September 19th Bug-Fixing Build

Recently, while watching other people play Yandere Sim, I had a few revelations about how to fix and improve certain aspects of the game’s design. (Completely different realizations from the tutorial-related stuff I mentioned a few days ago.) I have an extremely clear mental image of what the game is currently lacking, and what needs to be done in order to improve the game’s design. I’m super excited to begin working on it, and then producing a video where I explain all of the ways that the demo has been improved since its first release!

But, for now, here’s another bug-fixing build. To see a list of everything that changed in the most recent update, please scroll down past this super-cute art by cj_17___!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that caused Osana to go directly into her “Check out all clubs” event occur before her “Phonecall from Stalker” event had completed, if she was alarmed by something while running to answer her phone call.
  • In the “Congratulations on eliminating your rival” text message conversation with Info-chan, she will now recognize the “Bullied to Suicide” elimination method as a method that didn’t involve direct violence.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Osana and Raibaru to still have “Talking about recent interaction with Senpai” events every morning, even if Osana had already been eliminated through her Befriend/Betray event.
  • In the “Congratulations on eliminating your rival” text message conversation with Info-chan, she will now recognize the “Framed for Murder” elimination method as a method that involved violence.
  • It’s no longer possible to save the game while a student is wet, since the game wouldn’t be able to accurately re-create the school scene if it was saved under those circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to remember what instructions the player had given to the Suitor about his appearance, after the player had reset the day.
  • Fixed bug that caused the “Confessing to Suitor” bloom to be carried over to subsequent cutscenes, like the cutscene where Senpai meets Amai.
  • The button to skip the credits is now “X” instead of “B” so that the “skip cutscene” button is always “X” across all cutscenes in the game.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from getting rid of the the “Spy” prompt for spying on Osana’s interactions, even if Osana was dead.
  • Fixed bug that caused Cooking Club students to continue wearing aprons even while bathing in the shower room.
  • Fixed bug that would make the tutorial images clip outside the border of the tutorial window.
  • The “Spying on Osana’s interactions” cameras are now properly affected by School Atmosphere.
  • Osana’s suicide will now cause Senpai to stay home from school for one day to mourn.
  • Disabled Kokona’s events, since they were made redundant with the release of Osana.
  • Osana’s suicide will now negatively impact the School Atmosphere.

35 thoughts on “September 19th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Oh my, Kokona’s events got cancelled, I think it would be better to leave her phone call and talk with Saki, but make it in different days, because some days are overfilled with events and some are not, like make Science club guys to talk about anime in different days, not only Monday, Kokona will talk about her problems in day, when Osana got Taro’s book, because morning has no other events (beside Sakyu’s and Inkyu’s talk). It would be cool to explore school in free from main events time and find casual student’s interesting details that would make them fill more alive. But hey, you’re still doing great job YanDev!

  2. YandereDev,YandereDev! (LMAO) I have found a bug that when i move my mouse,in some angles i see streched body parts on my screen,but it doesnt appear when i point my mouse in SPECIFIC angles tho…

  3. can the kokana events stay (except the musume thing) bc there’s nothing to do during the moning and lunch if you aren’t befriending/ betraying or matchmaking osana

  4. I quite liked that Boobs mcgee’s events were still around. Made her feel more like a real person and not just a camera walking around like the other students. Speaking of them, i hope they get new tasks soon, even if its just lines and no voice overs. Really looking forward to the updates to come!

  5. Yandere dev! There is a bug in the alphabet killer challenge where osana just walks through the wall. And another bug when you kidnap any student and torture them for an hour you as long as all the students will be outside at 8:00 while the gate closes.

  6. Poor Kokona… She has been killed, kidnapped, used as a test so many times ! And now she is left like if she was nothing… *sigh*
    You’ll always be in our hearts koko-chan

    • Well, she will be the protagonist of the game’s tutorial so she is going to have a small role in the final game. Good for her

  7. I think you should keep kokona’s events in the game, it makes the school feel like its full of real people with different personalities and backstories, rather than a school filled with 88 AI scripts with models, and Osana and Taro. Also, it would be confusing for players to see Kokona with an old man in town on a bench with no indication that she does it for money to help her father. It leaves a lot of once answered questions unanswered.

  8. Please leave Kokona’s events!! As other people have said, they add so much to the game and really make Akademi feel like a place with unique students and stories, as well as creating things for the player to do outside of Osana’s very short events. Maybe Kokona’s storyline is too distracting from the demo (since the focus should be entirely on Osana), but the final game might really benefit from it. Having another set of events to watch and complete might keep players from simply eliminating the rivals as soon as they can and then skipping through the rest of the week. Having non-rival storylines/side quests makes the game feel truly developed!

    • Currently, it seems to work with Wine on Linux, therefore I’m sure that, with the correct winetricks, it ought to work in Mac OS too with either Crossover or Wineskin.

  9. YandereDev, I think that it would be better to keep Kokona’s events in the game, at least the phone call event. That make the game more realistic and interesting. You’re doing a great job, thanks ✌️

  10. Yandere dev please leave the Cocoon event, move her event to another day where there is free time from Osana. She is so dear to fans of this character, sorry for the impudence of Yandere dev.
    And Yes, there are a couple of errors:
    1. in alphabet killer, Osana goes to the wall instead of performing her actions.
    2. Breast Cocoons became smaller, well, maybe it’s so necessary, but still.
    3. I also noticed that the characters crash into the door and stand until you help them, without speeding up time, and with the battle club they crash into the fence and go without performing their actions.
    4. I know that this is not a bug, but it’s still strange when you pour osana and She runs to the locker room to wash and Raybaru runs with her, right to the shower, and waits for her, I know this so that we don’t kill Osana while she was washing, but it’s strange,sorry again for my impudence Yandere dev.

  11. Yandere dev one of the members in the photography club go into the faculty room and don’t get yelled at but when yandere chan goes in the room is this a bug?

  12. I killed Osana and hid her body. Senpai in the cutscene says that she was murdered even though he could not see her body. is it a bug or what?

  13. I think you should leave Kokona’s events in the game. It gives the game more of a realistic affect. It adds to the world outside of yandere simulator, much like the town or Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki. Removing things like that give the game a more robotic feel. Like every student is the same and the only people who matter are you, Senpai, and the Rivals. While the other students aren’t as important as those three, it would still be nice to know that each character is unique and they’re not all just the same walking around.

  14. I think it’s ok to take them out for now. But I do think Kokona’s dating subplot can have a future role in gameplay. If completing the game club’s leader task gets the bullies out of the way for a possible kill event, rescuing Kokona and/or breaking Musume can have a real impact later in the game.

  15. Keep up the great work Yandere Dev! I hope all the rivals and the story are fully implemented in the game, I could share you my ideas for the rivals, but until then.. love the game! Never give up! (I will also donate to the crowdfunding campaign in the future!)

  16. I think Kokona’s events should stay in the game, just on a different day so the days other than Monday won’t be so boring. It makes the school more realistic and gives some characters actual personality, rather than being AI robots. Maybe helping Kokona could change some students’ routines so you can kill Osana without any witnesses, like with Gema Taku’s task. Or it could be something you could just watch, like with the anime conversation between the boys to make the school have more fleshed out characters.

  17. I have nothing against you removing Kokona-chan’s events, but maybe I can serve as a rival in a future tutorial, not in the original game.

  18. Can you add back Kokona’s events, the player could maybe understand the character more and Kokona really makes the game livelier as she has her own backstory

  19. If Kokona’s conversation with Saki and her phone call event stayed, I KINDA think that would make the game more lively. Maybe instead of removing her events, they could be moved? On Tuesday, Osana doesn’t really have any events in the morning other than her conversation with Senpai and Raibaru. So maybe Kokona’s phone call event could take place on Tuesday. And her conversation with Saki could maybe be moved to Tuesday during cleaning time.

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