October 17th Bug-Fixing Build

There were a few bugs with the stalker house in the previous build, so I decided to release an update that resolves the issues.

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this illustration of Osana by moodixie, drawn in a very familiar art style!

In case you don’t recognize it, I’ll fill you in: moodixie drew Osana in the art style of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure! It’s absolutely fascinating to me to see someone draw Osana using the Jojo aesthetic!

Actually, before I continue, I’m going to hit you with another Jojo-style illustration by moodixie!

It’s so cool to see Yandere Sim characters in the Jojo art style!

Fixes and Changes

  • The “Yandere-chan arrives at Stalker’s House” cutscene should no longer be blurry when viewed at a high resolution.
  • Fixed bug that made Osana’s corpse flip out after she was killed through the pool elimination method.
  • It’s no longer possible to slip into the stalker’s house while the father is opening the front door.
  • Yandere-chan will no longer be able to enter Yandere Vision if she is being chased by someone.
  • Restored some missing props that were accidentally deleted from the stalker house environment.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to sabotage the breaker from inside of the stalker’s house.
  • There is now a “Skip” button to skip the “Yandere-chan arrives at Stalker’s House” cutscene.
  • The act of taking a “Sneak Panty Shot” is now considered suspicious / alarming behavior.
  • It’s no longer possible to clip into the stalker’s father’s body without repercussion.
  • Replaced the previous “sneak panty shot” animation with a much smoother one.
  • Yandere-chan will now exit Yandere Vision if someone begins chasing her.
  • Fixed flickering textures in the stalker’s house environment.

224 thoughts on “October 17th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. YandereDev can you please make a club of like weird people because all of us in school has at least one group that I weird please can you add this group if you did It would make day!😁

  2. Hey YandereDev, I have an idea, maybe after all of the rivals are done you could have an other Ayano kind of? Like a guy who likes her or something like that. But if you like the idea then again do it much later so you don’t over work yourself.

  3. Oop, I’ve been gone for a long time and I haven’t played the game because of school.
    one question, any progress on Amai?

  4. Another bug I found was when I’m doing the expel rival elimination, on Tuesday it’s cleaning time, I go down stairs, and I see Otohiko being a ghost. white hair and white skin. Paper white, not as in normal light tan. If you get it too can you fix it?

  5. When you sabotage a drinking fountain and then make a student fall in the trap, they use the same voice line. They should say something different like “Uhh…seriously, why doesn’t anyone fix this thing… Now i have to change my clothes!!!” or something like that.

  6. YandereDev, trhee things. Please if you think this is important then answer me.
    – I left a comment a few days ago about the problem of the bags l. I think this is a serious problem that needs to be fixed. My suggestion is that when the students arrive at school and change their shoes, they could put their bags on their locker ( on the top of the locker ) this way they wouldn’t waste time and we could fix a problem that has been bothering many people for many years, and about finding an specific bag, you only need to find a locker and the bag on it obiously belong to that student you want to get spell from school (this could be a new posibility) Please i wanna know your opinion.
    – I still think that Yandere-chan should wear her school uniform when she goes to Town in the morning because is not logical that she changes her uniform for a casual outfit for traveling to the city and then changes it again for going to school, she simply could go to town wearing her uniforn and go to school directly. It might not be an important feature but this gives more reality to the game.
    – The sound of the steps when Yandere-chan walks on the grass is the same that we hear when she walks on the ground inside the school. This makes me feel like the school doesn’t have real grass.
    Keep working really hard. I apreciate you so much as a game developer and as a person. You’re a really strong guy and I wish you the best.

  7. Well, I have it all updated, and I keep trying to use the sneak panty shot thing. Even on girls who are staying perfectly still, it’s not working; I’ve tried every angle, dunno what’s going wrong. Ayano stuck her hand straight through Musume more than once, and I miss every single time.

      • Thank you! I appreciate it, testing new features is exciting so, I look forward to seeing future updates.

        (Also, only if you have an extra few seconds: I admire the fact that you work so hard to make this game the best it can be. I’ve been around a while so I’ve seen some of the struggle it took to get here… for what it’s worth, I support you and want to see you succeed.)

  8. I’m on a new save file, fully updated demo, on the first day and I can’t do Budo’s task. I keep talking to him throughout the day but the option to do it is not becoming available.

      • Only one other person? Hm. I wonder, is that due to few people checking on Budo after the update, orrrr… well, see, I’ve encountered the same possibly unrelated problem over and over again, but only intermittently, that sometimes when I download the latest update of your game, the download fails and my only solution so far has been to delete the game and re-download it in its entirety. I didn’t feel it was worth bothering you over, especially with such a simple fix.

        And it DOES work, mind you–the update goes through, but the save files do not delete themselves. Call me crazy, but I wonder if it’s possible that the pre-update saves are somehow corrupting future gameplay. Mind you, this is why I mentioned I keep using new save files to re-test, and I DO delete my other ones, it doesn’t necessarily fix every bug I encountered in the past, to do so.

        It may be a long shot, but I hope this information helps; I wish I could do more, indie game development is a big passion for me.

      • That is super weird. I thought the bug might be “If you complete the Task on one save file, it becomes unavailable on another save file”, so I tested that, but I still couldn’t replicate it…

    • Thats actually happened to me too! All i had to do is restart the day then right when Budo is done changing his shoes, talk to him and his task should be available. At least thats what always works for me.

  9. Yanderedev why did you take out that missing person poster feature, I know it seem like it’s useless. But it looked good, especially with the Osana going missing elimination.

  10. Yandere Dev, you can read this comment it is important, can you create a new demon in the Yandere Simulator game and tools to summon the new demon? Because last year you created a demon, after all it became a tradition to put a demon once a year in the Yandere Simulator game. Yandere Dev what do you think right now can you create a new demon this year or not?

    • I think it would be a lot of fun, but I feel like I’ve fallen behind schedule, so I feel like I should only spend time on high-priority things, and not on easter eggs.

  11. Hi there, I know that I posted this on another update but I really like this idea. I know this has nothing to do about the current update, but I had an idea about the headmaster (I’m not sure if this is already in the game or not). But whenever you take something from his office (e.g:his sake bottle, key, tapes etc.) I feel like he should install a security camera or sensor in his office to detect or record if Ayano ever steals from the headmaster and he would know then further expel Ayano because of it. This is a long shot and it probably won’t get implemented but it’s just an idea that popped to me.

  12. I kinda think another elimination method for Osana would be good. A different betray route, giving Osana to the stalker.

  13. Yandere dev whenever I boot up the game and go to the school the game goes from 1176 x 664 to 2560 x 1440 and everything is laggy, it wouldn’t be a problem normally but it cuts off the edges of the screen and I cant see most of the reputation bar or the time.

  14. Yandere dev don’t you think it’s a little weird for yanchan to have a whole other outfit for the art club and when the other members just have a apron on, it looks a little tacky and she does not a have apron for the cooking club either

    • Although the advantage (or one of the advantages of the Art Club is supposed to be that you can go with this club’s clothes stained with blood since others will think it is red paint, I think that’s why Yandere-chan has a different outfit .
      What is weird is that Yandere-chan doesn’t have an apron in the Cooking Club.

  15. (This is re-post)

    Hey YandereDev

    when it comes to mismatched models, in my opinion, this kitty behind the school and this kitty Osana are too realistic and too small, and as for the kitty behind the school, it would look nice in a Rotated cardboard box (yes, which could come out) and a bowl in this cardboard box with food and water (that would be too sweet).

    The new blood is brilliant, but its outline in Yandere Vision is mismatched.

    In my opinion, the water in the Japanese garden is too strong, it would look so delicate.

    It is very annoying when Ayano (Persona) walking resets daily, as does shadows or blur when moving the camera.

    Senpai says “I’ll lend you this” in his Monday conversation with Osana, but the subtitles also say “for one day only”, which Senpai doesn’t dare say.
    Is it possible to postpone the events of the Basu sisters because they coincide with the events in Osana in Raibaru?

    The sounds from the surroundings are loud, the fountain can be heard in the culinary, theater and occult clubs, the sounds from the Light Music Club are too loud, you can hear them on the lower and upper floors, some parties with Osana loud too, and when the sports club jumps into the pool, you can hear them at the other end of the school.

    As for the sounds In the school you could hear crowds in the corridors, but not too loud, and birds singing everywhere outside (including the school plaza) (no additional sounds in Clubs and other rooms).

    Gema Taku should have been nicer to help him with Musume and her gang and by the way there is a mistake I helped him and nothing has changed.

    Not every cherry has a new petal fall animation, eg at a small fountain or in Japanese gardens.

    Since Ayano’s steps in a towel are different as she is barefoot, her steps in a bathing suit should be the same.

    Coming back to the mismatched stuff, the sky is very stretched at the top, and besides, it doesn’t really fit the anime game at all. Incinerator doesn’t fit the game at all, it’s retail and too dark for the place.

    Could the delays on the stairs be optimized?

    There are no lamps in classrooms and some rooms, which looks unreal.

    Osana’s hair drowned in a strange position in the pool.

    When you use Maps and you go as far as possible you can see the area behind the school and there you can see a hole in space, it looks strange.

    A slightly taller hedge (one that covers the space around the school) would look better. Can you make these places without a route (the 3D ones) to have grass? for example in Ayano’s mom and dad’s cutscene there is a 3D grass plot but no poppies and the game has poppies but no 3D grass, would it be possible to combine the two?

    Ayano’s school website has an out of date photo, can it be updated?

    Will Yanvania ever be converted?

    When Ayano uses Skip Time (separate photo) it would be nice if it had an animation like Pass Time.

    That’s probably it, I know a lot, but I hope that the thoughts and errors found will help in the development of the game. Thank you YanDev if you read this. in Ayano’s mom and dad’s cutscene there is a 3D grass plot but no poppies and the game has poppies but no 3D grass, would it be possible to combine the two? Ayano’s school website has an outdated photo, can it be updated? Will Yanvania ever be made over? When Ayano uses Skip Time (separate photo) it would be nice if it had an animation like Pass Time.

    I think that’s it, I know a lot, but I hope that the thoughts and errors found will help in the development of the game.

    Thank you YanDev if you read this.

    • They aren’t poppies but yeah I know what you are talking about. Michaela Laws said what they were but all I remember is that they signify death

    • I agree about the cat, honestly.

      You’re right about the square-shaped outline around blood in Yandere Vision, but I think this actually helps make it easier to locate blood, which is the purpose of the outline, so I want to consider it a feature, not a bug.

      You’re right about the incorrect subtitles on Osana’s Tuesday morning conversation. I’ll fix that.

      I’m sorry, I want to keep the Basu Sisters’ events where they are. Yandere Sim is meant to be replayed many times to experience everything.

      You’re right about the sound of the Sports Club’s water splashes; whoops! I’ll fix that in the next build.

      You’re also right about the footsteps in a bathing suit. I’ll fix that, too.

      And the stretched sky.

      Honestly, I like the incinerator. 😦

      What do you mean, “delays” on the stairs?

      You’ve honestly made a good point about the lack of ceiling lights in classrooms, but it’s low priority compared to everything else that needs to be fixed. (Same about Osana’s hair.)

      I’m sorry, what do you mean “use Maps and go as far as possible”?

      About Yanvania, what do you mean “converted”?

      • Now maybe I will elaborate on a few points.

        Now I think I wouldn’t want to change the incenerator because it’s nice.

        When it comes to the render of the stairs, often when I go to the floor I have an x-ray for a second and everything becomes transparent, except for Ayano and the skybox.

        The area behind the school (outside the walls) is very nice, but when I use the mini-map, I can go far in front of the entrance to the school, and there you can see free space.

        I also found a bug if you expell Osana every time you see an inscription on the ceiling of the director.

        As for Yanvania, the monster models could be changed since they are not Anime at all.

        That’s it, have a nice day or evening

      • I fixed the mini-map bug.

        “An inscription on the ceiling of the director”? What? When? Where? During the post-credits cutscene where the Headmaster has a phone call? Can you show me a screenshot of this inscription?

      • Hey YanDev, I already emailed you Bugs. The mail is titled Bug and more Bugs. I was wrong when I wrote that it was the principal’s office, that is, in the counselor’s office. As for the map, could it be possible to extend the way? (you can see it when you reach the bottom of the map) because the road stops strangely)

      • When you change the sky, maybe let it be so pure pastel, and not so it is now, or so pastel-gray-blue because it seems sadder, and it shouldn’t be (at least for 100% of the atmosphere at school)

  16. Yandere Dev you can read this comment it is important, you can create calligraphy club students and when you enter this club it allows you to write fake suicide tickets and write letters on lockers to give students appointment and you can use any elimination method. This function serves to difficulty the player. Yandere Dev you want to put it in this function Yandere Simulator game or not?

  17. Yandere you can read this comment is important, the calligraphy club allows you to write even minatories letters which forces a student to hide for the school because the student thinks at that time also the place to die in the school so he hides and then the player can I will simply kill when it is hidden in the school. Yandere Dev what do you think of this feature?

  18. YandereDev, if I put lethal poison in Osana’s food, then put emetic poison in Raibaru’s food, Raibaru will glitch out when she hears Osana choking.

  19. I found 2 bugs. One is the app that the Info Broker installs on Ayano’s cell phone during the intro, it’s not properly centered vertically anymore. The other one is when you torture someone. If you scroll upwards to select the number of hours you want to torture your victim instead of scrolling downwards, it will glitch out. For instance, if I scroll upwards to get to the 18 hours of torture option faster instead of scrolling downwards, despite selecting the 18 hours of torture option the game will react as if I selected one of the other numbers of hours of torture options. One time I selected the 18 hours of torture option by scrolling upwards and the game thought I selected the 1 hour of torture option and then sent Ayano to school one hour later. The glitch will also make the victim lose the amount of sanity that’s correlated to the number of hours that the game thinks you selected. This glitch can also happen when selecting where to go from Ayano’s bedroom door. So, if I select the go to the basement option from Ayano’s bedroom door by scrolling upwards instead of downwards, and then select any number of hours of torture by only scrolling downwards, the glitch can still happen. I hope you can fix these 2 bugs.

    Also, since you can’t add a minimap just yet, can you add a display to the HUD that shows the current school atmosphere like the one in the screenshot from this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/yandere_simulator/comments/jd3rhi/what_this_screenshot_shows_that_yandere_dev_wants/
    I hope you can because it would be nice to see what the current school atmosphere is without having to rely only on the calendar screen.

    And another thing, when will the new character models be ready to be implemented into the game?

    P.S. I have to know the answer to this question; how do I make Midori my bitch? 😉

    • Whoa, that is so weird. I fixed the app that wasn’t centered vertically anymore, but I cannot replicate the kidnapping bug. I’ve tried many times, but whenever I scroll up, I still get the intended result. Can you record a video of the bug happening?

      • In this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8iNWYLCceo at 5:56 you can see the app not being properly centered and while I don’t currently have footage of the torture glitch working in its entirety, at 28:56 in the same video, it shows Osana having only lost 10% sanity despite being tortured for 18 hours the previous day. The video was recorded on the latest build, which is currently the 10/17/2020 build. Thanks for looking into these bugs.

    • I think that I’ll be able to implement all the remaining “game design improvement” features by Nov 1st. However, from there, it’ll take a few more subsequent days to produce a video.

      I might actually attempt to implement a proper tutorial in the game, if I start implementing it and it looks like it’ll be relatively quick and easy. We’ll see.

  20. I found a bug. I was looking for Budo then I saw Budo was in jail even though I didn’t frame him. I framed him before but I deleted the save file. I restarted the game but his still in jail.

  21. I encountered a bug.
    If you splash a bully (I used Hana) with water from a sabotaged drinking fountain she would go into the girl’s bathroom( where they normally gossip) write down something in midair perform her gossiping animation and run back to the second floor. The thing she was writing will appear in one of the desk in senpai’s class. And whenever she is meant to walk she runs instead. Her phone will remain at her desk though she found it. And another phone will be in her hand. And in lunchtime she will eat her food (instead of sunbathing) in her desk. Please fix this bug. Sorry if my English is bad.

    • If I write a story that has Pokemon in it, I have written Pokemon fanfiction.

      If I write a story that is *inspired by* Pokemon, but does not actually feature any Pokemon characters, then I have not written “fanfiction”, and have instead written an original story.

      If someone develops a game that has Yandere Simulator characters in it, they have developed a Yandere Simulator fangame.

      If someone develops a game that is *inspired by* Yandere Simulator, but does not actually feature any Yandere Simulator characters, then they have not developed a “fangame”, and have instead developed an original story.

      I have no problem with fan games *or* original games.

      The only thing I disapprove of is dishonesty; people who lie about how long it took them to develop their game, lie about the amount of content in their game, or spread lies on social media about their competitors.

  22. hello yandere Dev i’m from russia so I don’t know foreign language well i want to report an error when i showed up on monday and went to listen to osana’s conversation and senpaya their conversation overlaps with past words

  23. I had found a bug and the bug is when you can’t pick up some items and talk, kill, or pick up dead students. This bug was the death of me when I was trying to do the genocide ending, it happen when I had 2 more students to kill, I tried laughing, crouching, even showing them a body but they didn’t react not even senpai did anything when I was closet to him. I think I know how to bug happen because it happened two times and I did the same thing, I waited out class I didn’t go to class and waited, but the only reason why I waited was because a body got stuck in a object or the wall.

    • To fix a bug, I need to see a list of steps that cause the bug to happen 100% of the time. This is extremely important. Without a set of “repro steps”, I can’t reproduce the bug or try to fix it.

      If you figure out a set of steps that reliably causes the bug to happen, then please tell me what those steps are. If you can’t give me extremely clear instructions on exactly how to replicate the bug that you found, I can’t help you. If I cannot experience the bug for myself, then I won’t be able to fix it.

  24. YandereDev, I don’t want to be annoying but i wanna know if you got any idea that can fix the problem with the bags of the students. I know you said that it wouldn’t be possible to implement this feature because of the problems and the side effects this could cause, but i think this is important and i have some ideas. Please let me know your opinion.

  25. Hi Dev! Do u plan to give the science lab where we get the lethal poison a completely new look in the future? Or do u want to keep the same general look? If it’s the later, will u update the props soon to match the current classrooms props, since it’s using the old props?

  26. (I wrote my opinion on a few Club Benefits as a Youtube comment, but I decided to put it here.)

    In my opinion, the Science Club and Cooking Club’s benefits aren’t that great, and the Delinquent Gang needs more advantages.

    The science club offers you a cleaning robot…although it’s kind of useless since you could join a club like the Drama Club or Sports Club and use blunt weapons like Dumbbells, the Baseball bat and Magical Girl Wand without suspicion. Blunt weapons don’t produce blood anymore, so that defeats the purpose of needing to clean blood if you could PREVENT creating blood in the first place. Even then, you still get more advantages for joining the Drama and Sports Clubs as compared to joining Science, like gaining access to masks, gloves and a faster run speed appropriately.

    The cooking club’s benefit is also a little lacking. You only get to make 10 octodogs everyday and hand them out. Giving out octodogs is the equivalent of complimenting students, AKA giving you only 1 reputation point per octodog. So you literally only gain 10 reputation everyday. Sure, you could change your persona to gain more reputation when you give out octodogs to certain types of students, but there are WAY faster and more efficient ways to gain reputation now. You could gain Info-Points and use Info-chan’s service to gain 5 reputation points per service. You could easily get 50 reputation points in less than 5 real-life minutes just by planting bugs this way. A good way to fix this is to increase the Reputation Benefit you gain from giving out Octodogs, or allow the player to make octodogs continuously.

    Lastly, I see why joining the delinquents is a good benefit. Some students, like Pippi Osu, (Or Musume/Gita, if you miss the specific opportunities in the day to take pictures for their tasks ) have tasks that you actually can’t accomplish in the first day. This screws the player up, since they can’t make them do favours if they have to. Joining the delinquents to actually make them do favours for you, is still a waste. To start: you can only join the Delinquents on a Tuesday at most, since the earliest you can buy Blonde Hair-Dye is Monday night.(You can finish all the delinquent’s tasks in one day, though.)

    Even after joining…the benefit is still underwhelming since you lose reputation everytime you make a student do a favour for you. Maybe a good advantage is to add that Instrument case from the ABC Killer Challenge and let the player use it to transport long blunt weapons? I mean..since the Delinquents wear them, why can’t Ayano wear it when she joins the gang? If anything, it also adds to her “Delinquent” aesthetic.

    • All of these points are very valid observations. I agree that the club benefits have a lot of overlap with each other, and in some ways make the other club benefits completely redundant.

      I would definitely be willing to rethink many of the club benefits, but I would need an actual plan for how to improve and balance each club.

  27. Hey yandere dev ummmmm when i was trying to find the second tape like how the was in the old basement i think that tape is stuck behind the rusty chair to your right

  28. Hello YandereDev, can two routes of elimination be possible to complete in the same week? Like, Matchmaking and Befriending.

  29. I noticed this while playing the game. When you compliment a student who’s being bullied you get one reputation point. This make no sense ’cause that student is always away from other people and hides on the rooftop. How could that student increase your reputation if they avoid to speak with other students ? It’s not a bug but it’s not logical 😅

  30. I killed Osana and I got rid of all the evidences with no witnesses,I went to class,and Raibaru when to the incinerator,went to the rooftop,and then she came to the incinerator again and sat there. Also, I fought with a delinquent,and the student council member just stood there and watch. But my reputation didn’t become lower or something

  31. Yandere Dev you can read this comment is important, I found a bug would be: the cops arrested me for killing the students with the magical girl scepter. I found a bug would be: I joined the drama club then I killed the students with the magical girl scepter with “the mask has gone blood” in my opinion it works with any non-pointed weapon. I saw another bug would be: I joined the drama club then I changed my clothes I put on my gym or / pool uniform and I can’t put on black gloves putting on new uniforms. I saw a bug would be: I turned off the music you hear the noises of shoes with the pool uniform when I walk. Can you fix these Yandere Dev bugs please?

    • The first one is kind of a bug. The Drama Club masks and gloves used to get bloody when you attacked students with blunt weapons, but it’s fixed for the gloves. The masks still get bloody, though.

      The third one is not really a bug. When you turn off/mute music, you’re doing just that. Muting the music. You’re not muting the Sound effects or Voiced lines.

      Also, PLEASE refrain from spamming or submitting Bug Reports in seperate comments here. Putting bugs in the same comment makes it easier to find bugs/wastes less space.

  32. YanDev, I don’t have Horuda Pursu, in game. I can delete all save or reinstall game, but she, still isn’t in my game. The one option to have her is to turn on debug menu, and use this creepy spider lady behind the tree, a but I don’t want to activate debug menu. Can you fix that?

    • Man, that is super weird. Nobody else has reported that bug. Sadly, I can’t do anything about the bug unless I am given instructions for how to experience it myself.

      • I don’t know how to get this bug, because I have it from the sanbox debug version (You are 5 updates before Osana I killed Horuda, and she doesn’t want to appear on this save anymore) I I still have this bug.

      • I don’t know how to get this bug, because I have it from the sanbox debug version (You are 5 updates before Osana I killed Horuda, and she doesn’t want to appear on this save anymore)

  33. Those aren’t bugs. In the “Bug Reporting” section of the official Yandere Simulator website, it says under Blood and Gore “When dismembering a female corpse, the body parts that appear will be wearing a white schoolgirl uniform regardless of what the NPC was wearing”.

    You have 100 info-points cause…well…you’ee in Debug mode. Debug mode is mainly used to test features and stuff, so it’s efficient to have info-points ready. This isn’t a thing in the ACTUAL Demo mode, so it doesn’t matter(?)

  34. I’ve checked the Bug Reporting page on the official Yandere Simulator website, and some of the info there is outdated. Examples are “Resetting the day after investing Study Points doesn’t reset the Study Points” and “The lighting inside of bathrooms works differently than the lighting everywhere else in the game. This is intentional for now”.

  35. I have a another question!
    If your gonna change the models and rebuild the entire game, are you gonna change up the story and characters?

  36. HI, I just found a bug :/, I tried to take an “sneaky pantyshot” to akane, but she catches me in the act, so, when I was on the counselour office I can move ayano and if I reach the door I can trigger the “enter counselour office” button. I did it and I was reporting something while I was selecting a action for my capture :x…
    the worst part is that when I exit in the “report menu” I was sitting out the counselour office room and I can’t do anything, I restarted the day to test it, and yes, it happened again…
    I do this in the drama club while akane was exiting the club on monday’s lunchtime.

    • In order to actually fill the empty rooms with props, there has to be modellers to actually make those models and assets. The main goal of the Kickstarter is to hire people to work on the game, including professional modellers. The empty rooms will most likely be furnished after the Kickstarter.

  37. Ney YandereDev! I need your help.
    I installed Yandere Simulator on my notebook. He’s very good and managed to run the game. But there was a day when I uninstalled it because it was taking up a lot of space. And then, a few days passed and I decided to download again. Okay, I downloaded it. But when I try to open it, no matter what I do, it’s just a box with the buttons: Close game and minimize. I’ve tried to do everything, until uninstall and install again, but I have no answer. I don’t know if this is necessarily a bug, but I really wanted your help, because I really want to play your game again 😦 if you can answer me I would be grateful.

  38. A drinker on the West on each floor (except the ground floor) on the power switch on the window.

    Will you change the texture of Osana’s phone to fit the rest of the students (It’s about the model, not the original case)

    When you go to town in the morning and then come home there is a light bug (the town lights are in the house)

    When Raibaru notices Osana dead, she reacts as if she has not found her friend, but as if Osana has disappeared

    Will you add bird sounds (outside too) in the school plaza, such as in the garden club, but quiet, and in the corridors, the sound of conversations, but not loud (it would be more realistic)

    That’s all (I think).

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