October 17th Bug-Fixing Build

There were a few bugs with the stalker house in the previous build, so I decided to release an update that resolves the issues.

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, scroll down past this illustration of Osana by moodixie, drawn in a very familiar art style!

In case you don’t recognize it, I’ll fill you in: moodixie drew Osana in the art style of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure! It’s absolutely fascinating to me to see someone draw Osana using the Jojo aesthetic!

Actually, before I continue, I’m going to hit you with another Jojo-style illustration by moodixie!

It’s so cool to see Yandere Sim characters in the Jojo art style!

Fixes and Changes

  • The “Yandere-chan arrives at Stalker’s House” cutscene should no longer be blurry when viewed at a high resolution.
  • Fixed bug that made Osana’s corpse flip out after she was killed through the pool elimination method.
  • It’s no longer possible to slip into the stalker’s house while the father is opening the front door.
  • Yandere-chan will no longer be able to enter Yandere Vision if she is being chased by someone.
  • Restored some missing props that were accidentally deleted from the stalker house environment.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to sabotage the breaker from inside of the stalker’s house.
  • There is now a “Skip” button to skip the “Yandere-chan arrives at Stalker’s House” cutscene.
  • The act of taking a “Sneak Panty Shot” is now considered suspicious / alarming behavior.
  • It’s no longer possible to clip into the stalker’s father’s body without repercussion.
  • Replaced the previous “sneak panty shot” animation with a much smoother one.
  • Yandere-chan will now exit Yandere Vision if someone begins chasing her.
  • Fixed flickering textures in the stalker’s house environment.

224 thoughts on “October 17th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Osana: Oh, you’re approaching me? Instead of running away you’re coming right to me?
    Ayano: I can’t stab you without getting closer.
    Osana: Very well! Come as close as you like!
    Ayano: Info-Chan!
    Osana: Raibaru Fumetsu!

  2. hi, so can you fix this bug if you set a trap with gasoline and if you do it with osana by sending her to her locker the gasoline won’t go on her so if you can you please fix this.

  3. Yandere Dev! I found a glitch where if you go to town in the morning and go back home the lighting becomes different.

      • Not sure if this is a glitch or something you fixed already but I know a lot of times that the father of the stalker doesn’t say anything when you walk by him. At least you have to wait an unnaturally long time (but only a few seconds) for him to start talking unlike the mother and sister who talk a few metres earlier. My OCD cannot handle it!

    • Agreed, instead of everyone just being in a certain room, they should walk around the house and do other actions, there should be more actions within the house and outside. When you steal the cat, it shouldn’t be easy, the screaming of the stalker should alarm other people in the house and there should be objects in that hall that you can duck behind to hide or dark corners you can hide in, another alternative would be that the stalker chases you. Because Osana is a rival, every elimination method shouldn’t feel easy or like eliminating any other NPC, it should feel more realistic and more impactful.

      • The sister says he screams a lot while playing games and watching porn. They might not pay attention to his screams anymore. I do think he should try and do something but he’s probably not much of a fighter.

      • Osana is supposed to be the easiest rival so I personally think it’s fine. However, as time goes on, I would love to sneak into a highly protected building.

      • It should still feel more impactful and be a bit challenging, considering she took so long to make and has a indestructible bodyguard.

      • She is the first rival, no matter what, her entrance is impactful, she serves as the first step of difficulty for 10 rivals.
        As for the bodyguard, she isn’t really indestructible and just like with the stalker’s house not being too challenging, she isn’t that challenging to remove.

    • Yeah she is only the first rival,yandere dev says she is kinda like the games tutorial anyway but hes planning on making some things more challenging.

  4. When Raibaru finds Osana or a strangers body she’ll repeatedly circle around instead of crying or calling the police, please fix this, goes with Osana too.

  5. Yandere dev, I want you to pay attention to the texture of the pool water and the water near the martial arts club. On Monday, the textures work fine, and on the rest they turn white.

  6. Question: will you add the feature were you can pick and amount of students idk but this might help players with not the best laptop/computer
    (Sorry for bad English)

  7. I’ve been thinking that if YandereSim is a stealth game, the stalker’s house mission could include a small sound system where if you run near a relative of the stalker you will be detected, it could work like this (it’s an example) When Yandere -Chan has to sneak behind the sofa to avoid being seen by the stalker’s father, you would have to walk by because if you run, the stalker’s father would turn around and see you (assuming his back is to Yandere-Chan) the same would happen with the sister and mother, if you run past their rooms, even if their backs are to you, they would turn around and end up seeing you. This is just a suggestion, but in my opinion, on a mission like this silence is important. Thanks for the hard work 👍

  8. Hey YandereDev, when it comes to the mismatched models, in my opinion this kitty behind the school and this Osana kitty are too realistic and too small, and as for the kitty behind the school, it would look nice in a Rotated cardboard box (So that could go out) and in this carton a bowl of food and water (That would be too cute). New blood is brilliant, but her outline in Yandere Vision is mismatched. In my opinion, the water in the Japanese garden is too strong, it would look so gentle. It is very annoying when Ayano’s walking (Persona) resets daily, same with shadows, or blurring when moving the camera. Senpai says “I’ll let you borrow it” during Monday’s conversation with Osana, but the credits also say “just one day”, which Senpai doesn’t dare say. Could it be possible to postpone the Basu sisters’ events because they overlap with the Osana events of Raibaru? The sounds from the surroundings are loud you can hear the fountain in the cooking, drama and occult club, the sounds from the Light Music Club are too loud you can hear them on the Lower and Upper floor, events with Osana are also a bit too loud, and when the sport club jumps into the pool you can hear them at the other end of the school. As for the sounds In school, you could hear the crowd in the corridors, but not too loud, and everywhere outside, birds singing (including the school beach) (and in Clubs and other rooms no additional sounds). Gema Taku should be nicer to help him with Musume and her gang, and by the way there is a bug that I helped him and nothing has changed. Not every cherry tree has a new petal fall animation, e.g. at a small fountain or in Japanese gardens. Since Ayano’s steps in a towel are different because she is barefoot, her steps in a swimming suit should be the same. Coming back to the mismatched stuff, the sky is very stretched at the top, and besides, it doesn’t really fit the anime game at all. Incinerator does not fit the game at all, it is retail and too dark for that place. would it be possible to optimize lags on the stairs? In grades and some rooms there are no lamps, which looks not realistic. Osana’s hair has a strange position when drowned in the pool. When you use Maps and you go down as far as possible, you can see the area behind the school, and there you can see a hole in space, it looks strange to you. A slightly taller hedge would look better (the one that covers the space around the school). Is it possible to make these places without a route (the 3D ones) to have grass? for example, in the cutscene of Ayano’s mom and dad there is a plot with 3D grass, but there are no poppies and the game has poppies but no 3D grass, would it be possible to combine the two? Ayano’s school website has an outdated photo, could it be updated? Will Yanvania ever be reworked? When Ayano uses Skip Time (Separate photo) it would be nice if it had an animation like Pass Time. That’s probably it, I know a lot, but I hope that the thoughts and bugs found will help in the development of the game. Thank you YanDev if you’ve read this.

  9. Waow!!! That’s too much, but now you’ve talked about the sound of the steps, it would be more realistic if the steps of yandere-chan could make a different sound when she walks in the grass ’cause hear the same sound all the time give me the imppresion that the school doesn’t have real grass. One last thing, the grass of the stalker’s house….well… It’s not even grass, it’s like the rest of the floor but in green. Is this a placeholder model ??

    • You’re right, that grass must be a place holder. All I have proposed are slight changes, maybe a few slightly larger ones, there are a lot of them, but they are not from outer space, and would make the game realistic 😀

  10. Ohh, I almost forget. I had an idea a few days ago. It’s not possible for the students to bring bags to school and leave them on their classroom because this feature could delay their routines, so i’ve been thinking that they could bring their bags but instead of leave them on their currents classroom, they can put them on their locker when they change their shoes, this would make possible to get every student expell from school by stealing a phone an putting on their bag, and the game would look more realistic. Osana is the only student who brings her bag to school ?? That doesn’t look real. Am I the only one who think this could be a good idea ?

    • Epic! There is only one problem, if they were to leave a bag in the locker, we would have to add the functions of searching for given bags, because not everyone knows every student’s locker, and what Osana’s bags are, in my opinion it should disappear when Osana dies, is kidnapped or expelled, and there should be a flower on the student’s desk

      • There is a thing where you can find the locker of every student at school (I forgot its name) you can use this if you want to find the bag of an specific student. I don’t know if the traduction was right, but i was trying to say “on the locker” (sobre el casillero)

  11. I’ve just seen the new water and bravo Yandere Dev you cracked that completely. That texture for the water just screams Yandere Sim’s quirky artstyle that I do so love. Great job to the volunteer who produced the texture.

    Initially I was torn in two whether I liked the new panty shot method but yeah it’s a great idea to have it done that way! Don’t get me wrong I do not care in the slightest the old way was “gross” or “pervy” but this new way seems a lot more fitting for what one might do in a real school- I don’t think it makes much sense to just have a girl crawling along the floor with her phone while other students are walking around. The new method adds a sly factor to the whole operation which is I assume what might happen in real life.

  12. Hello YandereDev! I just wanted to say, thank you for making this amazing game for us! Please know that I will support you every second of the way, don’t let the Anti-Dev crowd trample you down, stay strong! Stay safe in this pandemic. The game is really awesome, I love the storyline and I love how you put so much effort into getting the game out to us. Again, thank you so much for spending your time working on this great game. Have a great weekend!

    -V.C (aka Eggdog)

  13. I think it’s great that taking a panty shot is noticeable now. But I still think the person your trying to take a picture of should have a chance to notice if you miss. If pickpocketing makes them think your grabbing their butt, maybe if you miss, there’s a chance you ruffled their skirt, or touched the phone to their thigh to make them turn around. It doesn’t have to be a high percentage, but should still be there. Maybe make a gradient. Or make it a two step. One button to put the phone down and another to take the picture.

    Also with the Facebook gossiping. Your picture is on it, wouldn’t that mean Senpai would know you started it even if the bullies took it and ran? That would lower his personal opinion of you. Maybe add a way to disguise your profile? Is it a public page or is it specific to the school that you need special membership?

  14. The stalker mission is very well done, and I congratulate you on that. However, I wish you didn’t have to go through all the hassle of that if you don’t want to.
    You, the character, can stab people.
    Please, for the love of lucifer, just let me stab Osana next time. I like stabbing people in every game, so why can’t I just stab her?

  15. If you have a mind slave in the basement by the end of the week but you don’t use him/her for that week’s rival will it be possible to use him/her for the next week’s rival or will they just disappear or not be able to be used as an elimination method?

  16. I have an idea for an elimination method for Kizana, when she is rehearsing a play for the drama club, you could drop a bucket of weights on her to kill her, what do you guys think?

  17. Is going to be possible to use cheat codes in the final game ? In my opinion, this feature shouldn’t be possible for players because it would sabotage the challenge of the game. It would be better to add a game mode with no dead line, no rival, no objetive and allow the player to use cheat codes and easter eggs only in this mode.

  18. I have a question!
    Why ayano act like a kuudere instead of a yandere?
    I’m not trying to be rude or annoying I was just wondering.

    • The game allows you to play how you want to. There are multiple options for the player to choose from, that can go along with the yandere stereotype or make Ayano be different. That’s part of the fun from this game, choosing your path.

  19. Hi. Not sure if this is in the Oct. 17 build, but in the Oct. 16 build, I poisoned Raibaru using emetic poison during Monday lunch, drowned her, left her body in the stall, and closed the door. I tried to attend class, but the corpse was found. I pulled this off in a previous build of the demo, but not sure if that feature has changed somehow during that time.

  20. The Official website of Akademi High School is outdated, the textures of the trees is the old one and the sky is not the one that is in the game right now. Are you planning to update it ?

  21. Hi Yandere Dev, I have encountered this bug twice. When Osana is dead, and is buried in the gardening club (as well as Ukeiya Engeika, but I dont think that would cause the bug), it will still show the cutscene of the “recurring nightmares’ on Thursday morning. If you fixed this it would make the experience even better! Nice build btw 👍

  22. This isn’t too important, an is about the website itself, but on the home page of yandere sims website, it shows previews of the development blog. For the October 15th build’s preview, there is a thumbnail of genshin impact? I don’t think this is intentional but it could confuse people checking out yandere simulator’s demo for the first time

    • Ah, I see, it’s because I had a link to a Genshin video in that blog post.

      I know that it’s odd, but I can’t really fix it, since I don’t control how the thumbnails on the website appear…

  23. Yandere Dev you can read this comment it is important, new players of Yandere Simulator did not know that there was killer challege alphabet mode you can put hints how to activate this mode, also put hints about which object have been put on killer callenge alphabet mode . Can you put this Yandere Dev feature please?

    • I’m able to enter Mission Mode and complete missions.

      I’d like to try to help you, but I need to know more about your situation. What do you mean, you “can’t do” any missions? Do you mean that the screen turns black and never returns? Or what?

  24. I got a bug in this demo. When i take multiple panty shots, sometimes the picture menu gets drunk and calculates it wrong so it says I got panty shots from boys and rivals that aren’t even in the game yet.

  25. YanDev-san, I have found out that you have no ideas for Taks, so I decided to give you one that I came up with for the eighth opponent, Osoro Shidesu. Also, this is the one that I have considered the most logical.

    Osoro Shidesu believes that you are not worthy of being his friend. He said you wouldn’t bring him Musume’s phone number even if he forced you. Show him wrong.

    I will not say how to do it, because the steps would be very OBVIOUS.

    I must clarify a few things with this taks.

    – I’m sure Sukeban-chan (And with Sukeban-chan I mean Osoro) he really doesn’t want Bullie-chan’s phone, (And with Bullie-chan I mean Musume Ronshaku) he only said that out of sarcasm, to say that Yandere- chan seems too pure and cowardly to do something as serious as that.

    – She may later tell the player that she doesn’t really want it, but that it has proven to be the complete opposite of what she believed. The player can take it because Sukeban-chan doesn’t want it.

    – I chose Bullie-chan because she has bad relationships with the Criminals, the other bullies too, but I think that the one who has the worst relationships with them is Bullie-chan.

    – With these taks you could kill two birds with one stone (You don’t have to kill anyone, it’s an expression) Surely you know why I said this. If you can’t guess, tell me.

    – I don’t think Sukeban-chan is going to accuse the player with the counselor after that. First because they wouldn’t believe him, second because he doesn’t care if someone knows about it, and third because he admires that kind of behavior.

    -This idea had already been said before, but I wanted to take it up and explain it.

    But hey, it’s just a simple occurrence, I don’t think it’s very useful. I just wanted to try and help by spouting some nonsense and I couldn’t keep this hidden any longer.

  26. I was playing a little and I found that your reputation gets lowered when a student catches you doing something suspicious. However, if you were able to isolate a student in an attempt to kill them, carrying a weapon should not matter just because only your victim will see it. I think a student seeing or noticing a suspicious act would make an attempt to “communicate” with another student before any reputation can be removed. Also, this gives a chance for the player to prevent from lowering the reputation. I thought up some possible ways: texting for the phone addicts, reaching the closes person for the gossip girls & social butterfly (also possible online on the website). I was confused about how the other students could react like the cowards so I think it would just be simple if there only were two ways, texting, and gossiping. It’s just an idea but hopes you consider it! It would be an amazing social feature to add to the game giving it a more realistic scenario.

    • The way it works is that, if a student spots you doing something suspicious, *they will lower your reputation later in the future*. That’s what the number at the bottom left represents. If you kill them before they gossip about you, you’ll see the number at the bottom left update accordingly.

  27. Hi Dev! Just wanted to ask if sometime in the future you’ll make it possible for the visual settings to affect other environments. I play the game without outlines and such, and my performance drops drastically when I go to the stalker’s house. Thanks for reading this if you do read it, and keep up the good work!

  28. I was wondering if there would be a way to do a fake reaction when you see a dead body, otherwise Ayano stands there looking really out of place while everyone else is freaking out. it just makes sense to me, even if Ayano doesn’t feel emotion.

  29. Ive been having this bug where Ill kill Osana, mutilate her, then dispose of the body in the furnace only to have her still confess her love on Friday despite being dead. (idk if it matters but I used the cello case to transport the body and cleaned up the murder perfectly. I also was not using debug commands as well)

  30. Hello, I don’t know if this is a bug, but when someone with a broken mind kills Osana, the person with a broken mind does not stain their uniform with blood, and it makes no sense for Ayano to just stab someone once and fill with blood, and the person with the broken mind throws someone to the ground and stabs them 13 times and does not get blood stained.
    (I speak Spanish, so sorry if my English is bad)

  31. YandereDev i have an idea , what about adding yandere-chan’s week. It will be the 11th week after defeating her rivals of course, and this week there will be events for her with Senpai, for example, she tries to talk to him without showing Her obsession lol and senpai’s love at the beginning of this week will be 0% and then change according to Yander Chan’s choices and This is what determines if the end will be happy, normal, or bad. It can be added that Senpai’s love changes its beginning according to the way she eliminates hers rivals, it can start with -20% or 10%, for example ? , pls replay 🙏

  32. Hello YanDev.
    I have an question: Will it be possible in the future to reset the day to the point when Ayano is in the home? (Via game over/ Phone) Because it kinda makes it annoying that if you forgot about some stuff like gifts for Osana/ Wearing panties for bonus/ Bringing a mindslave to school etc you need to reset the whole week in order to do some kind of elimination. Stay Safe ❤

  33. Could you tell me more about this new dark deception X Yandere Simulator? I love the idea and there are screenshots of it and I’m interested in what you have to say about it.

    • I know that the developers from Glowstick Entetainment are making this crossover. I know that is going to be a separated game from DD and YS. There are theories that you are going to play as Senpai while Ayana is chasing him,and Info chan play Bierce’s role. I know that Malak will be in the game as well. Follow Ayano’s lovesick labyrinth on Twitter for more informations 🙂

  34. I have a little question, it might not be interesting but …
    In the game you can see the portraits of the rivals but in black and white, although it is assumed that you do not know who your rivals will be. Isn’t it a bit strange that the portraits are there? Is it just a continuity error? Or actually … Are we playing for the fun of Info-Chan and everything that happens is planned by Info-Chan?

    • I guess the portraits aren’t really relevant to the game’s continuity; they are stylized for the sake of the player, but not really for any sort of in-universe story purpose.

  35. yandere dev, i have a suggestion, can you add different socks (my favorite akanes.) ,you don’t have too if your too busy, but if you don’t can you..? you don’t have to….

  36. When splashing water on a girl in the afternoon will her diolauge change? Since she isn’t going to class in the afternoon like I can’t go to my club like this or I can’t go home like this..

      • What about when a student gets splashed by the water fountain? “Did someone REALLY just throw water on me?!” doesn’t make sense, considering they literally know the *fountain* splashed them due to faulty pipes. Instead of recording new lines for this, maybe their “reaction” line could be removed. So they’ll say “Kyaa~!” when they get splashed, stare at their wet clothes/arms for a few seconds in shock before saying “I can’t go to class…” and running to the locker room as per normal.

  37. There’s a bug with the water texture, the water tuns completely white. I don’t know why it happens, but the textures are usually fine on Monday, then when you reset the day or go to the next day it turns white.

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