September 22nd Bug-Fixing Build

The most recent build didn’t have any critical game-breaking flaws in it, but some general fixes and improvements have been piling up lately, so I may as well release a new build.

To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous artwork of Osana by sexyunicornking!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • From now on, during the Alphabet Killer Challenge and Mission Mode, Osana and Raibaru will have different routines, and Raibaru will not have the ability to counter Yandere-chan’s attacks.
  • There is now an “OUT OF ORDER” sign hanging above the broken light-switch in the “haunted” girls’ bathroom, so that players don’t mistakenly report it as a bug.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to turn off the “Cinematic Camera”. (Please keep in mind that it’s a debug command, so using it always carries a risk.)
  • Fixed bug that would prevent students from being able to react to things on the ground in the gym storage room that is used for kidnapping students.
  • Fixed bug that made the memorial cutscene play every time the player loaded a save that was created on a day when a memorial had taken place.
  • Adjusted Osana’s “Not friends with Raibaru anymore” routine so that she would never be standing in the same location as another student.
  • Fixed bug that would make Student Council members become alarmed by Yandere-chan for simply being nearby and talking to a student.
  • Updated Kokona’s profile, now that it’s no longer possible to fill out her profile manually by eavesdropping on her events.
  • Fixed bug that made students slide across the ground if they were alarmed by Yandere-chan while investigating a giggle.
  • Fixed bug that would make Student Council members become alarmed by Yandere-chan for using the “Pass Time” feature.
  • Updated/replaced the models and textures in the school bathrooms that were inconsistent with an “anime” art style.
  • Adjusted Toga’s routine so that he should never be occupying the same physical space as another student.
  • Edited the Schemes involving mind-broken slaves to specify the location where the slaves can be found.
  • Removed debug command that allowed the player to change the contents of a bucket with a button press.
  • There should no longer be any textures at school that appear pure solid white (such as the windows).
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to check student profiles while inside of Yandere-chan’s room.
  • The bathrooms no longer use a different lighting system than the rest of the school environment.
  • Fixed bug that made the wrong text description appear when using the Gaming Club computer.
  • Fixed bug that made Osana buggy at the beginning of the day in Alphabet Killer Mode.
  • Fixed bug that made Miyuji’s eyebrows disappear from her student profile portrait.
  • Info-chan’s room is now marked on the map.

138 thoughts on “September 22nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. yandere dev its this bug that keep restarting my game and every time i kill somebody when a student council when the police timer goes off

  2. With the meme closest I think we should be able to have the option to change back into Ayano. If anyone has been in the meme closet in the demo could you tell me if you need to complete it first before you can use anything inside. I’ve not seen anyone go inside and I can’t play it due to not having a working computer.

  3. Can you make the game suitable for left handedness people because im an lefty an when i had started playing the demo i couldn’t really rap my head around the controls which is more suitable for right handedness people, i don’t see any thing in it the game’s settings so i could change the settings for the game to be even more easier to be played but i hope you receive this message to make the game more simple for us to play

  4. I have a question. Is the reveal of the new yandere simulator models is gonna be shown in a video or a wordpress?
    If this comment might be rude or annoying you can ignore it.

  5. Hey Yan Dev, this might come as an annoyance but I actually found a very big unforgivable glitch. I found this during the alphabet killer challenge so I don’t know if this can happen anywhere else. Sometimes after I save the game and come back, I can’t kill, give a puzzle cube, talk to them or even giggle or hold a knife to see if anything happens. So, a lot of times have to go to a later save and try and see what went wrong. I also found another glitch during the alphabet killer challenge after saving. When I killed Pipi a student saw me but didn’t act how they should have. Instead they acted like one of the student council members and just said “hmm…”. They didn’t even acknowledge that there was a corpse. I soon started to carry the corpse around the school but everyone kept saying the same thing. I really hope you can fix this. I have been getting the same problem every time I do the alphabet killer challenge.

    • Bug reports are absolutely fine to give, when sending bug reports try to explain the steps you take for it to happen as best you can and try to first see if it happens every time. Which is what you’ve done as you explained so good job!

      I recommend sending them to him throught email though, because he will be much more likely to see it there.
      You can get his email by going to the contect page on the official website.

      • Yandere Dev! Whenever Amai is done with she be added after Osana and made into a 2 level game? I’m not asking if it will be free I know it won’t! What I’m asking is are you going to add each rival one by one as they are developed or are you going to finish all 9 rivals and then slap them all on at the final game all at once?

  6. Wouldn’t it be cool if Kokona is opsessed with Kizana to the point of Insanity and just wants to be her live as her and takeover her whole life like a Copycat and Ayano could use this info to kill Kizana with the help of Kokona and then dress Kizana’s corpse up to look like Kokona which will lead every Student to think that Kokona died and Kizana is still alive which is not true because Kokona took over and continues Kizana’s life and Kizana is going to be buried without her own name on the Tombstone and maybe Ayano could relate to Kokonas opsession and befriends her but this time she has a real friendship where she maybe cares about Kokona (not my idea but its a good one

  7. Hey Yandere dev! I just thought of something I know it might not happen but you can do it after all the rivals if you wanna but what if yandere can join the bullies the advantage might be your rep might go higher when complimenting or your gossip might affect others easier but a disadvantage is you’re reputation goes lower when you gossip than normal idk just an idea! ps. love you yandev!

  8. I have this glitch I need to address with you, Yandere-Dev. So I was playing The Alphabet Challenge and I had to leave for personal resons so I saved it. When I went back to the game and loaded back into where I was, all of my equipment was floating in the air, and the whole entire map was BLARING in light, I had to use the shadows just so I could see where I was going and who i needed to kill next, I really hope you can fix this as it lowers my FPS a lot and hurts my eyes.

    • That’s odd. I’m not experiencing this bug. I think that it’s either fixed in the most recent build of the game, or it only occurs under very specific circumstances, so I’d need to know absolutely everything about the state of the game before you saved in order to attempt to experience the bug.

  9. YandereDev YandereDev!
    I wanna know your opinion about what I’m gonna say about Yandere Sim:
    Do you think that Yandere Simulator is a “Girls Game” or “A game that boys are not supposed to play” or “Only Girls can play this game”? I personally not. I think that YanSim is a game that we can play without thinking if you’re a Male or Female person. What do you think about this being the creator of the game?

    • What makes you think that? A game protagonist sex has nothing to do with the sex of game audience. Here you play as a girl, but it does not imply at all that *you* are a girl. You have plenty of male Youtubers playing Yandere Simulator: Jay from the Kubz Scouts, Razz, Bijuu Mike… And there is Laurenz on the other hand, a girl. So in short: a player != game protagonist 😉

    • To be honest,I don’t think any game is only for girls or only for boys. All of us should play whatever game we want without thinking it is a girls for boys or for girls.

    • Speaking as a cis dude, not only do I frequently play games with female player characters (PCs), but in games with player-designed PCs, I frequently create female ones. To my knowledge, video games do not induce gender dysphoria, so PC gender doesn’t inherently gender games.

      Exhibit A: Laura Croft. Not only has the Tomb Raider series historically been marketed primarily towards male gamers, the way Laura is presented is part of that male-centered marketing.

    • Most of the Youtubers that I watch who play yan sim are male (I’m sure there’s a lot of female who play it to but those who I watch) and I hope eventually yanderedev will add yandere-kun…..soooooo no I guess?

  10. i found a bug I killed someone and Ajia found the corpse. And she went to find a hiding spot and i found her in the BOYS bathroom

  11. hey yandere dev I feel like this idea would be so good i feel like they should be sisters and kokona really wants to be like kizana her big sis and kizana is kinda tryna avoided her and maybe kizana starts being a bully and maybe u can make it so kokona will get so fed up with this that she either kills kizana or she gets kizana expelled i feel like just making kokona a back round charcter is just sad kokona is a queen i feel like kokona needs to be more into the story line kokona is a fav favorite and she would be amazing to have in the story i feel like kokona is a important charcter not just a background

  12. I just thought of a really dark idea…
    1. Kidnap Osana on her week and break her.
    2. Wait until the end of the week.
    3. Make sure to give Senpai a gift to regain his sanity.
    4. On Amai’s week, release Osana and have her murder Amai.
    5. Senpai will be in huge shock that his missing childhood friend returned… And murdered his friend…

  13. I think it’s just my computer but is Osana supposed to go completely black as if she was on fire when I eliminated her with the rooftop fan?

    • When you’re at Low Sanity, all students turn into black silhouettes. However, it’s a bug how some hairstyles and accessories don’t turn black too, along with the main body. So in this case, Osana would have turned completely black minus her stockings.

  14. Fixed bug that would make Student Council members become alarmed by Yandere-chan for simply being nearby and talking to a student.

    Which makes sense if they know what she’s up to.
    “Oh crap, she’s probably either turning that student into an accomplice or a corpse.”

  15. I have a question will Ayano (Aka yandere-chan) be able to join the student council in the demo and will she be able to join the student council anytime in the future?

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