November 15th Progress Report


After releasing the Osana demo, I received a tremendous amount of feedback from players. A lot of people were very pleased with the demo, but I also got some very valuable feedback from players who had identified all types of flaws and problems with the game. I compiled a big list of every issue that people had with the demo, and committed to addressing each problem. After 2.5 months, I’m proud to say that I think I’ve finally finished addressing every major complaint that I heard about the demo!

The act of improving the demo involved more than just bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements; it also required certain features to be entirely re-worked, and completely new features to be added to the game. In fact, the demo has changed so much, I feel like it has evolved into a completely new experience from the original release! I’m so pleased with the current version of the demo that I’d like to make a YouTube video discussing the various ways that player feedback directly changed and improved the game!

In addition to talking about the ways that the demo has evolved, there are also some other topics I’d like to discuss in my upcoming video…such as, “How will Amai be different from Osana?” I always prefer to communicate things visually when possible, so I took the time to implement a playable scenario involving Amai, meant to demonstrate how Amai’s week will be much different from Osana’s week:

I usually release new builds on the 1st and 15th days of every month, but in this case, I’m not releasing a new build until I’ve finished my next YouTube video. There many different topics that I’d like to discuss, so it may take me longer than usual to produce the video. In fact, depending on how things turn out, I may even decide to split it up into two videos!

To see a preview of some of the new game mechanics that will be featured in the next build, click Continue Reading!

I’m not going to type out huge paragraphs of text to explain what’s going on in these screenshots; I’ll be covering them in my next video, and most of them should be self-explanatory, anyway:

I’m very eager to quickly move out of this phase of the game’s development, so I’ll be working full-steam on my upcoming video(s) for the next few days. I hope I’ll be able to upload soon, but I anticipate that it might take a little longer than usual, since there is a looooot of ground to cover.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

169 thoughts on “November 15th Progress Report

  1. For some reason, when I open the map while somewhere in school corridors, my marker is shown elsewhere. Once, I even got teleported to the fountain from the roof. Other times, it doesn’t teleport. This happens occasionally, though. I’m not sure what causes it, as it seems to be random.

  2. I think that by completing the challenges, the player will play one day from week 2 (without the special eliminations method/cutscenes etc.)

  3. Please please PLEASE say there are new ways to get points with Info-Chan! If the bounty system is what I think, this is such a huge improvement and what i’ve been thinking the game has needed all along! Also, gossiping about certain topics is something i had in mind for a while too since it forces you to get to know every character more. I hope that means gossiping about some topics to certain people means you won’t get the penalty, I think the penalty is a little too harsh if you get it every time you gossip since it makes it feel like “whats the point of gossiping then?” but adding more strategy to it would really help the game. Love seeing the continued improvements! Can’t wait for the video!

  4. Little detail for the “Hint available” option, the phone is a little too close to the screen’s edge and I think it’ll look better if it were a couple more pixels away.

  5. Hey Yandere Dev,
    When will the new character models be in the game? Will they only be in the game if the crowdfunding campaign goes well? Do you already know which character model will be used in the game out of the 4 you showed as blurred in one of your other posts, or will it be a public vote with all of us? Will you elaborate more on this topic in your next video?

  6. Hi Yandere dev! You remember that under the post from October 31, I wrote that you could add the last button for yandere vision. So, I thought about it, rethought it, and decided that the idea under that post is too banal. That’s why I have a different idea for the last button. I think there should be a function to hide weapons (knife, scissors, box cutter, etc.). This will give the Player the ability to carry a small weapon in their hands that will not be visible from the front, but will be visible from behind. I really hope that this comment will get your opinion.

  7. Yandere dev I have a quick question. So I know how like Kokona isn’t a guinea pig anymore and doesn’t have money problems, but since you said in one of the previous videos you made you said you want all of the students to have their own life. So why can’t Kokona and the rest of the females get their own bust size instead of the same ones? (I know that sounds perverted but..) Anyway, you can add height scales and stuff to make it more realistic. I know this will give you more work to do but I’m just suggesting this. (Yes I was the girl on your Yoshi twitch live stream)

  8. I want to say a few things:
    1- I think it would be more convenient for yandere-chan to have some friends at the beginning of the game, this would save you a bit of time because you would not have to add a task for each student and it would be more realistic, because the video titled “yandere- chan’s childhood “shows us that she knew and spent time with Midori and Kuu-Dere. This shouldn’t be difficult to add and to avoid confusing players these types of characters could say a phrase like “hello ayano,it’s good to see you again” when you interact with them for the first time.
    2- I think for the final game to does not become repetitive and tedious, the background music of the city and Yandere-chan’s house could change the tone each week. It would still be the same but it would feel different.
    3- I know that you designed each rival based on a unique way of dying, so I want to know what method of elimination is based on each rival.
    Keep working really hard on the game. We are proud of you ✌

  9. Hey Yandere Dev,

    I was watching one of your older videos about kid napping when I had an idea. For getting the tranquilizer, if the player continuously gets it over and over again, maybe you should take that other idea into action that included finding a hidden key to unlock a hidden drawer. I think this would be more realistic as well, because if I was a nurse whose tranquilizer kept going missing, I’d be suspicious.

    I also think there should be an animation for getting the tranquilizer because it could allow students or the nurse to notice you stealing it if they spot you. It would add more stealth and make the game just a bit more challenging. The animation could be similar to the poisoning food animation, just a simple and quick animation.

    Hope you take this into consideration!

  10. I’m so excited for your videos to be uploaded!! I can’t wait to see more of what you have in store for Yandere Simulator!!

  11. Haven’t kept up to date to try to be surprised when a lot of progress is done and… I succeded XD
    Wooooooooooooow so many things changed super quick !!!
    Lemme download the game and play it blindly XD

  12. Hi YandereDev, I have encountered an extremely crucial bug! When attempting the genocide ending, I am unable to save my game after I have loaded up a save during lunch-time. Since I’m a noob I can’t finish this without the save and load system. It would be great if you could fix this. Btw, love the new bounty sytstem :)!

  13. Hi YandereDev, I have encountered an extremely crucial bug! When attempting the genocide ending, I am unable to save my game after I have loaded up a save during lunch-time. Since I’m a noob I can’t finish this without the save and load system. It would be great if you could fix this. Btw, love the new bounty sytstem 🙂

  14. yandere dev I have a problem when the game is on the shitting screen, the game does not load. Could you see why the game is so heavy?

  15. i really want to try the game out but evey time i try to open the file it wont let me. does that have something to go with me using a windows 7 comupter?

  16. Hi YandereDev, I have encountered a vital bug. When I load the game up during lunch time or class time(not in class), I am unable to pull my phone out. Its almost impossible to beat the game!

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  18. (Sorry for my English)
    I have some idea to get Osana eliminations hard:
    You can do Budo´s task once in the week so you can´t just run up to her five times during one day.
    PS: i love ur game so much!!

  19. I thought it’d be cool if there was an elimination method where instead of stealing the cat from the guy in the house you can talk to him and make a deal. Like you would help him kidnap Osana, there would be extra tasks to do for it and you could get like a bonus or something (Like maybe he’d give you money or he’d owe you a favor you could cash in for a different rival or something) I just think it would be a cool method to get rid of Osana.

    • Totally agree with you there. I think the last photo brings up some questions that not only would make the game to easy in my opinion, but also doesn’t make sense. How does Info Chan know what convo’s are going to happen? It makes since that she’d know that Ryuto could be blackmailed because of bugs around town, phone hacks, computer hacks, rumor’s, ect. but guessing when someone’s going to say something in the moment? Unless someone were to say “I’m going to talk to__Insert name__ here at this time.” , then she must be some kind of wizard.

  20. Wouldn’t it be cool if students had different walking and running speeds? Like shy and timid students would walk slower while confident and althletic students would walk a bit faster, and Ayano would be in the middle.

  21. I have some suggestions for future updates that would make the game much more lively.

    -Each clubroom and other room that a rival would spend most of their time in within the school could have special carpet that matches the leader and their personality (for example: The cooking club could have a Mint and Pastel Pink striped carpet to match Amai), after killing a student within one of those rooms, the scent of blood/a corpse would’ve sunk into the carpet so if/when another student walks in, they would say something like “Hmm… Something smells weird”, causing them to become cautious and concerned.
    -Students should have something in their routine where they socialize with their friends/club members, if Ayano were to eavesdrop on them, it would give her new info on new ways to kill rivals and people she could befriend to help her eliminate her rivals in sneaky ways.
    -When students walk in the halls/go on about their routine, they should show other facial expressions, if they happen to cross paths with their friends/club members, they should stop and say hello, another cool touch to the game would be if students were to stop to compliment students with higher reputations/cool accessories and makeup within the game.
    -In the future you should add a way to walk through the neighborhood and see more within the town, this could be a branch to create cool and new eliminations for rivals that would take place within the town or their neighborhood.
    -I think it would be cool to add more features within Ayano’s home, being able to buy accessories and other clothing items from the town that you could put on when you are in Ayano’s home, more basement features, being able to explore the rest of Ayano’s house.
    -Adding onto the last thing I said, I think it would be cool to add another feature other than leaving gifts for Senpai to bond a relationship with him, I think it would be cool if you could create an anonymous account and message Senpai on social media from your computer in your home.
    -This is something I’ve thought about for a while and I think it would be really cool if you could join the popular girls, how would this club benefit you? Well, it would allow you to wear a cardigan which you could take on and off. This could be used to mop up blood as an alternative to the mop, after that you could wash the cardigan in the bathroom or just dump it into the incinerator. Choosing to dump it into the incinerator and burn it would have a negative effect on your reputation and make your club members become suspicious and weirded out by you. Being in this club would also give you access to having more options when talking to the popular girls and being able to persuade them into not patrolling the halls or doing other things.
    -I think it would be cool if there was more to Info-Chan other than her just sitting in her clubroom, I haven’t had enough time to think about what that could be though…
    -A cool elimination way for Osana would be if you could make her embarrass herself in front of Senpai, you would have to do this at least 3-4 times during the week, this would cause Senpai to reject Osana and stop talking to her all in all which would not effect him mentally and cause Osana to switch schools or continue coming to school but unfriending Raibaru and spending her time alone on the rooftop which would change Raibaru’s schedule and cause her to become a loser. This means she would lose all of her popularity, spending all of her time in the bathroom or sitting under the cherry tree where her and Osana used to spend time together, this would also cause her to feel suicidal and not fight back when Ayano comes to kill her. (I know that sounds kinda dark but Yandere Simulator is a dark game based off of a Yandere girl who is aiming to kill anyone who would stand in her way)

    As of now, those are the only ideas I have for the game that would make it more lively/more interesting, but I’m sure I’ll have more ideas to post once the next update comes out for Yandere Simulator.

    • Those are two really good ideas, but I feel like there’s a bit of a disconnect between the two. Osana embarrassing herself would be fun to set up, and the idea of Raibaru becoming suicidal without her friend sounds perfect for the game, but Osana getting rejected wouldn’t even remotely cause her to stop being friends with Raibaru. Actually, I think it would be better if Raibaru would normally become suicidal after Ayano eliminates Osana, but if you stopped Osana without killing her then Raibaru wouldn’t become suicidal. There could even potentially be something special Raibaru would do in later weeks that could help you take down another target if you manage to keep them both alive.

    • mainly a problem with the buff the bully girls would give, I don’t think the cardigan idea makes much sense because another character wears a cardigan (Asu sports club) so I don’t think that would be a bully specific buff, but i have thought about this and one idea was it would increase your gossip strength and decrease reputation loss (since there gossip is trusted) your compliments would be worth more(because of there popularity) and any male student would be willing to do any favour for you instantly(because they’re very popular with the boys at school) but as a penalty you would need to keep your reputation at high all the time(because they only associate themselves with popular people) you cant allow a witness of a crime to report you to the police even if you get away with the crime(because they don’t want to be associated with a criminal) and you always need to attend there gossip meetings(and bring a new piece of info such as Kokona’s dating or Osana’s blackmail)

  22. yandere dev yandere dev! i loved the demo and developments but maybe it would be cooler if you added

    -a few events in the game trough the weeks. for example.. a baking competition for amai where you can sabotage her making her confidence low and for her to made fun of by the bullies. this is also good for asu rito, since she’s athletic a race would make more sense.

    – for holidays add some decorations so it would feel more lively, for example christmas trees for christmas and spooky fake halloween decorations for halloween.

    – when a rival or student is poisoned and found dead, the police did an investigation and found some dangerous chemical inside the students body, they also happen to realize ayano is carrying the poison in her pocket or maybe found the poison somewhere else, if its found in the floor or nowhere near ayano they will track the fingerprints and caught ayano. so maybe ayano should burn or throw away the poison.

    – joining the student council. since ayano could join the deliquents, she maybe can join the student council by doing some tasks for them. but if megami has a feeling ayano is a dengerous person well then i dont think joining is possible.

    – joining the bullies group. ayano can do tasks and make her reputation high, do tasks for the bullies and after they accept her, she can buy hair dye, accesories etc online or in shisuta town. maybe by joining the bullies, when ayano is gossiping it will be easier and doesnt take as much time lowering a rivals reputation..since she is very popular now.

    – love ineterest or friends. it would be so cool if ayano had a friend that she can use to help defeat her rivals. or a person who is crushing on her that she can use to do tasks for her countless times because the her admirer tries hard to impress her.

    thats all for now!

    • Videos take longer than they look to make, especially if this one is going to talk about the future of the game. It’ll arrive soon enough.

    • He also does updates usually the 15th and 1st. He posted this on the 15th so he’s probably waiting until the 1st for the video. Also, what the other person said. He’s still working on his daily responsibilities like contacting volunteers and artists and preparing for the Kickstart, etc while making a video that he has edit himself. He usually asks artists to make art specifically for the videos too. Just be patient. It’ll probably be out Tuesday.

  23. Hola yandere dev! me gustaría que en esta próxima actualización tuviéramos la oportunidad de unirnos al club del consejo estudiantil o a las bullies estaría genial no? saludos

    • Yanderedev no tiene planeado añadir esas funciones a la demo, pero en su canal tiene videos donde habla sobre las ventajas y desventajas que podría tener unirse a estos grupos y lo que haría falta para hacerlo en caso de que la función sea implementada en un futuro.

    • He basically said, Hello YandereDev! I would like in the next build so you can join the Student council or the bullies (Musume’s gang), It would be nice, right?

  24. I think something might be going on in yandere devs personal life since it doesn’t take 2 weeks to upload a video , I hope he is ok

    • He said this next video is going to be really long and cover a wide variety of topics, so that’s why it’s been taking so long.

    • He updates us usually on the 15th and 1st. This was posted on the 15th, so the video will probably be up on the 1st. Just be patient, it’ll be out soon.

  25. Yandere dev Yandere dev! I think there’s a teeny tiny bug that whenever I electrocute Raibaru, And the next day starts I instantly go into camera mode I think its because after every day I kept resetting it to Monday I don’t know

  26. I think I have found some errors.
    – Has anyone noticed the strange colorations of the fonts? They derive from red, pink or white colors and I not only find them in the fountains, I also see them in the girls’ dressing room, in the signs of chat, among others.

    – Once I was walking around the clubs on the second floor at approximately 05: 00-05: 30 pm, the time of the club meetings and I noticed something. In the “Ligera” Music Club the bassist and keyboardist were missing, but the members who were there played as even without them. Then I went to where they put the missing members to practice (Bassist-Floor 2 Right and Keyboardist-Floor 3 Right) and they were doing animations as if they were playing in the club. I spoke with them and when I finished they went to their club.

    – Sometimes when I pass the time faster (Both from the phone and in Yandere Vition) some characters get stuck on the walls, doors, objects (such as tables, shelves or bushes) or corners.

    – There is a bug that allows the Yandere Vition to be active while Yandere-chan is hidden (Whatever the hiding place).

  27. Hey Yandere dev I can’t play the game but I enjoy watching youtubers play it so I thought because the people who play the most for youtube are boys I believe you should add in the female senpai and have Yandere Kun be the Yandere but please, take your time making the video to explain everything. No one will rush you.

  28. i have two suggestions the first one is the task for the bullies what if one of the bullies task was to get musume ronshaku to dye her hair i suggest that kokoro has this task, by doing the other girls task you can get hair dye and each girl will give yan chan her hair dye by doing this musume would get to pick what color she wants or make a new one out of the hair dyes that yan chan got from the other girls, for the girls task i suggest these, kokoro momoiro -she will automatically give you the pink hair dye for accepting her task, kashiko murasaki -she will give you the easiest task and that is to collect some info about a student so the next day you can go to town and snap a pic of kokona with a older guy or purchase osanas embarrassing secret and tell kashiko about it then she will give you purple hair dye, hoshiko mizudori -hoshiko gives you a simple but frustrating task you need to get photographic evidence that you dumped ,water,blood,gasoline on a student when you get the 5 pics hoshiko will give you the blue hair dye, hana daidaiyama -i would say her task should be you collecting dirt on other students there’s not another student but osana to do that so her task should be to get her some new accessories or clothing you can do this by befriending the guy in the sewing club to make a unique uniform or scrunchies or you can get these in town in the gift store or buy them online when you give hana the clothing she will give you the dark pink hair dye, my 2nd suggestion is when osana is finished reading senpais book on the 2nd day yan chan can replace the book with something lewd so that when shes grabbing the book again she wouldn’t know it was replaced and would give senpai the lewd book/manga and then you can leave the book on senpais desk saying something like “hey i found this book near the water fountain yesterday and found out it was yours -ayano aishi”

  29. A suggestion:
    – Perhaps in the distant future you can eliminate your rival by threatening her with something that matters a lot to you. For example, look at this.

    (Warning: These steps ARE NOT SPOILERS OR GUIDES as they are related to the old test rival Kokona Haruka, which was replaced by Osana. They are just to give an example)

    1. Kokona Taks:
    You must first earn Kokona Haruka’s trust by taking her. She says her uniform doesn’t fit her and you have to bring her one in her size. You can get one by buying it from Info-chan for 5 Panties Shorts, buying it online at home for $ 10.00 or making Hazu Kachibushi’s taks to make you one, which consists of bringing him a drink. Once we have the uniform, we must modify it in the Sewing Room and deliver it to Kokona.

    2. Dark secret:
    We have to ask Info-chan in exchange for 4 Pantie Shorts to tell you Kokona’s dark secret, she will say that she sells used panties when leaving school.
    You have to listen to Kokona talking to someone on the phone, it will conclude that she goes to compensated appointments.
    Take a picture of Kokona’s face for information.
    Finally, after class, listening to the conversation between her and Saki Miju will conclude that she is a victim of domestic abuse.

    3. Saki’s Taks:
    Saki Miju is Kokona’s best friend, so she could be used as a threat, her taks is that she lost her bra, which is somewhere behind the Confection Tree, take it and give it.

    4. Kidnap Saki:
    Once we gain Saki’s trust, we must kidnap her so that we can threaten Kokona. We will need a syringe; A bottle of tranquilizer, that we have these two things in the infirmary or we can ask Info-chan for information points. and rl level 1 in Biology.
    Once we have everything, we tell Saki to follow us and we take her to a warehouse in the gym where there is a box for instruments, we close the door, take out the syringe and drug her, so she will fall asleep. Then we put it in the box and pay Info-chan to carry it.
    The next day, Saki will appear in the basement blindfolded.

    5. Threatening Kokona:
    The next day, Kokona will be sad why she doesn’t see Saki. We have to offer him to come home to find her between the two of us, to which he will say yes. At the exit, Kokona will go to your house, and she will sit down to talk with you, you will tell her that you have a surprise and you will turn her to the basement, then you will remove the hood and the mask from Saki so that Kokona can see her.
    In a conversation, the protagonist you control will threaten Kokona that if he does not let Sempai speak and you confess, he will kill Saki, if he does not confess or speak to her, he will let her go, and if he says something about what he said, in addition to killing To Saki, she will tell what she knows about compensated dates, she will go quickly, not because of the compensated dates, but because of her friend’s life.
    From that moment, Kokona will never speak with Sempai or go through the fountain, and will not confess, because she fears for the life of her best friend, and Saki will not have physical damage but psychological damage.

    But hey, it’s just as ridiculous an idea as the Osoro taks I sent, I don’t think it’s useful.

  30. Cant wait for people to start making conspiracy theories about the pictures! I might get and idea of my own theory after watching the videos. Also I hope Jay and Mike have some good theories about these because I love their vids!

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