  9. I have the best idea I’ve ever had about yanderesim in my entire life and I thought in share it with you. It’s about how to execute the “drive to murder” elimination method with the first rival, the objective of this would be manipulate Osana to kill the stalker and it would take place in Shisuta Town (the street). First you have to do Osana’s task and listen her conversation with Raibaru on the rooftop, after that you have to put a note in her locker and meet her in a private place (behind the school or the rooftop). Similar to Kokona’s case, Yandere-Chan would have a conversation with Osana, but instead of talking about kidnapping or blackmail, she would try to convince Osana to face the stalker and defeat him, after Osana agrees, we would see a small cutscene where Yandere- Chan texts the stalker saying that Osana wants to negotiate a date with him if he returns her cat safe and sound, but
    she wants to do it in a private place like the city at midnight. After this as a cinematic, Yandere-Chan and Osana would arrive to the street and the stalker would be standing on his back next to the binoculars. Before talking to him, Yandere-Chan would give Osana a knife to “defend herself” in case that the stalker tried to hurt her. After approaching him, a dialogue would occur where Osana ends up insulting the stalker and expressing her hatred and contempt towards him, the stalker, angry and resentful, would throw Osana’s cat into the sea. At that moment Osana (blinded by anger) rushes on him and begins to stab him. After killing him she would regain consciousness and realize what she has done, finally when she turns around, she notices that Ayano has left and that the police is approaching, finally she would be arrested. I hope you like my suggestion and in case this feature is added to the game, I hope yanderedev will take my suggestion into account.

    • I think that would be a really great idea. I’ve wanted this mode implemented for a while, but I had no idea how to include it with Osana. It would be better at the end when you confess to Senpai and you only lead your rival on, not actually forcing them to do anything.

  10. hey yandev when ayano chan makes a fake reaction should you add a scream like the other girls at the school

  11. I’m not sure I’m right about any of these, but here are my thoughts.

    Picture #1

    It’s the tutorial Yandere Dev was talking about a while back. I don’t think it’s actually implemented since yet, so it’ll probably be in the “Recent Changes and Future Plans for Yandere Simulator” as an example of how that tutorial might look like.

    Picutre #2

    It’s an illustration of the relationships between characters involved in the old friendship method. I’m guessing it might be in the “The Origin of Yandere Simulator’s Stealth Mission”, since that’s related to the new friendship method.

    Picture #3

    I really see no meaning behind this one. It’s probably the fake one?

    Picture #4

    Ayano being dropped in the desert with a question mark above her head. It represents the player being thrown in a new environment with no clear path/objective and lack of a tutorial. It’s going to be about the tutorial that’ll be implement in the future, so it’ll probably be in “Recent Changes and Future Plans for Yandere Simulator”.

    Picture #5

    That old rejected feature. It’s probably going to be in “How Your Feedback Improved The Yandere Simulator Demo”, for dev to talk about a previously rejected feature because of community feedback.

  12. I don’t mean to come off as aggressive, but the last 2 blog posts explain exactly why. It’s not even one video, it’s five, three of which are finished. Also, it’s only been one month, as YD started working on the video on the 15th of November. Before that, he was working on new features/tweaks to the revision of the demo. I understand that you are disappointed that the videos are taking some time to make, but I think it’s better to keep that to yourself…

  13. The third one, seems, interesting. Is it the tutorial you talked about one day! Where, in the opening cutscene, Kokona appears in the door of the Drama Club, asking Ayano to help her with something! Then is when you learnt how to kill, and clean evidences!

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