Inktober Art Showcase

Hello! I’m ready to release a new update, and I’m currently working on my next YouTube video! Tomorrow, I’ll post a progress update and give you the details. But, today, I’d like to show you something else!

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I’m sure you’ve heard of “Inktober”, right? It’s a drawing challenge; the objective is to create one drawing per day, all throughout the month of October. Each day comes with a specific “prompt”; for example, “Poison” “Whale” “Muddy” or something else along those lines.

Every year, for “Inktober”, a Russian artist named TachTan creates 31 Yandere Sim illustrations. I’m absolutely in love with TachTan’s work, and seeing their art every October is one of my greatest joys!

TachTan’s art blows me away for a number of reasons. For example, there is usually an incredible amount of detail in every drawing, like all of the books in the background here:

TachTan often draws very humorous situations, like how each member of the Science Club might react to a lab rat:

TachTan’s art often gives us a peek into an aspect of a character’s life that you usually never think of. For example…everyone loses their baby teeth as they grow up, but you never really have a reason to think about Ayano as a child losing a tooth. This adorable illustration of young Ayano holding one of her baby teeth shows us something that definitely canonically happened, but otherwise probably never would have crossed your mind:

In addition to canonical scenarios, TachTan also draws the characters in wild scenarios that we might never have pictured them in. For example, Senpai and Osana standing at the edge of a cliff, beside a lighthouse, watching giant waves crash beneath them:

I could spend ages gushing about TachTan’s art, but instead, I’ll just link you to the rest of their Inktober artwork so that you can admire it for yourself:

I hope that you appreciate TachTan’s gorgeous illustrations as much as I do!

Tomorrow, I’ll write a more traditional, development-focused blog post. I hope you’ll look forward to it!

22 thoughts on “Inktober Art Showcase

  1. Wow! I love that last image of Osana and Senpai standing on the cliff by the lighthouse in the storm. Life sure is strange 😉

  2. Can Someone help me? I can’t get that Senpai refuse to Osana. I complete all requirement until friday. But after recording Osana’s conversation with Ronshaku, (and after make that Senpai listen that) it’s like nothing happened. Senpai continúe accepting to Osana

    • This was a bug I encountered too. The problem is you might be skipping all the events where senpai reacts to the event. Because of that, the game won’t identify the event to be sabotaged and the game will think nothing happened that day. You have to have the event play out before going to class to prevent this from happening. Hope this helps you.

  3. Ayano was happy about losing her tooth. Then what the fuck do we need bitch-boy senpai for? JuSt bReAk hEr tEeTh, tHeRe nOw sHe’S HaPpY.

  4. Yan Dev, what do i do if none of the teachers/student appear? I uninstalled and reinstalled and turned off virus defender.

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