November 15th Progress Report


After releasing the Osana demo, I received a tremendous amount of feedback from players. A lot of people were very pleased with the demo, but I also got some very valuable feedback from players who had identified all types of flaws and problems with the game. I compiled a big list of every issue that people had with the demo, and committed to addressing each problem. After 2.5 months, I’m proud to say that I think I’ve finally finished addressing every major complaint that I heard about the demo!

The act of improving the demo involved more than just bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements; it also required certain features to be entirely re-worked, and completely new features to be added to the game. In fact, the demo has changed so much, I feel like it has evolved into a completely new experience from the original release! I’m so pleased with the current version of the demo that I’d like to make a YouTube video discussing the various ways that player feedback directly changed and improved the game!

In addition to talking about the ways that the demo has evolved, there are also some other topics I’d like to discuss in my upcoming video…such as, “How will Amai be different from Osana?” I always prefer to communicate things visually when possible, so I took the time to implement a playable scenario involving Amai, meant to demonstrate how Amai’s week will be much different from Osana’s week:

I usually release new builds on the 1st and 15th days of every month, but in this case, I’m not releasing a new build until I’ve finished my next YouTube video. There many different topics that I’d like to discuss, so it may take me longer than usual to produce the video. In fact, depending on how things turn out, I may even decide to split it up into two videos!

To see a preview of some of the new game mechanics that will be featured in the next build, click Continue Reading!

I’m not going to type out huge paragraphs of text to explain what’s going on in these screenshots; I’ll be covering them in my next video, and most of them should be self-explanatory, anyway:

I’m very eager to quickly move out of this phase of the game’s development, so I’ll be working full-steam on my upcoming video(s) for the next few days. I hope I’ll be able to upload soon, but I anticipate that it might take a little longer than usual, since there is a looooot of ground to cover.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

169 thoughts on “November 15th Progress Report

  1. I’ve had the same experience with stories I’ve written and edited. It’s crazy how much things can change from draft to draft or version to version, isn’t it? And the images look good so far, YandereDev. I look forward to seeing what your next video shows us.

  2. So I remember you saying that all club leaders have a meeting on Friday after school if the rival is a club leader will she miss out on her confession or will it be a late night one like Osanas

  3. Great Job YandereDev thanks for sharing all this info with us and fixing the bugs.
    Just a question now
    How different would Amai’s week be different than Osana’s week other than their two different people with two different lives
    Also will other club leaders that are also rivals hold special events on their week like the picture of Amai has?

    Thank you for inspiring us all

      • I’m from Argentina and a lot in English, I don’t know anything good, just a few words that are easy to understand, I have a question and I don’t know if it bothers you that I speak to you in Spanish, porque a las otras personas que son tus fanes y le andan bien el mod de yandere simulator y a mi no me andan los mod de yandere simulator, todos los mods que yo descargo andan cuando quieren y se me apaga el juego como se tilda y se apaga como error y a las otras personas que son tus fanes le andan bien los mod y a mi no, por favor quiero un consejo tuyo o envia algun tipo de video de como funcionan los mod para que yo juegue y eso no es justo a los otros extranjeros le andan los mod y yo soy el unico boludo o pelotudo que nose como se insultan en su pais porque aca en mi pais argentina hay muchas palabra de insultos, nosé como explicarte digo yo busca en los videos de youtube que insultos más fuertes en el pais argentino hay muchos groserias talves aprendas algo en mi pais, bueno el tema es este y como dije antes sobre las otras personas que a ellos si andan los mods y a mi no me andan que es lo que tienen los otros para que le anden los mods y que es lo que necesito tener para que me anden los sino te pasaria la contraseña de team viewer. no es para que pienses cualquier cosa fea que te digo sino, que necesito para los mod me anden entiendes. casi me olvido instalale un mini juego para que ayano juegue el juego es street of rage en tu creación se podria llamar yandere of rage, nose si conoces el juego street of rage remake, bueno hasta aca llegare si no entendes bueno vivire con mala suerte y me pondre triste total ya estoy acostumbrado de tener infinita veces mala suerte. pleace yanderedev y espero que te guste la idea de street of rage que el mini juego de ayano sea yandere of rage, adios

      • Are you going to talk about all those elimination methods in the picture? Because I dont recognise ALOT of then!

  4. Oh man! If this is only some of the changes, I’m pumped for what else the new build has to offer! I’m so excited! Thanks Dev!

  5. Hello Yandere Dev, I came late; -; Everything seems fine for now, I always imagined that info chan will pay you for different favors such as Ryuto, who promised to study but was playing, everything seems fine, the hints will also help new players about Osana Najimi’s routine because they would not know When there would be valuable information, also the list of ways to kill is very good since it shows us all the ways to kill Osana and one more thing I think I found a small error with the way to eliminate befriend / betray the steps that I could notice are:
    1-Buy Osana’s secret
    2-Send him a blackmailing note behind the school (At the headmaster’s statue)
    3-tell him
    4-Go with her at the time indicated and press the E button (In this case, I had to fulfill Osana’s task and Must Befriend First appeared to me!)
    5-Befriend Osana
    6-Send him another note but on the roof
    All that I did and when I was on the roof the option to talk to her did not appear and only to push appeared. I hope you can fix it, I give you a recommendation for when we give a letter to Osana: Raibaru always follows her even when we talk on the roof, that’s why I think Osana should tell Raibaru that it is private and that he wait for her (Since he is a issue between her and Yandere), Raibaru would say yes and eavesdrop and if the player pushes or beheads her with the method of air vents, Raibaru would hear Osana’s screams and go to see what happens and see the player murdering Osana , I hope you take it into account, have a good night

  6. Yandere Dev, I think you should have a feature where Yan-Chan leaves an anonymous text from Senpai at night. It would satisfy more people to be able to indirectly interact with Senpai.

    Possible ways to get his number: Obviously you could buy the phone number from Info-Chan for a very expensive price, like 200 points or do a big favor for Info-Chan that will convince her to give Yan-Chan the phone number, it’s kind of like giving a task to Info-Chan. Another way is to either try to obtain a rival’s phone like Hanako or Osana by getting their phone and unlocking it and put it into Yan-Chan’s phone.

    Texting: The player will only able to text Senpai at night because she is way too nervous to send Senpai a message and get an immediate response from him, so she waits until he falls asleep to text him. The player will given kinds of messages to choose from, kind, mean, creepy. Giving a nice text will boost Yan-Chan’s friendship with Senpai. Giving a rude text will make the friendship between Senpai and Yan-Chan be affected negatively. A creepy text will obviously creep Senpai out. If he gets three of the creepy ones he will block Yan-Chan’s number and Yan-Chan will no longer be able to text Senpai. Senpai will respond to the messages in the morning since I assume he checks his phone every morning. Senpai’s responses will go from talking to a weird stranger who found his phone number to an online friend.

    Result: It is how you described in one of your videos, that Senpai will see Yan-Chan as an angel or a rude person. Yan-Chan will confess that she sent those messages to Senpai and shows her phone as proof. If the player sent more nice messages than mean ones, then Senpai’s response will be more positive. If the player sent more mean messages than nice ones, then Senpai’s response will be more negative. Yan-Chan will not confess to Senpai for sending those messages if he has blocked her number.

    I am asking you to consider this concept. I am not asking you to put in the game right away, because this is kind of a late game thing.

  7. These changes look great. I’m glad that so much has been done to the demo since august. I still do have a big issue I’d like to have addressed, though. I’ve noticed that when picking up items, talking to people, and when around bodies, there is a short lag spike that causes the game to feel frozen for a split second, which usually causes you to lose control of the camera or what you were trying to do. I know I’m not the only one experiencing this, as I’ve seen it occur in youtube videos too. My hypothesis is that a ton of lines of code are being processed all at once when these things occur, causing a short but hefty lag spike. If there is a way for you to work on this, I’d love to see it fixed, as it would make the flow of gameplay much better. If not, this is definitely something I feel should be addressed when the game has finished the crowdfunding process. Thanks.

  8. I have a small recommendation. Currently when you have low sanity with a custom track, the track stays completely the same. I think it would be slightly more immersive if you had the track slow down and lower pitch for custom tracks only to signify a lower sanity. In regards to this blog post, I can’t wait to see your next video.

  9. YanDev, how do you go in the search for character rigger? I would like to see new character models already. Do you think new models will be added this year or rather next year?

  10. Yandere Dev please speed up with the new update this is so “SUPER” that we can’t wait to play and can’t wait for the new video on YouTube. And thank you for making the Yandere Simulator 😀

  11. ARA ARAAAA ! It’s just relly interestingggggggg . I can’t wait to seeee MR.Devvvvv release the NEWEST build for AMAIIIIII
    With a VIetnamese BOY like me
    It’s to muchhh curious to seeeee

  12. i love your game! seems exciting yan dev! im a newer player and im already so used to the game 🙂 it looks great and ill be excitedly anticipating it through the week! it’s ok if it doesn’t come out by the next week *the new build* take your time!

  13. If you finish a mission during the morning then even though it tells you to go home, you stay and go to class either once or twice for that day, when you finally go home to complete the mission officially it bugs and the camera just keeps going lower and lower so all you see is just under the map.
    The new update sound amazing by the way!

  14. awesome screenshots cant wait quick question im having a bit of trouble with the debug builds, i complete the wek normally but when i type in the cheat code and press debug build in save selection it just restartsw my wek without the debug commands

  15. The playable Amani event will jt change if the cooking club is shut down? Or will the player not be able to access it? Or will it happen. Just as a test since she isn’t implamented yet

  16. It’s very cool that you are so passionate about this game. Many other people/developers that I have seen over the years give up creating their game simply due to them having little time or not receiving some or any feedback from their community about. I don’t want to name anyone specifically because of privacy reasons, but you get the idea. Anyway keep making the game better as you do and us community members or anyone who likes the game very much will support you whenever you need it. 😀

  17. Hello Yandere Dev,

    So obviously when Yandere Dev implements all the rivals into the game he probably would make Yandere Chan confess to Senpai right? But how would Senpai react to a girl who he has only met o n c e (on his behalf not yandere chan’s). Why or how would he accept her confession? (unless it’s the genocide ending) Pretty much every rival probably has some chance to interact with Senpai, that’s why either they or him like the person. So I thought if Yandere Chan actually gets to “interact” with Senpai after eliminating a few rivals it would make more sense. So if Yandere Chan gets to talk a “bit” to Senpai maybe it would make more sense when she confesses to him after eliminating Megami (assuming that he isn’t scared after 12 people have died).

    • Yan-chan can’t speak to Senpai as a result of the strong wave of feelings she gets around him. She can however leave him gifts on his desk, which is a type of way to communicate.
      Dev has explained the gift giving feature in detail in the November progress report video from last year.

  18. Dear Yandere Dev,

    So obviously when Yandere Dev implements all the rivals into the game he probably would make Yandere Chan confess to Senpai right? But how would Senpai react to a girl who he has only met o n c e (on his behalf not yandere chan’s). Why or how would he accept her confession? (unless it’s the genocide ending) Pretty much every rival probably has some chance to interact with Senpai, that’s why either they or him like the person. So I thought if Yandere Chan actually gets to “interact” with Senpai after eliminating a few rivals it would make more sense. So if Yandere Chan gets to talk a “bit” to Senpai maybe it would make more sense when she confesses to him after eliminating Megami (assuming that he isn’t scared after 12 people have died)

    • YandereDev has talked about a week after eliminating the last rival where your objetive is interact with Sempai, this could become a feature in the final game. Another way is giving gifts to Sempai for build a kind of relationship and then when Yandere-chan confess her feelings to him, she could tell him that she is the one who has been giving him all those presents and Sempai would see Ayano as a bodyguard angel.

    • Um. 12 persons? I thought there were only 10 rivals, adding Rainbaru, I think.
      Plus, you don’t have to kill your rivals to get them out of your way. Passive methods such as “Make Friendship”, “Cupid” or / and “Expulsion” can also be used.

      But what about person 12?

      And you put the same comment twice.


    But seriously, that’s stupid blackmail. Nobody in school would blackmail someone because they’re playing clash of clans in spanish

    • It did say that Ryuto’s parents themselves didn’t want him to do so. He probably has very strict parents, that he knows would make him regret going against their wishes. It’s not stupid blackmail.

    • It’s not the school that’ll get him trouble, it says his parents. His parents can easily take away access to any of his belongings, like his consoles, PC or internet, which would be tough since he’s in the gaming club and obviously thats important to him. I know my brother cries like a toddler every time this happens to him, so I’m sure it’s useful blackmail for him they’re just trying to get him to tell them something or do something seemingly harmless

  20. hey. please explain what the set is “up up down down right left right left b a”. what kind of character is there and what is its meaning. answer. I will even post a photo.

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